Mosquito sound in my ears

(From an anonymous reader)

i wish this could go away. it sounds like flies or mosquitoes in my ears. soon as i lay my head on the pillow the sound starts. sometimes i just lay quiet thinking it would stop, instead it got louder. if im sitting on the toilet i can hear the sound. it dont bother me if im up and about, its just when im still especially laying down... is there anyone who have any suggestions...

Reply from Sarinne:

That sounds like tinnitus, all right. I'm sorry to hear the problem it's causing you. A lot of people find the same thing you do: The noise isn't so bad, until you are lying quietly, and then it seems much louder and it's hard to ignore.

You might try playing some white noise during the times when the noise bothers you. That's like the sound of static on a radio or TV, or the sound of a fan, or a waterfall. The sound covers up the annoying sound of the noise in your ears, and it's smooth and even so your mind is able to tune it out. Running a fan in the same room with you might be all you need.

Otherwise you can get CDs that play white noise or other relaxing sounds that you might prefer, like nature sounds or soft, rhythmic drumming. There are also special-purpose machines that generate white noise, which you can buy for around $50 to $100 (US dollars).

Here is more information about white noise:

And here are some places on the internet where you can play white noise for free, without any registration or downloads required:

Another thing is, tinnitus seems to get worse if you are stressed out, so anything you can do to reduce stress in your life can help with the noise, as well as being good for your health in general. Exercising and getting plenty of restful sleep are important. Your doctor can give you more specific suggestions based on your health, fitness level, and lifestyle.

I hope this helps!

— Sarinne from Noise Help

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Aug 25, 2013
tinnitus turns staccato when i shake my head

I have had tinnitus for years, hearing a constant electrical hum in both ears, but for the past 6 months I've developed a slight hum in one ear that becomes a pronounced staccato when i shake my head. It's like the constant tone gets broken up into morse code dashes with each shake of the head.
My doctor wants me to see a hearing specialist who will probably send me for a thousand dollar MRI. Before I submit myself to that unpleasant experience i'd sure like to hear from anyone else experiencing the thing.

Aug 26, 2013
"Morse Code" Tinnitus
by: Sarinne

Any time you experience a dramatic change in your hearing, it's a good idea to have it checked by a specialist, especially if that's what your doctor is recommending.

Here are some others who have experienced "Morse Code" tinnitus:

-- Sarinne from Noise Help

Nov 22, 2013
Same Thing
by: Kevin

Where I live, this year, we had the most vicious biting gnats, two kinds: one looking much like a flea, and "no-see-ums", looking like a fruit fly. They bit and chewed me up severely, causing an allergic reaction to their bites. I went on the bus, which bounces all around, up 4,000 ft. and back down. When I got back, I had a whistling, ring in my right ear, tinnitus for sure. One morning, I woke up and had the loud "Mosquito bouncing around in a box" sound in my left ear. Another morning I woke up, yawned and stretched, and cracked my relaxed neck, and the right ear went totally silent, but only for a minute. So, I believe that some of it can be an allergy to foods or to bites, and there is something to be said for a dislodging of the neck vertebrae at the base of the skull. Now I have the ringing in both ears and still get the insect buzz also. I could swear I actually have a bug in my sinuses, but I don't believe it could stay in my eardrum, and I don't think any bug just continuously keeps flying. I know they are at rest also. But they are small enough to fly up your nose or crawl into your ear. Is there a cavity they could enter and not be able to get out? Also, from time-to-time I get an intense itch in either ear that goes away if I dig at it. How about this: A sinus/allergy ear/throat infection with maybe an unknown tooth/jaw infection adding to it and aggravated by a pinched nerve in the neck? It wasn't there before and doesn't stop now. How about a bacterial presence in the upper intestine? Food poisioning makes ears ring. Good luck.

Feb 25, 2014
yoga and football will cure you.
by: yuvaraj

I do had something similar to this.. checked with doctor ... had lost of tablets.. nothing worked... finally yoga and the best thing i loved has worked out.

I do yoga !!! and play football !!! which reduced the buzz sound and i am quiet happy... but it will take time !!! you need to patient dont worry a lot about it which will make things look difficult ... all will be well ...

Aug 31, 2014
Sounds In my ears

i was skyping with my best friend Stephanie and then i got sick of this stupid ringing sound i cant explain what it sounds like but it buzzed in my ear when i layed down on a pillow or cover or when i put my headphones on it was very distant. So i found this website and it said something about "white noise" so i went to spotify made a therapy playlist called Therapy white noise of waves,ambient sounds and and a few white noise tracks and it hasnt come back yet. Im very happy i noticed this before i got into my teens it would of been a pain. White noise and ambient tracks help.

Apr 20, 2015
Beep tone in garden/house. Harmful noise by ultrasonic cat repeller?
by: Mosquito

The elderly in particular use a cat-deterrent in their garden. It is a small apparatus with a speaker attached to it. It produces a high-pitched bleep of more than a 100 decibel. The sound is mostly only audible for children, youngsters and people with ears that are still good. Many cat-deterrents use the same noise as the Mosquito. The sound causes pain in the ears, headache, and ringing in the ears. If you have any complaints consult your GP and make mention of it on social media!

How is this possible? Have you got more information? Please tell me!

Working Mosquito: 17KHz-20KHz 90dB (Kids be Gone, agianst loitering)
Working Cat Deterrent/Animal Chaser: 16KHz-23KHz 130dB (against....?!)

Dutch Newspaper: Mosquito: earache and headache. >

May 08, 2016
Just deal with it
by: TinniTreat

It's harsh but it usually gets better in time, just stay active. And you won't "tight" up so much therefore "easen" it.
I use a "fan" on at night time or have tv / computer running to distract me from the noise or get drunk and then I don't really care.

Nov 02, 2016
High frequency noise?
by: John D

It sounds like a high frequency "current" that can modulate slightly? When falling asleep, with my cat beside me on the table, when this sound suddenly occurs we'll both jerk upright simultaneously. This is a fairly regular occurrence, and sometimes his head and ears will perk up first, sometimes I do, but in every case that sound is present. Whatever this outside stimulus is, I have no idea, but it isn't tinnitus. The duration varies, from a few minutes to longer stretches. I'll hear it in other environments as well, and have heard it for my entire life. Just one of those things...

Nov 14, 2018
Anemia? NEW

I had similar experience and it was because of iron and B12 deficiency which has now been corrected. No longer hear fly type noise.

Feb 21, 2020
Sounds NEW
by: ItzAK

I thought I had this problem, but then I turned my bedroom light on and there was an actual mosquito flying around. No wonder I had heard so many mosquito sounds... 😅

Jul 25, 2020
some may be built in NEW
by: larry flescher

I am suffering from ear mosquito nos, and so glad its not a real one. but there is something else to consider for those with different sounds:
there is a yoga tradition that quiets the mind and listens to internal sounds, the ladder of sound.
they are less than a dozen. each is an energy level in the brain. as you relax into it there are visual and mood components. the sounds go from a buzz like a stupor, to a train in tunnel, to bells to electric. I don't remember them all. moving from on to another is a mind training proess that takes much relaxation and quiet.
this is discussed in Be Here Now by Ram Das.

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