Tinnitus not so bad

by Zach
(Perth, Western Australia)

I have Tinnitus for probably last 20 years, but I notice it only if I think about it. It is a high frequency hissing in my ears. Otherwise, it is not a problem for me. I was concerned until I got a proper diagnose and realise there is no additional danger to my health. I just live with it.

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Jan 10, 2012
Good to know
by: Sarinne

Thanks, Zach. Good to hear that it's something a person can adapt to; it doesn't always have to be a curse. Having it diagnosed and learning that it's not a sign of something more serious is reassuring, so you know you can safely ignore it and just get on with life.

If it hasn't gotten any worse in 20 years, you must be doing a great job of avoiding overexposure to loud noise. That's good news for anyone who is just starting to experience tinnitus, to know that it's not a progressive condition as long as you protect your hearing.

-- Sarinne from Noise Help

Feb 10, 2012
accpet the tinnitus
by: veerabathran

my age is 19 i have tinnitus form last 2 years it hurt me so much at night time but there is no cure for tinnitus so accept it and think some body singing in hears.one thing noticed if your strees is incresed tinnitus noise also incresed.

Apr 13, 2013
does tinnitus gradually reduces the hearing power??
by: Anonymous

i am suffering from this high pitch sound in my right ear 24/7 since last 2 years...my right ear hearing is also reduced a little bit...i can't hear the bass properly in my right ear....can anyone tell me if my right ear's hearing power will keep on reducing or it will stays as it is right now for my whole life span??

Mar 12, 2014
A New Experience
by: Ben

I just started to have this high frequency hissing sound in my head that I have unable able to turn it off for about 2-3 months ago. I don't hear it when I am busy doing things. This is my first exposure to the word tinnitus. My symptom is probably from a hearing loss. My ear doctor tries to get my hearing system diagnosed with a hope to find the root cause of this symptom. I am very hopeful that it will eventually be treated.

Mar 28, 2014
Saluting Cannon went off 5 meters from me now I have this constant ringing in my right ear
by: Steve

Last week i was taking part in a veterans service and a saluting cannon went off without proper firing orders five meters from me. I had no hearing protection. The the noise was intense and it was a very sharp piercing explosion is the only way to describe it, not like a larger gun that is a deeper booming sound. A violent shock wave traveled right through me and especially through my ears. I had instant sharp pain and ringing in both ears and pressure symptoms. The pain remained in both for about 24 hrs and now a week later my right ear is still a little painful and the ringing in that ear is constant and feels like it is getting worse. Especially bad / intrusive in middle of the night.I have had my ears checked for trauma by GP but no obvious signs to him. Can tinnitus caused by a sudden sharp explosion subside over time? hopefully...

Sep 05, 2015
The nature of sound.
by: Barbara Connelly

I saw a TV documentary a while ago about a chunk of rock that was known to emit a high pitched ringing sound & when moved to a museum for closer observation, the sound stopped. Even when there is no sound, say at night time in a quiet house:- there's always that 'sh' sound, a kind of high pitched energy sound. As though the air itself is emitting acoustic energy. I hear it all the time, & don't remember a time when there wasn't always this high powered 'bursting with life' sound. When I describe it to people, they always eventually hear it too, so it is there, & is not just a figment of my imagination. I think all matter emits some kind of sound wave although sometimes at such subtle frequency that we aren't aware of it unless someone points it out to us.

Mar 15, 2016
Hissing in my ears for over twenty years.
by: Bernadine

When the hissing started it was very loud . 1996 it was so terrible that I could not sleep. Went to A Doctor. She did nothing about this problem. 2016 hissing is mild. But I cannot sleep. Took Lipo-Flavonoid Plus. Stopped taking the pill. Will resume taking it tonite. 3/15/16.

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