Loud rock concerts and ear bud headphones

by Louis
(Ontario, Canada)

Loud rock concerts were the cause of my tinnitus. But watch out for ear bud headphones!

I have been experiencing tinnitus in my ears (mostly the right one) for several years now. It sounds like a high pitched whistle/squeal (kind of like the sound of an old TV when the volume was off but you could still tell it was on). For the most part, I have learned to ignore it, but it is a bit annoying at times (mostly when I think about it), especially when trying to fall asleep. As neither my job nor my daily private life involves much in the way of loud noises, I'm pretty sure what caused my tinnitus was the sound level of a few of the rock concerts I attended during my teens and early 20's (I'm in my early 50's now). I can remember leaving a few of them with ringing in my ears that lasted for several days, and at one of them in particular, the sound level was actually painful.

I fear that our youth will be suffering the same fate one day, given the widespread and constant use of mp3 players with "ear bud" headphones that blast loud music right into the ear canal. At least that's what I keep telling my kids...

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