Sounds like Morse Code to me!

by Elsa
(Los Angeles)

I recently, as in the past few weeks, suddenly started hearing a beeping sound in my left ear. At first I thought a machine was left on in my apartment -- I was going through all my electronics to see if it was making the sound, but to no avail. It happens often when I am lying down to rest. Interestingly enough I was sick several weeks ago when it started with a nasty throat/sinus thing so maybe there's a correlation because I have never heard this before. It actually keeps me awake and is quite annoying. Eventually I fall asleep, but the beeping varies between longer sounds and shorter sounds starting and stopping like a ham radio Morse Code signal. I wish I could get rid of it.

Reply from Sarinne:

Morse Code! That's a clear and vivid description.

It's interesting that you say it started when you were sick, because many drugs can cause tinnitus or other forms of hearing damage in some people. If you took any drugs while you were sick, you might want to check with your doctor to see if any of them are potentially harmful to hearing. Even quite common drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen can be ototoxic (harmful to hearing). For more examples, check this list of drugs that can cause tinnitus and this list of drugs that can cause hearing loss.

Although sometimes the effects are permanent, often the symptoms will go away after you stop taking the drug. And of course, your tinnitus may not have anything to do with a drug, but could be caused by exposure to noise, either some recent occurrence or cumulative exposure in the past. Whatever the cause was in your case, I hope your Morse Code tinnitus goes away soon.

— Sarinne from Noise Help

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Jun 24, 2012
thank you sarine
by: Elsa

Thank you Sarine, after reading your link to the ototoxic drugs my inner ear does feel full like there may be an ear infection or liquid or earwax I'm going to go get it checked out, i thought that was the initial reason for my illness actually. i was taking a lot of over the counter medicines, sudafed, mucinex, cough suppressants...oy vey I hope I can help my ear and it doesn't get worse!

Mar 27, 2013
Finally a description that matches mine!
by: Anonymous

I, too, started hearing a noise that I really thought must be some sort of electronic device on in the house, but no one else can hear it. I use ear plugs every night because my husband snores really bad. I'm not sick, but wonder if the 20 years of persistent snoring has finally made a dent in my own hearing. It does sound like a whirring, but on different frequencies, long or short, higher and lower. It's horrible! I hope you have found relief.

Apr 12, 2013
Morse Code - dot dot dash!!!
by: Anonymous

Last night I had the Morse Code sounds in my right ear...disturbing! I've been taking Advil for a bad back for the last few days - I will stop now as the ear only adds to the misery of the back...I'll be off Advil for a while :(

Aug 26, 2013
I have morce code...
by: Jen

I've had a morce code high pitch ringing in my right ear only for 8 days continually now, I've not been poorly nor have I listened to loud music. I've never heard anything like this before, it's driving my nuts.

When I get up in the night I get the 'normal' tinnitus I've always had through tiredness which is just a one tone ringing which isn't that loud. But the thing is that I still get the morce code nose as well. The morce code ringing is much more prominant.

I don't know what to think, it's either quite a rare tinnitus or 'guides' trying to communicate with me. These are the only explanations I can find on the web.

Whatever it is, I should it would go away, it makes me just want to go to sleep during the evening when my little ones have gone to bed, because it seems so loud, I can clearly hear it above the television.

I hope no one is unfortunate enough to hear this continually like I am.

Oct 26, 2013
Morse Code Please Help
by: MorseCodeHelp

I too can't find much on the internet about this, just normal tinnitus. it started about 3.5 weeks ago in my right ear only. i woke one morning and looked all over and couldn't find anything that would make that noise. then it seemed to go away and i went about life. as days progressed so did the beeping. i have a hearing loss already so i went to an audiologist and had a brain MRI and hearing is unchanged and he couldn't find anything wrong. the morse code is now in both ears. i don't know if it's my brain manifesting it or not in the other ear. sometimes the beeps go long or it runs high, then low, high, then low, high, then low, then beep, beep, beep, and the pace gets faster or slower. it's maddening. no rhyme or reason. it's constant now and i can hear it over everything. i sure hope it goes away. anybody here ever had the morse code leave for good?

Oct 28, 2013
Steps in Handling Morse Code Tinnitus
by: Sarinne

To MorseCodeHelp: It's great that you saw your audiologist right away and that he is checking things out. (By the way, be sure to wear hearing protection during MRI scans — those machines are loud enough to damage your hearing, and can trigger tinnitus or make it worse!)

The sounds of regular tinnitus (usually caused by noise exposure) can take many forms, including beeping, popping, and clicking. Sometimes, however, a Morse Code sound can indicate a different problem, such as vascular compression of the auditory nerve, contractions of the tensor tympani muscle, or complications of a head injury. To check for conditions like these, your audiologist may refer you to an ENT physician or otologist. On the website of the American Tinnitus Association (ATA) you can find names of healthcare professionals in the U.S. who treat tinnitus.

Since you mention that you have a hearing loss (as do 90% of people who have tinnitus), it's worth noting that hearing aids are helpful in decreasing the severity of tinnitus for many people.

I hope your tinnitus resolves itself. In the meantime, the ATA has a good list of suggestions for understanding and managing tinnitus.

-- Sarinne from Noise Help

Nov 03, 2013
follow up
by: MorseCodeHelp

thanks for your comments. I had a brain scan and it didn't show anything, went to two ENTs both said hearing is unchanged, so it's not that. i'm in the midst of a hardcore prednisone taper 100, 80. 60. 50. 40. 20. so if it were autoimmune it would of kicked it out i was told. i'm not sure who does the vascular thing you mentioned, but both dr's said they didn't think it was vascular related. i have a constant buzzing and on top of it the morse code in my right ear that gets worse when i get tense in the shoulders. i don't know anymore. i already wear hearing aids and have for 27 years so i'm used to silence to sleep at night. i can hear fine with the aids, but it doesn't help mask the tinn. thanks for your time. the battle continues...

Dec 22, 2013
Elsa any news ?
by: Rds

Hello eveyone,

Elsa, I actually have the same exact symptoms as you, wich mean all start by a small cold and then after 2-3 days when the cold fade my left ear start to make morse code. Actually withe noisese like water flowing in canalization, hair dryer, washing machine, computer fan ventilation, fridge noise etc increase the sound level of the morse sound...

Also with this i always have my left inner noise obstrued but with not much mucus and i also feel that there is something in my pharinx but it's very light, i also always have mucus in the back of my throat something that i usually don't have.

It's now like 2 month and still i have all this,i saw few ENTS but no one could help or explain what kind of trouble i'm facing...

So i'm searching for indice on the internet but this symptoms seems very rare, i hardly can find someone who had this except you now.

So it's been over a yer that you post your message, can you please tell me if your finally fine right now ? Or you still have those symptoms and this annoying morse sounds ? And if it's gone how long it take to fade ?

Hope you'll see this message and answer Elsa,


Feb 13, 2014
beeping sound in left ear with every word i speak
by: uly

while i was speaking on my cell everytime i spoke a beep would follow or over lap my every word. i thought it was the cell at first until i went into my home and started to speak with my wife I kept hearing the same beep with every word I spoke. I began looking around to see where it was coming from until I realized it was coming from the inside of my ear. ive never had this happen to me before and it kinda creeping me out. I was rear ended 2 days ago and have had some minor neck and back pain, can that have anything to do with it. Or can anyone give me any other explainations thank

Feb 18, 2014
Me too :(
by: MrsC

I've had a high pitch eeeeeeeeeee in my left ear for years, recently I had flu and my right ear felt/sounded awful, a low noise with what felt like an airplane pressure imbalance. Doc said looks fine. The flu went and then I heard the morse code. Now all I can hear are all 3 sounds, high pitch, low pitch and morse code and I can't focus on anything else. What can I do? :(

Feb 23, 2014
Morse Code

I also have the same problem! When I hear the sound of a fan, refrigerator,car engine, vacum cleaner, hair dryer, some music, even voices coming out from na electronic device (like Tv or radio) I hear on top of it a strange digital sound like morse code!I have tinnitus in both ears but more proeminent on my left (like hissing and sometimes high pitch). According to Audio Reflex Threshold, speech and tonal audiogram (150 to 8000 hz)and everything is normal. Don't no what's happening! In two days I'll see a otoneurologist to see if she can find out a reason...

Feb 23, 2014
Hello everyone
by: Rds

My own morse code problem is still here after almost after 6 month but less pronounced and less sensitive to external sound as i described in my previous post.

I won't like to discourage many of you with the same problem but at these days any ENTS or other kind of specialist can't unfortunately help you to identify the exact source of them problem. Those symptoms are still unknown and few research are spent on it cause of the minority we are suffer from.

An advice, don't take any medic subscription by any Dr. it won't help you and almost can be make things worst.

The things that could help you is patience and believe that this gonna fade and disappear soon or later. Try to not focus on it because more you do it more you get frustrated and the level can increase, some who also have tinnitus will understand.

When you hear it just like a person that you don't like try to ignore it, believe that you're stronger than it and you'll see you'll start to sometimes forgot completely that this noise exist.

Hope this gonna help some.

Keep it up.

Feb 23, 2014
it continues
by: morsecodehelp

like all of you mine continues. i have constant hissing/whistling in both ears and a clicking in my right ear and beeping in my left. thanks for the last note ... patience and it will go away. this is the faith I'm holding because it's been 5 months and gotten worse. i have taken some prescription medications and supplements. i found out through this I'm iron deficient and getting iron infusions. as well, i found i had some more hearing loss, which i took prednisone for and it got better. unfortunately i don't have any remedy to offer other than the last note ... if you've had all the tests, no tumor and a nuerotologist can't see the ear spasming when they look in it the tympanic muscle, then it's unlikely there is much they can do. as for the hissing/whistling and i have fluctuating hearing my neurotologist is trying an anti viral with me. it's been known certain viruses (like the one that causes cold sores) can affect the hearing as well as cause tinnitus. yet i really think it's a synapse in the brain and/or our bodies became off balance with vitamins/minerals. there is so much out there to read on this and possible ways to cure it. i hope you all find relief in some way whether through holistic, traditional medicine, spiritual practices, and others. i am employing them all. i actually started a blog and facebook page if you want to check it out. It's called Tinnitus Warrior the easiest way to see both is I started to help others with this as well as myself. my best to you.

Mar 25, 2014
Morse code
by: Linda

I've got this too, and it only started last night. It wasn't there when I woke up but has just started again now (7pm). I have been spending far more time than usual at the computer and drawing board due to work I'm currently doing, so wonder if being hunched over has caused it. My neck and shoulders certainly feel uncomfortable at times. At the moment I also feel like I do when I have a visual migraine, very tired and slightly queasy, so I wonder if that's another line to follow.

May 03, 2014
the hum

there is phenomenon around the world where these symptoms are heard by only 2% of the worlds population. it's called "the hum". google it.

May 21, 2014
morse code
by: debv

sorry all of you have this but glad i found you!!! thought i was losing my mind and hearing...mine began a few months aigoi also have the regular ringing but the morse code sound comes and goes. it's only in my left ear. i have fibromyalgia and take vicodin as needed. thinking after i read all the comments that perhaps it has something to do with it. it is very annoying but will count my blessings it is only in one ear and not consistent. grateful for all the info even though we don't know much about it, at least we are not alone. good luck everyone and again, thank you for updates from drs visits and tests. i owe enough in medical bills and now that i read that pretty much all they will find is that they are still "practicing" medicine!

Jun 12, 2014
Sounds similar to a few of mine, Rds
by: Ann

Dear Rds,

That sounds like the same thing that I am dealing with now. Morse code ringing, the feeling that there is some sort of inflammation in the back of my nasal passage (but no indications of a cold), and a slightly raspy voice. Though, I also have fatigue, dizziness, chest and abdominal pains, and sometimes have numbness in my hands and arms along with pain. I have been struggling with this since early February. I am younger than 30 years old, so that screens out a lot of issues and makes my condition difficult according to doctors I have seen. Most have said they think it is caused by "stress," which I believe is a symptom rather than the cause.

I am really hoping to get over this thing so that I can return to my ambitious, energetic self. It can be frustrating not being able to do what you could 3 years ago. Sleeping well at night would be nice too. I hope that we all can conquer this obstacle.



Jun 13, 2014
by: madmax

Hello Ann,

Do you have Tinnitus

Do you hear only your voice as raspy or do you also hear others

Jun 13, 2014
by: Ann

Hi madmax,

It is just my voice, but I feel like that symptom may just be a slight cold that just hasn't started? By the definition of tinnitus, I do have ringing in my ears (constant). The extra "morse code" noise is additional to the "normal" ringing, and isn't constant. It comes and goes, but is more prevalent when I am at the office trying to concentrate or when I am trying to sleep at night.

(the ringing is really distracting, but not as distracting as my hands and feet can be when they start to get a strange sensation that I don't like)

I do not have any hearing problems though. I just recently had my hearing checked.


Jun 19, 2014
Noises in my ears
by: Wendee

Hi all, I have read all comments and find it very interesting. I too have had problems with my ears especially the right mostly, but at times its both. I also had the feeling of things crawling in my ears very deep when I'm rested or asleep. I constantly stratch the inside of the ears until i get relief. Fullness like blocked ears as well. I went to the Doctor to have my ears syringed but nothing was in either ear.
The noises I hear are whoosing, thuds (occasionally) bells, ringing etc. Funny enough I am doing a lot of meditation and what I have read is part of the awakening. Yes, it is annoying, but its a frequency that we have and we need to learn to adjust otherwise we will go barmy.

Jun 22, 2014
Beeping Code In Electrical Circuit
by: Ken

Anyone in my house can hear the beeping noises coming from somewhere and the sounds are driving me crazy.
My son says he can hear the beeping coming from his speaker system, even when they are disconnected. I can hear the beeping while siting at my PC. I can also hear beeping coming from a Stetzer filter in the lounge room, nearest my lounge chair. But even with everything disconnected, everything unplugged, and the mains power to the house turned off........still the beeping continues from somewhere. It is not continuous, but timed, sometimes regular on the hour, or half hour. Some how the beeping seems to be embedded in the house electrical wiring circuit. I have come to the conclusion, that the wiring in our home is acting like an antenna, receiving, (transmitting?) a Morse Code like signal. There are definite dots and dashes.
Someone, somewhere is generating a message, and the electrical grid is manifesting this.
Another strange thing. I have tried to record the beeping from different places, sound turned up, microphone nearest where I think the beeping is coming records NOTHING of the beeping at all, but you can hear other normal family sounds, from all over the house....doors closing, people walking, talking, coughing, but no beeping. So is it also subliminal? I would like to know of anyone else is experiencing this phenomena. I am in Queensland, Australia.

Jul 10, 2014
morse code
by: luis

yep I've had it 2 years. When you tune it to it do you notice it stops, then slowly returns?

Aug 14, 2014
Definitely Morse Code!!!
by: GG

I have been wearing a hearing aid in the right ear only for years. Left ear is beyond help,practically deaf.

Now and then,I have been hearing intermittent morse code for a few minutes but it goes away. It may happen once in a day or a week or a month. It really does not bother me, but I am curious as to what is going on. I thought that,since hearing aid is an amplifier, a morse code transmitter in the vicinity may be causing it. But once or twice it happened while I was abroad! Transmitters there too? I used to know the code, may be I have to brush up to see if it is meaningful coding (No, it is not SOS!).

Aug 17, 2014
morse code

In my right ear (head) I hear dit dit dahs, starting over 2 weeks comes and goes.. My husband used to know Morse Code, so I am starting to learn it. Should be interesting. MUST accept it and not let it get to me ... ITs very fast and a way adavanced "morse code". I'm going to try to get a microphone into my ear and see if it picks it up. Way weird, is it a message from somewhere? I have learned A-J not easy to learn over 60, but it is inspiring me...
Its not typical hiss or buzz....its a definite changing pattern. Thanks for hearing from you all...not alone!.

Aug 21, 2014
I've heard morse code for years..I found out

You need to do one simple thing...unplug your T.V. from the wall...The sound will stop...

Sep 30, 2014
by: MeToo

Omg! I thought I was going crazy!!! I wear earplugs every night too. I wonder if they can damage something and that's why
This is happening...?!?!

Oct 05, 2014
Sounds like More Morse Code!
by: Holly

Thank God I'm not the only one! I have the electronic Morse Code going on now for the past year...or at least I have noticed it this past year. In my left ear. I can't hear it unless it is quite. I hear it at night if I put my head down over my left I sleep with my left ear out and my right ear down so I can sleep. I have no other sounds. I did read up on tinnitus and it didn't sound like it was the same symptoms that I'm having. I haven't been sick and I don't listen to anything loud. It's really weird. After reading what you all have wrote, doctors are not helping. Any other answers that anyone has with references or online reading please advise ... I would like to know what this is and is it going to go away or if it's going to get worse, or if it's actually useful somehow.

Oct 07, 2014
by: mar-

thought I was hearing things until it went on for a few days. I first heard it a few mornings ago and also thought it might be the frige, or some other device kept in the house. I heard it again at night and then again upon waking the next day. It's been a few days now and I have had pressure in my ear and sinuses. I don't hear it during the day, but it definitely sounds like Morse Code. I had a feeling that going to the doctor might prove nothing. I'll wait to see if it goes away on it's own. I will try unplugging the TV though. Morse Code...crazy isn't it?

Oct 13, 2014
Started hearing "Morse Code" recently
by: Ryco

I too have recently developed this Morse Code in my left ear. First noticed it about three weeks ago and it seems to come and go.
I'm not ill, haven't been ill for a long time, not on medication and don't use drugs - nor drink very much.

I am a rock/jazz musician, pretty much retired now, but have played very loud and have been to some very loud concerts. So I do have a bit of tintinitus, but it doesn't really bother me much. If I think about it I can hear it.

Interesting other people have the "Mprse Code". This is completely different. I hear a very high pitched tone of "G". It evens occurs outdoors away from any electrical source. If there is no cure I'll learn to live with it. Just interesting. Googled to see if anyone had ever heard of such a thing -- and "hear" we all are! Hope someone finds out more about this. Maybe we are evesdropping on alien messages!

Nov 14, 2014
Morse Code in right ear

I have it too, it does not bother me during the day because other sounds drown it out. At night it can be a problem. Have found that I can mask it out by using my iPod shuffle. I set it going to play some music and then reduce the volume so that I can't hear the music, the static that remains seems to mask out the morse code noises.You will need earphone buds that can be inserted into your ear.

Nov 16, 2014
back with the Mores Code
by: Holly

Has any one tried to write the code yet…I noticed that a few people here are either learning Mores Code or they used to know it…I would really love to know what my electrical high pitch beeps and dashes are saying….Also another idea came to mind about a therory I have read about concerning Nano Bots…I read somewhere that some people are experiancing electrical type beeps and thinking of how science has discovered the nano world and we are completely infiltrated with theses electrical nano our air the earth, and our bodies. Maybe we could get a nano microscope to look deep into our ears?

Jan 21, 2015
Morse code in my left ear.
by: Stinky Gooch

I like to believe that that this high pitch frequency is perhaps a message from a higher source. Maybe an alien giving all of us an update of consciousness or and angel delivering a message encrypted into our subconscious. These beeps and high frequency sounds can be reprogramming us to become better, hopefully to enhance us and increase our metaphysical abilities. These beeps are just your mind awakening and receiving energy from the unseen dimensions!!

....or all you old bastards are just going deaf.

Jan 30, 2015
You are not alone
by: Australia

I have experienced this high pitched, squeaking long short noises in my left ear recently, first I thought it was a co-noise the aircon made, but actually it is my ear. I have had loud single tone tinnitus coming on off suddenly and disappearing since childhood as if someone makes a sound with a water glass, disappearing within 30seconds. This 'morse' code tinnitus is more persistent, less loud, very annoyingly high, but actually constantly there, just I don't hear it during the day due to distraction.
I have no cold and not taken any medicine.
You don't have to be an old stinky bastard to go deaf to hear that. Thank you. Obviously someone answered who has not experienced it and finds it funny.
But good to be not alone with this squeaking wheel in the ear.
I hope it will fade and go away, I am surely not worried about it.

Feb 14, 2015
Morse code in my left ear.
by: Alaira1

I woke a couple times through the night/early morning & kept hearing a morse code sound in my left ear. I have tinnitus which is just a single high pitched tone. The morse code sound is something I have never experienced before.
Aside from tinnitus I experience migraine headache, vascular headache, I have arthritis of the cervical spine (c5-c6, c6-c7), I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 5 years ago & have had ulcerative colitis since my late teens (I'm 45 now).

Mar 04, 2015
by: Nicki Buckley

I'm getting this noise, but I am not taking any drugs

Mar 13, 2015
Morse and other noises, hearing too much
by: Relieved to see others

I can hear everything, someone down the street with their radio on, the bass will give me a headache. I can hear the high pitched tone from the fridge, low-pitched sounds from motors vibrating at the other end of the house, the high-pitched ring of electricity in the light bulb, the electricity in the monitor. I can usually trace the "tinnitus" to an actual source, so I believe the morse code is also coming from somewhere. I think some of the theories here are total bung; spirit guides talking to you, aliens, nanobots the gov't infected you with, etc. I think it's more likely we are (through altered audio canals, sometimes a result of infections) having altered audio ranges which include mores code at times. Morse code is still in use, so it's isn't unheard of. This also tells me that I may have ringing in my ears from other frequencies flooding the 'air waves' and that makes me want to go live in a cave because it really gives me a headache sometimes. There's only so many things I can unplug in the house. The furnace has to stay plugged in and I can hear the ring from the electricity in that thing too. If I can hear this stuff, it makes me wonder what else it is doing to me. Bummer.

Mar 26, 2015
same here
by: shawn

I have been hearing small beep in my room but no one else can hear it but when I started hearing the beeb I have wears dreams and I feel like I am creating my own future

Apr 04, 2015
Help me!
by: Ryan

Okay so I have been searching the Internet with someone that has the same problem as me. Every morning when I wake up,I hear a beeping noise that sounds kind of like a smoke alarm. The smoke alarm is fine though and I don't have any electrical devices or watches that beep. One morning my mother was in my room when I started hearing beeping, I asked her if she heard the beeping and she said no.😳by now I was a little scared. No one in my family hears the beeping, it's only me, and this has been happening since a month ago every morning when I wake up at my moms house. It's only at my moms house. I haven't had any sickness or ear damage. Does anyone have an idea what is wrong with me ?

Apr 09, 2015
I also started having morse code in my right ear.
by: Leon

I started hearing Morse code two days ago and like the rest of you I went looking for an answer. I looked on different sites and found everyone was as baffled as I. They all said mostly even the doctors weren't sure. I noticed on one forum, a lady said she heard the words "Binary Codes", so I looked up binary codes and found they are the process computers use. My question is, Do they use a frequency our inner ear and subconscious can perceive? We are bombarded every day, 24 hours a day with all kinds of TV, radio, and cell phone signals of ever changing types. Is there one of this type we can all "HEAR" now?? I may be a way off base here, but I would be interested in what anyone else thinks>

Apr 13, 2015
by: Marta

I started hearing that beeping sound 2 days ago and am super concerned. I had a bad cold about 3 weeks ago and was taking medicine also. I don't know that it is related but am going to make an appointment for the doctor to see me today. It seems to change throughout the day but was really bad last night while I was in bed. I am really concerned. Has anyone heard of a way that this is cured or "whatever"?

Apr 15, 2015
tracked it down
by: Tad

For quite some time now I have been hearing a very low level high pitched noise, but only during the day on weekdays if I am sleeping. It has a synchronous eccentric sound, like a squeaky wheel that is not quite right.

Finally tracked it down. My bed is on the 2nd floor and I could never hear it outside or any other place in the house. Turned out to be what I think is a squeaky ventilation fan on the roof of an auto body repair shop several blocks away. I think it might be used for ventilating a paint booth, and I could only hear it at ground level when I got quite close.

Apr 15, 2015
Yes,Yes,Yes,I'm so glad I' m not the only one!!!
by: Deborah

I have been experiencing the Morse Code sounds in either of my ears at varying times of the day or night for many years now.I googled this topic because I had an episode of dots and dashes, in my right ear this time,as recently as this morning.I have had this condition for so many years that it has pre-dated all the meds I am currently on, so I am sure that it is not a medicine induced reaction.I am really intrigued by some of the possible explanations I have read on here.By the way,my condition also predates computers,microwaves and most household appliances.I also "tune this in"when I'm outdoors.I usually am able to ignore it,but I would really like to know the cause.When I'm not ignoring it,I try to see if the noises follow some kind of a repeated pattern,but it is just dots and dashes,sounding just like a message in Morse code sounds.I am so glad others have the same experience,at least I'm not crazy!!

Apr 18, 2015
not only double frequency supernatural as well
by: TT

about 4 years ago I ws haivning prbelms finacially and with so many people not sure why I stay to myself, so I was in distress. I began to hear the coeds after I aks helpf from my alien guide ancestors, not soon after the frequecies in my ear, however I was also so despearete i played the lottery. for 4 weeks straight the numbers , pick 4 becuase that i play came to me I won 4000 in less than 3 weeks. Now here is the woerd part I began to hear things besids the codes in my ears at night...i heard voces ignored them and siad may be soembody outside...okay . Tehne one day my son mom the shelves are oeping up and clsoing b themselves i said you jsut think you saw them...dismissed dishes would be heard if they in the sink . dismissed then one day my son said mom ther is an animal inthe bedroom ( empmtpy bedroom we were moving becuae the house was in foreclosure) . I siad no son they could not be but if ther is iam not going that room . He siad things are moving but cant see the what making it move. He put the camera on a pod and we both started watch tv. then that when I new the cmera panned left then right we only waited 20 min to see, I siad no you must hae move the camera son when you wen to get he siad mom you saw me get it. dismisse dbut scary no he siad okay I am goin to do it agian. this tiem a box, empty picks up and drops down and then as if someone kicked it no oneon camera. after that I still dimissed but not relly I started staying out of the house and sleep in the car after that , then oe day I came back I siad I cant do , I told my son let go get icream, now the night before we left and slept in a parking lot , so this time since this were gettign loud like doors clsoing , I was not sure what we were dealing wiht , after I sad let go get icream ( iwas not going back to this house i siad it as to not let knwo what we about to do ) I quickly got all my important paers and soem clothes as we going out the door the soemthign inthe back room slammed really hard. My son said what is that i siad jsut somethig drop but knew it was the thig that was angry becaue we were leaving . I had the house soldin short sale called paranormal investagotrs who said they could also clean up , interesting enough a window in that one room where the thing wanted us to knwo by monkeying wiht the camra had the window broken form the inside, strom window not broken just the inside. The paranormal guy siad he heard soemthign behind him and slipped on the glas ashe did not see got 12 stitches. they did a reachig out thing and siad the feelings there was absolutely hari rairing feeling but got nothgn on pint is not sure if the codes in my ears that started ebfore this has anythig to do with it, they left for a whole year ( the freqeuncies and ringging ) Now it is back and had soem incidents that i rather ignore Iam in a new stte so this is just my expe. I believe that something is going on with those who have the morse code, perhaps it is supernatural phenomenon.

May 07, 2015
it's happening to me
by: Bernie

About a few months ago it started! Here it now actually!

May 08, 2015
Same here.
by: TheFudgeyNugget

I'm only 13, and I'm hearing it. It's really fast and a little high pitched.

May 09, 2015
I keep hearing beeps and static!!!
by: Lily15

I've been hearing these noises for a while now. At first i though it was the fridge or my computer but when i asked someone if they could hear it, they said no and the fridge was fine. I keep hearing the beeping on and off but whenever it's silent, i can hear the static noise. It's hard to describe as it's almost like a high pitched sound but it's not loud but i can notice it.
Does this mean I have Tinnitus???

May 15, 2015
The Inner Ear Phenomena

Could be inner ear communication....Inner ear communication is a form of subliminal mind transmissions called seduction and reception.. These are not audible to the moral male species ..It was primarily used when slavery was in existence ...(Example)The Mrs. of the plantation needed a way to communicate with the slaves without disturbing the man of the house and owner of the plantation ..It is still used and evolving today .Inner ear communication to the best of my knowledge as there is little documentation available goes as such...1)Hereditary subconscious manipulator.2)Neurological Subliminal Anesthetic.3)Pert to body language both clairvoyant and telekinetic.4)Form of evolved virtual reality.5) Parapsychological pollution.. And the only reason I say that is because it is usually not introduced to the moral male majority until his 50's.
Lewis Taylor
Nobel bounty Hunter

May 15, 2015
Stop the Noise OMG!
by: LaShawn

I am not the only one. This is driving me crazy, it started last week. I'm asking everybody around me what is the noise ....."what noise, I don't hear anything" they say...... I was looking for a way to describe the sound and I came across this blog. Yes, it sounds exactly like Morse Code. It stops, for a bit, then comes back. I feel ET is trying to communicate with me!

May 16, 2015
Heard it all the time as a child
by: HaHa in NC

I heard morse code all the time as a kid. Now, I just hear "squeeeeee" in my ears. I miss morse code.

May 20, 2015
Morse Code
by: Thandeka

I have a same problem, it feels like someone is pressing the phone's button. I have been looking all over until I realize its my left ear. Yes I am taking medication including antibiotics. Now my neck feels funny and the sound is really irritating me.

May 26, 2015
Morse code and swishing noises
by: Mary

I relate to all of you. I hear 4 beeps and swishing noises. Especially bad when I lay down. Have an appointment with ENT. Hope he can help.

Jun 11, 2015
Morse Code, any cure yet?
by: Jim

So my tinnitus was increased after a police training exercise involving gunfire. The morse code instantly developed immediately following rapid training and has not subdued for 6 months. Any research out there would be great!

Living with this is very hard. Not sleeping, going crazy in my day to day.

Jun 12, 2015
Morse code tapping and headaches
by: J

I usually get a headache with this morse code tapping. It's only in my right ear and I usually get it when I am over tired so I don't live with it on a day to day basis thank goodness. I am hearing impaired but get by without hearing aids mostly. I wear them at meetings. I am beginning to link it to times when I have had to concentrate more in a social situation, or I have had a glass of white wine or eaten more sugar than usual...planning to track what I eat, what I do and when I get it as the novelty wore off a few months ago and I would like to see if anything really stands out as a trigger. I don't link it to wearing my hearing aids. It is much more random than that but white wine/ sugar do seem to be the culprits. Does anyone else seems to link it to foods they eat?

Jun 16, 2015
relieved to find I'm not the only one
by: g

I met my twin flame in 2013. I was hearing the morse code one week before we met. It stops when we are on good terms with each other and starts up again when we are not speaking to each other. We haven't spoken in over month and now the morse code is back full fledge. I was actually able to decipher one of the said the word "THINK" over and over again. I believe it is a message to create harmony, balance and love all around us.

Jul 02, 2015
thx Sarinne
by: Jim

Thats exactly what I have been hearing for a couple weeks now myself. I have never had this problem before, and reading thru the list of drugs that can cause this I found out I just started using a new 1 recently. So when I see my doctor in couple of days going to discuss it with him as he never mentioned that 1 of the side effects could be hearing problems. The morse code is driving me crazy sometimes. LOl other nigh I went thru whole house trying to find the source of the beeping.

Jul 03, 2015
Got it to go away
by: mb

I'm not absolutely sure if what I did was the solution, but here's what happened.

I started hearing intermittent beeps in my right ear yesterday. After trying to what machine was causing them, I figured out they were coming from inside me (which freaked me out). They continued all day and evening.

Before I went to bed, I had a cup of "CALM" (a magnesium supplement) and a took a B12 tablet.

Had a good night's sleep. Noise gone.
Not sure if one or the other or either of the things I took was the cure, but it's worth a try. Hope it helps someone.

Jul 12, 2015
Read this
by: years of Mr. Morse

Had the same since 5 yrs old - 64 now and am confirmed victim of the MK Ultra mess/program read about it and a lot of you probably have receiver/transmitters from way back due to an injury and the implants done to tons of us. At the dentist, in the O.R. hearing problems fixed with surgery, etc., the list goes on. These were started in even the late 50's so take your time and investigate yourself. Good Luck

P.S. My resistors on my transceiver am/fm apparently never worked from the word go so that was my sentence to sound.

Jul 17, 2015
I had this once during childhood
by: damian

I have very vivid memories of being a child (around 5) and waking up one afternoon completely freaked out because I could hear this beeping Morse sound in my ears/head. I remember staring through my room window looking for military antennas because I had heard that kind of beeping before outside a transmission center (circa 1980) before and I was convinced it had somehow followed me it wouldn't leave me alone. ^_^ I also remember I was or had been sick in that period so after reading these comments I realize that pressure issues inside the ear could cause this kind of beeping noise. It does VERY MUCH sound exactly as Morse code, I wonder if anyone ever bothered transcribing it ^_^

Jul 21, 2015
by: BB

The noise you hear is your mind being upgraded into a higher consciousness. It will suck for awhile but afterward you will feel enlightened.

Jul 30, 2015
Beeping morse code like in left ear.
by: Steve

Well am so glad that I am not alone in hearing this repetitive beeping in my ear.I was in bed tonight,was on my laptop,laying down when it suddenly started.I thought it was my computer so I turned it off...the beeping did not stop.I stuck my finger in my left ear and it continued.I have never had this happen before! I take medications for blood pressure and arthritis but I have taken these meds for many many years and without anything like this occuring.It is annoying! It is not painful but I wish it would stop.Will notify my Doc.

Aug 01, 2015
morris code matches the morris code alphabet
by: miyoko bonebrake

My husband jon said this evening...after I said, God is in my ear..."Jot down the morris code dots and spaces on paper, as he looked up morris code alphabet, and Im shocked, because now I can finally see what I am Hearing in my Ear. Hopefullt I will get real messages from God!
Its a new sign Language!
Finally, the Lord wants to reveal this exciting new Secret gift from God!
I will write down, what morris code is revealing next time God visits my ear!
Thank you Lord!!!
--Jesus is Lord!
Blessings Miyoko

Aug 12, 2015
morse code is not due to being sick !
by: christina

Hi , my name is christina i am a clairavoyant / spiritual morse code like clicking started in 2010. Although annoying at times i asked my spirit guides what the noise was i was hearing its very intricate and fast because it is information thats comming to you from a higher source if you pay attention you can start to decipher 2012 the morse code like clicking started to come with visions...i know it all sounds crazy but it by intelligent design ...look up starseed transmissions.. and your getting sick constantly and exhausted because your dna is changinv rapidly .. goodluck

Aug 24, 2015
Experiencing Morse code clicking
by: Yvonne

My Experience.
I have this Morse code clicking going on for eight years now. I woke up one night from a loud clicking noise in the room, only I could hear it as my husband was asleep. I got a fright and ducked under the covers. It was external.
The clicking went on and off during the day and night but in my left ear internally. Sometimes three clicks and then nothing for a couple of hours. I have since become Clairvoyant and Clairaudient and had spiritual experiences.
I now have the Morse code clicking in both ears but the tone is different in the right ear.
I do not understand the clicking noise and now have just accepted it.

Aug 26, 2015
morse code
by: mark

I have been hearing it too, not all of the time if I am laying in bed in the right ear I will hear it. The funny thing though I was watching the movie, Employee of the month at the beginning of the movie when they are having a group meeting I hear that Morse code it's on Netflix so I have rewound it a dozen times, the Morse code is definitely in the movie.

Sep 10, 2015
Yay!! I'm not Crazy
by: AnotherMorseCoder

I also have morse code ringing in my right ear that started about the same time as a cold/sinus issues. I have been off of all over the counter medicines for over three weeks and I'm still hearing the morse code. I have been out of bed at all hours of the night to find the alarm, or electronic device that is beeping, to no avail. I went outside to check all the pool pumps only to find nothing. I thought it was the neighbors hot tub alarm so I nicely went over there to ask them if I could look at it since it was going off at all hours. They looked at me like I was crazy and led me out to their backyard where the hot tub is completely drained and unplugged, it has been broken for several months. Even while watching a movie if I turn my head just right the morse code comes in over the top of the movie. My last ditch effort to google morse code ringing has led me to this site, where I'm not the only batty one hearing noises. I'm in my early 30's and had my hearing tested and they could find no problems so I guess I will just join the morse code group now and hope it goes away someday so I can sleep through the night.

Sep 21, 2015
Morris Code in the ear. Decoding??
by: Jim

I have had the same experiences as mentioned above, in the right ear. I have allergy and sinus problems. However I found the faint Morris Code aspect to be puzzling. Definitely sounds like Morris Code, probably in the cochlea. However, it is too faint and intermittent to attempt decoding just for the heck of it. Has anyone ever successfully decoded this itis. Now that would be interesting. Time for the 'Fringe Division'.

Oct 08, 2015
Digital "Phase Noise" is to blame..

It is either linear distortion noise, non-linear distortion-noise or phase noise coming from the cats connector to your digital TV, most likely. Try disconnecting the cable at either end and see if the dots and dits go solid, and you've got you're culprit!

Oct 08, 2015
Sounds reasonable
by: Jim

Your explanation sounds reasonable, but I heard the "Morris Code" even when I blocked my ears. I had dropped cable TV quite some time ago. The "Code" has gone, but I still have allergies and sinusitis for which I take meds, and still hear faint high-pitched tinnitus. A minor annoyance.

Nov 04, 2015
Morse Code Tinnitus temporay help for me
by: June

I experienced the Morse Code tinnitus a little while ago and since I had also had a head injury I was concerned as to a stroke so I took some Omegaguard(Shaklee fish oil-4) and it went away-for now anyhow. I have a nutrition business and it concerned me that I could be developing problems from an accident. Please feel free to try or contact me

Nov 23, 2015
Smart meter?
by: Ej

Could it be the smart meters that are being installed on our houses?

Nov 24, 2015
I have this problem too
by: Lynne

About 3 months ago I woke up in the middle of the night to the Morse Code sounds in my left ear. I hadn't been sick or hadn't injured my head or ear in any way. I was not/am not on any kind of medication. I really only hear it when it's quiet. To get a better night's sleep, I started sleeping with a box fan in my bedroom, which has helped sufficiently drowns out the noise, as does the sounds of the day when I'm awake. In the last month I've actually had a day or 2 where I don't have the Morse Code sounds in my ear and half of the days I do hear it, the sound is more faint. I'm just glad to find out I'm not alone with this problem.

Jan 05, 2016
Beeping both ears, in the mornings.
by: Duncan

Im hearing bleeping morse code in both ears, in the mornings mostly, my beds right next to the window and it's definitely from outside!

When I get up and get on with my day,the bleeping goes away.

Jan 08, 2016
Me too!
by: Patricia

I've been hearing this in my left ear for about a week as well; it's only bad when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes I get a whoosh in that ear too. It's way too fast to decipher to me. It sounds like the end part of the old modem connection noises. I want to know what's going on!

Jan 09, 2016
the code has picked up now
by: t

I had wrote because of the ring with a under tone of a Morris code type sound so I had 2 sounds in my ears now.....there another sound! with the others in the left ear it is a higher pitched almost , I say almost mask of words sounds like I don't think it is a bad thing I am getting special knowledge on some things !!!!!
so I am a little concerned but not in a negative way

Jan 16, 2016
Morse code like sound started today
by: bART

I too started hearing this morse code like noise today for the first time. It's nonstop for over 3 hours now.
Does anyone know the cause of this?

Jan 16, 2016
Went away
by: Ryco56x

I commented here two or three years ago. My' morse code' sound finally went away after a few weeks. Don't know what triggered it or what made it go away. I still hear it once in a rare while, but never lasts long - and is out of my mind even in a few minutes. I still have a little titinitus ringing in the ear (which is totally different!) from playing loud rock as a kid, but it's not that bad and have to "want" to hear it to even be aware of it. Hope yours all heals! If it returns will return to post. :)

Jan 27, 2016
Nice to not be crazy
by: Kagey

Thank goodness I found y'all's comments. Thought the beeping was from something in the house, searched all night. Killed the power and, after resetting all the dern clocks and appliances, walked around the neighborhood. No change in beeping intensity through my wonderings and began to question myself, and coming up w/ some way off-the-wall theories. Been putting up w/ the tinnitus for years; I can handle this... now I know it's not just me (or secret Govt plots or alien interventions, etc.) I have my fingers crossed that it's temporary and wish the same for y'all.

Feb 05, 2016
Hearing morse code now too!
by: Nicole

Started hearing this morse code sound this evening. I get periodic riinging in my ears over the last year but nothing like this before! Vey curious to know what's causing it... I'm in Vancouver b.c.

Feb 10, 2016
morse code
by: ...

maybe you guys should try to figure out what message the morse code is sending

Feb 16, 2016
High pitch frequency
by: JJ

Just curious as to how many of you have an Iphone. I got an iPhone for the first time on 2/9/16. (Prior I had an android) On 2/13/16, I woke up in the middle of the night with a high pitch frequency. I looked around the room to see if there was some kind of electronic that was doing something weird. I noticed it was only in my left ear and then covered my ear and figured out it came from inside my head. I have been up 3 nights now with the same high pitch "morse code" tones that wake me up and then eventually stop. Last night I was listening to an audiobook to distract me from the sound in my ear. And eventually my phone battery died. As it was dieing and directly after, I noticed my ear sound was completely clear. I plugged in my phone to the charger and went to sleep. I then woke up again from the sound. I am going to try leaving my Iphone downstairs tonight to see if that makes a difference. Also, I do not wear earphones, listen to loud music or take any medications. I am exhausted from this. And am having to take naps during the day. I only hear this at night and not during the day.

Feb 22, 2016
So I'm Not Going Mad
by: Alexx

Glad to see that a) i'm not the only person suffering and b) this has happened to others recently as well! Like everyone else, I can hear a continuous 'beeping' in my right ear, which i can only hear if I am lying down. Unfortunately this means I am constantly kept awake into the early hours of the morning.

Have previously thought I had tinnitus, as I am prone to listening to loud music, however I am still sceptical about linking loud music to the morse code in my head.

Will be keeping an eye on this chat in case anything of substance pops up, but for now I wish you all good luck with this irritating noise!

Mar 02, 2016
Yep, morse code
by: Alien ear Jak

I've had a number of head injuries over the years from auto accidents and sledding accident/motorcycle/horseback and the list goes on. The ringing has come and gone and after reading one of the folk's here suggesting the Calm magnesium supplement and also B-12 I will give that a shot. I had thought about taking down the code I hear to have someone translate it to see if by some odd coincidence there could be some weird words or phrases but while I like Rod Serling shows, I'm not a weirdo...I think it's some deficiency in mineral/vitamin or whatever.

Mar 02, 2016
It is not a matter of mineral deficiency

I have been taking vitamins and minerals and B12 also and it does not seem to stop would be 12 it stops on its own and it comes back on its own I consistently take mineral so it's not a matter of taking minerals

Mar 05, 2016
Ear plugs sure don't help. They just confirm its in your head.
by: Caroline

I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this but super sad that others are suffering from it. I've been experiencing it since for 3 nights now. I too looked around my house to figure to where it is coming from. Then I put ear plugs in and guess what - the noise was just as noticeable as before, What! So I guess the noise is coming from my head. There are definitely two tones that sound just like morse code. The pattern and volume and pitch are constant - unlike many I've read about here. I don't notice it during the day. Just when I'm at home around bedtime and the house is quiet. I did wonder if maybe the adderall I took on March 3rd might have something to do with it. I only took it that one day and not since then. The only other drugs I take from time to time are ibuprofen and excedrin. I really hope it just disappears on its own. Also, I've been sick for the last two months - 4 colds! And a cough thats been present for that duration. Maybe that might have something to do with. Hmm.

Mar 05, 2016
by: Bananapanic

Exactly, Caroline. Fortunately, I have not heard this morse code in years. I think I was just a kid at the time, and I had lots of sinus infections. Even though I had "windows" put in my sinuses in 3rd grade, I continued to have major sinus issues. Now, I don't hear the morse code, and I hope I never will again.

Apr 07, 2016
Found a remedy
by: Martin

I had this too and commented on it a few years back but forgot to mention how I cured it.
I moved house.
I had three years of hell with this Morse code in my ears(even when I plugged them with my fingers) then I moved house and have never had the problem again, even with all the same furniture and electronics in my bedroom.I think It's something to do with telephone cables/boxes.

Apr 24, 2016
6 years of ear beeping
by: Terra

I thought I was the only one. These comments are so comforting to me. It's been 6 years of morse code beep in my right ear. It's maddening. I went to an ear doctor several years ago and was told it's not my ear. It's my brain. It has something to do with pressure in my brain, either too much or too little. Sometimes if I drink a lot of water it makes it go away but not always. Love to hear Any other thoughts for some relief.

Apr 24, 2016
One wolf's experiences
by: Wolf

Hm! This is super interesting. I had heard these faint Morse code noises as a child that nobody else could hear. Because I didn't know any better, I assumed some ominous government presence was somehow transmitting secret messages submliminally (grew up in the 90s with X-Files). ;)
It always occurred at night when I was trying to sleep. If the noises happened during the day, I didn't notice them. Interestingly enough, when my family moved the noises stopped, if I'm remembering this right. But it's possible it faded on its own at coincedentally the same time as the move. I wish I could remember more details.
I do remember exactly how it sounded though, it someone were to record this sound somehow I would be able to confirm or deny that's what I heard. Nowadays I have really mild tinnitus that's the standard ringing noise, but it's so mild I have to be purposefully listening for the ringing to notice it.

May 09, 2016
Morse Code Beeping

The Morse Code Beeping just started tonight in my right ear. Of course I Google everything. Do happy I found this forum one comment that stood out to me was from Caroline. I take Adderall on a regular basis. I am wondering if anyone else does. I did read other comments where some say it may be caused by medications.
I too went around my house trying to find the noise. Realized it was in my ear when I went to bed.
It's beyond annoyong.

May 10, 2016
Noticed the noise changes when tilt my head
by: Alien Ear Jack

I have noticed if I lean my head to my left to right shoulders to maximum extension, the noise changes and sometimes seems to disappear. No idea why just tossing that out there from my experience/noticing.

May 10, 2016
I take no forms of drugs and no head injury
by: T

I see a lot of comments eluding to that perhaps medication or head injury may responsible. Yes it is possible for some this had ear sounds however, however mine has gotten so bad I have all three ringing, mores code and beeping. I also might ad this started when i had other phenomenon happening in my life, it went away for about a year and a half and now back and more intense. I can figure lottery numbers have seen things before people have (not physically) and have other things occurring. Yes i have made a lot of money from the lottery as result of being able to figure out sequences,at one-point i did not have to figure the number sequences out the numbers would just appear i played and won. I think their are frequencies being directed to us, form man made device or something for phenomenal. I am not sure good luck to all. I like to spread my new abilities to do even bigger things that will be of use to others also.

May 10, 2016
Ringing, m. Code,
by: C

Hi T, I also started to receive number sequences, ringing in the ears & more connected to my own empath abilities while going through very difficult times and multiple life lessons ... yup its a struggle lol
The difference I find is that the M. Code tinnitus is in my left ear and not of the same volumn as the " messages " i get. My intuition helps me to determine what is happening in that moment.

I do have ear damage and hearing loss in my right ear but the tinnitus in that ear is a lower volumn still high pitch .. the messages come to me in a loud high pitch straight sound.

May 17, 2016
Morse code sounds
by: Just Al

Off and on over years, I have experienced the same Morse code like sounds in my left ear when I lie down to rest at night. The beeping doesn't have a specific pattern, except it resembles Morse codes. I don't take medication on a regular basis and this has not happened in conjunction with doing so. I need to know more than it being li to side effects of medications. Anyone else out there have this same condition That is not a result of meds?

May 27, 2016
New Morse Code
by: Olivia

I was just awoken at 5:00 AM by the sound of thunder shaking my whole house. Since then, no thunder has come and it's drizzling. A strange beeping erupted, and I thought some alarm had gone off in my apartment complex. I realized that it couldn't be external, and quickly realized it's internal, likely from the loud thunder. So now there is a beeping over and over again in both of my ears. My left ear beeps loud and strong, while my right is softer, weaker, and comes in shorter beeps than the left. It's quite odd, I've never dealt with anything like it. Anyone know a cure? I'm worried it'll keep on persisting to beep as time goes on.

Jun 02, 2016
Beeping and light headed

Finally I found others with similar symptoms. I just got back from urgent care and after being there for 2 hours and tests we still don't know what is wrong? If I lay down my beeping and dizziness goes away. I am so tired all the time. What to do? It's been a month and getting worse. Help to find a cure?

Jun 02, 2016
I have this problem, but not as often as I used to.
by: Lynne

I posted in November, and the morse code ringing in my left ear still comes and goes. To get a good night sleep, I sleep with a box fan running right next to my side of the bed. It sufficiently drowns out the morse code ringing at night.

Jun 24, 2016
Woke Up by Loud S.O.S. Morse Code Last Night
by: CB

Woke up by loud "S.O.S." Morse Code tone last night. Dot, dot, dot, dash, dash, dash, dot, dot, dot. I couldn't believe it, and still don't. I volunteer in emergency preparedness and thought I was being called to action through my cell phone, but this is not the usual call-in system. I don't know what to think, but am glad I found this site. There was no message on my phone, so I thought it might be some sort of alarm outside. I wanted to ask around the neighborhood, but was too embarrassed. I hope it doesn't happen again!

Jun 28, 2016
Noise in the ear
by: Irma

Its your pineal gland activation, find out more here:

Jul 19, 2016
Morris code
by: Chelle

I am also having this issue. Started w weeks ago. Right ear morris code click. No new meds no loud noice exposure. It does not really bother me. I am going to see the doctor now maybe find a answer. If not i guess i will learn morris code and see who and what is communicating with me. Lol . I dont feel like its going to fade away any time soon.

Jul 20, 2016
We are all test subjects
by: eL

The morse code type ringing in your air is caused by government satellites pushing transmission signals through your electronics. TV, Radio Speakers, etc. it's a very low pitched sound ment to target your nervous system. It's another tactic to make the American people docile and lazy. Go outside at night look up into the sky and you will see lights blinking like stars. These are satellites. We are under attack by our own government. Look up community harrassment program or Gangstalking on YouTube. This may give you a little more knowledge on the subject.

Good Luck, my people.

Jul 20, 2016
by: Ryco56x

I posted here about - I dunno - 4 or 5 years ago it seems.

The "morse code" thing did eventually go away. It comes every now and again, but only think about it for a minute and either ot goes away or I get used to it and stop thinking about it. But for awhile - like a month - it was pretty chronic. Maybe this offers hope and/or assurance.
I still do have mild constant tintinitus, but can deal with that. The tintinitus is only really noticable after loud concerts, construction, fireworks, etc. Always there if I think about it.
But the "morse code" is gone. Reoccurs very occasionally. :)

Aug 15, 2016
Real morse code
by: Ray

This is real morseI studed the. code during ww2 This code turns my hesring aid off and on.

Aug 22, 2016
Great site to have found

What a great site to have found, as like many of you, you think your the only one with a morse code going off in your ear. Mine started around 3 weeks ago and hasn't stopped since I do try and ignore it but sometime find it difficult. Not sure why it started, but reading on some of the advice, could be the ibroprofin tablets, as I've been taking them a lot to ease joint pain. My partner suffers with tinnitus but his is a ringing, so I didn't think my was the same, but looks like there are different types!

Sep 04, 2016
hearing aid noise
by: rAY


Sep 06, 2016
Morse code
by: Megan

I've had this "Morse code" tinnitus for almost a year now. It gets louder when I'm by a fan that's on or by a white noise. It was starting to get better but just the other day I was thinking about it and now I keep hearing it and can't stop thinking about it. It sucks and keeps me up at night. I don't have any hearning loss and I haven't been taking any medication. Hopefully it'll get better.

Sep 22, 2016
Morse code at the show
by: stretch

A few minutes into a loud show it suddenly sounded like the static from a broken speaker cone -my ear. So while i was earning my current tinnitus, there was rhis strange singular, clear tone like touching a touchtone phone. It seemed random and internitant. My friend heard it too with his tinnitus.

Sep 26, 2016
Morse code humming
by: Diane

It is a comfort to know that I am not the only one that suffers from this morse code like deep humming, however it is disheartening to read that we are all suffering. I have had this now for over three years and thought that perhaps it was a transformer out on our road. A planned power outage proved my theory wrong as it continued humming. I have made recent trips away and heard it also at several locations in Canada. I have learned to live with it but I am going to try the magnesium and B12 supplement and hope it helps.

Sep 26, 2016
More code
by: Zookeeper

My morse code started up about week ago. Not sure what started it. I usually only hear light static noise when it is quiet. The Morse code starts when I talk or someone near me is talking. The beeping goes in conjunction with sounds produced. even listening to radio. I don't hear it continuously. It is only in my right ear. Ear always feels like I have my finger stuck in it. Been feeling kind of stuffy in sinuses and little throat irritation. hopefully will pass on soon.

Oct 08, 2016
low bell and louder beep sound
by: Bonnie

For eight months, I have been hearing a bell and a beep, low sounds. For the first six months, they were both comforting. Now the beep has come back and said I was chosen and wants me to go with them. I asked about coming back like you see on tv and they saidno, My husband has called my dr who treated my depression and she is supposed to treat me. Has anyone had this happen to them and how did they get it to leave.?


Oct 08, 2016
Modem noises
by: JenRC

I have exactly what you are describing in my ears when I'm wearing ear plugs and I am almost sure I'm picking up on the modem wifi signals resonating through my amalgam fillings. I could also hear a very faint radio station as well until quite a big filling was removed. I also get the other tinnitus noises such as rushing water, alfoil crinkling, roast crackling noises but the modem noise is very distinct. Just a thought.

Oct 11, 2016
Morse code .

I began taking cardia ( aspirin) and now find as soon as I have a glass of wine ( only one) my morse code starts . It takes over night to reduce and go away . This never happened before the Cardia .

Oct 13, 2016
beep-beep, ding-ding.
by: Rezaray

Idiots all. Dingbats. Its NOT Morse code. Its MY code. I'm the Alien sending the chosen ones on Earth the hi frequency signals to relay a message. I am RZR from the planet Poopton and the message is PLEASE CLEAN YOUR EARS, COZ THE BLOODY EARWAX STINKS ALL THE WAY TO OTHER GALAXIES. I'm pretty sure you all have cotton buds tips sold on your planet. So buy 'em or else we'll send a large spaceship of ours and drop tons of Q-tips projectiles on your homes. But jokes aside, its the fluid, you fools. Water gets trapped in your ears after a shower or swim and it takes time to evaporate or dry out. The ringing stops when its fully dried up. Don' t believe me. Try not showering for a month and FEEL the difference. See ..... No more sounds isn't it.

Oct 14, 2016
by: Common sense

If you haven't showered for a month it's not your ears stinking to the galaxies, just saying.

Oct 29, 2016

This just started, stays for a few mins. Goes away Xander comes back another time. Morse code type. I am 81 never had this before now can be my age related as I have trouble with hearing conversations but not sounds. Don't believe aliens trying to contact me but my bedside phone in its cradle does light up occasionally but not ring. Hummm? But there are worse problems I could have, so I will just have to live with it

Oct 29, 2016
New discovery
by: JenRC

After thinking it was the wifi, I checked it out at my mother's place who doesn't have wifi but could still hear the sound. Through a bot of elimination I've discovered it's the facebook app on my phone. I've deactivated my account and deleted facebook. The noise has stopped which is a huge relief. With a bit of googling I found Mark Zuckerberg was extremely interested in some mind mapping research being done to try and make facebook a telepathic experience. I can only assume it's some radio signal built into the app to do what?? I don't know but not keeping facebook to find out.

Nov 02, 2016
Morse Code
by: Bones

It's 5 am and I woke to this sound, I've had it in the past, but tonight it's very strong. Actually I do have to agree with the person above who said its fluid. As I lay with the affected ear up for 20 min or so, and then relax,, it does reduce and then disappear. Magnesium does make sense as well to calm the internal twitches down. I have had a brain MRI which did show fluid in that area behind my eardrum. I would have to believe it's inflammation putting pressure on a blood vessel, and what we're hearing is blood trying to force its way through. As I lay on my back to write this, I hear it again now pretty loud. I have felt pretty sick the past few days as well.

Nov 17, 2016
PERSONAL RESEARCH, possible advice
by: MR.mister

I started to hear this hellish beeping morse code type of tinnitus in my right ear after massaging my jaw and it has been going on for a year already.

Some have suggested it's due to tensor tympani muscle in the ear and not consuming caffeine for a month has helped them. I tried this but it didn't help. I have also stumbled upon googling to "typewriter tinnitus" syndrome which is clicking in the ear instead of beeping, I wonder if these two are related, the clicking tinnitus responds to carbamazepine medication.

I googled about this morse type of beeping tinnitus and found out one brit got rid of it through meditation, you can google "tinnitus: try meditating daily mail" for the article. Perhaps I'm poor at meditating but it didn't help.

Only thing that reduces the sound for me is pinching my nose and blowing air to my ears, for some reason the sound goes away and changes to whoosing type of tinnitus.

Another suggestion I found online was that it could be due to eustachian tubes malfunctioning.

In any case I wish you all the best and if anyone has found anything that helps please report.

Now I just wish it will go away, what a burden!

Nov 17, 2016
morse code
by: Vladimir

Hello everybody.
I have been hearing beaping sound in my right ear for several months, a radio morse code.
First it happened when I was lying down to rest, but now it happen anytime.
I am not sick or taking medications.
It is really weird.
I wonder how many people have the same problem in the USA or the world?

Nov 17, 2016
electricity related

some people have sensitivity to radiotowers or other high current electricity locations. microwaves etc. in some cases it can be the cause. i travelled around the world and the datn beeping is still there in my right ear. i wonder why many of us get it in one ear only.

Nov 27, 2016
Inner ear morse code
by: Robbie Myers

So last night I woke up to the dot dot dashes of morse code in my inner right ear and i have never had it happen before. I actually just Googled it to see if there was any info on why this may have happened as it was so bizarre. I found all of these other testimonials and still am intrigued and a little scared. At least I am not the only one who has experienced this.

Dec 10, 2016
Open close mouth....
by: Averill

I've found this page because of experiencing the morse code thing, which is interesting to me. I noticed that someone in an earlier comment mentioned an idea I considered too, that is, a secret measage. haha Anyway, Try letting your jaw hang or allowing your mouth to open and see if it disappears. Then close or begin to close it and listen as well. I noticed that it is greater when my jaw is hinged to a closed position. So it may be related to the "MASSETER MUSCLE". The masseter muscle has a "referred pain" pattern to the inner ear. Hope this helps.

Jan 03, 2017
Morse code
by: Georgia manning

Just st started sounds like an old time typewriter. I thought something in wall more so when lying in bed.

Jan 03, 2017
morse code in my right ear
by: KDE

driving me crazy. Just read tho, it can come from a head injury, but my injury was Feb 6, 2016 and the morse code just started 3 months ago.

I had an MRI and a brain scan.

Last night i could not even sleep as it bothered me so much.

Anymore updates by anyone else?

Some times it just goes back to like cricket sounds and then turns into morse code again.
I find the morse code sound worse to cope with.

Jan 05, 2017
The sound of hacking

I have had it still for about half a year roughly. Started up when the elections were getting heated. The Morse code, beeping in right ear. Just won't go away. There is only one logical solution to all this. Our brains are being hacked by the Russians. It makes sense when you think about, but try not to they will only pick up on it.

Feb 20, 2017
Started 17 Feb 2017 in my right ear
by: North Texas

High pitched Morse Code began in my right ear 17 Feb 2017. I thought it was a malfunction in the house, searched, and realized it is coming from my right ear. It is VERY distracting and annoying.

Mar 10, 2017
I know my body quite well so it wasn't hard to figure!
by: Trevor

I've had severe hearing loss for 25 years. Use to have severe tinnitus from abusing headache powders...I don't do that any longer. About 2 months ago I started getting this low high pitched clear beeping in my left ear only for a week solid...4 days before this(and that whole week) I had started taking 400 to 600 ibuprofen every day for arm tendon injury. I stopped taking it and no more beeps! 😙

Apr 05, 2017
Beep by Boats?

I'm a 15 year old highschool. One night while I was reading some files in my phone, I was startled by a sudden long beep in my left ear. At first I thought it was some machine outside since we live in a place where I can already see ships outside my windows. I have always been very sensitive to sounds since I was a child and can hear conversations outside even though I'm inside my room. Sometimes the Horn of loud ships irritates me. I was wondering if this was the cause of the beep in my left ear. Until now the beeping comes irregularly. It's sometimes loud, but also sometimes not.

May 24, 2017
Sorry to say but...
by: Len

It's 100% radio waves. The code subliminally controls your mind into having an addictive personality and living your entire life in debt, to the super rich (the real world leaders). You can choose to believe me or not to. I couldn't care less, these are the facts -

If you believe in god, start praying.
If you believe in science, start thinking.

If you raise your intake with sodium fluoride, this will lower the level of iron in your blood and the noise will dim down. The high level of iron in your blood is allowing your brain and not your ears to pick up on these signals.

When you significantly reduce your fluoride intake, you may, like me, be able to feel the code tapping at the back of your head (penile gland). We, the human race are being dimmed down and held back from evolution. Discard this information, or keep it to yourself, it will get you no where.

Seriously think about it, do you genuinely believe that your tinnitus could generate something that sounds exactly like a language? Why is it so exact? When you break it down completely, it sounds like a modem type sound, much faster than morse code. I've had genuine tinnitus for a good part of my life and the morse code only started a months or two after I lowered my intake of fluoride and tinnitus has now become my best friend. Maybe, like i have learned to, is over power the code with my genuine, ringing of the ears from noise pollution.

We have now grown such a tolerance to the poisonous toxic waste fluoride is that the powerful have been using to cover up the fact your mind is being controlled by this code, people are starting to hear it. Hopefully now, some are starting to WAKE UP!!!!!!!

May 25, 2017
perhaps the code has always been ther but toolow to hear
by: t

I read the last comment and had never thought of the theory that perhaps those of us who are wakening have now had the ability to hear the codes that maybe placed in their eft systems as a device to control in some form. Sure fluoride is a weapon . It does no good, does not stop cavities,and municipalities do not have a reason for adding to waters, that is any they will admit too. I do not drink flouridated water but it is in juices and sodas and made in foods so you cant avoid it

May 25, 2017
Morse code
by: Teroblue

it started right after injury from my the begining i was hearing continously ssss sound,one night i closed my ears and noticed the morse code it was like digital/electronic sounds like low level (decibel) computers,its weird it still continues i dont hear them in daytime because of the noise around but at night its always there,hope one day i ll get rid of it

May 25, 2017
Fluoride, frequencies and freedom.
by: Len

Everyone will awaken to these facts within my lifetime, as like other drugs and substances, your tolerance to the effects of fluoride will one day outweigh the amount necessary to overdose or become ill from it. Sodium fluoride is a dangerous natural poison, one above lead and one below arsenic on the lists of natural poisons chart, any amount of the other two would cause alarm fluoride Should be no acception. Our tolerance to it is so high that they are making us ingest so much of it that nearly half of the uk and the states teenage population are suffering from mild to severe fluorosis. They aren't going to be able to hide the fact that fluoridation to the water supply (and everything that eats and drinks it, animals, fruit and vegetables) is directly linked to this very code thousands upon thousands are hearing for very much longer. Most people are susceptible to hypnosis, the others have to either accept the world as it is or are probably in prison. Everyone who reads this should do a serious amount of research into both sodium fluoride and releast files of mind control (you can get the real thing from the government if you like). They go hand in hand. The dates and the fact are the problem I'm sure you can come to exactly the same equation.

Sodium fluoride needs to be stored in concrete containers as it burns through metal. Metal conducts and transmits, as could you if they let you.

All of our brains work by sending a frequency from one neuron another. All radio transmitted and received frequencys work in exactly the same way. Please everybody, do these very simple sums. All of the facts are at your fingertips for you to acquire, unfortunately the harsh truth is too hard to accept for many of the people who aren't under control.

Do you remember seeing programs about hypnotism on the T.V about 15-20 years ago and before?

Jun 17, 2017
Morse Code on Facebook
by: Fulvia

I am a former radiotelegraphist, and I would like to mention to all those people who are hearing Morse code in their ears maybe it is not a medical condition. I don't take any meds, I am very healthy, and occasionally I get Morse Code messages ONLY when I am on Facebook with the speakers on. This has been happening for a long time, and not all the time. Sometime the signals are too fast for me, I have not practiced Morse Code for some decades now, but two nights ago the signal was a bit slower and I was able to receive some clear words and groups of 5 numbers. And it is not constant, there is a period of silence, then it repeats itself. It seems to me that this is like a pre-punched tape that goes into a loop. I just would like to know where it is coming from, because for at least 10 years now, any transmission of Morse Code has been prohibited, and I have to assume that this is a world-wide agreement. In fact, my old transoceanic radio that has several bands of frequencies, has gone completely silent, except for standard radio broadcasting on AM and FM.

Jul 07, 2017
Tinnitus for 14 years
by: Elysia

So interesting to here other peoples experiences with tinnitus as I've had it (morse code type beeps) since I was about 5, I'm now 19. I remember just being really confused and then when I began to take exams in high school that's when it became really bad and it affected my grades. But I mainly just always listen to music low to try and cancel it out when I'm sleeping as it's silence that triggers it and that's pretty much the only coping method I've found and by now it's normal as I'm used to it. Well until I got tonsillitis and it became like screeching or like my heart beat but hopefully that won't continue once it goes away.

Jul 12, 2017
Morse Code
by: Morse Code

Have been getting the morse code signals too but only when i yawn right now. I'm thinking it is the WiFi signals or other telecommubication signals. It can't be good with all these signals in the spectrums being sent out.

Sep 15, 2017
by: Silure

Where to start? I share many similarities with many of these comments. I'm convinced I'm not mad.I had an alien visitation at age 5. I suffered a head injury when I fell out of a tree aged 11 (the side of my head doubled in size). I served in the military and was exposed to gunfire noise. I wear earplugs at night because the smallest noise wakes me up (not least the mrs snoring) she also uses an electric fan to help her sleep because we live in a flat beside a road.
Your comment about the "modem" noise is exactly what I hear. I was downloading a game for my xbox and it came to me that this was exactly what I could hear in my ears at night(albeit mine is a higher pitch). Eureka! I've been suffering for months and getting more and more fatigued.I've also suffered with depression for many years and have been self medicating which I have recently stopped doing.
Interestingly I have been brushing my teeth with soap for years due to tooth decay which I read somewhere that teeth can repair themselves(remineralise) but only when they are clean. When I say clean I mean free from the glycerine in toothpaste which forms a protective barrier. Now due to vanity I have recently switched back to toothpaste for that whiter smile. Guess what ? That "modem" sound is much worse.Help!

Sep 15, 2017
Wi Fi
by: Silure

To rule out wifi etc. it would be interesting if anyone with the means to could sleep in a Faraday cage to see if they still suffer with this condition.

Oct 30, 2017
Tinnitus w/Morse type code.
by: Marty

Could it be that alien intelligence is trying to communicate with us. I know that's far out, but since we know that aliens can communicate with their brains alone, who knows. I wish I could slow down down the Morse Coding (Or whatever the code is) and decipher it.
I've heard it foe over thirty years.

Oct 31, 2017
Morse Code
by: John

I posted to this blog about two years ago and it is interesting to see that there are a lot of people suffering the same problem as me. For me like many others the morse code is in my right ear. It seems to come and go a bit. I just had about 2-3 weeks when it went away but now it is back again. I spoke to my audiologist about the problem but he could not offer any solution. I have been using a falling rain white noise app on my IPhone to help mask out the morse code when I start to get frustrated by it and can't sleep. Have thought about putting a small microphone inside my right hear when the morse code is transmitting to see if I can record it and then decipher the morse code message. (I am serious!!) Has anyone tried this?

Dec 02, 2017
Decode Attempt 1
by: Eph

so i tried decoding tonight since the broadcast is slow and timed and this is what i got:


NB: sometimes the dash is so long for about 2 seconds or more but I still consider it as a single dash and even as I type, the broadcast is on-going (which I ain't gonna record).

Anyways I seem to have found a way to tune in and out of it I guess (still working on perfecting it).

I don't understand any of the gibberish (upstairs) though. I'm in Germany and I have experienced the same in Spain also. I'm gonna go on to suppose this phenome is happening world-wide then.

Dec 02, 2017
Morse Code and tinnitus
by: Fulvia

There is a major difference between tinnitus, the common ringing of the ears, and the Morse Code. The last time I heard real Morse Code over the speakers of the computer while I was on Facebook were something like this:
rd de kjpi get cua n urrst 952n va h nr 13782 T 13782 T K
I could not catch the entire transmission because it has been decades since I practiced receiving and broadcasting Morse Code. And the above transmission was repeated, like a tape going in a loop. It was suggested that these are signals sent to some satellite, maybe when they need to reposition them.
Tinnitus instead is a real affection of the ear, and recently I have developed that nuisance in the left ear, not constant and not at the same volume, but a continuous very high pitch whistle. I checked with the otorino doctor and there is nothing that can be done. He recommended taking 500 mg of Niacin daily.

Dec 15, 2017
27 dollar ear plugs and can still hear it! Morse Code type..
by: Artemis

This is just crazy. It started about two weeks ago and I only hear it in my house. It's not connected to anything electronic because I can still hear it even when I flipped the main power to off. It's a constant continuous loop that sounds like electronic "notes". I know absolutely nothing about decibels or sound measurements but I can still hear it with the $27 custom silicone molded earplugs I just purchased. The only thing that seems to block it enough where it doesnt drive me nuts, is when I completely cup my entire outer ear as well. Guess I'm going to have to find comfortable ear muffs. WTF is this? I hear it most strongly on the second floor of my house, in my bedroom, which is on the north side of the house. It seems to be coming from the wall but when I put my ear to the wall the sound lessens (right ear - where I hear it most strongly). I think it's possible it's coming from the roof... but we just had a good amount of snow and I would think it would've shut up from that? Someone suggested finding someone with a drone to take a picture of my would I do that?

Dec 19, 2017
Morse Code
by: Jojo

Go back a few years Sept 11, 2001 . . . for 5 long weeks before 9/11 I was hearing 3 alternating off key tones that drove me crazy at bedtime in fact it would drone you into a forced sleep I could no-longer read before sleep. Getting closer to the 11th the Morse code started after 9/11. All transmission of this type of sounds stopped. Its back again only in left ear I don't feel it tinnitus > man made or something else.

Dec 26, 2017
Electronic Harassment
by: Anon

This sounds like electronic harassment. There are many relevant patents (see pertaining to this.

It can be a hard pill to swallow, friends and family will be resistant to believing you, but rest assured, you're NOT going crazy.

Dec 27, 2017
Telephone Pole Wires
by: Stephanie

I have been having this issue for years now. I never was sick, it just started all of a sudden. In my left ear it sound like the old telephone pole wires. You remember the old telephone pole wires don't you? I do not have any around me so it is strange that this would happen. However, wearing earplugs certainly helps for sleeping.

Jan 08, 2018
Mose code
by: Bill

I’ve had it for at least a year. High pitch dual frequency sounds can be heard 24/7. Morse code when it’s quiet in the house. My guess is 5g milimeter wave technology in the air. Before you leave a disrespectful message you should check it out.

Jan 24, 2018
I am glad I'm not alone.
by: RPrieto

My symptom (morse code noise) just like most of the people had made the same comments.

I woke up last night around 1 am hearing that Morse code beeping, went up and browse around home to see if there was an appliance doing this sound, but no luck. I found out the sound was coming from the outside, it was coming from the south-west side of the town, in Arizona desert. I will let you know if it beeps tonight and try to write it down.

By the way, no sinus or flu problems nor medications of any sort in the last three months. No loud sound exposure, no hearing aids; I can consider myself a person with good hearing.

Feb 11, 2018
Driving me nuts
by: Karen

Well finally got to sleep last night ...this morning 4.30 am ,my morse code ,so so loud ,right ear the worst.Have had the Electricity Board out,Tv man thinking it was an electrical fault.On no meds ,not ill age 60. Driving me nuts,the tv man said he could hear a noise like morse code when he was up a ladder checking the dish.We also have a wasp nest in our loft but no movement there as winter in the UK.As once I had similar and WAS bees in the cavity walls! But this noise I can hear all over the house.Also can almost summon it.Its scary .Hooing it eventually goes away.My Dr said my ears looked ok and blood pressure ..perfect ,his words.I have very good hearing ,no cold or flu weird.
When I put ear plugs in seems slightly quieter but not much.
Also it all did start with a noisy TV Sky box which even my husband could hear.

Feb 12, 2018
Morse Code since young
by: Rosa

Hello All,I've had this Morse Code going on in my right ear since I was young.I'm 50 now. My ear seemed to always hurt from the high pitch,and my mom would say that I had "Dog-Ears"because I could hear EVERYTHING! My son also hears these code noises.I'd like to know if any other person experiencing these codes have had any Ufo sightings as I have? Thank You

Feb 14, 2018
yes have had contact with suoer natural
by: t

IfI told you you would not believe me ,but i have had extraordinary contact with entities. I t was frightening once i let my self stop denying it and as well they let themselves known on film. I never forget it. Some were there to guide me out i think other there to trick me others just wanted to have negative contact. The mores code started about that time. But I think I hastened their contact with somethings i did as well I have had 3 small prongs in leg did not know until one day my leg was in a certain position perfectly aligned when i woke up , I could not believe it go up to use bathroom could not find them again nit sure how this all relates to my Morse code but it all started at same time

Feb 16, 2018
Very strange
by: Tony

For the last 4 days, I've had the morse code dinging in my right ear, so I came online to try and find out what I can do to stop it, and find out what the hell it is.

I'm in my room, it's quiet, I can hear the noise as it has been for the last 4 days when it's been quiet. I came here, read a couple of entries, the noise stopped. I sat here with the noise gone, and then I got 'dink dink'. Just twice, it stopped again, and then started doing it perfectly in tune for 7 more dinks.

I decided to type this and see if anyone else has had this kind of thing happen? I have grown up with the paranormal, even still, I keep an open mind and try and find explanations in everything, but this is pretty strange.

Right now, it's changed from the morse code sound to just a few weird taps now and then, seems fainter too as if it's going off in the distance. I've never experienced this kind of thing before, very very strange.

Feb 17, 2018
Morse code, right ear
by: Vicki

2/16/18: was reading in my quiet bedroom and all of a sudden this strange electronic intermittent type noise started. Could barely hear it, but it was there. I ran around the house listening to everything and finally Sat down, put my fingers in my ears and still heard it. It was in my right ear and sounded like Morse code. So weird. So I googled it and found all these comments with some good suggestions as to what it might be. It was scary. It lasted about 20 minutes and is either gone or too low right now. I've never had something like that before. Hope it doesn't come back. Oh, I do have some bad congestion, similar to a few others who have wrote about this.

Feb 17, 2018
Difference between Morse Code and tinnitus
by: Fulvia

I have posted a couple of comments here in the past. I would like to specify that there is a major difference between Morse Code transmissions and the tinnitus which is a very common ear issue. I have been a radio telegraphist in the past so I know very well the difference. I read most of the posts on this page, and I came to the conclusion that the majority of you are having the tinnitus, which is a constant "whistle" in one or both ears. For the past couple of months I have it too, only in the left ear and the same high pitch, sometimes loud sometime minimal volume. I checked with the ear doctor, he said there is nothing available to cure it, and taking a daily dose of 500 mg of magnesium can help. So far it has not worked for me. I strongly suspect that tinnitus has a connection with high blood pressure, which fluctuates during the day according to your activities. As for a real Morse code transmission, it can only come through a speaker, like your stereo equipment or computer, and yes, a few rare times I did hear it while I was on Facebook, and it was a real radio transmission that I was able to write down. Most likely it is a communication between an earth station to one of their satellites, maybe to repositions it. No, there are no aliens or spirits of the past trying to communicate with us. Get real and see your doctor!!!

Feb 26, 2018
Very quiet morse code-like beeping

I only hear this when I wake up very early, when it is still dark and very quiet. The first time it surprised and kind of scared me. I listened for awhile and then got up to see if it was something in the house. I live up in the Rocky Mountain front range. Very quiet and dark. The noise started about 4 months ago. The beeps are soft, always the same tone and unlike most people's comments, it sounds like it is in my head or I'm hearing it, not in my ear or ears. Not like a sudden ringing...just a soft, one-tone beeping.

Jun 06, 2018
I have Morse Code/Flute sound Tinnitus
by: Joseph

Mine started a few days ago. Can only here when dead silent. Worse at night and a few hours before I'm supposed to wake up. Sounds like morse code. I had something similar a few years ago. When to ENT, he said it would go away (which it did). I guess the visitor decided to return. Hope IT goes away again, and doesn't come a knockin' anytime soon.

Jun 14, 2018
Strange sounds in my ears and skull.
by: Dewey

I was sitting in my recliner one afternoon with the idea of taking a nap when suddenly I heard a whooshing sound. At first I thought it was coming from outside, but could not find any outside source of the sound. I plugged my ears and the whooping noise continued un-abated. It whooshed every time my heart made a beat. I tried everything I could think of to stop it because it was driving me crazy. It was whooshing 24/7. I made DR. Appointments with my PC and ENT who could not offer any type of solution that would stop it.
This went on for seven years, but after many Doctor visits and exams nothing could be done to stop it. It was loud enough that anyone standing next to me in a quiet area could hear it as well. I was at the VA Hospital one day for heart related issue when a group of Medical students came in and wanted to examine me. I agreed and a young female student began listening to my heart and lungs. I told her if she wanted to hear something strange to put her scope on top of my head. When she did she said she had never heard anything like the noise coming from inside my head. She left the room and returned with more students and several doctors, all wanting to listen to the noise inside my head. To make this story even longer I was scheduled for all kinds of scans over the following week. A Neurologist from the local university came to examine me and told me I had an arterio venous malformation (ATV) in the brain that needed to be corrected. Over the next two years I had 3 embolizations, seven femoral angiograms, and finally the GAMMA KNIFE procedure that eventually corrected my problem.

Jul 22, 2018
Morse Code Clicking
by: Sherry

Mine sound in my ears is not beeping and it has happened multiple time. I actually told my husband please get a piece of paper and write this down quick - then I told him the series of dashes and dots. Not the first time has happened but has been a while. Anyway, it could be tinnitus or my trigeminal neuralgia but upon looking up morse code it actually spelled out Mom. So maybe I am crazy maybe I have an ear infection (though) only lasted a few moments. However; I was very depressed this morning about missing my child who died at 19 yrs old in 2001 - so maybe a combination. When i was a child I would hear marching like a million soldiers in my ears and tell my Grandfather about it and tell him the name of the person I kept hearing. It was a man he served in the war with who was killed in a march in Germany. - another strange is the word I was just asked to type below (which may be the same for everyone - not sure) Celtic. Hmmm.

Jul 31, 2018
Translating the morse code
by: Mary

Just curious - I have this too and I have considered writing down the code and seeing if I can decipher it - maybe it's actually a form of communication? Stranger things right?

Oct 05, 2018
morse code sound
by: trudy

hi i,m from the netherlands,and i hear this sinds 2015 too, a few months, the sound went into a click sound, then it just stayed away for 2 months, and went back into morse code bleep sound, I hear it in my left ear, when I go to sleep, I hear it for 3 years now.

Oct 07, 2018
electronic beep
by: sue

I came here looking for info on the weird 'beeping' sound I had going on last night. I have had the 'hissing' form of tinnitus for years...I have always assumed that was a result of the nsaids I have taken to help with rheumatoid arthritis pain.
This sound was completely different...and added on. I, as did others here, thought it was an electric alarm from the beep many appliances have after a power failure or such. It was in my left ear and I came to notice that it stopped if I rolled my head to the left and returned when I rolled it to the right!! I eventually went back to sleep and it was gone when I woke. I certainly hope it was just because I took extra pain pills before going to bed last night.
Very frustrating and sleep disturbing. I can imagine it would be very disruptive if it did not ever leave! Yikes!

Nov 09, 2018
Right ear makes Morse code clicking sounds
by: Louise

What is the causes of having clicking sounds like Morse codes only in right ear all the time, it is there for quite a few weeks now,and at times I can hear my heart beat in my ears. Why is this going on

Nov 21, 2018
by: Linda

For 2 weeks I have had this Morse code fast thumping in my right ear. I realized that when there is noise (cars passing by, tv is on, music, etc) is happens. When everything is quiet it goes away. Also if I plug my left ear it is still thumping in the right but it reduces the noise of the thumping. From all the thumping my ear canal aches. Hope it it goes away on its own.
Very annoying!

Dec 28, 2018
a modem-like sound at 2am in Peru
by: John

Hi hum hearers,

It's the second time in less than a month. The first time it was like a bass sending a morse code or something, this time (now) it is like a modem-like noise quite weak but it is still audible. I woke my sister up but she didn't hear anything... and it is becoming a widely known phenomenon... it is something related to the magnetism of the earth I guess... it's has been disrupted because of the high levels of pollution nowadays or it is something beneath the earth that has been there for millions of years and is sending information to the space... or we are all crazy...

I will try to get some sleep... please keep posting!

Jan 13, 2019
Telegraph in my Ear
by: CJ

Just started having this 2 days ago. Was in a vehicle accident at beginning of week but haven't had any problems besides soreness. Maybe minor whiplash caused this, like mentioned above. This started all of a sudden & it's driving me nuts. Also began new form of eye meds, ointment instead of drops. Maybe something there. Using drops for abt a month with no problems. Plan on going to Audiologist &/or ENT after reading comments on this site. Just glad I'm not going crazy hearing this "Morse code" since there's more people out there with the same thing.

Jan 14, 2019
For Us, Wireless Water Meters = Morse Code

My wife's loud morse code tinnitus and my very uncomfortable skin sensation coincided exactly with the installation of 3 wireless, microwave water meters on 8-24-18. It was not until roughly 2 months later that we learned these water meters had been installed. It is accurate to call these "microwave meters", as the microwave range is 300 MHz to 300 GHz, and these meters operate at about 900 MHz. They made it very, very difficult to work or sleep. Aluminum foil will block all radio frequencies. To prove this, wrap your 2.4 GHz cell phone in ordinary kitchen aluminum foil (bend over the ends), call your phone with another phone, and it will not ring. We had the idea to place a sheet of aluminum foil over my wife's ears and the morse code was immediately, greatly diminished or even eliminated. This experiment was repeated with the same result. This proved the noise source was external. On 11-12-18, we started "dampening" successive PG&E meters nearby with 1 layer only of aluminum mesh (not enough to interfere with their operation; using aluminum foil, however, would have "blocked" their operation 100% and gotten us in trouble). To "dampen", search YouTube for "FREE SMART METER FARADAY COVER" using 24" wide aluminum mesh and 24" zip ties from the hardware store. This dampening actually helped a tiny bit, which led us to believe we were on the right track. On about 12-6-18, we started to "dampen" the water meters with the knowledge and permission of the Water District. This did not eliminate our symptoms, but greatly abated them. Bingo! Finally, some significant relief! Our symptoms have continued at a reduced level, even though all 3 nearby water meters have been covered with 8-10 layers of aluminum mesh. How strong a signal is that?! We will be opting out shortly, hopefully for free, as I consider our microwave meters to be a legal trespass. It appears the early, intense water meter exposure has now made us hypersensitive to microwave energy, as even a single PG&E meter at a residence we are visiting will elicit my wife's morse code tinitus or my uncomfortable skin sensation. To "block" the microwave energy from getting into the house, place DOUBLE-SIDED, COMMERCIAL ALUMINUM FOIL INSULATOR on the inside wall, just opposite the microwave meter. Our CORNET ED-88TPLUS EMF/RF DETECTOR also confirmed that these water meters are spiking into the red every 15 seconds, NOT every 15 minutes as alleged by the wireless industry! Dr. Anthony Miller MD, an expert cancer researcher and adviser to the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer opined in 2017 that recent, mounting evidence from scientists around the world could not be ignored and RF Radiation should be reclassified as a Group 1 "known" human carcinogen (protect the babies from nearby microwave meters to avoid brain cancers)!

May 27, 2019
by: Robert Caldwell

Just started hearing this in Decembre after a bad but of flue when my ears felt like there was something wriggling inside and everything was echoing. When fever had gone I had the dots and dash noise in my head .
I had a go at the learn morse app , one time it said "van seen", "registration number that began with SVG I can't remember the rest . I also got EE five G TEST .I couldn't believe I was actualy making words out . But the next time I tried to write make sense of it al I got was EEEEEEEEE GEÈEEEEE EEEEEEE. Having read that dit in morse is E then I guess that if it us morse I'm hearing and you don't get the spacings right then all you will get is eee.
Or the first time was a fluke and al I hear is dit dit deeet dit dit dit deeet lol.

Jun 10, 2019
Beeping sounds
by: Rebecca

Last night it was the first time. I was drifting off and heard three beeps one after the other. I've never heard anything like it before and I don't have tennitus. Then a few minutes later one more beep. I knew it was not coming from anywhere except inside my head and found it to be very strange. No pain or fear just a bit confused, I went to sleep. I'm not sick or taking any medication. It's weird and I'd like to find the answer.

Jun 21, 2019
This has started happening to me as well.
by: Simon

It started earlier this year just suddenly, as if a switch were flipped, but it took about a month before I started to really pay attention to it, and another month of trying to bring my morse code back up to speed so I could copy it.
(I happen to have a background with morse code)

These are not random beeps, I am hearing real morse code. I seem to be hearing what is known as a "callup" channel or frequency.
Short messages, a lot of "Q" signals, sometimes latitude and longitude in the open, and a lot of hello and goodbye stuff. Then another person comes on and it all starts over again.
I have been hearing this in my right ear mostly, for months and months, non stop. Some transmissions are louder than others, but it almost never stops. Except on the Easter holiday weekend. A few days before it went CRAZY with transmitters all fighting to be heard, and then for a few days it was very quiet.

I am hearing radio and I have no way to explain myself much more than this.
Help of any variety would be really appreciated.

Jun 21, 2019
The Morse Code !
by: Karen

Hello,I have commented on here before regarding my Morse code beeps in my right ear.I think there are 2 things going on here...and even the Tinnitus Clinic at my local Hospital in Canterbury Kent UK agree!
The first noise I have is like sparklers going off and is pure Tinnitus,the second the Morse Code is definately linked to my Sky TV Box since it changed to a Q Box,as when it was replaced stopped the noise for a week! It seems I am picking up and hearing radio frequencies which at the Clinic was told is what they think I am hearing,then the noise gets trapped in my head.As I have a small amount of hearing loss at high frequencies ,so was told basically because of that loss some peoples bodies look for something to fill that loss of a particular sound ,which to me all makes sense!

Jul 07, 2019
The same thing is happening to me
by: Will

I was just lying down trying to sleep than all of a sudden I hear this Morse code type sound and i looked at a Morse code decrypted and it spelt eight I am so weirded out

Jul 15, 2019
Tinnitus or not tinnitus
by: Keisha

I only hear a kind of beeping or boop sound when people talk. My throat is a little soar and my ear feels clogged

Jul 26, 2019
Morse code etc

My morse code started along with very loud church bell sounds and a high pitched ringing after I had impacted ear wax on my ear drum. And some hearing loss. After three ear syringing sessions, the hearing loss went, the high pitched ringing went and now I just have morse code. So am trying sleeping tablets for five nights to see if better sleep will make it go away.

I’ve been very agitated because of the tinitinus through lack of sleep, which sent me a bit nuts. So it’s some relief to know am not the only one.

Very odd though! Some of the comments here are utterly hilarious.

Jul 27, 2019
Morse code nutters
by: Robert Caldwell

I have posted on before and like the comment above think it is quite a long and amusing subject.
After all these months I finally went to doctors ,,, you can guess what she said "it sounds like tinnitus.I said that is funny because I'm the one that can hear it and it definatly sounds like morse code. Here reply was "do you actualy think someone is trying to talk to you in morse code" because if you do then I think I might have to send you for a psychiatric evaluation.
I went for help and was nearly sent to loony bin,
after trying to explain about ultra high frequency and modulation I think she was ready to join me.
This is another case of someone who can hear it being TOLD by someone who can't.
Most of us will have reaserched all about "tinnitus" by now so it is us that can give the better advice ,, no one is alone or abnormal this long thread proves it . Just keep that in mind morse people lol.

Jul 29, 2019
Rewind the hands of time
by: Cant sleep

Listening to peoples comments it almost sounds like Freespace Optical Communication, it can sound like morse code or radio. If it is external you can do what the military does and go into a faraday cage.....Happy sleeping.

Aug 03, 2019
Morse code beeping in my ear please read
by: Doyouhearthattoo

Ive had beeping in my right ear for 2 days now,morse code type one long 2 short ...continuously, keeps me up at night. I currently see my chiropractor 1-2 times a week for high bp , heart palpitations. My atlas was adjusted as normal for issues with high bp. POOF!! RINGING IS GONE!! For anyone skeptical about chiropractors make sure you go to a gonstead chiro. Doctors want to pile you up on meds. I was on 4 diff bp meds till i saw the chiro now on 1. Although its a work in progress just like getting braces and having to wear the retainer afterwards it has helped.

Aug 25, 2019
Local Anesthetic and now morse code in my L ear
by: Cori

On August 6th I had local anesthetic administered to the left side of my face for a few cautery procedures by my dermatologist, Within 48 hours of the procedure and up until today I have experienced morse code/rhythmic tapping or muscle spasm inside my left ear. This can not be just a coincidence right? I have lost much sleep and have had to insert noise making earplugs to get any sleep. Looking at a map of nerves in the face, there is a nerve that is directly connected to the tympanic muscle in the ear, I believe the dermatologist hit that nerve while giving the local anesthetic shot. Now I wonder if this is going to resolve or last forever. I went to an ENT and he seemed to not care and recommended sleeping pills. I am very discouraged by reading online, today, Google is not my friend.

Sep 04, 2019
Very Odd
by: Chuck

The posts here are all I can find even close to what I am experiencing. Coincidence or not? About the time Hurricane Dorian parked over the Bahamas I began hearing dot-dot-dot- dash-dash-dash dot-dot- dot repeatedly every morning upon awakening. This has been going on now for about three days. I have several electronic devices in my bedroom such as TV,computer, printer, cell phone and alarm clock. Once I lift my head up it stops. Logic tells me it has to be on of the electronic devices in the room but by stopping when I lift my head seems to nullify that. Tinnitus ? maybe but it is so rhythmical and the progression of dots and dashes is the Morse code for SOS. I am not overly concerned but it is very strange to me. Dorian is suppose to reach my area tonight or tomorrow morning. i can't help to think that maybe it its a sign but I really do not believe in such things.

Sep 05, 2019
by: Danelle

Im having the same wounder what it is. I cant find anything on the internet even close to this post. I

Sep 12, 2019
Morse code tinnitus
by: Adam54320

I had tinnitus in both ears in the past which is pretty normal... That was about 6 years ago... I bought 3 liquid drops for ringing ears off of amazon called ring stop, hear no evil thc drops and another odd brand, one of them took the consisting sound away immediately in both ears for years until today... Theres just a Morse code ringing in my right ear, just happened all of a sudden after reading about up online it might be pulsitile tinnitus where plaque has built up in your arteries or veins and its rushing past your ear, that's where the semi random wine noise is coming from, it could also be from a non cancerous tumor behind your ear... I think these are rare cases but still it's worth having a physical done of your arteries and have an imaging done to see the flow, not a MRI or CT they got a new handheld device that doesnt emit radiation... I dont eat very healthy so maybe my body has had enough junk.

Sep 12, 2019
Symptoms of the sun
by: Robert Caldwell

I would be interested to hear if anyone gets these
dit-dit-dot noises when there is earth facing coronal holes . There was one reasercher that I stumbled accross that was reaserching on behalf of his wife who found these noises debilitating through lack of sleep and emotional swings.
Through loads of Web searching he found loads of papers on the effects the sun can have on the human body. Apparently it can vary depending on your gender blood type and diet , there are a few apps that give sun weather data and I can cross refrence days that I hear the sounds with a fast solar wind . Just a thought that it could be connected with geo magnetic pole shifting , I live in Scotland and there is definitely stronger magnetic storms when the sounds really become clear . Goes back to one of the comets that say it is probably electrical equipment . The sun is by far the biggest electric i know of :-) .
Just new to the theory so would like to know if anyone else has been reaserching this subject ,
My doctor already thinks I'm nuts so I'm on a mission to find hard facts that can prove to her it is not tinnitus and there are world wide sufferers , and also to see if it is sun activity that causes it . Any info would be great thanks Robert.

Sep 13, 2019
Left ear morse code

This is without a doubt the best source of information for this particular subject on the internet. All the health websites say the same thing. "See your healthcare provider" or "Tumors". Those type of statements may be "necessary" for them to say but they spread fear. This collection of posts i would say prove there is something else going on here with this one sided (right or left, doesn't seem to matter) Morse code/tinnitus noise.

The doctors don't know what causes it, there is a lot of possible causes, allergies, viruses and muscle spasms are realistic possibilities. The posts here are from people of all ages from across the world.

It is unlikely there will be a definitive answer anytime soon but if you don't have any severe symptoms that accompany it, i would say wait it out, take some supplements such as iodine and magnesium and hope it goes away with time, which is what I'm doing.

In conclusion my best guess would be allergies, viruses, muscle spasms of unknown cause, and obviously stress and anxiety in general or from this are possibly making it much worse, the less you focus on it the less of a problem it becomes. Anyway this seems to a somewhat common issue even though there is little information known.

I'm not a doctor but they don't seem to have all the answers but if you can get into a ENT doctor i would press them on this issue in particular and see what they say. I would be very curious to chat with a well respected ENT surgeon on this issue.

Hope this post helps someone in the future reading this, some of the posts on here are absurd so hopefully this post will make you feel a little better. One thing everyone on here has in common though is nobody knows what is causing this exactly, so try not to worry, the worry really does make it twice as bad. I'm working on this worry part myself but these posts here make me believe this doesn't seem to be from tumors or cancer in most cases, so try not to worry about that if you feel OK otherwise.

Good luck.

Sep 13, 2019
Just another comment from me.
by: Karen

Hello all again.
I am under my local hospital for tinnitus,which I definately have sounds like sparklers going off all the time.I can deal with this,but not the Morse Code I have now been having for almost 2 years.
I am convinced it is due to electrical frequencies or something like that.I am not a freak or weirdo.....well dont think I am lol,but 3 things have something to do with it...
1) I am in the UK and I am with Sky tv provider ,they changed their box to a ‘Q’ box ,their updated version and this definitely is something to do with it as the TV is under my bedroom.Doesnt stop when I unplug it all ,but as the technician said the signals will still be going to the dish ,that is on the wall of my bedroom outside.
2) I also live in a rural area ,where a huge lot of pylons have recently been put up .They are about less than half mile to my house.
3) Aeroplanes ...we are under several flight paths and this when flying overhead of a night trigger the noise.
So my conclusion is...the noise IS external ,but after a while somehow gets trapped in my head ,the more stressed I become the worse it is,I am on no meds or anything ,blood pressure normal.

Sep 28, 2019
I have three types of Tinnatus...CRAZY! CRAZY! CRAZY!
by: Patrick in London

I have three types of Tinnatus...Morse code like a granfather clock, TOCK TOCK TOCK...TOCK TOCK AND MORE NOTICEABLE WHEN I GET UP AND MOVE ...

Then i have ascreeching high pitched noise in both ears, about a full octave higher than top C on a piano...about the same volume as a tuning fork placed against the ear all day long...

and finally if i turn my head to the right to fast i get a whistling noise in my left ear, the same doesn't happen with the right ear ..if i turn right

The high pitched tinnatus i have had for 5 years bad

the morse code tinnatus i have had for one year

and the whistling tinnatus in the last two weeks

Oct 08, 2019
by: Alvise

I had T in my right ear since 3 years and it doesn't bother me anymore.
Last week it came on my left also, and after I took Prednisone it went away.
Yesterday morning I got hit by my daughter on a temple (the left one) and in my left ear a Morse code started. I think I'll suicide soon.

Oct 08, 2019
Not the answer my friend
by: Robert Caldwell

Hi my fellow sufferer.
There are loads of sufferers world wide and I'm sure will send a word of support.
I know it can get you down when trying to sleep and it is bleeping and blopping in your head . There are some theories that some people are becoming hypersensitive to radio frequency .
These also come in the form of cosmic rays that when strike the earth's magnetosphere sound like falling rain , fizzing juice morse code and whining noises to name a few .
Over the last decade earth's magnetosphere has shrunk and these rays are getting down to earth with us humans in the way . R.F Hypersensitivity is what some studys are trying to put into practice. Of course this is independent scientists with no funding looking for answers. So like one comment a while back "no definitive answer" is coming soon.
But you are not alone and please don't mention that word . We are all in it toget her to find an answer, and the more the merrier :-) .

Oct 11, 2019
the routine story of snoring roomamate...
by: charan

You may have already guessed . He snores too much so ,I ordered earplugs.That's it I can't sleep anymore. I heard about this morse code thing,Now I can hear the sound without using the earplugs. Great!!

Oct 14, 2019
Same Experience
by: SIJS

I’ve had this for 3 days now on top of my regular tinnitus which I have just got used to!

I also have TMJ which causes troubles with my ears. I feel like this might be to blame.

Hoping to find comfort soon

Oct 17, 2019
Tinitius Morse Code Beeping
by: Steven JB

Me too - Morse code in Left ear - with a white noise tinitius hiss. I believe it is inner ear disturbance (sometimes I get an ear ache). Read where there are calcium crystals (needed for balance) in the inner ears that can get disrupted. Or it could be the Titanic SOS-ing. Interesting.

Oct 19, 2019
by: Mami

I have been having this weird feeling, that i can hear a sound like i don't know how to explain it its like a"beep" sound (when the TV doesn't have signal the beep sound comes) that what i hear and at the same time i feel dizzy and i cant hear properly when i get that sound. sometimes my chest and back hurt a lot . i have this for almost 2 years now and i never when to see i doctor.

Nov 13, 2019
Morse code... me too
by: Tracie

Me too, I have had a constant Morse code sound in my right ear for over 7 years now, some days it is louder and more rapid than others, but it is usually always there. Once in a great while I don’t hear anything, very rare. It mainly only stands out at night before going to sleep because everything is quiet, but if I try to listen to it in the day I can usually hear it.

Nov 25, 2019
Cosmic ray interaction
by: Robert Caldwell

This is about the fifth time of posting ,
My aim was to help everyone who suffers from radio frequency hypersensitivity understand what was going on (myself included).
The human brain has basic got its own induced magnetic field just like earth , we are constantly getting hit(earth's magnetosphere) by high energy particles from deep space .
The magnetosphere of the planet has shrunk and these high energy particles are now hitting us causing more sensitive people to phisicaly hear the collision.
It is pretty cool if you reaserching it and understand the mechanism. You will know when volcanos are erupting or deep earth quakes are happening . Because your internal morse,fizzing,hissing or what everelse you hear will go nuts . These are all linked to high energy particles from deep space and the sun .
I beg you to do some research and understand your own signals and when they are most active "you will be surprised ".

Nov 27, 2019

I hear a beep, beep, beep and I also hear it when I lay down to rest. No smoke alarms seem to being doing it and no one else acknowledges it. I am not sick, but my hearing is a bit bad. Is it just my ear? Because it hurts.

Nov 29, 2019
Cause of Morse Code

I have had this morse code noise for years at different locations or rather homes. I am almost positive it is information being sent to the converter boxes from spectrum and such sources. When I turned off my box and unplugged it stopped. It may be possible for other households to have the issue from their boxes contaminating your house by virtue of sound traveling in a specific direction and level. there is a name for it, I just don't remember it right now. But, again I am almost positive of this. It needs researching and the cable companies do need to address the issue. Whether it is a lack of shielding or harmonic balance within the devices.

Dec 01, 2019
Only One
by: Griff

Got Sick back in 2017 while on holiday(at home) with really runny nose sore throat etc.Sick for about 12
days before I started to come right.While laying down in bed when things got quiet I started to hear this "beeping" sound?! in my left ear..WTF?Never heard this before?Asked someone in my house if they could hear it .. they said "no can't hear anything"?
To me it sounds like "morse code" as my brother was learning this back in the early 1970's.The only thing I remember from that is "SOS" "dot dot dot
dash dash dash dot dot dot.Okay things are gonna get weird from here on in!Got pissed off with it annoying me so decided to have a go at decifering it thinking it would just be a whole lot of gibberish.
Went to some website that converts morse in words and this is what I got.I sat there frozen & slack
jawed for a bit as I read "I am ET" W>T>F Okay thennnn?Tried to ignore it after that but kept on
hearing it soooo did the convert again and thought to myself this time it will be garbage but noooo
such luck this time I get "IUUI"sat there stunned
in disbelief!!!So thought "right" I will send a message back using the covert morse the other way round..sent message back "acknowledging"the message.About a week later laying in bed asleep I
suddenly woke up while on my back looking up at the ceiling and I saw what looked like four different ET types with just there faces looking down at me but sort of stretched through the ceiling covering there faces but in detail!!!!!!
Naturally my heart skipped abeat in fright.It appeared for about 5 seconds,one was a bird like face "smiling" another like one of those Zeta types "frowning" another I don't recognise "sad"looking face
and the other a cannot for the life of me remember.Call me what you bloody well like I don't
give a toss.I don't drink booze or take any drugs
Have not been to a doctor in years.I'm happy in myself and reasonably relaxed.The "morse" sound has all but gone now and that's taken about 2 years now,only hear it very faintly now if at all?
Researched these faces after I had this happen to me.This is the only place I can find that has anything to do with these sounds,so "believe it or not"I used a pencil & notepad to write down the dots n dashes as they came into my ears,took awhile to catch where they started and stopped in the loop,finally coming up with a repetitive cycle.I know this will not help anyone but it's just what I get & that's that.Griff.

Dec 04, 2019
Stopped the tapping sound
by: Daniel

I woke up one morning with a tapping sound in my right ear that sounded like Morse Code. Quite irritating and distracting. My doctor recommended trying Flonase, which you spray in your nose once a day. In two days the tapping sound was gone and hasn’t returned.

Jan 02, 2020
by: Crazy

Also im in Houston TX where military has become a heavy presence since Hurricane Harvey.

Jan 02, 2020
new Morse Code
by: Christine

Am a healthy 72 yr old. No prescription meds. Gym x3 per week. Daily fast walk. Watch diet, low sugar and salt intake. Tinnitus in both ears for as long as I can remember! High frequency, solid sounds. Haven't been ill. Living in same house 13 years. Suddenly have Morse Code added to one ear. Has come and gone, come and gone, and back again, for a week. Seems to want to stick around now. Annoying. Guess it is just another sound I have to figure out how to adjust to. Won't be easy!

Jan 19, 2020
those who can hear are the canaries in the coal mine!
by: 5G killgrid

When it's quiet I can hear what you call a code sound. It's those of us who are have EHS.
We are the canary in the coal mine warning those who can't hear the ultra high frequencies. The IoT's will connect to everything that it can connect to. In my opinion , from testing with a few meters: anything that is connected to an outlet will put out a signature linked to the smart meter outside and to the telephone poles wired with 5G or millimeter wave technology.
I can hear frequency like a dog can hear it. There have been times where when I hear these sounds and the neighborhood dogs start barking straightaway.
We need to warn others of the Agenda 21 kill grid 5G plan to depopulate. The governments plans to do this to the nations are for all to see on their website: scroll down to countries and click on USA. 2017/327million people down to 100million in 2024. It's an updated site daily by the world bank,CIA,DOD,EU and dept. of state. I hope you see this is not from chemicals or anything else but a war on the population via frequency warfare.

Mar 11, 2020
Radio frequency hearing effect/Microwave hearing
by: reserved

search internet: Auditory Response to Pulsed
Radiofrequency Energy

Bioelectromagnetics Supplement 6:S162^S173 (2003)
Auditory Response to Pulsed
Radiofrequency Energy
J.A. Elder* and C.K. Chou
Motorola Florida Research Laboratories, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA

This patent: # US 6,470,214 for causing the effect in the human brain.

HARRP patent: # 4,686,605
---Take notice of intermitant varrigated patterns of cloud cover in weather patterns and heavy long lines of jet aerosoles that disolve into the atmosphere

Cell towers work by emmitting microwave RF
but not at the same level as a microwave oven

5G believed to operate in the same frequency range as the Human brain bio electrical function; specific frequencys identifyable to specific human emotions and body organs.

Look up: "Radio Frequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook"

And watch on youtube:
Nick Begich on HARRP mind control-Ashland oregon

Global mind control 2013-Nick Begich

Mar 11, 2020
RF hearing / Tinnitus / technology
by: reserved

Some individuals may not be experiencing Tinnitus but in fact may be more sensitive to non-thermal levels of wireless and cell/tower emissions.

The Morse code tones that I experience are also accompanied by various changing tones/electrical lightning type occillating and varring intensity and volume within different sides of my head and not necessarily the ears but a term called
Thermo elastic expansion in the head-brain via bone conduction a reaction due to power density of microwave energy.
( look for complete document on internet )

"Auditory Response to Pulsed
Radiofrequency Energy"

Bioelectromagnetics Supplement 6:S162^S173 (2003)
One of the first challenges to Frey’s proposal of
direct neural stimulation [Frey, 1961, 1962] came from S166 Elder and Chou
Sommer and von Gierke [1964], who suggested that
stimulation of the cochlea through
electromechanical field forces by air or bone conduction appeared to be a more likely explanation of the RF hearing phenomenon.

Additional support for the dependence of RF
hearing on high frequency acoustic hearing was provided by theoretical analysis of acoustic vibrations induced in the heads of animals and humans based on thermal expansion in spheres exposed to pulses of RF energy The frequency of the induced sound was found to be a function of head size and of acoustic properties of brain tissue; hence, the acoustic pitch perceived by a given subject is the same regardless of the frequency of the incident RF energy.
the new Digital power meters have radio transmitters in them
another document called "The Mind Has No Firewall
By Timothy L. Thomas
From Parameters, Spring 1998, pp. 84-92. also explains the use of technology in reguard to psychology.
In terms of what I am experiencing these documents seemed to make the most sense.

I've been dealing with this condition for several years and It effects me now so dramatically that my cognitive function is greatly debilitated.

All the doctors I have seen since 2007 say they can find nothing physicaly wrong with me.

Apr 20, 2020
It went away
by: ScareCrow

I am posting here to give hope to those who suffer from this condition, I had it and for a time I was almost going insane, but I learned to live with it for a long time, but eventually it went completely away, it came alittle back after I used a method to try to get rid of tinnitus which i also have by pushing the thumb had into the ear, the morse code sound came back alittle after that but then went away again, and I am free from it today :) so bottomline is there is hope!

May 12, 2020
Research Voice to Skull
by: J

V2k, voice to skull, microwave hearing

Jun 07, 2020
Morse. Code sound in ear

I had the maddening thumping Morse code noise for two months. I this time my primary care doc and an ear specialist could not figure out what it was. And so it continued.
I decided I would stop using my prescription nasal allergy spray and the thumping sound stopped!!! I tested it by using the spray again and sure enough that’s what caused it.
I hope this will help someone. The noise is horrible to live with.

Jun 10, 2020
morse beeps, right ear
by: scott

I have the same.
Three years or more.
Very quiet house, sleep is a nightmare to achieve.
Was in a deep cave when it stopped. Bliss.
Googling seems to cite the Frey effect.
Will update here when have completed personal Faraday cage tests.
Horrid sensation.
Feeling for you all.

Jun 12, 2020
Right Ear Morse code
by: Sally Mander

I've had it for about two months now. Sleep deprived. Stressed. Also taking antidepressants. Apparently any one of those could be causing it.

I sleep next to my phone charger and on a heating pad and thought maybe my sensitive hearing was picking up some electronic noise.

I hear it in other rooms though. Always right ear.
Could it be ear infection? Has anyone had good results after treating for inner ear infection? I had vertigo randomly pop up as well and been having sleep deprivation.

Jun 12, 2020
It went away
by: ScareCrow

I just want to repeat my post to anyone who suffer from this, I can assure you it will go away in time, I mean a long time, the onset for me was i was using some kortison cream in my ear and had to use the showerhead directly in my ear, later the sound came vary faint, I thought I was loosing my mind because of this sound, erratic morsecode like sound, impossible to ignore, it must ha
Stay safe and God be with you!

Jun 12, 2020
more info
by: scott

We need to solve this.
I for one can't tolerate it much longer.

So, lets try to rule things out.
I have had this 'Morse', inside right ear, in all the countries I've visited since it started.

I've been in a pumice stone cave, deep-ish, very rough walls, and it stops. Not sure about the other caves I've visited as there was a lot more ambient noise.

It seems to have made my hearing more sensitive, as other noises at that frequency become unbearable. My crash helmet for example.

Tinnitus sounds different, I've had that off and on.

Interestingly, although Morse is a good way to describe it, however a much faster version of binary code is how data signals are transmitted. Baud rate is the speed of that transmission.

There are cellular transmissions of data, all digital comms including voice calls are data these days. Hence the faraday cage tests,

Also there is ELF and VLF, to talk to submarines. Am hoping its not that, because there will be no way round that I don't think, due to how it uses the earth.

Jul 11, 2020
Wow - i’m not alone!!
by: CW

So glad I stumbled across this forum. I have been having noises in just my right ear on and off for approximately 18 years. It started as a really low-pitch ‘clicking’ sound, but now is a constant what I would describe as ‘fast morse’ in a higher but constant single note pitch, long and short, but quite rapid. It is a quiet sound, and I hear it more noticeably at night, particularly though when I’m in a quiet environment. It has been getting slowly louder recently, particularly since we had lockdown due to Covid-19 here in the UK. So, last 3 months it has been getting more noticeable.

I’ve not read all the comments here yet, but I will be doing. I’m fascinated to hear about faraday cage testing and that it can disappear in caves. I can block my ear with an earplug, and can still hear the noise, so, for me, it’s like it’s an electronic signal received in the inner ear. I have tinnitus too in both ears. My tinnitus though has a much higher frequency sound than this.

Has anyone here tried learning Morse code? Just curious if there’s any sense or message to it. I’m also curious to know what part of the world we’re all from.

Jul 11, 2020
Yes, we seem to be the same.
by: Me again

You and I seem to share this weird thing.

My opinion of it is that we ARE hearing transmissions, morse transmissions, real ones.
I know morse code, and I can copy it pretty fast, so I can verify what I am hearing.

Why I notice it and not others, is that I was pretty obsessive about learning morse as a kid, and I can really concentrate on listening.

Most other people likely pass it off as tinnitus.
Doctors aren't radio engineers, so they do what they do and call it tinnitus.

It seems we are evolving to hear into the RF spectrum. :P

Jul 11, 2020
Its not Tinnitus but is related to trauma
by: ScareCrow

I post again to tell you that its not tinnitus and I had this phenomen happen to me, it was like very faint morse code, my episode got triggered by pressure (showerhead water) directed at my ear, and later with my finger (thumb) the second time it happened, both insidents lasted for weeks maybe months, but they stopped as sudden as they began, so please forgive me if youre problem does not go away, but mine actually did go away in time, I'm now free of it, even though my real tinnitus is still there, its been for many years, but this morsecode is no longer, I hope youre all getting rid of it, just hang on and know that there are many who have the same thing

Aug 22, 2020
Under attack
by: Test subject

First I heard Morse code and still do, then a couple years ago I looked up some sensitive conspiracy theories While bored one day and the very next day I started hearing voices.. robotic voices which I’ve discovered to be AI. Real people pop in from time to time and they’ve told me I’m being studied for neurobionic/neuroscience research and contracted by the u.s gov.. V2K/microwave effect. They disappear if I put magnets behind my ears strangely..

Point is, big brother is watching YOU and the thought police are here.

Oct 23, 2020
low pitched morse code

well here I am posting on an internet forum somewhere, but since other people have had a similar experience I thought I'd share mine. I have very low pitched morse code in my left ear that comes and goes, it's always the same frequency although rarely it's a single unbroken hum. At first I thought it might be a nearby Ferry, then the electrics before realising it was in my head. it's louder the more ambient noise there is, but it's still there in total silence. Odd

Oct 23, 2020
its not morse..
by: scott's data.

Encoded into 1s and 0s, expressed as pitch high, pitch low.

Kinda high speed data, think old modem noises.
V.high speed is done by light on/light off.

Mobile calls, texts and data are all data, as are all encrypted radio traffic like police etc. This is done as freq waveform high, waveform low.

I believe we can hear RF from military ELF / VLF transmissions. Low speed data, send a great distance, passes end through deepish water, it's for communication to submarines.

Can't block ELF with a Faraday cage.
Saving for a cave.

Oct 26, 2020
A series of beeping sounds kind of electronic

After reading many people experience the same thing I am I'd like to know how many of these people has had a flu shot recently there are some strange conspiracy theories out there

Oct 26, 2020
flu shot reply
by: Scott

I've not had any flu shot nor similar.

However, the flu shot has aluminium in it I gather. There are many other sources of Alu that get onto our bodies. I got a hair test, I have LOTS.

Seems to be connected to Alzheimer's, Autism etc, latest research. Chris Exley, Keele Uni, UK.

Can't help but wonder if simple physics are at play - metal resonates when subjected to certain wavelengths.

Could be the more ALU, the more likely the beeps.

Could also be the Frey effect, which is wavelengths oscillating fat/water around the inner ear. It's on Wikipedia.

Nov 10, 2020
This isn’t in my head

This isn’t tinnitus- it goes away when I cover ears - also it is only in my bedroom and when I’m facing a certain direction. But it’s ALL the time in there. It’s like very high pitched morse code / electronic seagulls / 90s dial up on helium sound. For weeks I thought it was my old computer playing up so I shrugged it off but today I powered that down and I CAN STILL HEAR IT. All electronics off. Someone help me!!

Nov 17, 2020
Computer communication
by: Clint

I hear faintly in my right ear what sounds like the old computers that used cassette tapes to load programs. If you’ve ever played one in a regular tape player so you could hear the tones the computer communicated with or what ever it was doing. Lol. That is exactly what I hear to a tee. I’ve knoticed it more lately and that’s what brought me to this page. I just wondered if anyone else had heard it and I find it so interesting that there are so many hearing similar sounds as well. Seems like the old land line internet sounded the same way if you picked the phone up while you were using the computer. If I close my ear it’s very distinctive. I’ve heard this several years now. I always keep a fan on so it doesn’t bother me much but I do get random panic attacks fr no reason at least for the last 15 years or so. Not sure they are related but I am on antidepressants to curb the attacks. I’m tapering off those now so might be why it’s getting more distinct. Just thought ide put this out there.

Nov 28, 2020
I'm awake and aware.
by: U all know me

Who ever is listening...
The codes are communications, but to whom and why?? My thoughts are someone's or somethings implanted a sort of devices some where in my body. Maybe a doctor. Maybe an intentional injustin of some sort me unaware. But it's or shell I say I am definitely communicating with someone's or something...( why )???
I even covered both ears, and the codes are REALLY REAL... CAN I GET AN ANSWER TO WHY???

Nov 30, 2020
read before posting rubbish.
by: scott

if you're going to post, read the rest first.

it's almost certainly ELF or VLF, inducing the Frey Effect.

It's inescapable, as its for military ground communications to submarines at sea.

Google it.

Dec 24, 2020
Irritating ear sound not tinnitus
by: Dan

I have had tinnitus for years and have gotten used to it, although I've tried all kinds of things. A couple years ago I got this other sound in my right ear, this morse code of which your talking about, very nerve racking. It went away after 3,4 months. Not sure why but just recently returned so I had been trying several different things but to no avail. Did sea salt water sinus flush and stuff, but got some mms and mixed up the two different drops and added the 1 oz of water and did drops in nose and ears and still didn't change anything so just got the idea to do a couple drops in my eyes and to my surprise with in 10, 15 minutes it started making strange slowing down noise and stopped. I haven't had it now for several days,doing the eye drops morning and evening. I'm not recommending this but it works

Dec 29, 2020
Why you get Morse code
by: James peck

When I over eat I get the sound of Morse code in my left ear.when I over eat I get heart is your body telling you something

Jan 02, 2021
Morse code right ear

Ok this is the 2nd time I have heard morse code laying in bed its really annoying but interesting at the same time It goes for a little bit then stops my Daughter heard it also tonight sitting on my bed it started out with like 6 beeps then went to like 5 then next was about 15 or so it continued for a bit just dont know I even turn my head and it quits then I turn it again and it comes back my head must be a antenna lol kinda seems that way. Can anyone explain it? Its not my normal ringing either..

Feb 09, 2021
Help, Morse code in right ear. What is it.
by: Val Block

Two nights in a row hearing what I can only describe as Morse Code in my right ear. Driving me nuts. Glad to see I’m not alone in this. Can ear ache drops help with this. Have enough trouble sleeping, really don’t need this too.

Feb 10, 2021
Mine started after microsuction

Hello all. I just had my morse code issue noticeable after i went to the doctor for a microsuction for ear fungal issue. There are cases where ear microsuction is reported to cause or worsen tinnitus. I may have been the case. I pray to God I have strength to cope with this smoothly.

The morse code appeared simultaneously with my ringing in the ear, all this after microsuction, so be careful.

Feb 11, 2021
Morse code
by: Jane Smith

I strongly suggest downloading a free Noise Meter app from google. The noise apps will visually fluctuate with the sound vibrations and give you a visual of the Morse code.

Once you have done this you can email me and I will tell each of you what I have found out.

Mar 11, 2021
i have the beeping too! NEW

I have had a consistent beeping in my left ear for a few weeks now and i thought it was an alarm in the house or outside but there’s not, i only realised it was in my left ear as when i would sleep on my left i couldn’t hear anything but as soon as i turn onto my right it’s straight there in my ear a high pitched beeping! i can only hear it when i’m lying down in bed or when i’m about to fall asleep, i’ve recently came down with a sore throat and a blocked nose and i haven’t been ill for a long time! is there anyway i can stop this beeping? as it does become annoying as it’s always here when i’m trying to go to sleep or chill out

Mar 23, 2021
Can't believe its not just me

The last few days I have had what I could only describe as a morse code like ringing in my right ear. Have had slight ringing before but always just went away. This is persistent. Im not on any medications though I do take ibuprofen occasionally.It seems like I will just have to live with this since no-one really has posted a surefire treatment. Helps to know I'm not alone but really wish it would go away😵

Mar 30, 2021
You’re chipped brah NEW
by: I am chipped

Hate to break this to y’all but the reason your hearing Morse code is because you’ve been implanted with micro transmitters without your consent and someone is monitoring you. Who? I don’t know, but I discovered 4 of them in my mouth, 4 rice sized objects in my gums by where my wisdom teeth are located and they vibrate intensely. Had an MRI done as well and low and behold, 4 rice sized microchips.
Feel around your gums for little lumps, there’s some shady fuckin dentists out there could it be correlated to why dentristry is the leading profession in suicide? Probably. That’s the truth.

Jun 13, 2021
I been chipped NEW
by: GMan

That’s some stand up stuff there!! When’s the next show bud? Also this is a blog for people with chronic health problems. Wrong channel bru.

Jul 08, 2021
Morse Code Tinnitus NEW
by: Matt

I have the same thing in my right ear. It sounds like a beeping Morse code thing that goes off as soon as I hear loudish noises. I took advil the other night, but I also work at a pool so it could really be either i guess.

Sep 11, 2021
Dog Barking Morse Code?
by: Allana Gittleson

I was lying in bed tonight, and I heard what sounded like beeping. Three short beeps, three no beeps, and then another three beeps. I listen out my window and it is a dog barking in threes. It is currently 1:30am and I live on a military base. I have heard that military dogs are training to bark S.O.S if something is wrong. Does anyone have any truth to this? Thank you in advance for any help.

Sep 25, 2021
Update NEW

Been awhile since I last posted and just thought to check in on this page. I still have this morse code sound issue but eventually since my last post I stopped thinking about it all the time and it started to become less noticeable and recently it has not been bothering me. A lot of the it depends on how much you focus on it, probably not what people reading this want to hear but thats about all there is to it. It's not the type of thing that is prone to just going away although that's entirely possible. It is some sort of inner ear issue, a variant of tinnitus but does not seem to be ominous.

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