Quiet Pet Tags

If you love your pet but don't enjoy the sound of jingly pet tags, quiet pet tags offer a solution.

If you're a dog owner, you're familiar with the sound of dog collar tags jangling as your pet walks or runs around or shakes off. Cats with tags also sometimes make a jingling or tinkling sound as they move around. The noise can be annoying, especially when your pet is active at night, or if there's a baby in the house who is being awakened whenever your pet moves.

If the sound of jingling pet tags is an annoyance, you can eliminate the problem by replacing the hanging identification tags with collar tags. These are silent because they attach directly to the collar with no dangling parts.

jewelry pet collar tags

Collar Tag Advantages

Collar tags have quite a few advantages in addition to being silent:
  • They are safer for your pet. Animals can be injured or strangled when their collars or tags become entangled in shrubbery, air vents, grill work, or the bars of their crates. Without the rings and tags dangling from around their necks, this danger is reduced.
  • Collar tags don't fall off, as hanging tags can if the ring or S-hook bends or breaks.
  • If desired, collar tags can be positioned so they are always readable.
  • There is nothing to dangle into the pet's food dish.
  • They are less vulnerable to being chewed on by your pet.
  • Collar tags don't wear out. Hanging tags can easily become scratched up, making them unattractive and sometimes unreadable.

You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that with a collar dog tag, your dog too is relieved to finally be free of the constant jangling noise that had been such an inescapable nuisance. And cats, who are naturally stealthy creatures, can take pride once again in their silent stalking powers.

Types of Collar Tags

Like hanging tags, collar ID tags may be made of plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, or other metal alloys. They can be flat, or slightly curved, or moldable to conform to the curve of the collar. The identification information is normally engraved onto the tag, and is sometimes filled with lacquer for improved readability.

Collar tags are designed to be attached to the collar in one of several ways:

Quiet Alternatives to Collar Tags

If you want quieter tags but prefer not to use collar tags or personalized pet collars, there are other ways you can reduce the jingling:
  • Use plastic hanging tags rather than metallic ones. Although less durable, plastic tags are quieter.

    plastic pet ID tag

  • Use a tag silencer such as the Quiet Spot, which is a neoprene pouch that holds tags together to minimize the rattle.

  • If you prefer a do-it-yourself project, you can apply adhesive-backed felt to the backs of hanging tags to reduce the clinking sounds.

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