Siren in my Ear

by Pamela
(San Dimas)

I just started noticing this sound in my right ear. It began about three days ago and I noticed it at night.

At first I thought it was my dog's nose whistling, but thought that my dog was breathing very fast. Was it the cat under the bed? Then I thought it was a bird chirping outside my window....what a strange bird to be up all night chirping. Then last night it was like a siren in my ear. It would come and go.

I tried to determine when it would start and stop. Was it caused by my breathing? As I would take a would start and go on for about 5 seconds...then stop. It seemed to get louder the more I concentrated on it. Did the siren's tone coincide with my heart rate? I tried putting my middle finger to my neck to try to determine if it seemed to. Was my blood pressure elevated causing this siren in my ear?

I asked my boyfriend to put his ear on my ear to see if he could hear it too...he tried but couldn't hear anything. Only I could hear it.

My ear aches a little. I've been wearing my earbuds at work to drown out the noise from the people around me so that I can concentrate on my work. I'm hoping that the sirens will go away. I'm starting to hear it during the day as well.

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Nov 06, 2014
by: concerned person

I think you should rest your ear because maybe it is caused by loud noises are to much sound in your year sorry I did not right my name nothing personal

Feb 15, 2015
ear noise
by: nancy

i have sirens in my ears is driving me crazy

Aug 28, 2017
Siren in ears help
by: Stephanie

It took me awhile to realize that there weren't sirens really going off but my cousin came over and he didn't hear them I had a steroid shot in my back two actually after that is when I notice the ringing or siren sounds whatever u wanna call it started driving me crazy . I wanna know when it will go away it's very loud and annoying

Oct 09, 2018
Siren in both my ears NEW

I have a loud white noise in both my ears and also siren noises in my ears, can’t sleep good at night anymore it’s terrible and maddening to me. 😪

Dec 16, 2018
by: bill

ringing in ears for years now fell off roof in 2006 was knocked out after ringing was louder now about 3 weeks ago i was beside a ambulance when there siren went off now noise is driving me crazy i cannot open cell phone as all i hear is siren noise

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