by Huggy Bear
(Ahwatukee, AZ, USA)

Very good points. I am classifying the noise from next door at this point number two. It is ghetto gangster noise with the annoying thumping vibes through the walls. The apartment management has zero tolerance for it. Neighbor knows it. I am hardly ever home, every two weekends, but I am a long term resident and seek peace and destressing from my business travel.

It is daytime noise. Still annoying. I do think he removes flyers from my front door. For that I give him leeway. But nine PM I knock on the door and ask for silence.

He never has his noise after six.

My complex used to be peaceful but they allowed a lot of that type of people to rent the last year. It is getting close to the point of moving on. The rent is among the highest for the amenities. Funny how you would think the low lifes would gravitate to the cheaper places.

I am renting well below my class. I shudder to imagine paying over $700,000 for a house a mile west of here only to find out my next door neighbor is a sports star who blares ghetto noise. I would put a gun to my own head if I had made such a financial commitment!

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Jun 15, 2012
Landlord gets the guaranteed cash, you get the noisy neighbors
by: Esteban

"The rent is among the highest for the amenities. Funny how you would think the low lifes would gravitate to the cheaper places."

It's called Section 8 housing, Holmes. The funny part is that your tax dollars are paying for it. Yes, your money, Holmes. Landlord gets the guaranteed rent (which he undoubtedly has jacked up for the risk of damage to his place), and you get the shitty neighbors. Great system, no?

Jul 13, 2014
The only solution NEW
by: Why Tolerate?

Entitled and clueless would be my neighbors. Clueless doesn't really fit as they are from someplace south of the border so their "culture" (oxymoron if there ever was one) - consists of loud salsa music, loud talking, loud everything as a daily way of life.
I am all for giving people a dose of their own medicine. As soon as I get a nice loud speaker, I plan on attaching it to a long extension cord and playing heavy metal rock as loud and as long as I want.
My other neighbors ? Since I am the only one that seems to complain and have called the police on numerous occasions, they'll have to suffer through it. I might give them fair warning (or not). Called the police last night after politely and quietly speaking to these offenders (at 01:00 am) who said the party was almost over ("in a few minutes"). Their idea of a few minutes was 90 minutes more and that was only when the police came - (02:30 am). The wife's answer (in broken English) was "I pay my taxes".
SO DO I - Shut the uckfay up !!!

Aug 25, 2016
Answer????? NEW
by: Judy

So what the duck is the solution!!!!!!??????

Oct 17, 2016
Police NEW
by: Dave

Go directly to the police station and explain your problem honestly so that there is a starting point with your asking for help, creating case paperwork. Give it at least a week, then physically go to the station and file paperwork again. Give it another week and by then you should have an officer in charge of your problem that you can contact every day if you need to. That officer should be investigating you continuing breech of peace crime. If they do not assign one person, complain every single day about the day before, except now you bring th printed photographs, videos, and audio recordings. They will stop them so that you stop on them.

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