Ringing in my ears make me pull my hair out...

by Raks

I have Tinnitus. I have had it for as long as I can remember. Waves, banging, ticking, clicking, buzzing, pulsing, the whole sha-bang! I hear different noises at different times and it drives me crazy, so mad it makes me pull my hair out. It has caused trichotillomania in me, quite literally.

I pull my hair out to calm me down.

I am also partially deaf in one ear for as long as I can remember that also. So, I hear more noise going on in my own head than I do hear from outside.

I have never been to the doctors for it, although I did go to the doctors last year to confirm my hearing loss. And he did confirm it.

Unfortunately, I don't have any advice, especially, I don't advise anyone to pull their hair out! That would be crazy.

However, sometimes I do just listen to the waves and imagine I'm at the seaside, lying on the beach. Buzzing, I pretend I'm in the garden sitting in the sun and the bee's are buzzing around me. Ticking...I am on a deadline to finish something, so I get on with it lol.

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Oct 25, 2010
Nice idea!
by: Sarinne

Thanks for sharing your story, Raks! I'm sorry for your tinnitus and your hearing loss. I really like your idea of imagining pleasant reasons for the noise (waves on the beach, bees in the garden).

Please don't pull your hair out!!

-- Sarinne from Noise Help

Apr 05, 2011
masquito sound in my ears
by: Anonymous

i wish this could go away it sound like a flies or masquitoe in my ears soon as i lay my head on the pillow the sound start sometime i just lay quiet thinking it would stop instead it got lounder.if im sitting on the toilet i can hear the sound it dont bother me if im up and about its just when im still especially laying down...its there anyone who have any suggestions...

Apr 05, 2011
Some Suggestions
by: Sarinne

Thanks for commenting. I've replied with a few suggestions here:


-- Sarinne from Noise Help

Oct 22, 2012
So thats what it is.
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the story, ive been dealing with it on and off for a few years. i thought i was loosing it. i have a hard time coaping with it, however i find by plugging ny nose and useing slight pressure to pop my ears it temporarily makes it subside. but sometimes i could seriously shove a pen in my ear to my brain, but i know that wont work.

Jun 19, 2014
by: Joe

I developed tinnitus following a ear infection 2 years ago. Like you I have counselled myself to "trick" my brain into believing the internal sounds are external - whooshing noises (air conditioner) hissing (insects outside) or the beach (I live near the ocean). I always wear ear plugs on the bus, train, at concerts and especially at movies. MY GP, his receptionist, ENT specialist, work colleagues, brother and sister all have tinnitus. All told me to "just live with it".If I won a million dollars I would give it all away for a cure....5 minutes absolute silence. I loved meditation, cannot do that as when in quiet places the noise is loudest...This must be one of the few ailments where there is no medical intervention to cure it. I live in hope....

Jan 16, 2015
It makes me insane
by: Debbie

My ears ring so loud ALL OF THE TIME! Mine started when I was 17 and I am now 45. My ringing is so loud that sometimesI have difficulty hearing people talk. It has gotten worse in the past year and hasn't always been this loud and this debilitating. My thinking process gets confused a lot of the time I guess from being unable to concentrate on one thing with all of the ringing running in the background. You know the sound made when you run your finger round the edge of a crystal glass? That is what I hear every second of every day. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Just wish there was a cure.
Thanks for listening to my grumbling session...

Jun 09, 2015
Hurts Alot
by: Louise Hayes

Mine is like a bug flying around my ear then behind my ear and ear itself hurts bad. Then it goes away. It started with water in my ears but I'm sure that didn't do it. For 40 years I was a secretary and did Dictaphone work. That was probably the culprit right there. I know I have hearing loss in left ear - can't hear out of it when on phone - I have to put speaker phone on to hear from left. Guess I've already resolved myself into thinking - just get use to it and live with it.

Nov 12, 2015
its anoying
by: chris

this shit annoying as heck

Jun 12, 2016
Meditation suggestion
by: Kate

I see one of the posters said he was unable to meditate because of the noise in his ears.
I suggest meditating with a 'shamanic drumming' CD, using headphones. Shamanic drumming is a rapid, steady, monotonous beat that is very conducive to a trance state.
I use "Shamanic Journey Drumming" by Spirit Passages.

May 25, 2017
I don't know what it is
by: Nolan

I jus started hiring it 3days ago an its kinda scary i
Hire lil voices an static in one ear an I starting to lose a lil hiring to its crazy.. how do we even get this? I'm only 18 I can't lose hiring in one ear!!

Aug 13, 2017
Sudden hearing loss
by: Rob

Year ago lost hearing overnight in one ear . Tinnitus you people have no idea going bed fine awake deaf virus , lived 24/7 noise nonstop in the head add a deaf ear as well . So happy ending cochlear implant I hear again in ear and tinnitus went away . But I had year of hell and I will always be def in the ear implant not a cure just hear electrical now

Dec 17, 2017
Used to have this as a teenager
by: Sharon

I would have tinnitus when I went to a school dance with loud music. I would hear this high pitched continual noise for awhile. I don't remember if it went away or if I Stopped noticing it. I believe I have excellent hearing. When my elderly mother comes to visit overnight and I share a room with her, I have to put in earplugs and put a pillow over my head to sleep because of her near constant moaning in her sleep. She is deafer than a doorknob and she is not aware of her moaning. Generally I don't notice the ringing,, but if I'm resting quietly, it might be difficult to go to sleep. I think it is continuous but if I'm distracted with other more important things, I don't notice it. Gotta be grateful for that.

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