Selected Mail from Noise Help Readers

Noise Help readers write in with questions and comments. Here's a selection of mail from readers, with replies from Noise Help.

"I can't tell you how happy I was to find your site. I am at my wits end trying to figure out a solution to our sound problem...."
— A reader
Some readers have specific questions about a noise issue they're having, and write to me for noise advice or information that goes beyond what's available on the pages of this website. I'm not able to answer every e-mail I receive, but I'm happy to share additional information and guidance wherever I can. If a question is outside my scope of knowledge and experience, I can usually connect the reader with other sources of information and assistance.

On this page you can read some of the mail I get from people looking for help with noise concerns they have, and the replies I sent. Maybe you'll find answers to some questions of your own.

All e-mails published are with the kind permission of their respective authors.

Sarinne Fox
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Mail from Noise Help Readers

How to Block Out Noise? 
I am gifted with very acute hearing and therefore have my dreaming and thinking constantly imposed upon — in stores, on the train, in my (thank God, …

Measuring Noise 
A bus station's announcements a couple of blocks away from me actually wakes me up in the morning! In the tiny parking lot it is deafeningly loud! …

Ambient Noise Level 
Are there noise meters with a range of measurement starting from a low decibel level of approximately 0 dB? How can we determine the noise level in a quiet …

Humming Sound 
Hi Sarinne, What advice can you offer in regards to blocking out very low frequency noise? I have recently moved into a double brick house and at night …

Music in the Classroom 
Most students love doing their assignments while listening to music. Supposing a professor wanted to play background music to students working on an assignment …

Window Noise Reduction 
Hi. I am looking to see if you can help with an STC issue. The issue I have: I used a 1/4" piece of glass, which is 1.5 sqft, for a door. Glass STC Rating …

85 dB 
Hello Sarinne, My question relates to 85dB emanating from an alarm fixed to the inside of the roof next to my left ear that rises and falls in pitch in …

Kid Playing 
Could you please help me to solve my problem? I have a really noisy upstairs neighbour. The kid there plays on the floor, such as running and jumping that …

Auto Noise 
How do you recommend I reduce the road noise, driving my older car? It is wearing and I suspect not good for my deteriorating hearing. I can't afford a …

Carpet and Pad 
If the unit above (with wood joist construction) was tiled without rubber or cork underlayment, what specifications for the carpet and pad are necessary …

If the damping compound can often be applied directly onto the existing subfloor layer, would it cause any problem? Thanks for the tips — great …

Car Horns 
I want to know: Is it illegal for a taxi driver here in Western Australia to toot their horn when they arrive at your house to let you know that they are …

I have a condo on the first of a two story, wood framed structure. The tenants on the second floor walk very heavy footed. The floor/ceiling assembly is: …

"This information on this website has been very helpful, especially the Free White Noise links, which I needed right away (due to a noisy neighbor). Thank You so much for putting this together."
— Anonymous
"I just stumbled across your website/twitter and I think it's an excellent way to raise general awareness of the problem of noise pollution. Keep up the great work!"
Cheers from France,

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