Kid Playing

by Phu Dang

Could you please help me to solve my problem? I have a really noisy upstairs neighbour. The kid there plays on the floor, such as running and jumping that create impact noises down to my flat. I tried to use foam ear plugs but they could not attenuate that type of noise at all. So could you please tell me which ear plug could cut out that noise?

Thank you for your time.
Phu Dang

Reply from Noise Help:

Impact noise from the floor above is one of the hardest kinds of noise to deal with. If you've already tried foam ear plugs, and you had them inserted properly, and they didn't reduce the noise enough, then ear plugs alone are not going to do the job for you.

If you don't mind listening to music, the next thing I can suggest is in-ear headphones, also called noise-isolating earphones or canalphones. They are like a high-quality ear plug with a tiny speaker built in. So in addition to blocking out noise as ear plugs do, they also mask it with music.

If you are on good terms with your neighbor upstairs, you might suggest that they put down a carpet or thick rug where the child plays. You could even offer to cover all or part of the cost, if it is important enough to you. This can reduce floor impact noise tremendously.

I wish I had a simpler solution to offer for the noise from the kid playing upstairs. I hope these ideas help.


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Aug 11, 2016
noisy upstairs kids

We too are having to live underneath these kids who jump, run, etc for many hours every single day. I have tried ear plugs, called the apartment management team and the police. Everytime the cops came, they calmed down prior to the visit! It is driving us up a freakin wall! I am so stressed out, I have to blast out tv's, computer and radios and can still hear them pounding on our ceiling.

We want to move, but our lease isn't up for 5 more months. Want to really hurt these kids.


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