Submarine sailor - 10 kHz transformer

by George M

For about three years cumulatively, between 1963 and 1969, I worked near a 10 kHz noise source; a transformer. About ten years after I got out of the US Navy I gradually began to notice my right ear ringing. In the 40 years since then, the ringing has slowly increased in amplitude to about 75 dB. The good news is that I do not notice the sound unless I think about it - and if I concentrate on paying attention to the hissing, it seems to be even louder. I have learned not to intentionally focus on the sound. Several of my old submarine buddies have tinnitus as well and observe about the same symptoms: a loud ringing or hissing at about 8-10kHz. The solution seems to be one of the easiest things to do because we are completely in control of the matter; and that is to accept it, know it is not going away, and not to get upset by it. I understand that some people get all bent out of shape over the ringing and blame themselves or some other agency and get angry. I recommend that we are completely in control over what we choose to get angry about. Other things matter more.

Reply from Sarinne:

How interesting that it wasn't until ten years after the end of the prolonged noise exposure that the tinnitus showed up (or became noticeable).

It's great to hear that it's possible to live peacefully with tinnitus even at high levels. Your solution of choosing to accept it rather than fighting it or becoming upset by it should give a hopeful option to others who are struggling with it. I like your reminder that we are in control of our own reactions and that we're better off saving our energy for things that matter more. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and positive approach.

— Sarinne from Noise Help

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Dec 11, 2017
Yes, but...
by: Alma

I’m glad some people can ignore their tinnitus, but some of us cannot. It prevents falling asleep easily at times. It prevents wearing earplugs at times becuase the ringing gets worse. I cannot eat while wearing earbuds because the sound of eating is unbearably loud. I don’t know what decible levels this tinnitus is, but it either is very high for some people, or their neurology prevents them from "simply accepting and ignoring it." A doctor explained that my amygdala is overactive. You can only do so much to fix that.

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