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I was next door to a second-story apartment full of kooks who were in some kind of cult "church" - opening all their windows and screaming prayers all hours of the day and night including hollering in tongues, to the point where people walking by would stop and stare up at their windows in amazement. All kinds of door slamming, tromping up and down stairs, stomping on the floors, banging against the common wall between our apartments at night after I wanted to be asleep.

So I got some free sound effect files from the internet (bangs, slams, thumps, thunder, etc). Made an audio cd that would play the sound files every 30-90 minutes for about 8 hours. Played it all night long every night over a subwoofer placed against the common wall of our apartments, which happened to be their bedroom wall - while I slept in the furthest room away wearing ear plugs.

Couple of months later they all moved out, will never know if it had anything to do with my negative feedback training. But I like to think it did. I don't think this would work if they live over you, but it seemed to work when they lived next door.

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Dec 01, 2016
Noisy Neighbors NEW
by: Doug

I had a young couple living next door in our duplex. The often partied late into the night with the usual load music, yelling etc.

I just happened to have a DVD of bagpipe music I inherited from an old roommate. As I'm an early raiser I would place my speakers tight against the common wall and crank up all 1000 watts of sound at 5:30 am and then go for a run. To make it more annoying I would just set it to repeat one song over and over again.

After a couple of mornings of this they got the hint and quieted things down to a tolerable level and even invited me to their parties.

Apr 17, 2017
They just lie and say it's us, making the noise, not them. Get their noise, recorded. NEW
by: Georgia Atkins

Where I live, no matter how noisy, the neighbors would call and complain if I retaliated.

With cellphones nowadays, people can record anything.

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