Humming Sound

by Deb

Hi Sarinne,

What advice can you offer in regards to blocking out very low frequency noise? I have recently moved into a double brick house and at night I hear this constant low frequency humming noise. I am guessing that it is coming from somewhere far away as it doesn't seem like it's coming from within the house anywhere.

I have covered the vents with foam which doesn't help much.

Thanks for any advice.

Sleep deprived,

Reply from Noise Help:

Oooh, that's a very tough one. Without knowing the source of the noise, it's hard to know how to address it.

Many people, from different parts of the world, hear a sound called "The Hum," which could be what you are describing. The cause is unknown, and it's notoriously difficult to reduce the disturbance it causes. Here are a couple of links that give more information on it:
Wikipedia entry: The Hum
Hum Forum on Yahoo! Groups

The two things I would try first would be:
  • Noise-cancelling headphones, which are designed to cancel continuous sounds and work well against low-frequency noise, like the noise inside the passenger cabin of a plane. People who are dealing with "The Hum" report mixed results with noise cancellation, but it could be worth a try. It would be a pain to sleep with them, but if they help it would at least give you an option.
  • A noise-masking device, like a white noise machine (or a fan, or a radio tuned to static). It might cover over the humming sound enough so that you can at least get to sleep at night.

And of course, if you can locate the source of the sound, then you might be able to find a way to address it directly. But since low-frequency sounds can travel long distances, you're right that it could be coming from far away. Try asking your neighbors if they hear it. Maybe they have more information, or can suggest ways to deal with it.

I wish I could tell you more. I hope you find a solution!


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Sep 12, 2013
Bass Subwoofer Speaker/Electronic Harassment
by: Elizabeth

My next door neighbor plays a self powered bass subwoofer speaker 24/7 to electronically harass me over a fence dispute. My windows, walls, floors, etc. vibrate. Beats my ear drums. Can I do anything to stop the bass noise rumble hum? The police won't cite him because the bass noise is not loud. Please help. I don't want to move. Thank you very much.


Sep 16, 2013
Electronic Harassment
by: Sarinne

Hello, Elizabeth. I'm so sorry to hear of the problem with your neighbor. Low-frequency vibration of your home 24/7 is a whole new level of nerve-racking!

As you're no doubt aware, you feel the low frequency sound in your whole body, not just through your ears. For that reason, conventional measures like ear plugs, hearing protectors, and white noise don't do much to block it out or cover it up. It would probably require a massive remodeling job or even rebuilding of your home to fortify it against the vibration. However, even then I would worry that the problem would not be resolved, since in this case the neighbor is doing it deliberately to harass you and would probably simply switch tactics and find some other way to disturb you.

For defending yourself against unreasonably difficult neighbors, you might check out Bob Borzotta's book Neighbors from Hell for fresh perspective, practical guidance, and encouragement.

I hope you find a solution that lets you keep your home as well as your peace of mind.

-- Sarinne from Noise Help

Dec 26, 2013
You are not alone
by: Lori

It's the switch mode power supply from the smart meter on your house.

Apr 04, 2014
possible tool

Your neighbor could be using an LFO synthesizer. I have also seen on youtube, drone machines hooked up with an amp. Creates low frequency pulsing sound. There is also drone, ambient and binaural songs or apps that can be downloaded. Try using an fft or spectrum to identify.

Jul 25, 2014
Definety not alone!
by: Don

I've been trying for years to find the source of the humming, drone noise. best I can describe is twin engines from an AC-130 Hercules. They are synchronized and seldom get off frequency.I thought that they could have been chicken house fans way. Folks are reporting the noise all over the planet. there has got to be a common denominator!

Sep 19, 2014
At last I have found others who would believe the hum.
by: Susan

I am certain I this hum is external, I never used to hear it until I moved. I am no longer able to meditate as I cannot reach the level. This hum is definitely worse indoors, I can hear it through my pillow. Ear plugs do not block it out, it is far worse at night when other noises no longer 'block it out', it is awful, occasionally a car passes by and blocks its frequency out, but that is only momentary. I do not hear it when I visit my Son, he has no mains gas and has a cesspit. could it be water pumps or gas pipes under ground? I is certainly not nature. I know this because this HUM stops every Wednesday night until early hours. It then wakes me up.

Sep 21, 2014
by: Don

You are exactly right! I have wondered if the MANY gas pipe lines in the area could be carrying this hum noise. At the current moment the noise has subsided. I have not heard it in weeks. Or perhaps I have finally blocked it out. Lol, I will not even stop right at this moment to try and hear it! I will travel to the one of the pipe lines thT re less than a mile away the next time the hum appears.

Oct 01, 2014
by: susan

Please call your gas company, I had the same humming noise for two years. The gas company installed a new meter and it is totally gone.

Oct 04, 2014
Thanks Susan
by: Don

The noise I speak of is audible no matter where you travel in my community. I highly doubt it would be 1" residential service lines. The Gas lines I speak of are 48" supply lines that travel through-out the country. Which would make more sense, since the humming can be heard ALL OVER the country and in other countries. At this point I'm willing to bet we all have this common denominator!!

Oct 04, 2014
by: susan

I see, I did hear it very slightly last night but it is better, do you think they will ever stop it?

Oct 04, 2014

I am not the Susan who wrote and suggested that I ask to have my gas metre changed, however, thank you Susan. I am inclined to agree with you Don because I can hear it outside too, it sends a vibration in to my ears, it is a sound wave which is (as I have discovered) not "audible" to all people. Personally it is terrible, potentially life destroying I now wonder how this effects new born babies and children, especially in the long term. I wonder what animals are tormented with this noise too. This is a man mad noise and one way or another, we will ultimately pay the price for what we are doing to this planet.
I am looking for ear phones, I dread the noise every single night.

Oct 04, 2014
by: susan m

I was hearing it outside also, after the meter change it is extremely decreased so maybe some of it is from the underground gas pipes, it was really bad before,

Oct 04, 2014
Susan m

Thankyou Susan, I will ask the gas company to change my metre. My problem is... will they believe me? I have been made to feel rather uncomfortable in the past whenever I have spoken about this subject because others could not hear it.. Once, even told to have my hearing checked (just in case!) for Tinnitus first! Things like that, and the constant broken sleep have rather worn me out.

Oct 04, 2014
by: susan m

Try earplugs for now, it helps. We have sensitive hearing. I had no idea where to go for help with it.
The gas company called me and said I was due for a new meter so this happened by accident for me. I just listened now and there was nothing. I had been hearing it for years. It never hurts to ask. I wonder if everyone here has gas coming to thier house?

Oct 04, 2014
by: susan m

in 2013 I see a person named Lori said that she thought it was meter related, is she still here?

Oct 05, 2014
by: Elizabeth

I believe it is bass frequency. Check with your neighbors to see if anyone is playing a bass subwoofer speaker with no music. It's just bass (white noise/sound masking). You are sensitive to the low frequency. Go see an Ear Noise and Throat (ENT) doctor to get an evaluation. You will have hearing tests to check for hearing loss. You probably have Hyperacusis Dysfunction. Persons with hyperacusis should be evaluated by a physician expert in ear disease, usually an otologist, neurotologist, or otoneurologist. See if they or your internist or your ENT doctor will prescribe Neurontin (Gabapentin) which numbs the nerves in your ear drums. You will no longer hear the bass noise and you will sleep. You may have stiff ear drums so when the bass which is a physical force hits your eardrums it's like a drum stick hitting your eardrums and it hurts. Other people's eardrums are flexible so the bass frequency goes through and they don't hear it or feel it. This is what my ENT doctor described it to me. Vibration is a physical property of bass frequency. Google the internet and read up on bass frequency and Hyperacusis Dysfunction. Good Luck!

Oct 05, 2014
by: Don

To Elizabeth,
I appreciate you input. However, the noise/hum is there. It is true that some people can hear it. It is also true that you have to listen for it to come through, and once it does, you always hear it. It IS NOT a disease. It is man-made and if the government cares about it they could waste more money on a study to actually find it. I live in the country...STICKS! This is nothing that can be heard in the city, simply because of it's own reasons. We do have natural gas as a utility so the small pipelines are all over. For some reason the meters are out along the roadside. It could be the source, but on certain nights and even some days the hum just seems like something more than a 2" supply line. That's why I eluded to the main distribution lines that cross through our county, and may other county's all over the nation. The noise does not me it disturbs me.It's obviously something we will have to learn to ignore to avoid it, just like many other things we do as humans can ignore. So,

Oct 06, 2014
Not an illness

Thank you for your advice (regarding taking Gabapentin etc)however, I do not want to pump drugs in to my body to try and cure an external noise I have travelled to lots of places and this "hum" is not everywhere. I can liken it a pump labouring far off in the distance. Ear plugs do not block it out .. it passes through. After having experienced many months of meditation in different places .. I know this is man made and the fact that a lot of people can hear it means that we humans are actually capable of hearing this well (enhanced) It would be a far greater blessing if it was banned... modified ... if it could be sourced and acknowledged .. I feel it is ignored like so many other things because 'it won't do any harm... ignorance ... Well being is last on the list these days!

Oct 06, 2014
by: susan m

I found this

Nov 03, 2014
Neighbor who is harassing Elizabeth

Elizabeth, as I’am sure the owner of this page and local laws would not condone physical violence to stop the neighbor who is harassing you I won’t suggest it. You may have to resort to a law suite or restraining order. I'm not a lawyer so don't know what evidence you would need. It may be worth checking into. Perhaps an Engineering student at a local collage could help you document and quantify it.

Nov 15, 2014
Humming noise
by: J.P.

I can tell you that it is not from the Smart meters. I thought so at first, had my landlord change Smart meter to analog, and humming noise is still here. It really is horrible that the people who can hear this low frequency hum will never hear silence again. It's insane. I used to love sitting in a quiet room and be in complete silence. I don't know why there isn't more news coverage about this, because it violates our rights. Has anyone had any luck with silicone earplugs? Normal earplugs do not work. Thanks.

Nov 15, 2014
Dear J.P.
by: Susan

I absolutely agree with you, I no longer am able to meditate, this humming noise has deeply affected my life. Silicone ear plugs do not work ...that is .. they do not block that sound out. Ear phones work with music on but we are then restricted to not hearing! I personally cannot just lie in one position with ear phones on all night AND worst of all.. with ear phones on, I cannot hear my elderly mother if she calls out to me OR my dog if she gets up to go out. WHY SHOULD WE HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS? I agree .. What can we do??

Nov 15, 2014
Law Enforcement
by: Elizabeth

Law Enforcement needs noise meters that measure the humming, rumbling Bass noise (18 - 25db) that we hear and then they could enforce the laws (noise nuisance/electronic harassment) that are in place to ticket the offender. I was told by local Police to find a sound specialist to measure and document the Bass noise and then they could take the document to a judge who would approve ticketing the offender. I cannot find a sound specialist to measure the Bass noise. Further, our local Government - Mayor, Governor, Senator, Congressman, etc. needs to be contacted and educated on what is being done to us. Perhaps, they could get the ball rolling on better laws to prevent the humming Bass noise. Not only do I experience the Bass noise, but the vibration, too. I had custom made earplugs made and they help. But, you cannot stop Bass frequency. It permeates everything. Although, my neighbor must have some way to insulate his Bass subwoofer or Sound Masking machine (White/Pink Noise) so he and his family can tolerate it - or he's plain nuts and enjoys it. The Gabapentin numbs the nerves in my eardrums and it helps tremendously. I barely hear the humming and rumbling or feel the physical pain that the Bass frequency causes me because Bass is a physical force and I can sleep at night. It's a heck of a note that neighbor can reach into the privacy of my home with his electronic harassment/Bass frequency and cause me physical harm, steal my peace that I am entitled to, and get away with it. Good Luck to all of you. May you find the Peace we so desperately deserve. Thank you.

Nov 16, 2014
To: J.P.
by: Elizabeth

Hello, J.P Does your Land Lord have a Sound Masking Machine that produces this new white noise (Bass) to muffle noise or conversation for his renters? You can Google Sound Masking or search to order the Sound Masking machine. Department stores and Grocery stores are now installing these Sound Masking machines to muffle extraneous noise and conversation. Companies install Sound Masking machines to muffle office chatter in open working environments. The original white noise made a sssshhhhing sound like a fan and it did not hurt anyone. Now, this new white noise or pink noise is mostly Bass if not all Bass. That's why it produces the rumbling and humming sound. It does not bother some people. But, others like you and I, it hurts our eardrums because it's Bass which is a physical force beating our eardrums and because it's Bass (frequency) it carries, traveling low, and permeates everything. You can hear it out in the parking lot. This Sound Masking machine should be outlawed. I hope it's a fad and goes out of style. Yes, the News Media should be made aware. The authorities should stop it. But, if they can not hear it, they will not help. That's why a noise meter that measures Bass frequency is needed (18-25 db). By the way, Bass makes you deaf. My recent visit with my ENT Doctor confirmed with new hearing tests that I have hearing loss compared to tests I took last year - thanks to my neighbor. Take care.

Dec 01, 2014
Power Line communication on Smart Grid Is Cause of the Noise Pollution
by: Sandaura

Please go to to learn more about the Noise you are hearing.

Removing a smart meter which is contributing to the cause of the noise and negative symptoms will not stop the noise if the meter is removed from your home. The Noise is radiating on the power lines; that is why it is heard inside and outside your environment. Isolated cases of the hum may have been impart due to power grid issues. the reason people are hearing it everywhere is because of the power line communication which was implemented to manage data which needs two way communication on the lines. PLC was experimented with in the past and used, but it was always one direction and not with pulsed RF signals. it is a well known fact that BPL and PLC are very challenging to control because of the noise this technology creates on the lines.

Dec 17, 2014
Tracking to the source?
by: Kyle

I started to hear a low humming sound about a month ago, coincidentally right after SCE company changed to smart meters in my area. However, I can only hear the humming sound indoor. The meter doesn't make any humming sound when I listen to it closely. Does anyone know of a low-frequency sound detector that can be used to follow to the source of this annoying humming sound?

Jan 03, 2015
Sound Level Meter
by: Elizabeth

I do not have a smart meter. I have a lunatic next door neighbor who plays a bass subwoofer speaker 24/7 because he has a grudge over a fence dispute. No music. Just the boom boom boom - constant rumbling and humming and severe bass noise when he turns up the volume that beats my eardrums - and the vibration that travels through my house so that I cannot rest or sleep because bass frequency is a physical force and permeates everything. If the Police Department possessed a Type 1 Sound Level Meter as described in the USA website link below (, then they could uphold the City Ordinances regarding Noise Nuisance (electronic harassment) from bass subwoofers and cite the individual. Please see the copy email note below from Mike Bullen with He is kindly replying to me. But, I do not have $10,000 USD to purchase a Type 1 Sound Level Meter. That is why the Authorities - Law Enforcement - need to find it in their budget to purchase such a Sound Level Meter because they have the power to enforce the ordinances that are in place to stop the bass noise and vibration.

Sep 15, 2014

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for your inquiry. These are very low noise levels.

We do have instruments that do this but they need to be Class 1 accuracy (to get the low noise floor required) and have frequency filters.

You are looking in the order of around £3K for a Class 1 version of this instrument (you would also need a calibrator).

Best regards,


Mike Bullen
NoiseMeters Ltd
Tel: 0845 680 0312
Fax: 0845 680 0316

I have even contacted Radio Shack (USA) to see if they have vendors who could supply them with a less expensive Type 1 Sound Level Meter that measures low noise levels which are below 30 decibels to sell to customers and Law Enforcement.

Regardless, someone needs to invent and manufacture a less costly Sound Level Meter to measure and document low noise (bass) to sell to the general public. Thank you.

Jan 03, 2015
The Smart Grid Syndrome (The Hum)
by: Sandaura

Australia has the Smart Grid Network there. We have heard from several Australians describing the Smart Grid Syndrome. To learn more go to

Jan 04, 2015
Sounds like a generator in the distant
by: J

I have been trying to figure out this noise over a good year or more now! I kept thinking it was coming from a farm behind me but only really hear inside my house?! The noise sounds like a generator in the distance which I'll hear cut in & out often. I am currently visiting a girlfriends house today who is an hour away from me. I got up & hear this exact noise & doesn't stop.

Jan 04, 2015
It doesn't matter whether you have a smart meter on your home to hear the noise
by: Sandaura

You don't have to have a smart meter on your home to hear the continuous hum and infrasound drone because it is radiating in the air off the power lines. It is ubiquitous and everywhere the Global smart grid network is turned on.

Jan 04, 2015
by: susan m

Sandaura ,
When did this start, do you know? I have heard it for years.

Jan 04, 2015
by: Don

@J...Welcome to the humming one knows why.

Jan 04, 2015
Hum Timeline...heard worldwide
by: Sandaura

Hi Susan,

The timeline where it started to impact wildlife as well is 2006. this is when they turned on the PLC (power line communication) for the Smart meters and Smart Grid network. I have detailed this in my blog at

The history of localized hums have always been related to electromagnetic energy of the grid. the reason why it is so prominent is because the power lines are now one continuous antenna because of the Global Smart Grid Network.

Jan 06, 2015
Sandra- global powerline hum....
by: Don

I like your idea. but how can you explain the the indeterminacy of it. IE: sound disappears for weeks or months on end. It is also very prominent during the winter time...

Jan 07, 2015
The hum is a constant continuous noise
by: Sandaura

Hi Don,
I am not commenting on an idea I have. We have forensic evidence from multiple testing in different areas as well such as power quality, acoustic and audio. All of which using different methods and equipment to analyze and acquire the data.

The noise issue that I describe is constant and has never gone away since the smart grid network, which uses RF PLC and various forms of it on the power lines. We have been measuring this noise since 2006 and it has always been there, even during major power outages. It is a communication network that is transmitting 24/7 non stop.

The hum, to be clear, is more than just a hum. It is also accompanied by a constant low frequency drone (infrasound). Again these RF signals on the lines are the source.

Jan 13, 2015
Not Just a Sound but Radiation
by: SmartGridHum

A few health tips:

1. There's a YouTube vid re The Hum in Ireland by ImagesByDavid. Comments there said any cheapo drugstore "HEARING AMPLIFIER" will bring the LOW FREQUENCY hum up to "Normal" Hearing Level, thereby "Cancelling it Out" for Hum Hearers. They also said that by then Not Hearing the Hum (due to wearing the Amplifier), you won't feel the Vibrations either.

There are so many of those Amplifiers online I'm having trouble zooming on one to buy. I would also like to hear from others who may have tried this. And if you did buy & try one, would you please share which exact brand & model you bought & did it really work, & how complicated or easy is it to use, etc. Thanks!

2. The Hum is not just a sound but is deadly radiation (the Amplifier won't stop that). But, per site (chiropractor) in his "25 Best Uses for Peppermint Oil" (Essential Oil) article, it included this one sentence: That Peppermint Oil will protect against "cell death via DNA damage due to Radiation." -- Also see his articles re Frankencense Oil w/studies re it curing cancers.

BTW: The Hum I'm referring to is the Low Droning Rumbling Hum that, when ramped up by Smart Grid Control Room operators, can also become a Faster Drumming Hum. (It can also be ramped up Soooo Strong that it becomes a LOUD ROARING with violent vibrations. No way in Hades is that an "it's all inside your head" phenomenon!)

SmartGrid Vibrations & Hum in South USA, 8.5-Months & Continuing!

PS: Guess what the captcha word is, below, that it wants me to fill in to prove I'm not a robot > > "CRISIS" !!! No joke!! :-/

Feb 23, 2015
Meter treater whole house surge protector
by: Lori

Yes, check with your electric company if they will install a meter greater whole house surge protector. It is installed between the meter and the wall.
This will eliminate the thumping, but you will still hear the smart grid. You will be able to sleep better at night.
I have installed three so far and it is much better.

Feb 23, 2015
"Boil The Frog Slowly" Interview about HUM and more...
by: Sandaura

"Boil the Frog Slowly" radio show interview with a "Hearer" and also harmed by the Smart Meter technology.

Feb 09, 2015 —

Feb 23, 2015
To Sandaura: Equipment to measure hum?
by: Elizabeth

Hello, Sandaura

You previously stated that you use "different methods and equipment to analyze and acquire the data" to determine what the hum and vibration is.

Please inform me what type of equipment you use and where I can purchase same.

Thank you.

Feb 23, 2015
How to record the noise
by: sandaura


You can email me through my site at

Mar 19, 2015
WOW, just wow
by: TrendyCorndog

I recently moved 3 months ago to a different apartment and I have been accusing my neighbors of playing low frequency bass and when I was sure they weren't I started thinking I was clearly losing my mind. I not only HEAR this noise that no one else can hear, but I FEEL it, just like someone has the bass turned up. Earplugs do not help, white noise does not help, and I cannot for the life of me ever hear it once I am outdoors. I am going to try some of the solutions posted, just relieved that I am not going crazy although losing as much sleep as I have been sure makes me feel that I am.

Mar 19, 2015
To Trendycornydog
by: Susan W

Yes, I feel for you, I am in exactly the same positon, I am certain this noise will effect thousands of people, also including babies and wild life, it will change life as we knew it. I actually moved house because I could not bear it anymore, I could have written your letter myself, I fell out with my neighbours, eventually I did not believe them and thought it was their fish tank /pump which was situated next to our joining wall. I cannot not get of to sleep, it is like torture, I try to catch up on as much sleep during the day time whenever I can because that is my only saving grace. Once night falls and other noises which would block it out or, rather, mask it have subsided, then it is too late. It vibrates an makes me tense up my ears. In order to try and 'block' it out, I have to be is a vicious circle. I have to try and sleep in one position, curled up with ear plugs in, the ear plugs do not work, I have tried them all, eventually, they made my ears sore from the pressure, I also now have a sore throat on the one side because I can hear less in one ear so pressed my other ear into the pillow with ear plugs in and after while, that hurts. (also tried many different types of pillows )This began in Sussex, I now live in Berkshire and although the noise is less here, it remains the same...constant. I shall move again one day, but I am not in the position to and when I do, I shall go at night and try to find an area where this noise doesn't happen. I do not hear it at my son's house, but, as I have mentioned before, he has no mains gas or sewerage pipes, so I wonder. Please do not think you are going crazy. Ear phones work up to a point, but only if you stay in one position and don't mind the music, they do cut you of from the world, which is not good at night.

Mar 24, 2015
Humming noise
by: Deena

Ever since they installed the smart meter I can hear a crazy humming noise. It's the worst at night when I'm trying to sleep. Just got back from vacation and it is so annoying!

Apr 07, 2015
humming noise
by: Judy

I have a humming noise in my apartment. It is loudest around the water heater.
My apartment complex refuses to address it.
My ears actually ring and hurt after I'm home in the apartment about an hour.
My eardrums hurt from the noise.
If there anything that I can do to make it stop?

Apr 19, 2015
The "Hum"
by: Shane

The "Hum", as far as I can tell, is coming from the electrical grid and I think RF is amplifying it some how. I have been hearing the hum for about 5 years now. 3 years ago I downloaded a frequency generator and matched it (harmonized) up to the hum. What I discovered was that it matched perfectly with the ac current on the grid, 60 Hertz (Hz). Just recently, while I was making dinner, I could hear the hum and when I turned on the stove, which is electric, I noticed that the tone of the hum changed. Like when you put more torque onto an electric motor it will "strain". This confirmed it for me. I wasn't sure until now. How can I hear the ac current though? My theory is that smart meters that everyone has now is throwing RF not only into the atmosphere but putting it back onto the grid. Think about it. A few smart meters aren't going to hurt anyone but think about, how many people live in your neighbourhood, in your city, in your county, in your state and all of them are transmitting RF onto the grid which, coupled with the high voltage currant, is creating a "electro magnetic wave" or "frequency", ie EMF? Certain people can hear or rather detect them in their head. I say detect because I can still hear the hum with earplugs in. The EMF's created have saturated the atmosphere so much so that I can hear the hum even when I'm up in the mountains. So until they stop transmitting RF over AC current power lines we will continue to hear this damned Hum.

Apr 19, 2015
More Anti-Radiation Health Tips
by: SmartGrid_Vibes+Hum

Learned at an anti-Smart Meter site of yet another health tip for protecting our bodies from the PowerGrid/SmartGrid Radiation assault (the Hum+Vibes are induced by EMF/MW/RF): "Calcium Bentonite Clay" > used for human consumption & poured over the land after Chernobyl. It adsorbs radiation (& other heavy metals, etc.). Several brands out there, but I bought the "Living Clay" kind (a fine green powder) at Amz. (I have no financial interest/affiliation in any of these things.) I have been using it only 1+ week so far, mixed w/water, drink it. It's supposed to "grab" all internal radiation & take it out of the body via normal elimination. I like it; can't hurt!

Since Radiation zaps our bodies of minerals, I also added to the daily regime "Magnesium Oil" (make your own > Food Grade Magnesium Chloride Powder, or Magnesium Chloride Flakes) + Water; spritz or roll-on skin daily. Plus I added Edon Liquid Minerals, 30-drops x day in water.

HTH! Just trying to stay alive down here in FLA amidst almost-non-stop "Electrified Vibrating & Humming Atmosphere" (indoors, garage too; concrete/carpeted floor, bed (no more metal coil mattress either), chairs, body, sinks/plumbing all vibrating & humming) for almost a year now. It's without a doubt the PowerGrid + SmartGrid = DeathGrid! No Mystery to it!

Apr 19, 2015
PS: Addendum to Above
by: SmartGrid_Vibes+Hum

Previously I'd read Nascent Iodine was good for anti-radiation. Bought some, drops, take internally, tasted good! (will stain white fillings so drink water/brush fast). Later read that internal iodine may not be a good idea, could take too much > bad for heart, liver, etc. Safer to use topical iodine, on skin only, let it absorb; easier to regulate, less chance of taking too much, etc. So switched to Isol Skin Iodine (iHerb carries it, cheap; external use only!)

Also, re prior Peppermint Oil anti-radiation tip (further above, January 2015), should not take internally (though some people do 1-drop on tongue, etc.). Best to dilute w/any carrier oil & use topically on skin only, as Essential Oils are very potent/condensed, & you don't want to give your liver any excess loads to filter out.

Consult w/your favorite health care provider if you have questions. HTH!

Sorry I don't have a Hum Solution, but it's NOT "ocean waves crashing on sea floor" as nutty French "researchers" said in the News in recent days! Pfff! Red Flag > Dis-Info Alert!

Apr 23, 2015
by: sue

I live in Plymouth and the humming sound is a nightmare I hear it all time night time its really bad I don't know what to do to stop it.had my ears looked at all is fine.its only in my house and I can hear a little outside what can I do im on sleeping tablets to help me sleep but its still there all day and all night sometimes its gone for a day or two then it come back could it be electrical grid or power line really need help and to find out who to call

Apr 23, 2015
Challenge this?
by: Susan W

Does anyone know how we can challenge this? It is obviously world wide, certainly nationwide. I would imagine there will be millions upon millions of signatures. It is time to investigate seriously because the impact this is having on people from all walks of life not having adequate sleep is becoming dangerous .. it is a mental torture. This should be fought against. Is there anyone out there who is better than I am on the computer we need to unite and take this as far as Human Rights.

Apr 23, 2015
by: susan m

Maybe a care 2 petition?

Apr 23, 2015
Complain to the ACLU
by: Elizabeth

In the USA, you can go online and fill out a form to file a complaint with the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). Also, contact your politicians and local Government, Mayor, State Representatives, Senator, Congressman, etc. We need to unite and become a force. This hum is detrimental and brings harm to people. Those in power need to know about it because they have the authority to end it.

May 05, 2015
humming noise in my flat
by: lynn kenney

I am hearing a humming noise in my flat and a motor noise in my bedroom getting me down

May 13, 2015
New to the Hum scene here...BUT BESIDES ALL OF US HEARING THE HUM...

What else do we have in common? Sick? Flu? Allergies? Recent dental work? Low immunity? Has anyone ELSE thought to ask these questions? I myself have only started hearing this idling truck noise aka "hum" just about a week ago. (only in my right ear) It was also in this time frame that I ran out of my usual vitamins and was informed of an abscess that was infected which was treated by a 5 day regamine of zithromiacin (Z Pack) prior to having 2 root canals done...and they haven't been able to complete the rest of the dental work yet.
Maybe this is not the cause of this "hum" but rather the initiator? Can anyone else recall what was happening in their lives around the time they first noticed the hum?
Are we conducting our own frequentcy to the "hum" from our own personal environmental stimuli?

May 13, 2015
the hum
by: lynn kenney

well I have been on to british gas they said its not coming from the smart meter I told them that have tinnitus they said it must be my ears so we all must have tinnitus . its getting me down now so think I will put my head out of the window to sleep lol.

May 13, 2015
smart meter network cause of hum; not just one smart meter
by: sandaura

Please keep in mind that one smart meter is not going to stop the noise because it is the Smart Grid communication layer network, so it is in our environment, in our air. It is heard outside as well as inside. We knew when we demanded our smart meter be removed; we knew that it would not stop the noise in our home because we had figured out that it is much bigger than our one meter and we were right. The terrible symptoms stopped, but the noise is still here today.

May 13, 2015
Testimonial for Smart Grid Syndrome
by: Sandaura

Please go to:


Post your testimonial there, as well. We are documenting and building a network to fight this serious issue.

May 13, 2015
Good News?
by: Susan W

I heard recently that there is a battery (soon available) which we can purchase and can be installed into our homes from which, we can run our appliances etc. I only caught a brief clip about it on the News and all I gather is that it is a new cleaner energy / way of running our homes. I think they have to be charged by solar?? Not sure. Does anyone else know about them or has anyone else heard about them? I thought it to be very good news if it means an end to the awful grid humming we are suffering, because thousands of people will want them.

May 13, 2015
by: susan m

This is great news, please sned more info.

May 14, 2015
Blood Type Survey
by: Shane

I'd like to conduct a survey. I'd like to research a theory of mine. It seems that only certain people can hear the HUM. I would like to know what bloodtype and RH of people on this forum that can hear the hum are. Thank You.

May 14, 2015
Battery energy
by: Susan W

There is quite a lot about Batteries on the internet..Telsa ( I hope that is right)but we should be able to find it on energy storage Wikipedia etc. Mainly it looks interesting where this technology allows us to be independent of the grids. Also I think solar power is required but governments are still allowing places to be built without solar panels stupid. Sorry I do not have any more information.

May 19, 2015
sounds so familiar
by: carol

I too have the same problem as many on here. Sounds like a distant engine, worse at night, rapid not really helping etc. All so familiar.
I've been hearing it in my present house since feb 2014 (moved in during Nov 2013) but I also used to hear it only at night in my old flat which is only a 10 minute walk away from where we live now, so I do think it is a noise produced locally.
I'm blaming electricity. There are two power substations near us. It feels like a constant vibration. Makes me crazy! I can't hear it outside but can often hear it in the car parked outside my home.
Could it also be gas pipes? I've had all the utilities folk out to check metres and pipes. The power man could hear it and the water man thought it sounded like a pump running.
I have set up a facebook group so I feel like I am taking action and for other sufferers to let off stream and compare stories. Low Frequency Hum Sufferers it is called. Please join.

May 19, 2015
Yes to PowerGrid
by: SmartGrid_Vibes+Hum

Agree w/Carol & Shane that the Low Frequency Droning Rumbling Vibrating "Hum" is emanating from PowerGrid/Powerlines.

It is not just at night either, at least not here (began April/May 2014); it's all the time/any time.

It is not just a Sound but is an Extremely Low Frequency/ELF (Radiation) Vibration in the Infrasonic range (-20Hz) which is same range as the human body's internal organs, which is why some of us actually FEEL the "Hum" "penetrating" & vibrating our gut, bladder, chest cavity, heart, brain, eyes, legs, feet. Yes, it is Slow Kill Torture!

"The frequency of alternating current flowing in electric power grids, 50 or 60 Hz, also falls within the ELF band, making power grids an unintentional source of ELF radiation.l"
"A common source of ELF fields in the United States is 60 Hz electric and magnetic fields from high-voltage electric power transmission lines *AND* secondary distribution lines, such as those found in residential neighborhoods."

Harmful? Wiki:
"There are established biological effects from acute exposure at high levels (well above 100 µT) that are explained by recognized biophysical mechanisms. External ELF magnetic fields INDUCE electric fields and CURRENTS in the body which, at very high field strengths, cause nerve and muscle stimulation and changes in nerve cell excitability in the central nervous system."

That's putting it mildly! As expert Curtis Bennett bluntly says, " 'INDUCING CURRENTS' means ELECTROCUTION!" >

Also from Wiki, for those who think Gas Lines are their problem:
"Transmitters in the 20 Hz range are also found in pipeline inspection gauges, also known as "PIGs".


May 30, 2015
Humming sound
by: Another Susan

I too hear the humming. Loud at night when there are no other sounds to block it out. Have tried ear plugs, but they don't help. Difficult to get to sleep. It's quite late now and still awake so going to put the radio on all night to see if that helps. I'll let you know.

May 31, 2015
by: lynn kenney

hi I have been told its my tinintis that's making the sounds

May 31, 2015
LFN drove me out of my home
by: Dee

I moved into a new build flat which had up to date soundproofing! Wonderfully quiet. A month later I began to hear thudding bass noise and over the weeks a variety of five different rhythms of bass noise along with additional sounds. Most of the day and all of the night. Traced the noise to a 'gamer' using a home cinema i.e. media centre. He was a gaming addict and even when not gaming would leave the machine on 'tick over' - a sound like distant war drums. He wouldn't stop. At night he 'gamed' all over the world. Someone the noise was so loud it sounded like a sledge hammer outside my window, but measured very little on a home decibel measuring metre. These machines have built in sub-woofers which enhance Low Frequency Noise. No one else in the block said they heard anything, although I did hear one person having a go. In the end I had to move, as health was deteriorating. I'm a writer and no way could I work with the constant noise. I've discovered since that it's damaged my hearing.

May 31, 2015
Humming sound
by: Another Susan

Playing music didn't help - still awake at 3am. Have just bought a white noise app for my iPhone. I'll let you know if it works. At £1.49 it's worth trying.

May 31, 2015
To Susan W
by: Dee

Susan W I hadn't seen your comment from March before I left my first comment. Your experience sounds exactly like mine, right down to the vibration, the curling up in one position, ear plugs, etc. I am convinced the noise I hear is down to low frequency noise emitting from home media centre around where I live. I moved to get away from it, and to my horror I now live opposite another addict gamer, who hardly leaves the house and keeps his media centre on all the time, even if he not using it. I know when he is using it because the rhythm of noise changes. Obviously it's not just media centres that emit low frequency noise resonance. There has been some interesting research done at Salford University which was commissioned by Defra. Also other stuff from across the world. It seems though that at present there is no 'real' answer to what, why and how. Except that the LFN issue is world wide.

Jun 05, 2015
Imaginary noise
by: Dee

Has anyone else been told that the noise they hear (which other people may not hear) is all in their mind. I keep being told this, and I am convinced it is not in my mind. Trouble is when other people don't hear the same noise, it is difficult to convince them. I think I am picking up LFN resonance which, according to research, only some people can hear. It would be helpful to know what experiences other people have had when they have tried to take, or get, action taken on the issue. Thank you

Jun 06, 2015
Humming Sound
by: Another Susan

The White Noise app (£1.49) does help mask the humming sound. Needed to experiment with the sound, pitch and volume. Tried Heavy Rain for a few days - that was quite good, but have settled on Brown Noise with the pitch set to the lowest setting. Still trying out different volumes so that it settles into the background rather than being too prominent. For those who like the sound of a fan I think Brown Noise fits the bill more so than the sound of Oscillating Fan, which is also an option. This app is well worth a try. Hope it helps you.

By the way - who do I complain to about the hum?

For those who suggested it's tinnitus - definitely not that. I've had tinnitus in the past and its with you constantly, not just when you're at home.

Jun 06, 2015
by: Dee

I've also been told that the noise I hear is tinnitus. I know it is not because I've had tinnitus (in only one ear) for years and it's never bothered me; it is a different sound completely to the dreadful war drums and droning hum that I hear. I've tried complaining to E H but they only concentrate on volume of sound i.e. how many decibels, and LFN cannot be measured in decibels, it needs a different piece of equipment altogether. I have two files full of copies of letters I've sent to people, their replies, copies of research, information about how constant noise and interrupted sleep can damage people and make them ill. Not got anywhere, and still having the problem. The worst thing is being told it is all in my head. I really don't believe this because if it were I would hear it when I am out of my flat, but I don't.

Jun 06, 2015
by: lynn kenney

I have tinnitus 4 days out of 7 days I hear it the most in my bedroom if I wake up at 4 am I can not hear it if I hold my left ear I can hear it so now I have to believe its my tinnitus

Jun 06, 2015
Not Tinnitus
by: Susan W

This humming noise is not Tinnitus.
I have NOT got Tinnitus either.

Jun 06, 2015
Not tinnitus
by: Dee

I really don't believe that this constant noise I hear day and night, is tinnitus. But because no one else hears it (or they say they don't), it is so hard to deal with it. In the long run of course, they think it is all in my mind and I am a bit mad! I don't believe that. There is so much research out there about LFN and how only 1 in 50 people can hear this, and I tell people to read it, and then see if they still think I'm mad. Whether they do or no I don't know. However, because there has been research commissioned by the gov. it must be a problem. I've found out that apparently Environment Health Departments have been issued with guidelines on how to investigate complaints about LFN. However, don't think it's mandatory for County Councils to buy the right equipment or train up the officers, so back to square one trying to prove that it's not in the mind.

Jun 06, 2015
Humming Sound
by: Another Susan

This is exactly the sound I here. Listen carefully as it's underneath the crackle of the recording machine. This is what's become known as the Bristol Hum (Google it). Hopefully this link to the sound will work for you.

Jun 06, 2015
Humming Sound
by: Another Susan

The link I just posted doesn't work so copy the paragraph into your notes page, click done and the link will then work for you.

Jul 25, 2015
To Dee, how did you locate gamer
by: Mel

I began hearing LFN bass three weeks after moving into an end-unit townhome. It occurs 24/7 and I have to go to a motel frequently for sleep. How did you determine that the source was a gamer? I live in SE USA.

Jul 26, 2015
To Mel re gamer
by: Dee

It took a while. I'd moved into a new block of flats. I first thought it was someone playing alternate pieces of monotonous, four or five different drum and bass music over and over 24/7.I eventually located the flat the noise was coming from, i.e. a flat on the floor below mine owned by a young guy. I could hear the noise through the extremely thick and heavy fire door, as I stood outside his flat. A friend came with me and identified the noise as coming from a gaming machine. He lived elsewhere, but was also a gamer. The young guy opened the door, we could see the screen and all the stuff that goes with gaming. He seemed to have loads of equipment. He'd turned down the noise when he eventually opened the door, but I could still hear this monotonous war drum type rhythm. I asked him if he could keep the sound down a bit, especially at night. The guy got really defensive and said he could do what he liked, it was his flat. My friend asked him to take the speakers down from the walls, but the guy got aggressive. There was no way he was going to stop, he seemed completely addicted, hardly ever left his flat. He wouldn't stop and kept the machine going 24/7 even when asleep. He said that some people had radios and TV's on all the time, and he didn't like 'silence' Even when people moved into the flat above his and screamed at him and banged on the floor, he carried on. Environmental Health got involved, but because the LFN can not be measured in decibels, and they did not have any guidelines about LFN, they said that the noise did not breach regulations?? Trouble was, that no one else, apart from the new people above him, heard it. But they did not want to get involved, as it would mean they might have had problems selling their flat - we have to report any EH involvement when we sell. They also owned another home so they moved into that. I had to move. It was just over a year of hell, basically. I had to tell the person who bought my flat about the problem, she came round one evening to listen and said that she could not hear anything. Lucky her, also lucky me, or I would not have been able to sell.

Jul 28, 2015
New to Hum in Central NJ

Hi everyone,

I am new to the Hum, although now that I think about it, I have been experiencing symptoms for a while and just didn't consciously notice. It is 3:15 am right now. I live in central NJ and I noticed the Hum very blatantly for the first time this evening at about 12:45 am. I awoke from a terrible nightmare with an awful headache and sharp pain in my right ear. It was then that I heard what sounded like a digeridoo. A deep, rolling, continuous bass sound. I initially thought it was trucks passing on the highway nearby or construction. The problem is that the sound was persistent and I could feel it. Like I said, it woke me from sleep with an awful headache and ear pain. I also felt extremely anxious and physically uncomfortable. I woke my boyfriend to see if he could hear it and he did. We went outside and could hear it there as well, but could not identify a source. I have noticed unusual sounds at night before, but this is the first time that it actually disrupted my physical being. I almost felt like a dog being tormented by a dog whistle. It did not seem to effect my boyfriend as much as he was able to go back to sleep, but he did hear it too. It seems to have stopped, I hope. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this in NJ? And also is it the consensus that this is a smart meter issue? I'm also interested in trying the bentonite clay. Has anyone else used this and if so, what brand? Thanks and good luck to all!

Jul 31, 2015
To Dee
by: carol

If Dee is still on here reading comments please can you tell me who you wrote to in your quest to solve or trace the noise.

Are you in the UK Dee?

I have been hearing this 24/7 for over 18 months now. Only 2 periods of silence for a few weeks in that time. It's horrendous!

There are 2 substations in my vicinity. An open air one, which is quiet when beside it and also an enclosed one further away which does give off a hum. But the level of noise seems unlikely to travel into my home as it is low volume and would seem like it would be silenced by closing the door or window on it.

Any one in Scotland have this problem of low frequency humming? I would be interested in ganging up to take action and get the noise properly investigated. The council does not srrm to have appropriate equipment and are more interested in the decibel level than the tone. Least they ate investigating for me but if we don't know the source it can't be stopped or srtvef with a notice.

Please have a look at and join or like the Facebook group Low Frequency Noise Sufferers.
Best to all.

Aug 01, 2015
To Carol
by: Dee

Hello Carol, In the first instance I didn't write to anyone or contact EH because they always ask where the noise is coming from. I eventually discovered which flat it was coming by getting up in the middle of the night, getting dressed and going outside walking around. I did this at least three/four times a week. Then I started going up to each floor and just standing listening to see if I could hear anything. This is how I discovered which flat it was. I did contact EH, but as you say it was all about decibels. Also they had loads of excuses for not coming out after midnight, i.e. they were short staffed and had a large area to cover. blah blah. However the sound cannot be measured in decibels, it require special equipment and special training. There is some interesting government funded research on line. If you google Low Frequency Noise, there was some research done by University of Salford, and some more by a unit in Westminster? Also lots of blogs and papers written about the effects of LFN on people. In one of the pieces of research it put down recommendations for EH departments to purchase the equipment and then train the officers in it's use. However, it is not mandatory for Councils to do this, so with all the financial cuts...don't hold your breath. I am in Herefordshire at the moment, but am having problems so looking to move. I found it an exhausting battle and felt that I could never win. I do hope you have better luck Carol

Aug 02, 2015
Thank you so much Dee
by: Mel

Thank you for your detailed description of how your located the gamer. I believe this is what I have experienced for 5 months. The arrangement of the one and two-story townhomes in my neighborhood make it impossible to locate. Also, the local police have dealt with some of my neighbors (who work for the same county) as if I am a perpetrator when I complain. I am moving and may again if I encounter this again. At least those of us who can hear this LFN can move away and hopefully limit our exposure to the vibroacoustic disease effects of LFN.
Thank you again as you've helped me immensely.

Aug 03, 2015
To Mel
by: Dee

Hello Mel, Glad I was of some help to you. It is very difficult to track down where noise is coming from, especially if it is 'gamer' noise, as it is, I've found, almost impossible to hear the noise outside. I'm sorry you have to move again, this has now happened to me twice, i.e. I am now looking for somewhere to go. Trouble is, gaming is so popular now (with more and more people getting 'addicted' to it and thus, like my neighbour at the moment keep the machines on all the time - it's the machines themselves that produce the LFN) that finding somewhere peaceful to live is hard. I only wish the companies who make these damn machines would think less about profit and do more research on the effects of the noise on humans. Most gaming machines have built in sub-woofers that actually enhance LFN. There needs to be a determined investigation into this, a world that only thinks of financial gain...I cannot see it happening. All the best to you.

Aug 17, 2015
the hum in my left ear
by: Kerry

I am in Canberra, Australia, and have been plagued for a number of months by the intermittent mid range frequency noise, coupled by a low frequency throbbing hum which I only hear through my left ear. My family cannot hear it, my friends cannot hear it...but I fear that it will drive me to distraction. Especially at night, especially when I go outside and hear almost nothing of it. I have walked the streets, I am at a loss, and feeling quite desperate.
what to do? how to block it? any answers?

Aug 17, 2015
to Kerry in Australia
by: Dee

Hello Kerry. From what you say it must be low frequency noise. Your description of the noise matches that of a gaming machine (however it may not be so). However, I never had this problem with LFN until I came to live in close proximity to a gamer who, played constantly, and even when not playing left the machine on. The machine produces the war drum type of noise, the games add different sounds, rumbles, pings, bangs, thumps, sledgehammer type noise, and so on. The issue about not hearing it outside is so common with LFN. I have read about some people who have taken to sleeping outside in a tent or shed because that is the only way they can get any sleep. I know where the noise disturbance I am experiencing is coming from, but as soon as I walk outside - nothing. There's a lot of on line stuff about LFN. It can travel several kilometers (especially in open countryside) it seems. Also it can penetrate through glass, slate, tiles, brick, all matter of building material. Once it's into a building/room it is sounds loud because the walls act as an amplification box. This is info gained from on line searches. It is not that easy to track down when you are outside. I have not found any successful way of blocking it: have tried several different types of ear plugs, cotton wool, headphones, scarves, pillow over my head, etc. etc. I am being driven to despair - for the second time. I've moved once to get away from a gamer in a flat in a floor below me in the block where I used to live, and to my horror there is another in a house right opposite me on the other side of a narrow road. I've actually been considering trying to find a wooden house! Wondering if wood would help to damp down the noise, as sound waves bounce off 'solid' material. It is a nightmare. Sorry not to be of more help, I do hope you get settled soon.

Aug 17, 2015
LFN is Bass
by: Elizabeth

I believe that it's bass frequency. The only way to stop bass frequency is to turn the power off or by distance - move far enough away from it so you no longer hear it or feel it. Since bass has a physical property, you should also be "feeling" the vibration (pulse/beat/resonance). Bass permeates everything - brick walls, eardrums, human bodies, etc. The USA Government and FBI use it as a weapon. You can measure bass with a noise meter or sound level meter using the C weight. New York City (USA) has a noise ordinance that includes bass noise (nuisance):

Sometimes residents are disturbed by pervasive bass sounds that resonate and can be felt physically by a person.

• Bass sounds measurements are weighted in the "C" scale and may not exceed 6 dB(C) above the ambient sound if the ambient sound is greater than 62 dB(C).

If a police officer has a noise meter or sound level meter using the C weight scale, he can cite the violator - if he has an noise nuisance ordinance like New York City's to enforce. You can Google and find their sound level meter (5URG5) for $200 that has the A and C Weight Scale.

Houston, Texas USA has a noise ordinance regarding vibration or resonance from bass:

Regardless of the measurable dB(A) level established in this chapter and measured in a manner provided in section 30-6, the creation of any sound causing persons occupying or using any property other than the property upon which the sound is being generated to be aware of vibrations or resonance caused by the sound shall be prima facie evidence of a sound that unreasonably disturbs, injures, or endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace, or safety of others in violation of this chapter.

I am pushing to get the City of Houston to add New York City's ordinance above and the sound level meter C weight scale in the hands of the Police.

Somehow, we must convince and even educate the authorities on bass or LFN. Push. Where ever you are, push to get ordinances created to end bass noise and vibration. We can do it. We can find a way.

Aug 17, 2015
Newbies: Check for Smart.Grid First!
by: Smart.Grid_Vibes+Hum

All Newbie Commentors should read all prior comments first. It appears that they don't read prior comments first.

To the lady Kerry in AU: I've heard gaming machines & that is NOTHING like the CONSISTENT, STEADY, PULSING, VIBRATING LFN most people are hearing & feeling.

Which ear doesn't matter. I hear/feel it in either/or ear, depends which direction the Smart.Grid "current" is currently "looping" around the neighborhood.

The reason you hear it INSIDE is simple > The Smart.Grid IS IN YOUR WALL-WIRING. It's also in Transmission Lines & Distribution Lines, whether overhead on poles, or underground lines. So some people do hear it outside, depending on how the Grid is laid out in their area. But true, more likely to hear it INSIDE because of having WALLS with WIRING in them.

So, FIRST, check your area to see if your utility company has initiated Smart.Grid Technology. Also check for GAS LINES in your area. They transmit frequencies via "PIGS" (see my comments further above dated 1/13/15, 4/19/15, & 5/19/15).

Then, if no Smart.Grid nor Gas Lines in your area, then you can go on "gaming machine goose chases" if you like, but that gaming sound is really NOT what the majority are describing. Also check for military in your area. Navies use ELF/LFN to communicate with Submarines.

Aug 17, 2015
by: Smart.Grid_Vibes+Hum

Since I did not have "Hearing Amplifiers" on hand to help block ELF (see prior comment 1/13/15), the idea came to me (TYJ!) to use what I DID have > COCONUT OIL stored in the fridge. It is a solid white oil so you cut out a little chunk & completely fill your ears with it & then press a cotton ball on top of the oil to hold it in place.

No, it's not fun having your ears blocked, & it's a little bit messy/greasy, & yes it will eventually melt in your ear, etc. But it definitely seems to help block ELF & even helps block MWR/RF, & it even helps the body to not FEEL the vibrations of the ELF as much, at least for awhile.

Will putting cool/cold (from the fridge or room temp) Coconut Oil in your ears hurt your inner ear? You can get a doctor's opinion first if you like. But I wasn't & still am not worried about it. Since God created Coconuts in Nature, I figure it's totally safe. (If you live in a FREEZING Climate, maybe that would keep the Coconut Oil-In-Ears solid longer, but human body temperature 98.6(?) would probably melt it in your ears eventually anyway).

NEW REVELATION: Just the other day I happened upon an older forum thread re prepping at ATS where the conversation just so happened to veer off to two guys discussing SOUND PROOF ROOMS for Music Studios. One guy was an expert who had built Sound Proof Rooms professionally for Recording Studios. One of the frequencies they must block is ELF/LFN "Bass" because it travels through floors/walls to any adjacent Recording Room(s). I had read about Sound Proof Rooms before & materials they use but had never heard of this > > >

That expert guy described all the materials they use in building Sound Proof Recording Studios (5-pane glass, put a room-within-a-room, etc.), & he included that they then "FLOAT THE ROOM IN OIL"!!!

So there ya go!! I was like, Wow, How about that!! OIL must obviously be what helps them block the ELF/LFN since "Low Frequencies" tend to "hug the ground." So maybe that's why COCONUT OIL also helps block the ELF/LFN from reaching the inner ear!

Lastly, thanks to Elizabeth for that LEGAL info re NY & Houston city codes, etc.

PS: The captcha word this time is "CATTLE" > Exactly what TPTB think of society en masse > a Herd of Dumb Cattle.

Aug 18, 2015
To Elizabeth
by: Dee

Thank you for your very helpful comments, Elizabeth. Unfortunately the UK seems to be way behind in the way it deals with LFN. Everything is measured on the A weighting scale. There seems to be a denial culture, despite the fact that thousands of people in the UK are driven to despair by LFN. Government funded research which has been authorized (due to people committing suicide because of this problem) have resulted in conclusions so 'bland' it's quite obvious that they have no interest but simply don't want to be bothered. I wish I had a copy of your comments to send to my local Environmental Health department, as I've argued the point about C weighting measurement, and they are suggesting there is no such thing!

Aug 18, 2015
Smart.Grid - Vibes
by: Dee

Thank you for your tip about coconut oil. I have used also olive oil, and various other 'oily' substances. Apart from ending up with a greasy ear, neck and hair, I've found, sadly, that they don't work. Electric grids, gas lines, pylons, telephone wires, etc. have all been taken into consideration and, I agree, that in some cases there could be a problem. However, I've lived all my life in a variety of different properties all with electric wiring, some with gas, some near pylons, most with telephone wires, etc., and have only experienced this problem with LFN during the two occasions I have ended up living in close proximity to gamers. I have friends who are gamers, most of them responsible in setting their volume levels. My son is a grown up gamer (he doesn't obviously live with me) I know the sound that gaming machines make when used and when 'ticking over' and this is the sound that I am hearing. OK, not everyone will have the problem - only two of the other residents here are bothered by the noise - other residents don't hear it. Which is, of course, a huge part of the problem,i.e. only about 1 in 50 of the population in the UK is bothered by LFN. I could go down the route of stripping out all of the electrical wiring in my flat, but I don't think the landlord would be too happy! I certainly accept that other people's experience with LFN is not down to gamers, but other reasons, everyone is different. I will certainly try your tip about using cotton wool soaked in Coconut oil.

Aug 18, 2015
UK environmental health departments
by: Dee

OK. This will probably only apply to people from the UK who have a sensitivity to LFN. I have just been informed by my local EH department that: they don't deal with people who have this particular noise sensitivity!! i.e. the noise has to be something that can be heard by - 'an average, normal, reasonable person!' I asked what a normal person was? Couldn't tell me. An average person? Same answer. A reasonable person (reasonable based on what measurement) Same answer. I cannot find any organization in the UK which assists and 1 in 50 of the population who are sensitive to LFN. Does anyone in the UK know of such an organization? If so, please let me know, because it is about time the laws regarding how EH departments worked, was changed. Thank you

Aug 18, 2015
Hi Dee!
by: Smart.Grid_Vibes+Hum

Thanks, Dee, for the add'l info. When I speak of the Power Grid powerlines, wall-wiring, etc., being the cause of ELF, I mean that in regards to the "Smart Grid." If the UK does not yet have the Smart Grid AMI ("Advanced Metering Infrastructure"), then that would not be the cause for you folks.

There used to be a group in the UK, LFNSA (Low Frequency Noise Sufferers Assoc.), but I don't know if it still exists. Try googling LFN Sufferers:

John Dawes is over there in the UK & he's been researching the UK LF Hum for a long time & has a google group called "Hum Sufferers." Dawes thinks the UK LF Hum is coming from the USA's 60-hertz Power Grid:!forum/hum-sufferers

Coconut Oil is solid vs Olive Oil being runny liquid. So the chunk of solid Coconut Oil in ear acts as a barrier (plus the cotton ball on top to prevent it leaking after it begins to melt). It's only a temporary "help" & not perfect, for sure.

Supposedly a cheap drugstore generic "Hearing Amplifier" can turn LF up into "normal hearing range" which supposedly then cancels out the LF (see my first comment from Jan.2015). I haven't tried one of those, so cannot say; & I heard they are uncomfortable to wear & impossible to sleep with (the gadget shape/size hurts ears).

Hang in there!

(PS: Captcha word now says IODINE! Funny because I began using topical iodine in recent months to hold back EMF/MWR/ELF radiation damage!)

Aug 18, 2015
To Smart.Grid - Vibes
by: Dee

Thank you for the information about LFN suffers groups. My latest find resulted in being told the e mail address was no longer in use. Then I looked at the info and saw that it was written years ago, so I guess group no longer in use. I guess it would be helpful if people dismantled their web sites when they no longer used them! Thus, my plea for help on this forum. I've tried other possibles in the past, but no response. To be honest, I think people just give up in the face of the governments disinterest, and obstruction to progress, with this problem. There are now too many people in the UK having a problem with LFN, and for the gov. to acknowledge them would be finally admitting to a problem. No way will they do that. It would open the biggest can of worms ever. Our laws in the UK are pathetic when it comes to minority groups' sufferings and harm. However, as soon as I can find some people willing to form a support group with the remit of being focused on active campaigning the better. Who is John Dawes? Is he someone sympathetic to the problems experienced by LFN suffers? Re the amplifier thing. Not heard of them over here (years behind the times as usual). I have tried sleeping in supposedly 'noise blocking' headphones, but of course very uncomfortable and also, I realized, that the 'noise blocking' bit is to stop noise intrusion when listening to music, not to block noise out completely. I wish!

Aug 18, 2015
by: Brown-Noise

Plse all sufferers take a look at a report by Geoff Leventhall for DEFRA from 2004. This vibration caused Scotland to commission several reports and they are ions ahead n admitting there exists an environmental health issue. I have spent thousands on trying to prove I am not neurotic. But having read today Wikipedia articleBrown noise, I realise that I suffer serious sleep deprivation and weight loss due to LFN. Those frequencies are so dangerous they cause body cells literally to oscillate or resonate. And, worse, can cause involuntary bowel actions. After my nightly sleep disturbances I need to be in the loo 4-6 times in rapid succession. I bought an EARTHPULSE and realise it yields 1Hz-14.6Hz in all settings which is not good as made me hyper. Was advised to switch a fan on, and that, with melatonin has been the only way to block,out the Hum. Getting the house dowsed would not help as EMF is not the same as the pulsed droning we hear. Underground water, the Grid, substations, pylons, neighbours' devices, 4G... All of the above, and probably a cover up. What is the alternative . I've switched off the Mains at night, fridge off was bliss, but still the intermittent droning which is felt, not heard, absorbed by the entire body. Maybe there are more of us being sensitised, but I suspect it is increasing power use exponentially. And yes, what a handy inexpensive way to annoy a neighbour. If DEFRA commissioned aPhD because so many employees were/are affected, why isn't there some government action. The power companies will have their lobby much as the mercury using dentist fraternity does. Can't even move home as it is ubiquitous. Lobotomy anybody? Then we wouldn't care either way

Aug 18, 2015
To Brown Noise
by: Dee

Hello, thanks for your very interesting and insightful post. Agree am totally perplexed at lack of Gov action. Although, having said that, I am not really surprised; as I said in my last post: to admit there is a problem opens a huge, nasty, tangled can of worms because then they have to do something, and that will cost. Although - I imagine the cost will be passed on to the already hard ridden tax payers. Have read Levenhall; also Defra funded research undergone at Salford Uni, trouble is the conclusions (at Salford) were so bland as to be useless. Most of it really made me cross, but what made me furious was the ides, not well hidden between the lines, that people who have sensitivity to LFN are somehow 'responsible' i.e. it's their reactions to it that are to blame - therefore we should all undergo CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) which in the past used to be called Aversion Therapy and was used to help people with phobias - that caused interference in living their lives - to over come them!! Can you imagine going down that route and, of course, still hearing and feeling the noise, and being told you 'aren't trying hard enough to overcome your 'phobia!' Very interested in your use of Melatonin, may try that. I also have fan, and also purchased a quite expensive 'Sound Therapy System.' This can work if the volume is turned up high, but the LFN still cuts through it. I hadn't realized Scotland was so far ahead with getting a handle on this. Do you know if there is any research carried out in Scotland that has well drawn, decisive, conclusions. I am searching for something to throw at my local EH department. I've copied stuff to them about the dangers of LFN (and it has the same physical effects on me, too) but they just won't have it. I need something hard hitting that they cannot ignore.

Aug 18, 2015
by: Brown-noise

Dee I believe there has to be a group lobby to MPs, councils, etc. I have done masses of research as heard the hum for over 30yrs when I was v isolated as no-one but no-one understood then. I will post the sites I've downloaded. They are much more sympathetic and recognisant of the effects on health. I didn't mention that studies performed at the RFH during a concert when they emitted the bands caused members of the audience to become fearful, tearful and filled with awe and fear. That is mentioned on Wikipedia also. Hence the bowels.... I also have adrenalin sensitivity which goes with the brain type. I hear the mosquito emissions in the higher frequencies also. Was told I have a primitive skull shape by Osteo PhD and am hyper alert. I also think the beached whales , dolphins probably react to sound waves in the oceans created by the NATO defence naval systems. It is a huge problem but worsened for us as not one of my friends, family members etc take it seriously. The papers I cite mention isolation too. I have found numerous USA sites where States sometimes even compensate. The dangers as I see them, are that the Grid is being ever added to, the natural healthy frequencies of the earth are interfered with and we are branded electro sensitives when in fact we should act as a signal of what is to come. It can only get worse. I'll post the links on my research tomorrow as am fading due to a v bad night last night....

Aug 18, 2015
Group action
by: Brown-Noise

Perhaps all UK sufferers on here should post which area they live in. Even part postcode.... there may be a line corresponding with Grid lines, water, wind turbines (create hum up to 7km). LFN passes through concrete and increases intensity at that distance... Underground mines and unused quarries were mentioned in the EMF protection sites.

I would buy a battery, off grid, but having tried to sleep with Mains off, it made little difference.

Aug 18, 2015
Brown Nose
by: Dee

Sorry you having a bad night. My problems with LFN only started about two years ago when I moved into a new flat in a new block. About a month later a young man moved in to a ground floor flat. He was (I guess still is) a 'gamer' 24 hours a day. He obviously didn't 'game' for 24 hours, but he left the media centre switched on for 24 hours whether gaming or not. The machine (media centre) made a constant, low, heavy, war drum type of noise, so it was literally 24 hours a day. Tried talking to him but he became aggressive and would not turn the volume down. He owned his flat, as did I mine, and EH were useless. I had to move and to my horror, I found I had moved opposite to a large family who also game all the time and leave the machine switched on. Sometimes the volume is turned down, it is audible then and just about bearable, but evenings, nights, weekends, it's full blast. I have contacted EH and insisted they use a C weighting to measure the sound. However, they are very reluctant to do anything and just keep saying that 'they won't pick anything up, no one else hears it, blah blah blah.' My family, like yours, do not believe me and do not support me. I've jumped through all the medical hoops I can, ENT (not tinnitus), Neurology (no sign of damage to nerves or brain) Psychiatry (not psychotic, paranoid, manic - although sometimes depressed due to lack of sleep!) All this at the behest of my family, who even now don't want to believe me or support me. I totally, absolutely, agree that we need a cohesive, dedicated group of people to campaign and lobby the government. However, all the three support groups for LFN suffers that I found - two only had addresses, I wrote and no one responded. No e mail or phone numbers. The last one had an e mail address which was not in use. So I have written today and hope I get a response. I really want to get a handle on this, but sometimes I am so sleep deprived and also am trying to find somewhere else to live, that there do not seem to be enough hours in each day. I have, however, e mailed a copy of the HG Leventhall report to the senior EH officer at my local council, and asked her to get back to me with her comments!! Watch this space. I look forward to receiving the Scottish reports when you are able to send them. I hope your night improves.

Aug 18, 2015
Group Action
by: Another Susan

In answer to Brown-Noise - GL8. I'm doubtful its 'gamers' - see 'Bristol Hum' on Google. A recording has been made which is identical to the sound I hear (it can be heard beneath the sound of the recording machine).

Aug 18, 2015
Scotland acknowledges....
by: Brown noise

Dee this is the dynamite site which may give you the ammo.

I pity you and all those who must endure this purgatorial torture. Guantanamo used sleep deprivation as torture. I only hope the all nighters are the root of your disruption. I once got tortured when my husband was alive; it was his electric toothbrush, just innocently plugged in, very similar in sound to the hum.

Sometimes at night, I can feel my forehead wince in time to the pulsating humming. I was convinced it was neighbours, but now realise it may be " in the air" or further afield, or underground or all of the above. At a previous address I got up at 3am walked up the road, 6 houses away and saw the TV on. I knocked on their door next day but they insisted I couldn't hear it as their children upstairs did not. That is the extent of the ignorance. I just heard the low thumping muzzled drone and followed it. It really may be just a difference in brains and their development. But even one sufferer is too many, it could drive anyone to insanity and worse. Let us know what your comments are on the paper....

Aug 18, 2015
Bristol hum
by: Brown noise

Another Susan I was originally from Bristol and heard that in my 20s, sharing a flat with sister who never heard it. It is exactly what I feel (hear) up here. I had 12 years in ths USA but was never troubled (80s). It has got progressively worse I'm sure with the advent of 4G and more phone masts. one paper said we get so tuned in that we are subconsciously listening for it. I was told to try meditation! Yeah right been doing that and yoga for 20 yrs. That we should do CBT etc, but why...this is not imaginary, it's real and once you pick it up, it is just not possible to tune out. Even moving house which I've considered numerous times, including actually accepting offers on my home (Oxon) is not a solution as you'd have to camp outside any prospective new home for at least a week. That Scottish link above is worth reading as they are sympathetic to the problem. I joked that I was connected to the grid after I had a hip implant. Now I read that sufferers can sometimes feel the tingling down the leg into the ground, or down an arc through the bed (wiki I think it was). That tingling was in time to the throb, pulse of the humming. It is excruciating. Apparently if you sleep in a tent, earthed to the ground, you won't hear it. Has anyone disproved this?

Aug 18, 2015
Another Susan
by: Dee

You've put your finger on the pulse. There is not just one source of LFN, there are many, and that has been proven by individuals with differing complaints about what they hear. People hear different types of noise that all come under the umbrella of LFN. Just as there are many different types of High sounding noises. I know people who can hear a hum, but I can't hear what they hear. And many people can't hear what I hear, only two other residents where I live can, but not to the point that it bothers them. Home media centers have built in sub-woofers which accentuate LFN and push the sound out. It just seems to be at the heavy density of bass that really affects me. I wish it were not so.

Aug 18, 2015
Bristol Hum
by: Another Susan

I've posted this before and is the sound I hear. Does anyone else hear this sound, or different ones.
Listen carefully as it's underneath the crackle of the recording machine. This is what's become known as the Bristol Hum (Google it).

Aug 18, 2015
Brown Nose
by: Dee

Thank you for sending the paper. I will certainly read that with great interest. I know what you mean about the 'TV down the road.' You are right different sounds affect different people, and as we know LFN can carry for miles, especially at night when there is no ambient sound around. And yes, the ignorance of people is mind numbing. But very typical of the reaction to any 'unseen' ailment, illness, etc. If people can see you have a health problem/disability that's OK, but if they can't see it then: well - you must be making it up/imagining it/attention seeking, and so on! I get the same pulsing feeling in my head and sometimes the vibration is so bad that it feels like someone is giving me electric shocks straight into my brain. It used to be just the type of noise emitted by these gaming machines but now I've noticed that sometimes, when I'm out in town with all the heavy traffic, I feel a vibration through my body which is uncomfortable. I had hoped so much exposure to LFN would have desensitized me to it, but it seems not. Oh Joy!

Aug 18, 2015
Deep ocean sounds.....
by: Brown noise

Another Susan, the Bristol Post published scientific article by a French scientist who says it's deep ocean sounds causing the Bristol hum. Ironic when the most hypnotic and seductive sound is that of the ocean. You don't hear the hum if you're in the range of crashing waves..

Aug 19, 2015
To Brown Nose
by: Dee

Have read the Scottish report on LFN several times, and also sent to my local EH dept. Thank you so much for forwarding the link to me. Made lots of sense and the Scots seem to have more sympathy for the issue. The only suggestion I have (and this is for all UK LFN suffers who use this site) is that all the people in the UK who suffer from LFN problems write to: The Rt Hon. Elizabeth Truss who is the Tory MP for Environment and Rural Affairs. Also to Maria Eagle who is the shadow MP in the opposition. I don't know how much good it will do, probably not much to start with. However, if everyone who experiences problems wrote and explained just how they suffer and how much, then someone should take notice. At least you will get a response as MP's are duty bound to respond to letters. Also, before writing, read the Scottish report on the link given by Brown Nose and also the Leventhall report which can be found on the web. There are also many other reports written by various 'experts' all over the world.

Aug 19, 2015
by: Don

Smart Grids is correct. Between the over head power lines and the pipelines,y'all can decide which is worse. And they are all over the world. Smart grid May 19th post answers ALL your questions for origin.READ THE PRIOR POSTS!READ THE PRIOR POSTS.

Aug 19, 2015
by: Brown noise (note)

Dee I will certainly write to the MPs concerned; thanks for doing the ground work. My instinct is that nothing will or can happen. What can they do, dismantle the entire Grid.. But there surely must be sufferers among the Environment fraternity. Or in Westminster. I'm buying a Lectro fan unit which can emit white noise of the rain, oceans etc variety. My fan is far too loud, blows out dry air and is costly to keep going. If Geoff Leventhall tells me I can only mask the vibrations, then there's not much more hope. What concerns me is if it can affect the bowels by way of causing oscillating, how much damage to the brain. I've got elevated metal ions (v high) and wonder how much of my brain fog is attributable to sleep disturbance from the hum and how much to ion particles. To the person who wrote about fish tank at adjoining wall, I read the disturbance is not proportional to the size of the cause. I am currently investigating with the council the date at which the wind turbines were installed as the disturbance is getting worse. Incidentally, the EARTHPULSE emits at up to 14.6Hz which luckily is below the levels of the Hum . I'm persevering with it. Personally I'm working on masking it as I don't think it'll be going anywhere in our lifetime.

Aug 23, 2015
Humming/vibration in your ears
by: Stephanie

Hi Susan, I have experienced this same sound in my previous house. I was told it might be a hot tub but the neighbor who I was sure had the hot tub would not admit to having it, let alone changing anything about the motor. I finally sold the house and moved as it was driving me truly insane. In my new house I was hum/vibration free for almost a year, and then new neighbors moved in. Immediately after they installed their new hot tub and turned it on, I woke up in the middle of the night with this humming/vibration ringing in my ears. I knew then exactly what it was. I spoke to them about turning it down, and they did, and it's been ok for the most part - although whenever it cycles in a higher gear I get that same vibration/humming which wakes me up and causes me great discomfort.

Aug 23, 2015
World Map of the HUM
by: Brown noise

I urge you all to register your postcode/zip code on the world map of the Hum. .. Interesting to compare with wind turbine distribution.

Aug 23, 2015
Areas of UK
by: Dee

I live in Herefordshire. Apparently, they have masses of complaints about LFN, and it's a real issue. Problem, though, is that different people hear different sounds. people are affected, both physically and mentally, seem very similar.

Aug 24, 2015
LFN - Another UK case
by: AT

Just been reading all your posts. I've been reading about lfn for many months now inc. Leventhal etc. & am amazed at the fact that although it's been proven to be a real & serious problem, there is no legislation in the UK that actually deals with it.
For the past 2 years our neighbours who live in the flat below ours have been causing my partner and I, but more recently my partner, intense noise disturbance. It started with loud music & parties but after several months of trying to get some action, finally getting an abatement notice served on them by the local council, the noise has changed to lfn - bass/gaming? My partner is getting unwell as a result, cannot sleep in the flat anymore & has even had to book the odd hotel room to get some peace. As the noise level is considered too low to be a statutory nuisance (apparently noise machines don't pick it up) the council say they can do no more. Am happy to write to MPs etc. but will wholeheartedly support a lobbying/pressure group if there is one..?

Aug 24, 2015
To AT new case - UK
by: Dee

Sounds as thought your noise problem could be LFN. EH departments have been 'advised' on the how to cope with the problem. my last place the EH were worse than useless. The usual noise monitoring device that they use is on the A weighting which is no good for picking up LFN. You have to insist that they use a C or G weighting. Ask them to put in writing that this is what they will do. Mind you I asked...and have not received! I have also asked for a print out of the results of the noise testing. Again...we shall see. Part of the problem, I feel, is that following gov funded research carried out by Defra, EH departments of Councils were 'advised that they should follow the guidelines recommended.' However this was not made a mandatory rule. I believe it is because there are so many different sources of LFN that for the gov to investigate all would cost - a lot - and, possibly open a large can of worms, i.e. there is much belief that some LFN is caused by Smart Grid, gas pipes, pylons, etc, as well as domestic noise nuisance, i.e. bass/gaming. My problem, both times, has been when I moved, and it bought me into close proximity with 'gamers.'The first time the gamer moved in a month after me, the second time (because no one else seemed bothered) I was not told. To be fair, I didn't ask! But because only approximately 1 - 50 of the population hears LFN, it is an added onus trying to get it taken seriously as a problem. I hadn't realized how much 'gaming' goes on! LFN is a real and serious problem and I can understand your partner being unwell. LFN has caused me untold health issues, and (I don't know if you looked at any of the other research on the Leventhall page), but there is an interesting one about the kinds of health problems caused by exposure to LFN on an ongoing basis. So far I have found three different addresses for an LFN suffers association and have contacted them all in writing with no response. An e mail given for one was not in use! I agree a support group is needed to help to lobby parliament to look at this problem. Writing to the Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss - Secretary for Environment and Rural Affair, and also to her shadow Maria Eagle is a good start, but it would need everyone who has a problem with LFN to do so, probably more than once.

Aug 24, 2015
by: Brown note/noise

FYI cat repellent devices emit 26Hz . That is a danger frequency for me. My neighbour has removed his after aeons on the very day I called the council!I now know all the frequencies I sense by listening to the range up to 60Hz on YouTube.

Last night I went to a hotel for a good nights rest in a high ceilinged room with thick walls. Jumped awake at 3.10am and heard it through the fan AND the ipad giving out 572Hz. Why does it seem to affect me at these times, viz., 1 am ish. 3am ish and 4.30 ish. I then found out the nearest turbine was even nearer to the hotel. If it is wholly the Grid, why does it peak around this area at those hours.

The Lectro box arrived today and you can select one setting (out of 10) which resembles a radio needing tuning which I understand also may drown out LFN. I will be well armed with data when the engineer visits. It will be interesting to play him the frequencies 1-60 and see which of us does not hear... And I don't think it will be me. 1in 50 people is a lot; you would think just someone in Westminster, the Lords, anywhere in the echelons of power might be a "sensitive". Or even one of the utilities technical and engineering employees. It is baffling

Aug 24, 2015
Mystery hum driving me nuts!
by: Julia

Hi there,
I found this forum after lying awake most nights for the past month. I live in Sydney, Australia in a fairly urbanized area.
I am not the greatest sleeper at the best of times and always use earplugs.
About a month ago I detected this bizarre oscillating hum/buzz like a low flying light aircraft or engine idling but never never stopping. Not even long enough for me to drop off to sleep!
After trying to sleep in various other rooms in the house to no avail, I am now forced to take sleeping pills which give me 6 hours of rubbish sleep and have me waking at 5,30am like a zombie.
My husband can't hear it and I have called numerous local agencies (council and organisations doing roadworks/railworks in the area) all have denied they are doing nightwork and because I can't locate the source of the sound, it is even MORE frustrating! Worst thing is, because of the constant low frequency vibration, earplugs almost make it worse. There is no getting away from the sound and no relief.
One thing I noticed from your posts - I have had ear surgery as a child and lots of scarring on my eardrums - could this be a cause? If so, why have I only just started hearing this hum?
Also, we have 132000 Volt underground cables currently being laid down our street - the sound seems to have started when this did - but I can't be sure....could this be a factor? If so, what can I do about it?
I am so sleep deprived it is all a blur :-(

Aug 24, 2015
Hum is Global
by: Shane

The Hum is Global. Every state in the US I've been to I can hear it. I can hear it even away from the grid high up in the mountains where there is no cell service/signal or any power lines....It's Global!!! I've come to the conclusion that it's either man made or the sun is reacting with the Earth and the rest of the planets in our solar system. Lately, some really unique stuff has been happening to the solar system and it's attributed to the sun and the change thereof.

Aug 25, 2015
To Julia in Sydney
by: Dee

I don't know how old you are Julia but it seems, from statistics, that more older people have problems with LFN than younger people; especially older women. One of the EH officer who visited my home actually confirmed this: he said that young people have a hearing range that includes very high pitched noise - sometimes painful. Most complaints - but certainly not all - about LFN have been from older people. I, too, had ear disease on and off as a child. When I got older it became worse and I endured several surgical operations on my right ear (in which I now have no hearing at all). I think this may have encouraged my left ear to try to compensate but, being an older person, it has developed this LFN sensitivity. Much of the problem seems to be that there are several different sources of LFN - this makes sense to me - because we have more sophisticated technology at our fingertips which means, of course, that we need improved power lines, phone masts, TV aerials, etc. I wish I knew what to suggest to you, but like you I found ear plugs useless (I must have spent a fortune on different ones) I do have a noise therapy machine which plays different sounds. However, the LFN penetrates through this, even thought I have it on so loud I'm surprised the neighbours haven't complained! I take sleeping pills each night, and my doc has now agreed to try me on Gabapentin which is an anti-seizure drug. It does seem to deaden the aural nerves slightly (enough for me to get to sleep without resorting to a sleeping pill) does wear off and I get woken up by the LFN around 4am - 5am. I wish I knew what to suggest to you because I know how awful sleep deprivation is. I am trying to find somewhere else to live, but everywhere I go I hear this noise. Not so bad in the day time with the ambient sounds, but night time is a different matter.

Aug 25, 2015
by: Dee

It does seem to be a global problem. But how and why? I think it is probably man made due to all the new technology around. It seems that we humans have an urgent need to 'develop' any area of the planet that we haven't settled. Interesting your comments about the solar system and the sun. Maybe our poor, over crowded, beleaguered planet is finally turning against us

Aug 25, 2015
Brown Nose
by: Dee

Interesting comment about being woken up at 3am - 4am. I find this as well. Anything really from 2.30am to 4.30am. I can't see how it is the grid, but there again I don't have any other suggestions to offer. However, I find rooms with high ceilings worse to sleep in. With me, the smaller the rooms and lower the ceilings, the better. This is what is so frustrating about LFN, it affects individuals in different ways, and obviously there are many causes. Oh Joy!
Let us know how you get on with your Electro device, and what frequencies you could hear and the technician couldn't and vice versa. Good luck with it. If you have found an answer to LFN disturbance with this equipment, then a lot of people, including me, will be very grateful.

Aug 25, 2015
Councils response
by: Brown noise

Here are a few paragraphs from the local EH fief sound officer. He goes to state they are bound to stick to government guidelines (which we know from the Leventhall report) . I don't hold out much hope in identifying the causes. They look for LFN but it's in our brains that we feel this. I slept until 5am with the Lectro (love it) but the LFN was felt then down my leg as a VIBRATION. I'm sure it's our brains which differ. The Osteo said my skeletal shape was a throw back and was not surprised at the fight or flee response.


Low frequency noise and infrasound is naturally present in the environment since it can be generated by air and water turbulence as caused by wind, and waves for example. It can also be produced by rotational and reciprocating machinery and typical sources might be, compressors, diesel engines, aircraft, shipping, combustion, cooling tower, boilers, electrical installations, air conditioning plant, and aircraft for example.
Structure borne noise, originating in vibration, can transmit sound and vibration, sourced from inside or outside, to other parts of a building depending on the character of the noise and how the building has been constructed and the materials it is made of. Also resonance effects can occur in enclosed or partially enclosed spaces such that this may amplify the noise. A room with an open door or window can act as a Helmholtz resonator to generate standing waves that produce an effect that is similar to that obtained when blowing across the top of an empty bottle. Resonances in a normal sized domestic room occur in the low frequency region. For example, a room of dimensions 4m by 5m by 2.5m has low frequency resonances from 34 Hz upwards. Resonances increase the sound level in parts of the room whilst decreasing it in others. The resonance frequency is lower for greater volumes.

Expert advice received by the Government states that evidence on health effects of low frequency noise is ambiguous and there is no evidence to demonstrate it can have a direct physiological effect on the body. Also the advice is that there isn’t a scientific consensus that infrasonic noise below the threshold of hearing will have an adverse effect on health since there is scientific uncertainty regarding the understanding of human response to infrasound. However, I am aware that there continues to be an on-going debate within and between the Government, acoustic and health communities regarding low frequency noise/infrasound and its impacts. Whilst local authorities have a responsibility, along with other agencies, to regulate noise pollution, they are not in a position to peer review the validity of findings/conclusions/recommendations as published in various research papers on the subject other than to take advice from the Government and its experts on these matters.

The Government has published guidance for local authorities on low frequency noise but it is recognised that there is still much research to be done to gain a fuller understanding of its effects, and how sources can be identified, assessed and managed. It has to be recognised that sources of low frequency noise(s)/infrasound(s) are difficult to identify, measure and assess because these occur at or below the margins of the threshold of audibility of many people, and it may be difficult or not possible to identify a source or threshold of impact required before the legislation local authorities have available can be used (i.e. the Statutory Nuisance Provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 for example).

Aug 25, 2015
To Brown Nose
by: Dee

Very interesting reading, thank you. I must say I do wonder why it is that the majority of people who are troubled by LFN are older people, and more women have problems with it, than men? I think there is something to be said for the 'fight/flight' response. This, though, is to all noise which is unexpected. Even when we are sleeping the brain is constantly monitoring our surroundings to protect us against threat/attack. Which is why a small noise can awaken you from sleep even though, when you wake, you don't know what it was that woke you. From my own experiences I think that constant, long term, exposure to LFN can cause health problems. Research has suggested that noise at night, disturbs sleep, even if it doesn't wake you up, and can cause all manner of physical problems. So glad the Lectro worked for you. What exactly is it? How does it work? Where can we buy them? Sounds as thought you may have hit on a solution. Well done. Even if it only works for some people it is worth trying. I don't quite understand the skeletal thing, about skeletal throw back. Could you explain?

Aug 25, 2015
Lectro et al
by: Brown Noise

Dee, the Lectro bought from Amazon for about £70. It has about a dozen sounds, all similar to varying levels of fan volume. However it doesnt blow air as my loud fan did, drying the air and v cumbersome. Lectro is lightweight, simple, size of small tin of candy. I took 10mg melatonin and I buy GABA (not gabapentin, note) from iherb, ca. That's gamma amino butyric acid. Iherb is v inexpensive even with $8 mailing; arrives in a couple of days.

The brain type is primitive, Neanderthal. I could hear the anti nuisance"mosquito" sound when broadcast by the BBC. It's not meant to be picked up by anyone over 21 or so. I think the senses are hyper aware. I have a biggish occipital bulge at the back of the skull.

At a dinner party I jumped out of my seat a second BEFORE the glass candle holder cracked - deafening for me, no one else batted an eyelid. They weren't even aware it had cracked. This characteristic in me is isolating in itself. The Osteo noted my long toes and arms and was not surprised when I detailed things I picked up that no one else was aware of. Someone several blocks away was washing a car and had the radio on. I heard it from my garden as the most disorienting thumping. Again, no one else could hear it. I had to walk and find it and ask him to turn it down. That I hear LFN/brown note is an affliction of my "type"; older female etc. However, I heard the Bristol hum in my 20s when no one in the family could hear it.

I thought the EH officers comments about windows, double glazing, amplification and the analogy of blowing across the neck of a bottle interesting. Using turbines as an example, they don't have to be within a couple of Km if indeed the sound/vibrations increases exponentially with distance.

But as you say, it's interesting that we get woken at those times. Now, at 8.36pm, I have nothing on , switched the fridge off and can hear the HUM distinctly, rhythmically.

They will measure my house thankfully and if I get a reading I will know what to do with prospective homes to buy. Mr Leventhall told me the best thing is to learn to live it, but I've suffered at various addresses over 30 years. A noise can override or mask another noise, but how do you mask a vibration..

One final thought is hypnosis. It can be very powerful but you need an expert. I thought of trying to get in touch with (if it's him) Paul McKenna. If they can operate with no anaesthetic with hypnosis, then why not. Presumably during surgery you would not even hear the drilling and sawing, yuk!

Aug 25, 2015
Selective "hearing"
by: Brown noise

P.S. A few years ago, I slept through my smoke alarm AND the ensuing arrival of the fire brigade, ringing my door bell, climbing through an upstairs window, en masse only to respond when one of them shook me from my slumber. Trains outside my window in one apartment in the USA twenty years ago, did not disturb my sleep at all. However at certain locations in Washington DC I sensed it, in particular at one friend's apartment, sixth floor in a huge building.

If you look at world map of the HUM, there is more coastal occurrence in Europe and beyond. North Bristol Channel too. The western gazette in Plymouth printed an article about their HUM and the turbine connection. I really don't understand why government isn't more active, but then look how slow they've been over mercury amalgam. You can put it in teeth, but you need protection by law to remove it with special equipment and monitoring, bonkers

Aug 25, 2015
Electro et al by Brown Noise
by: Another Susan

Very interesting comments coming through now. I sleep with my bedroom door open so have just closed it (3.45am), but I can still hear the hum. I also wake between 1.30am-2.30am and had thought it was down to needing less sleep as I was getting older (62), but perhaps not. Re the a Electro - £70 is expensive and it appears to do the same as an iPhone app that you can buy very cheaply - or have I misunderstood what it does?

Aug 26, 2015
Lectro vs apps ets
by: Brown noise

All I can say about Lectro is that fir the first time in 30 yrs I've slept two nights in a row on the Lectro setting WHITE NOISE. at number 10 setting (there are another 10 fan noises).

But, during all my mammoth research, I read that when councils have set up listening equipment in people's homes, the HUM mysteriously disappears. As soon as my council responded, there was silence at 0200 am when I went to the bathroom! Now I've slept 2 nights, I hope it isn't a case of "mother! father, kindly disregard this letter"! A la Lerner!

I don't like leaving wifi on at night, nor any other electrical equipment plugged in. I was about to have my home dowsed for EMF so bad was my sleep. I bought the £500 EARTHPULSE which, if you can afford it, is good to replenish in the mornings after a nuit Blanche. That was before I realised I wasn't on my own in hearing the HUM. And that masking it can restore sleep, and therefore, judgment.

Again, world map of the hum is set up for everyone whose lives are disrupted by lack of sleep, and I urge that you all key in your postcode to add to that resource.

Aug 26, 2015
by: Brown noise

All of you should see the damning report below, but especially those in Australia.... health/symptoms

Even the employees testing the low frequencies were made ill.
This is HUGE. I sent it to my council, and they were VERY quick in getting back to me.

Aug 26, 2015
To Brown Nose
by: Dee

Hello. Wow, this is fantastic information. You have done so much research. Now you've explained about the skeletal shape, I realize I have similar shape to back of skull. Also an osteo once commented that I had quite long arms!! But my legs are quite long as well, so not sure if that meant anything. I am certainly going to look into this Lectro. The noise therapy thing I bought (same cost) does have some interesting sounds but the LFN seems to slide under even the most effective ones. I had same problem with fan, dried the air and I woke up with dry mouth and coughing. Never knew about the herbal Gaba so will look into that. The only reason I can think of that the gov. are ignoring this problem is because of reasons we've cited in the past, in this website,i.e. there is more than one source of LFN, so it isn't easy to pin down; it could be due to electrical installations, grids, wind machines, etc, etc, and if so it would cost too much and cause to much disruption to change anything. I was pretty cross at the suggestion that people who suffer from LFN should undergo CBT, i.e. once called Aversion Therapy. Most of us know it couldn't work, because LFN won't go away. However, it's a typical gov trick to blame the 'victim' and take the spotlight off there own extreme reluctance to take any action, thus washing their hands of 1 in 50 of the population whose live are being made a living hell. The least that could be done is to acknowledge these 1 in 50 and offer some kind of funding to buy masking equipment - but don't hold your breath on that one. You've made some very, very, helpful suggestions, Brown Nose. I hope that everyone who reads the posts can feel more hopeful that there may be some help out there. Will now down load and read the link you've provided. If it made your EH dept sit up and take notice, then it could have the same effect on mine.

Aug 26, 2015
Brown Noise (nose)
by: Another Susan

Have to laugh 😂, but I do wish people would stop typing "Brown Nose" - it has a totally different meaning to "Brown Noise" lol

Aug 26, 2015
Brown Noise
by: Dee

OMG I am so sorry Brown Noise! Blame it on LFN syndrome. I find myself getting really muddled sometimes when the sleep deprivation kicks in with a vengeance. I play Scrabble against the computer to try to keep the mind ticking over, and some of the words I've been putting down lately....when I'm told 'not an acceptable word' I get cross until I look closer...and they're right. By the way the waubra stuff seems to be mainly about noise from Wind Farms. I've copied the stuff about health problems caused by LFN to my EH office. Just hoping they take me seriously. Not sure I can take me seriously though, the way my mind is all over the place! Thanks for pointing the missing 'i' out Another Susan.

Aug 26, 2015
Brown Noise by Dee
by: Another Susan

Hi Dee, I'm another Scrabbler in my very early waking hours. I play online - there's always someone in the world up and about in the hours when I can't get back to sleep.

Aug 26, 2015
to Another Susan
by: Dee

Hi Susan. I actually used to really love those early morning hours just before, and as, it is becoming light, and there is no one around. It used to be so quiet and so new and fresh, like the beginning of the world. And you know what - this is the first time I've thought about it, but LFN has ruined it. The last time I knew such peace and quiet was over two years ago when I lived in the countryside. There now seems to be noise 24/7 without ceasing. At least on line scrabble helps a bit, I can always say rude things to the computer when it lays down highly debatable words! Interesting that if you challenge the computer it doesn't remove the word, but if it challenges you, you have to remove it. Hmmm! Happy Scrabbling

Aug 26, 2015
Brown either way

NOSE sometimes name given on some USA sites I've researched. Because LFN affects the sympathetic nervous system, it can cause loose bowels. Read my previous; I get so anxious when awoken by the HUM, DRONE blah blah that the following morning I go the loo many times in succession and was losing weight. I have a brilliant diet, do yoga, have no financial worries etc, yet still the night awakenings were panicky. It is a "note" in the sense of low Bass. But see my post on RFH concert goers made to feel so morbid when the "note" was emitted in sine waves. Brown nose a la Private Eye was of course something VERY different! I suggest that the morbid fear it brings on is fight or flee, very primaeval, and therefore could definitely cause the bowel to "react"!

My council is sending the equipment Friday 18th... I am ensuring it is if the cirrect weighting, and able to record at or below 25Hz.

Please all of you look at the waubra site to find, or go direct to,

Malcolm Swinbanks lecture given at Stratford in 2012. It is very technical and states that rarely can adults "hear" below 25Hz. Well I do hear it.

Also Dee you should read it as it refers to the cochlear channel in the inner ear and the ciliary cells (hairy). Which may have been affected, if not cauterised if you had surgery there...

Aug 26, 2015
To Nose and Noise aka Brown Noise
by: Dee

Hello. Very good luck for the 18th. Do hope they get a reading and can help. My sympathies with the bowel issues, I have exactly the same problem. So I guess, looking on the bright side of life, it can help in keeping one healthy and weight down, but...!! Re my ears: The right ear has been operated on so many times I've lost count. Also lost a bit of mastoid bone from that area due to disease. I can't hear anything in that ear so I guess all has been destroyed. I know that the small bones were removed along with the mastoid bone. Problem is: EH use this against me. They're written remit is that any noise disturbance has to be that which would cause problems for - 'an average,normal, reasonable person.' I have been informed by EH Senior Officer that: 'they do not deal with people who have any kind of hearing loss/damage problem.' Meaning, I guess, that they only 'dea' with people who have perfect hearing. If that is the case then it means that the large majority of the population cannot be assisted by EH departments. It is a crazy get out clause which leaves thousands, if not millions, of people with to redress to being damaged by LFN and it's effects. I've looked on Amazon and they have quite a few noise masking machines. Wish, though, that I could hear a sample of the noises just to make sure I get one that doesn't actually drive me mad. My current noise therapy system is not bad, especially on the ocean noise setting, but the LFN does rather creep under the masking noise. Re the GABA. Looked that up and it seems Solgar is the best? Would you agree?

Aug 26, 2015
by: Brown noise

Dee, look at Now foods; I use their melatonin also. Good and least expensive. Terrible to read of your aural troubles. How ghastly, on top of everything...can't any of the surgeons suggest which aids are best (as I wrote that I realise surgeons run a mile and disappear into the ether after they've yielded the knife). I can imagine if you've lost bone, and any cavity exists, all kinds of amplifications and vibrations must be felt. It's such a delicate area and SO near the brain. I won't go into my own saga as it'll get off topic, but I think basically in life we're on our own. I have been very disillusioned and become quite cynical. My council has sent me pages on their sound equipment manufactured by a German co, which appears as if it will do the job, meanwhile I got a reply from the waubra foundation. Next year, New Zealand government is releasing a new piece of sound recording equipment calibrated and designed particularly for the HUM LFN It does seem that LFN is a growing problem and probably the health consequences and implications are so vast that governments can foresee a financial catastrophe lurking. To live life at half or quarter mast through lack of sleep is purgatory.

Aug 26, 2015
to Brown Noise
by: Dee

Hello, and thank you for the tip about New Foods will certainly look into them. Just looked at my last post - Ahhhh! Full of typos. Wrote it whilst doing my best to ward off the sounds of gaming from over the road - never seems to stop. The ENT people can't recommend anything. On top of the surgery is the problem of childhood ear disease and a fistula. The fistula means that I have to be careful of sudden, very loud noises, as the leak means that the balance fluid gets low and I fall over!! Yes, it has happened. Most embarrassing. It was only discovered about ten years ago (the miracles of the CAT scan) but I would have had it all my life. Explains why when I tried to do cartwheels and handstands at school, I ended up flat on my back and feeling sick. Oh Lord, enough already. Your EH people do seem to be trying to reassure you. I have had absolutely zero response to my e mails, letters and info. from the ones here. I know they are trying to write me off as some silly old woman with hearing problems and whom they have decided beforehand that they cannot help. My family are the same. Oh Joy! Really interesting stuff about NZ and how they are taking this LFN problem seriously. Must admit I feel much better knowing that other people do hear this (that sounds bad - of course I wish they didn't) but it does help to know you're not completely alone with it - also, to know that you are not imagining it and it is really happening. I am still trying to move - it seems the only answer - but worrying as I could encounter same problems where ever I go. As you say, sleep deprivation is purgatory, total and utter. One day, I hope so much, there will be an organization of individuals in the UK who will decide it's worth the energy to lobby our useless government and it's Nelsonian blindness to the issue of LFN.

Sep 08, 2015
Working solution for hum sufferers

Greetings to everyone! I am one of the sufferers from hearing a low frequency vibration. It is now for >2 years. The consequences are very similar to others though may be just less dramatic. All the time I observed the physiological manifestation of the phenomenon in my body. Then I studied the oscillations/waves continuum transmission trying to understand its physical nature.
Now the good news, I managed to build the working theories of the phenomenon and invented several things protecting from hearing the LF vibration. Thanks to heavens, I can sleep now at nights!
I would love to share my findings as soon as possible to everyone in shape of a product, but first probably need to file a patent and do some other organizational efforts. I wonder how many people will be interested (market size) in such vibration protection? May be someone experienced in translation of invention to market is willing to help and/or invest in the project?

Sep 08, 2015
Working solution for hum sufferers NEW by:
by: Another Susan

I won't be investing. Please forgive me if I'm totally out of order, but I suspect a scam.

Sep 11, 2015
To: bioacoustician
by: Dee

The effects of Low Frequency Noise are very distressing to the people who are affected by it, and should be taken very seriously indeed. Your comment is very interesting. What I suggest is that you contact various governments around the world who are trying to find out the source(s) of Low Frequency Noise. I am sure they would give you an appropriate response to your requirement for investment into developing your inventions.

Sep 11, 2015
To: Another Susan
by: Dee

Ditto. How have things been for you lately?

Sep 11, 2015
To: Brown Noise
by: Dee

How are things? Been pretty bad here where I am in HR9. Frantically trying to find somewhere else to live as the family now have 2 gaming screens (I guess this is so they don't have to wait to take turns. Horrendous noise.

Sep 11, 2015
by: Brown Noise

Well Dee, it's working...I've slept through every night with odd interruptions..I've sometimes had to up the volume and it's so easy to sleep with it. It really has been life changing as I'd forgotten what it felt like to awaken refreshed. But in your case you have the added psychological pressure of visualising those screens, now fixed in your mind. This happened to me when a lady payed radio 3 intermittently through the night and I crept outside to trace it in the night. She denied I could hear it as she could NOT when she came outside to listen! Now I don't know if I need to go through the hassle of having the council place their equipment here for a week. I'm looking at properties and mine is on the market. I will not live in Northants, the capital for wind turbines which I believe play a huge part in that humming drone. I recently bought a water vorticiser and when that is placed on a surface, it is a vibration, pulsing in time with the element which disappears if the thing is held. When you discover the increased size and power of turbines and the ground they vibrate THROUGH, you could well grasp how that amplifies over distance. They still stay suspiciously silent about the placement of turbines... You should check with your council the whereabouts. One Dr said 17km distance affected him and his wife...that was an old old paper. They are much more powerful today, and taller. Whilst your neighbours equipment must be driving you insane, be careful if you move that if you have peace around, that 20km away there may lurk a discreet (!) turbine.... It is criminal and those of us affected rendered powerless.. I did an experiment on either side of my head, as the turbine site asks you if experience hearing it both sides, and sure enough one side was much much more apparent. The side where I got shingles 20yrs ago and where I get headaches even now. This may resound (pun) with you with the ear canal etc...

Sep 11, 2015
by: Brown Noise

P.S. Oz sufferers see

See the videos...

Sep 11, 2015
To: Brown Noise
by: Dee

Hi Brown Noise. That is such good news. I am really pleased that your Lectron is working for you. I will certainly consider seriously about investing in one. I do have a noise therapy unit which cost me about the same amount as the Lectron, it has a white noise element on it. But no matter how much I turn up the volume, the LFN of the gaming creeps under it. One of the other residents here asked me today if I heard strange, repeating bass music playing most of the time. I suspect she is hearing the same as I am. I wonder if it is worth you having the council round because...if they do pick up the LFN on their equipment it is one more piece of evidence that it does exist. I agree about wind turbines. They were popping up everywhere where I used to live. People renting out pieces of land for a business to install a wind turbine on. So instead of just large fields of them, there are now individual ones dotted all over. Have not found one near where I am currently living, but about 20 miles away in the countryside, have found a few individual ones. Anyway, so delighted you are finally have some natural, restful, restorative sleep. Let us know if you go ahead with council and if you do, the results. Happy sleeping

Sep 11, 2015
To Brown Noise
by: Another Susan

Hi Dee, I've been on the Isle of Wight for a week and only on one evening did I hear the hum - and faint enough for it not to worry me. Perhaps we should all move here.

Sep 11, 2015
To Dee and Brown Noise
by: Another Susan

Sorry Dee I addressed my last note to Brown Noise in error.

Sep 11, 2015
To: Another Susan
by: Dee

Hello Another Susan. I really like the Isle of Wight, sounds like a good plan! How very, very, interesting that you were not disturbed by LFN whilst there. Do you know if you had many of the usual suspects around,i.e. smart grid, gas pipes, wind farms, electrical installations, very noisy people? Interestingly I've been looking at areas and also buildings. There is a possibility that if a building is made of stone then LFN cannot penetrate! Although it could still penetrate via glass. I don't know how true that is. But I gather some property on I of W is made of stone, as a friend had a holiday home there and that was made of stone and quite old. So glad you had some peace and quiet.

Sep 16, 2015
Constant hum
by: Jill

I hear it constantly in my house and no where else. My family makes fun of me and says its tinnitus. I went to the otolaryngologist who confirmed I do not have Tinnitus. I only hear it at my house.
My 6 year old granddaughter visited from out of town and out of the blue I asked her, "Do you hear a noise?" She said yes, and then proceeded to hum it for me...perfect pitch.! Hallelujah! At least I now know I'm not crazy!

We have had an electrician out who couldn't hear it and didn't know cause. Turning off the breaker didn't help. We had a plumber out to replace the water heater, water was turned off at the main, we still heard it. I am having memory problems, can't sleep, and increased stress and irritability. I know its from this darn humming. I wear ear plugs at home but it doesn't block it all out. I would give anything to make it stop!

Sep 17, 2015
To Dee
by: Another Susan

The house we stayed in on IoW was a large old house converted to apartments, brick built with huge windows front and back and directly backing onto the beach, and noisy people in the apartment above (mainly foot fall). So not stone and plenty of opportunity for the unwanted hum to seep through glass. I've been at home for almost a week now and nothing too troublesome at the moment, it's there now at 6am but I've not noticed it at night.

Sep 17, 2015
by: Brown Noise

Jill, where do you live.... Check with your council the nearest wind turbines...see if you're in the midst of them (even up to 20miles). Try turning off your mains at the fuse box one night (freezer will be ok, crois-moi). See national map of wind turbines. Read through previous posts on the Grid, my fridge emits similar, but for some reason at a different frequency so not so damaging to health

Then see my previous on the gadget I've bought which has CHANGED MY LIFE.. Then final option,ask council to set up recording equipment at your home (see my previous)...

Sep 17, 2015
Electricity sub stations
by: Dee

Someone mentioned to me recently about how she was disturbed where she used to live, years back, by an on off humming noise. It was traced down to a new electricity sub-station not far from her home. It felt like the sound was travelling through the ground. To me, the most frustrating thing about this LFN is not being able to pin it down to a source, as obviously there are several sources and I can only think that dependent upon the hearing ranges and abilities of individual people, then the noise heard and therefore the source of the LFN will be different in different individuals. No wonder it is so hard to get to the bottom of the problem for the 1 in 50 of the population who are troubled by this.

Oct 06, 2015
by: Ayelet

Dear Viewers,
I have come across information on the internet that will help you understand what is going on.
Dr Barrie Trower is well worth watching on you tube, followed by Dr John Hall Satellite surveillance.
Spread the word to your friends and family, your community and your local human rights activists and health practitioners.
The quiet years of the 80s are no longer with us.
Another person you will find intriguing is Dr Emoto who used his research in science for the good. Unlike the wrong uses of brain entrainment technology most in the public are not aware of that is being used to harm rather than to do good.
To your success. Good luck and may your postings and further research help the world.

Oct 17, 2015
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

I think this is caused by radio frequency/electromagnetic field pollution... please take a look at this... there is so much more to this, I have been investigating it for five years...I get very severe pain with it as well, our environment is being totally polluted with RF...As humans we have evolved with the planets natural frequencies for millions of years but in the last fifteen years the changes have been phenomenal.... This is worth starting with.... A Faraday Cage may well help you.

Oct 25, 2015
How about Heat pumps
by: itah

23 years living on top floor, flat roof 2-story all-wood/electric condo, w/ CT state-protected brook "strategically redirected" alongside. Built on pilings (like venice) with "natural" outlet of reservoir running beneath my unit. Since water is a great conductor of sound... I hear EVERYTHING from below, voices (including deck discussions on the opposite side of the pond), walking, closet doors, drawers shutting..snoring, etc) ANY NOISE IS INTENSIFIED DUE TO THE PILINGS AND WATER. So I have adjusted to lots of sounds, using fans, ear plugs and radio white noise. Always had a low but livable vibration from the air conditioner compressors on the roof in the summer.

Since 2011, every autumn to spring I get a very low hum and droning vibration waking me up at 5:00am and keeping me up till 8am. Its very faint from every other room in the condo, but the bedroom and adjacent bathroom its unbearable to sleep. Earplugs do not work because the vibration goes through the body as well.

It took two years before I figured out it was coming from my electric heating system that I replaced at the same time with my downstairs neighbor to a (Honeywell Trane Variable Speed System in 2011). The compressor and heat pump both sit on the roof over my bedroom, and when the heat pump goes into defrost mode it kicks on a separate mechanism that can last for hours. There are four units over my ceiling right now, only two have heat pumps. I can't imagine what it will sound like when the other two units put in new systems.

Has anyone had a similar situation?
Can anyone recommend a really good sound machine for low hum?

Oct 26, 2015
by: Bron noise

I got the Lectro from Amazon. Changed my life. At least amazon allow you to return. Great compact gadget can travel too

Oct 26, 2015
by: Brown noise

Get the Lectro from amazon. Will be cheaper in the USA. 70 sterling here. Changed my life. Also you can return if doesn't work

Oct 26, 2015
to itah and brown noise
by: Dee

Sounds as though you are not having the best of times itah. The only thing I could recommend is brown noise's Lectro, or something similar. I have a noise masking machine that allows me to play different types of noises, however, I find that some low frequency noise creeps underneath. I've recently had local EH department round. They checked every piece of my electrical equipment (we don't have gas). They also checked all round the complex where I live and there was no indication of anything creating lfn, apart from the family across the road who spend all their time gaming. I had this 'special' equipment to measure lfn installed in my place for six days and nights. It picked up and measured every single noise. It also measured frequency which is important for measuring lfn. It worked by being activated by noise and began recording also noting the time. When the noise stopped it noted the time and stopped recording, when the noise started again it started recording and noted the time, and so on. I had to record into a microphone when I was going out and when I came back, also when I was going to bed and when I got up. The decibel range was from nought upwards, so when I was speaking on the phone the decibel level rose, and it changed with other noises, i.e. kettle boiling, etc. It even picked up my clock ticking. What amazed them was the fact that it never, ever stopped recording at any time including when I was out and was obviously sleeping (thanks to chemical cosh) because the lfn which has a decibel level of 10 to 20 never stopped, once. They came out to me again in the early hours of the morning and said they had listened to 72 hours of recording from my flat. They stayed for two hours, and also could hear the lfn noise from across the road, and they measured it at around 17 decibels. I know now, 100%, that this lfn is not in my imagination, it is real. However in the UK there is no legislation against/about lfn. The only way legal action can be taken against noise nuisance is if the noise consistently measures above 80 decibels. In my case, as it is only lfn caused by gaming machine in house opposite. There is nothing that they can do. The family have been written to three times, and telephoned, also there have been other complaints but...because it is lfn there is no legal action that can be taken, and the family don't give a **** about disturbing other people. The UK Gov. don't want to be bothered about dealing with lfn,mainly because there are, apparently, several different sources of lfn, much of it industry, electrical installations, etc. It is also interesting to note that in the last ten years sales of fans and noise masking machines have soared through the roof, so some people out there are making a lot of money out of the distress of others. And part of the problem is: people won't complain they just put up with it. Or, they complain but don't stick at it past the first hurdle.

Oct 29, 2015
by: carol

I was under the impression there is not a defined decibel limit for nuisance noise. Shouldn't matter if it is low frequency or not.
If you had bass music coming from a nightclub and waking you up it would still be low frequency and possibly at a low level. It is a judgement not a max level measurement.
To quote my country's law, the Environmental Protection Act (Scotland) 1990 which defines Nuisance “.."as that whatever is intolerable, offensive to individuals in their dwelling houses, or inconsistent with the comfort of life, whether by stench, by noise or by indecency."
There are world health guidelines yes but each noise case should be unique, especially low frequency ones.

Oct 29, 2015
To Carol (New)
by: Dee

Unfortunately, the laws in England are not as specific. We do have thing phrase about the level of noise not being disturbing or distressing, etc. However, it only applies to noise above 80 decibels (which is quite noisy). Also the onus is on the 'victim' for want of a better word - to prove that the noise is a problem. Therefore you must be able to say absolutely where the noise nuisance is coming from. If you can't be sure then the law cannot be applied. I know where it's coming from, but because the perps deny continually that it is them, it is down to me and EH to prove that it is them. Each time EH came to my property there presence was noticed, therefor the perps turned down the noise. And even thought the lfn was noticeable, because there can be several different sources of lfn, it was not proven, and even if it were, there is no legislation against lfn. It's a vicious circle and one that I cannot break. I've been told not to approach the family because that could be seen as harassment! Scotland does seem to have much more sensible legislation and to be far my sympathetic to the 'victims.'

Oct 29, 2015
to Carol (New)
by: Dee

...sorry, should have read their presence! Spelling error the result of a night of broken sleep!

Oct 29, 2015
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

Hi Deb,

Humming sounds can come from other things but do be aware that the HUM FORUM is very well infiltrated by industry trolls/misinformation about the universal don't take all the information too seriously....Maybe have a look at Mast Victims Website. The universal hum comes from wireless transmitting.

Oct 29, 2015
to Mary
by: Dee

I did not know about the infiltration, Mary. That's interesting. Although had seen some comments on here that made me wonder who, and also where, the comments were coming from. I wonder why people want to infiltrate this site? If they are having a problem why not be upfront about it? If they think that the very real comments on here are simply make believe, then why not say so and present some real evidence? Weird! Will have a look at the site you mention. Thanks

Oct 29, 2015
Thank God I'm not alone!
by: Laura

I thought I was going crazy! I live in St. Paul, MN and have been hearing this pulsating, deep, monotone hum since the beginning of the summer. I am at work right now and still hearing the hum. I tried plugging my ears and that helped but one cannot go through life with fingers in the ears. This is so disruptive to my life.

Oct 29, 2015
hum in michigan
by: neo

My brother hears constant thrumming. Being inside the house amplifies it. He couldn't sleep and tracked it down 11 miles away. The source is a natural gas well. It runs 24/7 and never shuts off. It ramps up in the winter and gets worse because of furnace usage. Researching he found that this sound can be heard up to 30 miles away from a well. They also sometimes blow the gas back down, he said it sounded like a jet was right overhead or coming down in a crash landing. That noise he said the neighbors came out to see, as they could hear that, but not the normal hum. Seems worse at night because there is less white noise from traffic and such that blocks some if it out. Located in Michigan. Well is in Tecumseh area and he can hear the hum all the way to Dundee, past where we live.

Oct 30, 2015
To NEO re Brother & Gas Well Hum
by: SGVH

Hi, you should contact a guy whose Yahoo ID is "CopsNE" but whose real name is Steve K., at the Yahoo Hum Group as he is tracking all things re Hums & Gas Pipelines. I'm sure he'd be interested in your bro's "Gas Well" story.

"CopsNE" aka Steve K. (in CT USA) posts at this Email Group:


For everyone else who hears Humming, Drumming, Warbling, &/or Rumbling inside more than outside, & with or without VIBRATIONS in floors, walls, bed, body, etc., you should check first & foremost to see if you have a Digital or Smart Meter, & whether your utility company has implemented a "MESH NETWORK" (aka PULSED MICROWAVE RADIATION) SmartGrid in your area which uses your wall-&-ceiling wiring as Electrical "Conductors." Hence, the reason you are "surrounded" by noise (&/or Vibrations) on the inside of your bldg.

If your utility is using a BPL/PLC SmartGrid system, that means they are using the Powerlines themselves to transmit PULSED MICROWAVE RADIATION which leaks heavily from the always-UNshielded Powerlines, whether Transmission lines or Distribution lines. If those are above-ground in your area you may hear the Humming noise &/or feel the Vibrations outside as well as inside.

If it feels like your floor is vibrating, do you have a concrete floor with rebar (metal) which holds the concrete in place? And/or other plumbing metal pipes, etc. underneath floor? The SmartGrid emits RADIATION & all METAL is a Radiation-MAGNET & will cause the metal to oscillate aka VIBRATE.

MICROWAVE RADIATION (MWR) also goes straight for water & moisture (which is how a microwave oven heats/cooks food > it oscillates/vibrates the moisture/water molecules & heats/cooks them from the inside out). Ditto SmartGrids > their Pulsed-MWR signals are cooking us/vibrating us from the inside out since human bodies are 70% water.

Also, Electrical Powerlines themselves, even before there was ever a SmartGrid, emit ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies). ELF of all kinds tend to "hug the ground," which also MAY be why vibration & noise is felt/heard.

Yes, it's ALL BAD, wicked, evil, & getting worse as the Grid becomes more & more polluted with MWR, Dirty Electricity from all things "Electronic" (including cell towers' electronics which dump Dirty Electricity back into the PowerGrid), etc.


/SGVH (SmartGrid Vibrations & Hum)

Oct 30, 2015
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

PREPARED BY U.S. ARMY MEDICAL INTELLIGENCE AND INFORMATION AGENCY OFFICE Of THE SURGEON GENERAL the effect of vibration is mentioned here or as it is known the HUM. They knew then.

Nov 02, 2015
Thanks Mary, above
by: SGVH

Thanks Mary. Below is the one paragraph from that 1976 US ARMY document that mentions vibration/oscillation of body tissue/organs by RF/MWR:

From Magda Havas, PhD, site, just one of the 8,000 documents collected by US Navy Archivist, Zorach Glaser, PhD.

(35-pages, .PDF, 1976):

The doc's page 17, first paragraph, was the only mention of vibration & oscillation of internal body tissues/organs. All brackets added by me:


(U) Most of the reported biological effects from radiowaves and micro-waves result from exposure to the higher frequency ranges. Many of the observed physiological changes probably occur as a result of thermal effects arising from the vibration of ions and dipoles of water molecules in tissues; the vibrations are set into motion more efficiently by the shorter wavelength (high frequency) waves. For example, a radiowave of ten centimeters [3.93701 inch] wavelength converts about fifty percent of its energy into heat in this manner, whereas a three-centimeter [1.181 inch] wave converts nearly ninety-eight percent of its energy into heat. A study of the biological activity of low frequency (seven kHz [=7,000-Hertz]) impulse electromagnetic radiation of different intensities and durations was done on rats. It was found that the pathological changes were a function of dose; susceptibility to radiation was governed by metabolic processes and morphology and the organs and systems could be classified as to sensitivity in the following order: testicles, liver, kidneys, heart, and central nervous system. Another study indicated that relatively low frequency electromagnetic fields generated sonic and ultrasonic oscillations in living organisms which in turn produced elastic deformations. If the frequency of the source field corresponded to the oscillation frequency of the cells (the resonance frequency most likely), the cells deteriorated as a result of the mechanical resonance.

Nov 10, 2015
Worth reading
by: Tiffany

Buy a fan or use white noise...sweet dreams

Nov 13, 2015
Gas Pipeline Syndrome
by: Steve in CT

I saw a post referring questions on high pressure gas pipelines to me. Please do so.

Nov 26, 2015
End of my rope...
by: Sandee

What a great site. Since I can't sleep because of the continous low drone that has invaded our home, I read every comment. I have felt so isolated in my journey over the past year.My husband hears the drone as well, but is not as sensitive to it. I resent having to use the odd sleeping pill or anti-depressants when I did not create this problem and no one accountable seems to want to own it or fix it.
We have lived in the same place peacefully for near 14 years, until last year when the drone presented itself and is driving me near crazy. I discovered five other people experiencing the same thing and one family who had moved because of the noise. All agreed it seemed to relate the a small natural gas pumping station about a mile up the road. I am a person of action, so I filed the complaint, in the meantime learning that there had been two changes recently at the gas plant. I dealt with both the company, then the province and the gas plant was deemed to be in compliance but what i discovered is that there testing is done for higher frequencies and the equipment actually functions yo reduce the LFNs. Well, doesn't that just make sense! They refuse to go to the next step saying that it wouldn't make a difference in compliance with a dB penalty of 5 - of course it wouldn't! They are not accomodating the fact that LFN has no barriers, whether loud or low, it is the noise from hell! No one wants to be accountable and just want you to go away. The power of our social systems does not serve the little guy, but cater to big business. It is good to read the comments and feel a bonding and empathy with in this struggle. So frustrating and feelings of powerlessness. Yes, I too believe that we will pay the price for what we are doing to Mother Earth.So lost as to what to do. Feel for everyone who is dealing with this issue and thanks for sharing. Glad I found this site.

Nov 26, 2015
by: Candice

I believe it is the increase in power for all the wireless devices, some now being transmitted through the powerlines, for ex., electric and water meters. When I go near my water smart meter my ears begin ringing horribly.
However, the hum/vibration sound never stops and began when they installed and turned on the smart meter grid system. It was so loud at first I couldn't sit outside. Now it is in my home, mainly at night, and affecting my health. Insomnia and fatigue is bad but the irritability from the frustration of never being totally quiet again is heartbreaking!

Nov 28, 2015
Potionally from downstairs heating.
by: Kerry (Manchester)

I live in a 1st floor flat and never had any trouble until National Grid moved all our meters outside, next day had a humming that sounds exactly as if my radiators on.
Its to do with downstairs heating but i cant figure out exactly what and shes not the type of person you could really talk to about it.
Its not on all the time for example whole of summer off and i forgot about it and now it come winter its on most of the time even when shes out however ive clocked that no steam is coming out of her boiler fan so im wondering if its to do with there thermostat side of things.
The meter is my exact old one just moved outside with new cable to it and new pipes going through the loft from where it was to outside.

Dec 03, 2015
Tips for coping with Bass noise coming from noisy neighbours
by: JM.

Dear all

I have found some personal relief in finding other people having the same problem than me. I identify myself with nearly each posting in this long list:
My neighbours are having the SONOS system on day and night with techno music. I can hear a buzzing constantly in my hears but nobody else in the house can hear it in the family. As some people put it above, is a vibration that goes over every other sound, I feel it clearly in the ear drums, and also in the chest. My family has regularly indicated that I must have some hearing or mental problem since they cannot hear anything, therefore I also feel the isolation described above,

For nearly three years now I have faced this huge problem. I am permanently sleep deprived, headaches, occasionally vertigo, and has indeed affected my mood.

I confronted the neighbours some time ago, called police, gone with them through council mediation (service provided by the municipality of my hometown in the Netherlands), but with this type of people it did not work.

Here are my advices for keeping up with this problem for those that can also benefit for my trial and error learning process:

1.- I sleep with earplugs, and I turn a fan on near the bed, this works most of the times, but sometimes I still can hear the vibration over these. Also in the morning I feel sometimes

2.- I take pills, of Melatonine with Magnesium. I have found some information in the web that indicates that Magnesium have a positive effect on relaxation and sleep, therefore some sleeping pills already include Mg.

3.- When I am awaken in the middle of the night, I try to relax, there is a certain subjective component to the stress originated by the noise. I fight with the feeling of anger and sometimes i manage to sleep again. Of course the quality of sleep is not very good, but I found I always better to half sleep under the effect of the pills even with the permanent buzzing that waking up and go around to see what happens with my neighbours.

4.-I have sometimes used earplugs and noise reduction headphones (Bose 200eur) with some cello melodies. I can sleep well for a while with this approach but after a while the headphones become unconfortable. I found using the Vivaldi Cello sonates helps me sleep, possibly the low frequency of the cello masks well the vibration from the neighbours.

5.- Tonite I will try a new system, instead of the fan I have downloaded an app in the iphone with white noise, and I have small stereo close to the bed. I will put it during the night to see if I can mask the vibration.

6.- I found the level of stress I am under during the day can have an effect on the tolerance I have for the vibration.

7.- During the day if possible I try not to be under the effect of the vibration, either going out of the house, or listening to music permanently when I am in the house to avoid the " mental worm" effect of having the bum-bum permanently.

what else...ummm Does somebody have other ideas to mask the sound, or to make it more tolerable?

Ah yes, I have tried many types of earplugs, I have found the best are foam earplugs with a small conic shape (instead of cylindrical). It is important to place them well, squeezing the earplug and pulling the ear lobe with the other hand when inserting it, but as everyone knows by now, earplugs only block a little of the vibration, not all.

Bye for now


Dec 03, 2015
Reply to JM in Holland
by: Susan

Dear JM I have read the description of your suffering. I feel for you as I do for so many other Low Frequency sufferers. This is absolute hell. I am actually going to try putting a water bottle under my pillow to see if it helps... anything. I have tried all the ear plugs, fans, white noise and so on. The fact is, even when we do get to sleep for a while ( because we are exhausted) the noise is constantly torturing our sub conscience and I absolutely feel this is very damaging I feel my memory is becoming impaired and, as I have mentioned before I cannot meditate any longer because I cannot reach the Alpha and Beta levels.
Sometimes my dog snores on my bed next to me... it is Heaven, it blocks out the buzzing humming hell.
Anyone want to make a CD of dogs snoring!!?
You have not Mental Health issues.
Susan W.

Dec 03, 2015
I suffer from sonic abuse by a neighbour as well
by: MaryVicAust

I have for years on and off been tortured by a low frequency throbbing noise. It predates smart meters. I used to think it was an inappropriate air conditioner. They can make a noise which cannot be heard when one is beside the unit but once the waves hit a concrete slab they noise becomes a hideous low frequency throb. My city council arranged to have an expert set up a meter in my house and the results was it recorded at 43 decibels, but then the council said they would not help me as the benchmark is 45 decibels. The noise has become much worse with the frequency dropping and sometimes and the decibels rising so that I fell this hideous vibration all over my body. It is destroying my health. This is not a smart meter or power lines. Before I was ever affected one by one single females living alone in this block of flats were subjected to just such a noise. I do not hear this noise anywhere else but in my flat. The other victims all moved away before I started to hear it and I dont know where to contact them.

Dec 03, 2015
concrete slab
by: susan

I have a concrete slab and am wondering how many of us here have them, maybe this is an issue.

Dec 04, 2015
Re: "Concrete Slab"
by: SGVH

I have thought the same thing but for different reasons, ie, Where There Is Concrete There is **REBAR.** The Radiation oscillates/vibrates all metal.

We have concrete floors here (carpeted inside but not in the garage) so there is rebar in/under the concrete to hold it together, &/or hold it up. (Only 1-garage wall is concrete block.)

The electric-meter pipes are also underground, which run from each Smart Meter to each unit's Circuit Breaker Panel (multi-unit building).

And water/plumbing pipes for each unit are also underground, running from the end of the building to each unit.

So there's a lot of metal underground here susceptible to vibration/humming caused by the Radiation of the Smart Grid.

RF Radiation penetrates the ground up to 39-inches (per a BC Govt./PUC expert witness from Exponent Inc., the same "experts"/group who testified that asbestos & tobacco were Safe for humans). That expert tried to back away from his testimony by saying penetration of the ground up to 39-inches did not necessarily mean the same as harm. (Tell the bugs & ants that!)

Point being, the Concrete Rebar, Meter Pipes, Plumbing Pipes, etc., could be being Radiated/Vibrated by RF, from whatever source; & that could be why many people say that it feels like their floor is vibrating &/or that it feels/sounds like it is coming from the ground upward (which is exactly what I said from the beginning re this place, before I ever learned it was Smart Grid related). has those BC/PUC Hearing Transcripts / Testimony by that Exponent Inc. "expert witness" re the RF/39-inches (1-meter in depth).

Dec 04, 2015
Reply to Suzanne
by: Jose M

Hello Suzanne,

Thanks for your kind words. Is a great support to hear that somebody out there shares the same concerns.

I read my previous posting and I noticed it was full of typos and the first paragraph half way done...I mean to say that when sleeping with the fan I sometimes wake up with a bad headache.

So... about the ipad app test of yesterday night, I manage to sleep three hours from 1.30 to 4.30 so not very successful.

I agree about the memory problem. I have the same, today with the little sleep after several hard nights and a huge melatonine pill at work was having a terrible headache and I could not remember the name of the Swiss currency in a meeting ...FRANCS...Horrific.

The funny thing Suzanne in the set of noises included in the white noise app I downloaded yesterday there was a storm, waves, ..the usual, but also a CAT SNORING. Ja ja so if you were serious about it you have a solution out there, is free app.

Finally, i wanted to mention another technique that sometimes works for me to fall sleep and I found in internet, called self-hypnosis, if you are interested google for it, it made me sleep a few times.

Going to bed is dreadful, it remembers me that 80's terror series of Freddy Krugger. Now the assassin that comes when one is sleep is not the Freddy Krugger, but the noise.

Dec 04, 2015
A new Hope
by: JM

Hi there again,

No, I am not talking about the Star wars saga, but about a Lectrofan I just ordered from Amazon. Will arrive on Tuesday. I will report back if it works after some test.

Next week I have important milestones, i really hope it works, i have to sleep well.

Dec 04, 2015
reply to SGVH
by: susan

I think you have figured it out, I also have all pipes underground as there is no basement or crawl space, Now I wonder if there is a solution?

Dec 04, 2015
To JM in Holland
by: Susan W

I have not slept, it is now 4 in the morning here in the UK. Soon there will be other low frequency noises which will start to block out the awful penetrating 'Humming'
(I am thinking of you all.) The water bottle under my pillow helped a bit, but sometimes (like so many of you have mentioned) the noise is louder, it is almost painful and certainly unbearable because it is a constant impediment.
I wonder if it would help to have a 'game' of my own plugged in whether that would counteract it??

Dec 04, 2015
Re: SUSAN-Concrete-Pipes, Etc.
by: SGVH

Hi Susan, Interesting that your pipes are under the ground/concrete as well. Thanks for that add'l info.

There was a lady named Jill who posted at the Hum YahooGroup a few weeks ago who asked the group to the effect of, "Don't the rest of you have the vibrations, too? It feels like they come from the ground, into the bed," etc. I was curious then if she had underground pipes/rebar, as most others at that group only hear the Hum but do not have vibrations. I finally joined the group but haven't gone back to dig up her post/Q. If I find out I'll post it here, because it would be interesting to know if all who also have vibrations also have concrete/rebar &/or underground pipes, etc.

The powerlines (more metal inside those) here are also underground, btw, & I've read that those are generally run along the fronts &/or backs of buildings.

I'm 99% sure the Vibrations & Hum here are Smart Grid related, RF-MESH technology, which, with its routers, repeaters, gatekeepers gadgets, puts the entire area "inside an electrical circuit." So I'm not sure having our 1-smart meter removed would solve the problem since the RF from all the others in this same building & their pipes, etc. would continue the problem. The whole complex/owners would have to be ready to fight. Sigh!

Smart Grid = LF from the Power Grid (60Hz) mixed with Microwave-RF (900Mhz & 2.4Ghz). A real toxic soup! When they crank up the Power Density, the whole building, floors, walls feels like they are Vibrating & Humming, including sinks/toilet plumbing (ever sat on a "vibrating toilet"? Sounds funny but it wasn't! :)

But if your location does not have a Smart Meter/Smart Grid, I don't know, sorry! :-/

For any others who DO have SmartMeter/SmartGrid, check out this page with video & legal documents to send to utility that I saw a few days ago:

Self-Help Documents & Instructions for Smart Meter Removal by a NY Real Estate Attorney:

"Template for Non-Consent and Removal: "Notice and Demand, with Affidavit of Negative Averment":

Other tips re Solutions:


Dec 05, 2015
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

I am sixty years old and I have heard the diesel engine Hum at times in different places since I was a teenager. My mother first heard it over sixty seven years ago. I now I hear it everywhere, it is often worse in the remotest places. It is massively worse than ever in the past.

I live in a 200 year old isolated Lake District (UK) farmhouse on a hill. There is electricity to house via two lines which come across fields...there is a buried telephone line. Some of the floors in the house are wood over a small void between them and the ground, some are sandstone directly on the ground.

There are no pipes under the house and only one water pipe coming into the property, which is underground until it comes up into the building and is gravity fed from a tank further up the hillside. My nearest neighbour is over half a mile away. There is no machinery or anything really, no central heating. I don't have a smart meter, and the vibration and hum was here before they came to the area. I visited every factory/manufacturing plant within a ten mile radius (there are not many) one Christmas day when they were all shut down for the holiday...and still heard the hum/vibration.

I can turn the electricity off away from the house but it makes no difference at all to the vibration and Hum. Electricity and phone can be down miles away and still there is the vibration and Hum.

There is a mobile phone mast around one and a half miles away in direct line with the house and Tetra mast a bit further away. There's a huge Transmitter station around three miles away (BBC) owned by the MOD. I do have the effect of the house being 'hit' from different directions though.

I get crippling pain with it and have done for some years and it changes depending on the time of day and the intensity of the hum/vibration. It can make me faint, vomit, cramp up so that I can hardly breathe. I cannot work or play. It is disabling.

I have kept an online diary since 2011 with all the changes, times, dates etc. please say if anyone is interested in looking at it and I can let you know where it is.

Dec 05, 2015
Reply to Susanne in UK
by: JM

Hello Susanne,

I am sorry you did not sleep tonight.

I managed to sleep better. For sleeping tonight i have followed another approach that works sometimes: Here is what I did: the problem with foam earplug is that they block all of the noise, except the vibration, that is only partially reduced. The problem is that when sleeping, the brain only finds the vibration because the rest is blocked by the earplug, and then the vibration is very disturbing because there is nothing else to distract the brain.

Therefore I sometimes use some of those earplugs with a little insert and a filter for low frequencies. Then, I have turned on the stereos and put a CD with permanent repetition. A pill of melatonine and gone to bed. When I was a little awake in the middle of the night I focused my attention on the CD, and with the partial blocking of the vibration with the earplugs it worked well.

Another advice that I have found is useful: I use two pillows for sleeping. The earplugs can be very uncomfortable if you are a side sleeper as I am. I put the two pillows close to each other and i fit the ear just in the junction, therefore lowering the weight/pressure on the earplug.

I fail to see how a bottle water can help. I try to approach this with a logical mind since it is a physical problem, created by some vibration coming from somewhere.

What about this: A part of the vibration must be coming to the bed from the floor. In the past once I tried to insert some foam under each of the legs of the bed, with the idea in mind that the vibration is coming mechanically to the bed. Maybe you could try this.

I would recommend to avoid to get up and start doing things that awake your brain. Then is very difficult to go back to sleep. If you get up try something that would relax you, like a shower. I think one should avoid TV, writing, play computer games or watch a movie or play scrabble.

One more consideration. I haven;t done much reading on the topic of the sleep patterns, but I think if your brain has forgotten the sleep pattern is very difficult to get back to normal in the vibration home/environment. I see this when I am away a few days in vacation and I get back to deep sleep pattern. Therefore you could consider going away for a few days and get that sleep pattern again right.

Good luck and good dreams to everyone!!!

Dec 06, 2015
Replies to Mary Gaylor and JM in Holland.
by: Susan

Dear Mary, you have described this noise exactly. If it were visible it would be like the heat waves rising up from the desert (rumbling/ humming/ diesel engine through the building, up through the pillow in your bed into your ears.) It is as if it is almost an Alien attack forever trying to drive us away, but there is no escape from it. Like so many others, I have tried so many ways to block it out.
Dear JM, I wondered if the water bottle under my pillow would dull the noise!
In desperation at times when it is loud, it is torture.
I have been hearing this for 9 years. I moved house because of it and although it is slightly less here, it never stops.

Dec 09, 2015
The hum

I started hearing about 3 months ago. Oddley it seems to have started after a bad sinus cold. I have tried everything internaly at my house to shutting off the main power. No differencs. Same symtoms as others. Going to a specialist soon to see if somethings plugged. Just odd tbat it started after a cold. I was prescribed a z pack antibiotic which i see somone else also mentioned. My wife cannot hear the hum. So i guess my other question is why can som not hear if its environmental. I do seem to hear it at other spots too. We will se whT the doc says in a couple days

Dec 19, 2015
by: Ken


It started two years ago. I've obtained tools to measure and have found infrasonic noise frequency as well as vibration. I'm not sure if some of the infrasound is caused by the vibration or vice versa.


Infrasonic Noise Monitor by Infiltec. It records low frequency noise sound pressure levels from 0 - 25 Hz. It uses software intended for amateur seismology.

Tascam DR-05 Linear PCM recorder. This tool is intended to record music and in particular low frequency music as produced by bass and drum. Manufacturers claim is built in microphones have a flat response to 20hz. I am getting reasonable results at least as low as 10hz. Recordings saved as Wav file to be analysed later.

Industrial accelerometer attached to the microphone outlet on the Tascam recorder produces Wav files of vibration.

Virtins multi instrument software. The tool includes spectrum analysis ... you need to upgrade to the pro level. Run the wav file through the analysis to produce frequency vs power ... the spectrum analysis produces a signature image that can help to identify the source.

The problem is then to make a noise map in your neighborhood in order to find where the (inaudible) infrasonic or low frequency noise is present.

I'm pretty sure I have found the source: Machinery at a Medical Marijuana Grow Op with MMAR licence in a wood frame house. ... It makes me wonder if many of the complaints here are due to noise from grow ops trying to escape detection ... So I think I know where its coming from .. the problem now is how to prove it. I'm looking at some very expensive tools that can be used to triangulate on noise or vibration.

A big problem is MMAR rules were revoked two years ago. The change in laws is being contested in the courts and the MMAR grow ops have been allowed to continue to operate till the case is decided. So do I spend the money on tools today only to have the judge in the MMAR case make a decision tomorrow ...

Note that sound meters - even class 1 meters - usually give A - weight or C - weight frequency response. The weighting given is intended to measure noise in our normal hearing range ... that being above 200hz and is of no value for measuring single and low frequency noise such as 120 hz or 60 hz noise generated by fans and heat pumps.

Tonal noise (single frequency noise) is considered by World Health Organiztion to be a nuisance that must be quantified using spectrum analysis. Tonal noise doesn't have to be loud to be a nuisance as anyone who has spent a night in a tent with a single mosquito can attest.

If you can measure it ... then it clearly isn't 'all in your head'.

Dec 21, 2015
The hum
by: J

Got back from ear doctor. They said it was tinitus. I did not believe it.
Deffinatley sounds industrial. The thing is why cant everyone hear it

Dec 22, 2015
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

Hearing varies from person to person, I think this is all it comes down to....and those hearing this aren't taken seriously.

This is a draft of a letter to go to our local paper and possibly nationally to local papers

Dear Sir,

I know this probably sounds strange to anybody who has not experienced this, but you will know if it does affect you or someone you know. Its coming up to five years since something was turned on, or came to the area where I live, sounding like a diesel engine humming and thudding, buzzing, at times much noisier than others, generally it speeds up and slows down over an hourly cycle, changing every few minutes. I have read about something called The Hum, and it seems to partially fit what I am experiencing, and I am trying to work out what is actually causing the phenomenon, and what needs to be turned off for us to get our lives back.

For me it started at the beginning of 2011. I hear it absolutely everywhere, its worse in buildings and very powerful, often giving the impression of walking into a noisy manufacturing plant even though there is nothing working, no electricity, no machinery just the powerful energy in the air making buildings resonate, and yet somebody else may not be aware of it.

I have for some time now experienced very high levels of disabling, crippling pain, dizziness, faintness and nausea which is directly linked with the noises and vibration. Some people hear the noise without the effects and vice versa.

Over the last five years, other things have joined it. An oscillating noise in Spring 2013 came along and so did the disabling pain, something which makes my ears hiss like two steam train whistles or sounding like a foghorn blasting in my ears. Weekends are often particularly bad, although there seems very little respite these days, it has been a few years since it was turned off for a while and peace reigned for a short time. The impression I have is that the power of it is increased a little most days.

It really concerns me that people may be suffering without any support, and may have a family who are totally unaware of the noise or its effects. I know of many people around here and in different parts of the country who are affected. It appears to me that our only chance to get something done is to show just how large a proportion of the population hear/feel it. If you are suffering rest assured you are not alone and you are not imagining it. I have had every possible medical and hearing tests and nothing shows as being likely to account for what has for a long time been a disabling nightmare for me.

I would be very interested to find out how many people are affected within the area of the readership of the this paper and beyond. I would be grateful if people could contact me with as much or as little information you are happy to provide. I would like to know where sufferers are and exactly what they are experiencing.

I would be very grateful if anybody can provide any information about this, however insignificant it may seem, and particularly information about new technology which was turned on, changed or arrived in your area around the time same time as symptoms began, I have some ideas of what it is, but I may be wrong. I have kept an online diary since 2011 with dates and times of changes if anybody is interested in checking it out.

Yours faithfully

Mary Gaylor
Soulby Fell Farm

Dec 22, 2015
Harmful Bass/Sound Masking Companies
by: Elizabeth

Mary and All,
Please Google sound masking and check the websites for sound masking companies (DataVox, Dynasound, Loginsound, etc.) who are using bass (LFN) as the new white noise. The "sound masking system" that is being used in offices, schools, stores, libraries, hospitals, banks, post offices, courts, auto dealerships, restaurants, hotels, airports, malls, etc. – here is the selling point - is meant to muffle office chatter or outside noise and to deliver better privacy by creating a more productive working environment or shopping environment. But, when you have to speak over the new white noise/sound masking (bass) to talk louder to be heard, it defeats the purpose. You can drop a box and still hear the sound it makes when it hits the floor. They also call it pink noise which is bass. This new white noise/pink noise/sound masking (bass) makes a humming and rumbling sound. Proof that it is bass. They say it is the air conditioning which is a falsehood. Their noise generators are simply amplified bass subwoofers. The original white noise which is the sound of a fan never harmed anyone and served its purpose. This new white noise/pink noise/sound masking (bass) is a health hazard and detrimental to not only the eardrum, but to the human body. Standard earplugs, custom made earplugs and Bose sound reducing headphones do not stop this new white noise/pink noise/sound masking (bass) because it is bass (LFN) which permeates everything – eardrums, human bodies, brick walls, buildings, etc. Bass travels low and far. This new white noise/pink noise/sound masking (bass) can be heard out in the parking lot and in the street. Proof that it is bass. The only way to stop bass is to turn the power off or distance. The United States Government and the FBI use bass as a weapon because they understand what bass does to the human body. These sound masking companies offer no disclaimer or warning. Bass or low frequency noise (LFN) has a physical property which makes bass a physical force (vibration). For some people, this new white noise/pink noise/sound masking (bass) physically hurts - causes pain – in their eardrums because it is bass (LFN) which is a physical force and it is, literally, physically beating the eardrum like a hammer. Bass causes nerve deafness because it beats down the hair cells (steroccillia) in the cochlea and since the steroccillia do not return to their normal position - that makes you deaf when you are exposed to it, especially, after periods of time. For those who work in a sound masking environment, it is not conducive to a more productive or better working environment, especially, when your eardrums physically hurt, you are in pain, and you cannot block out the new white noise/pink noise/sound masking (bass) noise or you can feel the vibration or resonance at your desk because bass is a physical force. You suffer hearing loss because of the trauma to the eardrum. You suffer headaches and nausea. We are being subjected to harmful bass. Whether or not you can hear the new white noise/pink noise/sound masking (bass) because it is bass, it is making you deaf. Simple truth. So, what action is OSHA and the U.S. Government authorities taking to shut down these sound masking companies because of the harm to the public? What law firm will file a class action lawsuit to end these sound masking companies? Where are the attorneys willing to sue for damages (hearing loss)? It is wrong what these sound masking companies are doing to people for profit.

Dec 23, 2015
Possible source of humming sound
by: Michael

The ‘hum’ cam be reproduced on a synthesizer keyboard including the pulsing sound. We all hear it in our house it is not the result of individual sensitivity it is a real sound. If you detune a B note three octaves below middle C so you are somewhere between B & B flat you will hear it. It will come as no surprise then to discover this is the 60 cycles per minute of A.C. power. I have made a recording of this synthesized sound. We have a transformer on the power pole directly above where the feeder lines and the support cable to our house are connected. I believe the ‘sound’ is transmitted to our structure and is generated by vibrating our walls and windows. This is why the sound cannot be heard outside. It is a debilitating annoyance. I would be interested to hear if others that hear this noise have a similar connection to their house as this is something that should be able to be corrected. Thank you for reading this.

Dec 23, 2015
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

I live in a isolated farmhouse.... everything can be off for miles....electricity/phone/ there's no machinery here.... and still the noise and vibration permeating the house, I hear outside also, it's has made me suicidal... only the thought of what it would do to my family has kept me alive. Other people near where I live can hear it.

Dec 23, 2015
To mary Gaylor
by: Susan W

Dear Mary, you describe the noise exactly. It is torture. I am a real nature lover and hate to substitute nature with anything BUT you HAVE to. The fact that you are suicidal is heart breaking. Mary, I have a CD of bird songs. I have invested in several speakers around the place. I can hear the birds on the CD which blocks it out (you can nap with it on) it might help and you can also put the radio on through them. Radio 4 has plays, discussions etc. Also one of those portable IPods. I don't have one (because I have to find someone who will show me how to use one) but nature CD's and Alpha sounds will give your mind a break. ( Look up Alpha sounds, they are boring but a mental pilates / good for you )
I hope this helps you. You need the respite.
Heaven only knows how bad this is and what effect it has on us all. I also think it effects my poor dog.
Best wishes,
Susan W.

Dec 24, 2015
To Michael of 12/23/15
by: SGVH

Thanks Michael for your observations. I don't know anything re Synthesizers but interesting re the B-flats, etc.; I did take piano lessons as a kid so I do remember the notes, Every Good Boy Does Fine > E G B D F, lol).

Excellent that you zoomed in on 60Hz. John Dawes in the UK (Hum Sufferers google group) made his own testing instruments & also determined this year that his Hum was 60Hz which he felt was coming from the North American Power Grid all the way across the Atlantic to the UK! (Electrical Expert Curtis Bennett said in one interview that water only impedes Grid frequencies by 30% so I guess it's possible Dawes could hear/feel the North American Grid in the UK(?)

Your Transformer-on-Pole-Near-House reminds me of a lady's story I read over a year ago & the comment was older than that. She also felt the vibrations were somehow caused by a Transformer-On-Pole near her house & had had many fights with the utility about it which they denied of course. The poor lady was so desperate to get away from the vibrations (which she felt were in the floor) that she had her bed hung from her ceiling! (I can relate to the desperation.) But that didn't stop her from feeling the vibrations, & I think it's because, as you said, the Grid &/or SmartGrid is vibrating everything, foundations, concrete, drywall, ceilings, windows, wall & ceiling wiring, powerlines, transformers, the whole gamut, including "INDUCING CURRENT" in our bodies, which "IS Electrocution" > Expert Curtis Bennett quote. So being higher up off the floor will not help.

All Transformers here (S. USA) & powerlines are underground, unlike your situation, but it obviously doesn't matter as the problem can come in on wiring either way. And the power can be turned Off & it still keeps coming because it is a systematic problem. Here's 2 examples from the EI WellSpring site:

"PLC Testimonies": [...]
"YouTube video, posted September 20, 2014: These are the side effects from using a system that touts being able to pass over transformers. The power is off at the breaker panel but the G3-PLC system keeps delivering a pulsed field around the entire perimeter. This all is happening without a smart meter but with an Elstar analog. There is no escaping this weapon. ."

"This man has a non-PLC meter and the breakers are off, so the dirty electricity is coming into the house on the power feed. [...]

Another person in Sweden reported in 2005 at that same site:
"We didn’t know that PLC signals on the electrical line can travel into other households. Neither did we know that it doesn’t help to turn off the breakers, as the PLC signals travel on the neutral wire. We found that to stop the signals from entering the house, we had to hire an electrician to install a special switch that disconnects all the wires.

There are SO MANY variations of "smarter systems" being imposed on the Grid now, all made by NUMEROUS different companies, as far back as 1980's. PLC has many variations; RF-MESH has many variations, etc. Expert Curtis Bennett ( has said some systems, like up in his BC area, cover 125 km's (100 miles?) & that these "...PUT EVERYTHING (& Everybody) 'INSIDE AN ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT' which is 'VERY DANGEROUS'." (his words). So people who don't think they have a Smart Grid, could be inside a neighboring citiy's Smart Grid. Turning off breakers & mains supply won't stop it.

Bennett also says "POWER DENSITY" determines the INTENSITY of the Vibrations at "atomic & molecular levels." He also says these "HIGH-SPEED PENETRATING EMFs" are the same as "...being tazed on your/our own property 24/7."

More bad news: Google intends to begin radiating us from the sky beginning 1/1/16 via its new "Loon WiFi." See for all the latest news. That lady does a great job keeping up with it.

See also the Solutions page. They have legal documents people can send to their utility company + a video explaining it (documents designed by a NY Real Estate attorney).


Dec 26, 2015
Began hearing The Hum in 1986
by: Ramona

It was so odd that I walked outside to see if I could see which direction it was coming from. That was the first time I noticed it - 1986. However, these past few years it has gotten worse to where it actually can vibrate my brain 0r feel like that is what it is doing. No smart meters where I live, btw.

The reason I am commenting today is I have noticed that during holidays the Hum almost goes away. Has anyone else noticed this? It's as if whomever is in charge of the Hum is off on the holiday (such as Christmas)! I know that is a simplification of the matter but really, I can't explain it.

Right now, on Christmas night 2015, I can actually sit here and enjoy the silence without the hum rattling my brain or my body.

The damn hum can truly ruin one's life, so I keep on noise distraction all the time. I'd rather have the silence I grew up with in the 50s, but now we have THIS. Sick and tired of it.

Dec 26, 2015
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

Massively worse here over just gets worse and worse anyway...brutal and violent, as if I am living on top of the source, with searing pain in my body, ears and head...the noise and pain never stops these days. September 2012 had a few days when I was quiet during the day. I heard it first beginning of January 2011.

Dec 26, 2015
to Mary Gaylor
by: Dee

Hello Mary, I am so sorry that you are having such a bad time. I too have exactly the same, with constant LFN, same kind of physical and mental and emotional effects. I've felt suicidal as well. LFN is, it seems, hard to deal with as it appears there are so many different sources, dependent upon, I guess, where you live, and how sensitive your hearing is. I know that mine comes from gaming machines. I have the neighbours from hell across the road who seemingly are addicted not just to the games but also to the noise of the machine which is left on 24/7. E H came out and recorded the decibels between 17 - 20 which is the range for LFN. However, they told me that there is no legislation dealing with LFN. Also, other people do not hear it, or so they say, because I hear people shouting out for it to stop when it is at it's worst. However, without other people coming forwards, nothing I can do, which adds to the frustration. I was interested in your post where you state that the noise has been worse over Christmas. It is the same for me here, because the family have friends staying with children, and the volume has been turned up. I know you've probably read other posts on here, but LFN noise can travel as far as three kilometres, sometimes more dependent upon how dense the bass noise is. You live in a remote area, but that does not mean that you are not hearing this noise which is coming from a long way away. Have you had E H in? I cannot say they were much help to me, however, I did find out later that one of the people who occupies the 'neighbours from hell' property actually works for the H A who rents the property out to them, so it just could be that they did not want to find a problem. Have you asked the utility companies to come out and cheque pipes and wires and cables? I feel for you because I am where you are, metaphorically, obviously. I've moved twice to try to escape LFN, and am now desperately trying to find a property cheap enough but not in a problem area, so I can move again in the hope that: 'It will be OK this time.'

Dec 26, 2015
Pinpointing the source of the sound
by: Michael

When I was boy a mechanic in my dad's shop taught me to pinpoint noises in car engines by placing a long screwdriver tip against different parts of the engine and putting the screw driver handle against my skull near my ear. When you zero in to the right spot the noise predominates. Using a similar technique in my house I tested the windows and walls (I know this makes me sound like a basket case) and found nothing until I came to the structural corner of my house where the Hydro feeder lines and support cable are fastened to the outside. There clear as day I could hear the 60 cycle hum of the transformer. The hum was an octave higher than the the one I previously mentioned. So one of the sounds is an octive harmonic of the other (similar to playing harmonics on my guitar by touching the middle of the string and producing a half wave in the string). I am thinking the support cable is acting as the string between the transformer and our house like the old tin can walkie-talkies we made when we were kids. There must be a way to deaden this sound and I will pursue it with the Hydro techicians after the Christmas holidays. I am sympathetic to those who have different experiences with this constant problem however I can only solve a problem one step at a time. If we can eliminate this tangible problem it would clear the way to analyse other potential sources. BTW I do not have a smart meter and this problem 'hum' exists after I turn off my wifi in the evening. Those who say they have turned off the power to their house have not stopped the power in the hydro lines coming to your house, only the power from the switch to the rest of your house. I will let you know how I make out with the techs.

Dec 27, 2015
to Michael
by: Dee

Your comment is very interesting, especially describing the ways you systematically go about discovering where certain noises are coming from. When I had the EH officers round about the gaming noise from neighbours over the road, they went through my flat thoroughly testing everywhere. We have no smart metres near us, no pylons, no gas cables, no compressors or pumps. They switched everything off in my home and made their recording which consistently measured within the LFN level. I know it is these people because I recognize the noise of the gaming machine. I think they have probably and in built or added sub woofer, plus other attachments, they screen their games via their TV to a huge screen. I can sometimes see the lights from the screen strobing in time to the noise and there is a powerful vibration. It would be interesting to see the results of your experiments, if you would be willing to share.

Jan 03, 2016
Humming is driving me crazy!
by: Kathleen

I became aware of it about a month ago. First I thought my neighbor was working on his car late at night, that isn't it. What is nutty I can hear it over the dryer running and it is louder upstairs in the house. I don't hear it when in town or at the store. Well I am happy I am not alone.

Jan 08, 2016
@Deb from Australia
by: Anil

Hello Deb,

Although the sound is not heard by human ear, it may be amplified by your walls. Just a possibility. I am not sure even if it is true, but a lot of people are talking about it.

However, if you want to believe in it, just think of it like you being blessed and sleep tight.

Wish you good health


Jan 15, 2016
Hum Noise


I was told 10 years ago now, after having excluded every other possibility, that it is


from the cell phone towers.

A lecturer from University who is VERY familiar with this world wide problem told me.

Jan 16, 2016
Low hum problem
by: Jan

I must say I was pleased to find this forum and find out that I wasn't going completely mad!!!
I have traced the low hum and it is coming from the main electric metre on the wall outside my house. The hum has got louder over the past few months. If I put my ear to the walls inside the house it is very clear. I assume the only way to get rid of this noise is to remove the metre and stop my electricity supply ...... seems a little drastic! Is this something we have to learn to live with or is there someone out there who can come up with a sensible solution like changing the 'hum' frequency within the houses of those who have this sensitive hearing.

Jan 16, 2016
Jan New
by: Dee

Hi Jan, you may have a case for going to your electricity supplier and telling them the problem and ask if they will move the metre for you. They might. People seem to be becoming more aware of the fact that some people have more sensitive hearing, especially at a low frequency level, than others. I went to view a house a few days ago, and I asked the agent to stop speaking because I wanted to listen for humming noises! He said that there was a cable just outside the window and it could be that. I don't think it was that. It was quite a crowded residential area, and I think it was noise from a nearby house. It wasn't really a humming or buzzing. I suspect though, if I buy the property, I'll have to keep the windows shut even in summer. This sensitivity is a real nuisance, but there seems to be nothing that can be done to change my hearing. Just use noise maskers at night. I hope you get things sorted out, it really is worth trying everything you can think of. Good Luck

Jan 18, 2016
Humming sound in house
by: SueSueSue

I'm also suffering from the same humming sound. I can hear it 24/7, it destroys my sleep. Not our electricity, as turning off the main did nothing. For a while I thought it was the noise from a pump for an inflatable Christmas decoration my neighbors had, but they took the decoration down and the humming is still there. I've read that sometimes plumbing issues make humming sounds in the pipes, which then transmit to the entire home. The main water supply to your house from the outside can be the culprit, if the pressure is too high it can make your pipes vibrate, even if you turn off the main water supply valve inside your house. I've contacted my city's water utility and asked them to come out and check the line coming into our home. I will update and let you know if that was helpful. If not, I plan to contact our gas provider and ask them to check those lines as well. If that doesn't work I will be forced to move. I cannot live inside a humming house any longer!!

Jan 19, 2016
to SueSueSue New
by: Dee

So sorry to hear about this. I'm actually trying to move for the third time, in order to try to get away from the constant noise. In my case it's noise from 'gamers.' The machines they use cause a constant thudding, drumming noise which penetrates the building where I live. Tried and tried to do something about it, but there is no talking to them, and EH can do nothing. The problem is most buildings, especially older ones, are not built to withstand such noise, nor to keep it in. It's affecting my health badly, and my peace of mind. I do hope you get some help with this.

Jan 19, 2016
Re: "PULSED MICROWAVES from the cell phone towers"
by: SGVH

To the unnamed person who left that msg on 1/15/16 above re their University lecturer 10-years ago, thank you, & FYI, Pulsed-MWR is also what the "Smart Grid" emits via RF-MESH systems &/or Pulsed-MWR leaks from the PLC Smart Grid systems. So either way, it's the same culprit whether from celltowers or from Smart Grids or both.

Jan 19, 2016
Main Breaker in panel
by: Michael

Check with your power company but I am fairly certain that 'shutting off' the power to your house at the main breaker in your electrical panel DOES NOT stop the power the the lines running to your house. The 'smart' or 'analogue' meter is on the power company's side of your main breaker and is still powered unless the power company disconnects at the street.
Wifi pulses or power sounds coming to you house would not be isolated by turning off your own main breaker. In my case vibration from the transformer on the power pole would still be present if the power company disconnected at the street because the big transformer would still be live and the steel support cable still runs to my house. It could be a physical transmission of sound, not directly a result of the power in my house. The answer will come but the question is still to be resolved.

Jan 19, 2016
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

The BBC has run a story about the Hum today,you will find it on their website. There are some guesses at the cause, all wrong.

Jan 20, 2016
To Mary G. & All UK-People
by: SGVH (USA)

Hi Mary, do you still subscribe to the "Hum Forum" group at YahooGroups? That LFN-Assoc-UK lady just posted there 2-days ago at this link:

Rosemarie in England.
('LFNS Help').
(A National information service helped by N.H.S.),

Also please see


Best Wishes from England
End Quote.

Jan 20, 2016

Hi Michael, thanks for your continued thoughts & observations re the vibrations+noise at your place. All very educational. Loved the screwdriver story. :)

May I ask:

1. Are you in USA? (You mentioned 60Hz Grid so you could be USA or Canada, I think.)

2. Had you already lived there for ever-how-long & then, "all the sudden" you began having the vibrations+noise problem?

3. If Yes to "all the sudden," then would it be correct to say that *something* obviously *changed* within the quality &/or quantity &/or frequencies-regulation &/or transmission-distribution of the electricity being supplied to your property?

4. Some things I've wondered about separate from your story:

--Maybe it's caused by a change at the Substation level.

--Maybe the Substation was transformed from electro-mechanical to "computerized."

--I copied this from a local engineer's site who does work for the local Utility. It was UNdated so it may have been implemented before the Vibrations & Noise problem began here. However, it might give you ideas to work with (caps added by me):

The Utility "...initiated a ... system-wide DISTRIBUTION AUTOMATION program ... [& added] protective RELAYING upgrades in ... substations for all main and critical-LOAD FEEDERS and to interface the upgraded RELAYING with [the Utility's] SCADA SYSTEM ... included new LOAD TAP CHANGING equipment (LTCs) and POWER METERS on ... TRANSFORMERS."

--Maybe it's those new "Power Meters ON Transformers" that are causing Vibrations & Noise (?)

--Re: SCADA:

"What ‘they’ [industry] cannot explain, and take great pains to divert attention from, is the fact that the networking schema, the Level 2 equipment, the *SCADA* System, is deadly to living tissue because of the extremely high levels of energy it/they emit(s)."
--Victor Nixon, M.Sc. Computer Automation/Electrical Industry & SCADA Expert as quoted in "Tribute to Victor Nixon, EMF Warrior"; pg. 21 of 30):

--SCADA - Wiki Definition:
"SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is a system for remote monitoring and control that operates with coded [RF?] signals over communication [Pulsed-Microwave Radiation?] channels (using typically one communication channel per remote station)."

--SCADA - Google Definition: "SCADA generally refers to an industrial computer system that monitors and controls a process. In the case of the transmission and distribution elements of electrical utilities, SCADA will monitor substations, transformers and other electrical assets."

--SCADA systems, in general, began in 1965:

"History of SCADA":

(Maybe it has been "automated" SCADA systems causing the "Hum" as far back as the 1960s?)


Jan 25, 2016
It's not just my house
by: SueSueSue

Well I do have an update on my humming noise -- I discovered it's not just in my house. I talked to a couple of neighbors and went to another house to listen. I could hear the exact same humming sound in their house too. The neighbors can't really hear it, so it must be that I'm especially sensitive to the frequency of the hum and It MUST be something affecting the whole neighborhood, like possibly the electrical substation a mile or so from us, or possibly a natural gas well that's also about a mile away. So frustrating!

Jan 25, 2016
by: SueSueSue

SGVH, thank you for the information! I'm in the U.S. and those are interesting theories. I appreciate you taking the time to make your posts above.

Jan 26, 2016
by: Michael

We have lived in our house in Canada for many years. The noise preceded cell phones and towers by at least 10 years. The noise is not always present which leads me to believe it may be generated as different loads or substations are brought on line. As to how they are switched I would have to ask the hydro authority when computers were first initiated. It is my guess that the computer switching was brought to our system fairly early on as our hydro company is pretty progressive. That raises the other point. I do not have a smart meter because I don't want a source of micro-wave radiation in our house that I can't turn off (as I can with WIFI). Thank you for for your interest. Interestingly when I started writing this there was no hum now it has become quite noticeable. It seems to have started about 1am.

Jan 28, 2016

I thought I was losing my mind a few years ago when this low pitched humming noise began. I live in an area where there are often diesel trucks and trains. I assumed that maybe there was a truck idling or a train engine idling on the tracks somewhere. It was early winter and I put on my coat and began walking and walking all around my neighborhood to find the source... I never did. In the area where I live I only have to endure this from about October until June. It is prominent when it is cold outside and I never hear it once it warms up. I get so tired of the advice of "play some noise or turn on a radio"... you see, I like to sit and read in silence and sometimes just think... this hum makes it nearly impossible to do so. What is baffling to me is how many people *don't* hear it. I visited my Mom in another state (in late winter) and OMG! There it was! I said, "Oh great... you have the constant humming too." She couldn't hear it and so I promptly shut my mouth. Ha. I do have sensitive hearing... loud exhaust and loud booming music drives me over the edge... but this hum is something else entirely. It is constant and grating and I am so sick of it. I try to purposely make myself forget about it... but that is nearly impossible. I am so happy to have found this site with numerous comments. It helps just knowing that I am not alone in this.

Feb 02, 2016
About posts
by: Dee

I'm really finding it bemusing the way the posts on this site seem to be drifting off the edge of the right hand side. Words missing and I'm trying to puzzle out which ones so posts make sense. Has anyone else noticed this? What can be done about it?

Feb 02, 2016
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

There is a facebook forum for Hum Sufferers Low tone if anyone is interested....

Feb 08, 2016
Noisy Rainforest
by: JungleWahine

New here,aloha. I too was bugged for a while by the way off in the distance generator noise, but seeing as 80% of the people living in the rainforest were off grid, I assumed that's exactly what it was. Now that this rainforest has power lines everywhere, that noise is loud and much different. There was talk of putting smart meters in as there are no paved roads in here and it would just be easier. I hate that we are all having this issue, but I'm glad I found this site and it's not just me.
In the last few months the noise has changed and got louder again. I really thought I might be going nuts or something.

One thing did occur to me though. i was looking into solar and I remembered reading about the "dirty" electricity noises you would get depending on inverters you used etc, but more importantly, if you were still connected to the grid to "sell back" electricity. Well all the big box home improvement stores here in Hawaii have this deal going on where they almost "give" you the whole system. They guarantee that your power bill will be less than 1/3 of grid power. In return they keep whatever goes to the grid. Well tons of the new well off folks that could afford to get connected went out and did this. Just a thought.
I wonder if the hum were speaking of is the same or almost the same for all of us? I listed to the Bristol hum, mine used to be that, but boy has it evolved. Mine now greatly fluctuates and is never one steady tone. Only way I can describe it is when you have a refrigerator on the fritz, but much louder and a scale higher than the old steady drone.
Physical/Mental symptoms, yes. Since its been so much louder I am extremely anxious,sometimes manic, even paranoid. It's like I always have the heebie jeebies. Complete lack of sleep until I pass out from exhaustion or drink alcohol.
As far as the radiation mentioned, I'm assuming that's a factor weather or not you hear it?
I'm going to scroll back up and hit all these links posted. Thanks to everyone that has posted with their personal experiences and information!

Feb 08, 2016
by: Dee

A friend sent me a link for the following research done in 2011 by Professors, Thomas Jentsch and Gary Lewin, in Berlin. It makes very interesting reading re people who were born with a hearing defect (but not total deafness) due to a gene mutation. Apparently, such people - and I know I am one - tend to hear noises especially in the low frequency range, that other people cannot hear. Also, it seems, there is some connection with increased touch sensitivity to do with identifying something by touch that you cannot see? At least I think that is what they are saying, it is a bit medical technical for me, but others of you will probably understand it.

People with DFNA2 Hearing Loss Show Increased Touch Sensitivity

Feb 08, 2016
In re: Dee and the "hearing defect" researchers
by: Ramona

I don't see how a hearing "defect" could explain the hum we all hear. I didn't hear this hum growing up in a southern big city. In fact, when I went away to college in the mid-70s to an upstate college town, I didn't hear the hum. And yet, when years later I moved back to the same upstate college town, I began to quite suddenly hear this hum in 1986.

In my lifetime (I'm now in my 60s), here's the score card for me (United States):

No hum in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and part of the 1980s. During this time, I grew up in one large metro southern city, went to college in a small southern college town (same state), moved out of state to a very small southern town, returned to my previous small southern college town and then... the "hum" began quite suddenly in 1986 in this city.

The "hum" while apparent seemed to be manageable over the years.

Early 2000s I moved clear across the country to a western state. The "hum" was apparent but seemed to be not as annoying as "back home" and would come and go.

Moved back yet again to same small southern college town of alma mater a few years later and hum was in its usual manageable albeit annoying form.

Then wham - around 2013 it changed to something that affected me (still does) in an entirely different way. Louder, more vibratory, more intrusive, non-stop, like rattling my brain.

This "new" hum often make me anxious and nauseous.

Since I have lived in several different homes and apartments in my alma mater city, it certainly was not my dwellings that created the hum.

With the new hum that continues to this day, I often hear it when I am in quiet parks or deserted streets. And of course, I hear it in my current dwelling.

What is odd is this hum seems to turn "off," as if someone takes a vacation for a holiday. It can also unexpectedly stop and then restart in an hour's time. If I find myself feeling "up," and light and breezy, even "optimistic" in attitude, I will stop myself and say "Hey, you feel great - has the hum stopped?" And if I turn off the masking fan or TV, yep, there is no hum. Doesn't last all that long, and once it returns, I have to plug the fan back in or turn on the TV or Internet radio.

So I don't think any type of genetic ear defect can explain the hum we hear. Perhaps for some, but not for me. I didn't begin to hear it until I was in my 30s.

I believe it could be many things - sonic sounds from submarines (which effect fish and mammals), wifi, cell and microwave towers, or even HAARP. The thing is, those of us old enough to remember true silence and the joy therein, know that what we are hearing now is not something we grew up hearing.

Oh, to be able to "hear" the blissful silence we once knew...

Feb 09, 2016
to Ramona
by: Dee

I guess everyone is different in what they hear and when. I'm a bit older than you, and had problems with ears from birth. Hearing was not too bad until I reached my 40's, then it started to play up. Hearing changes as we age anyway, and now I am totally deaf in one ear. I've heard different types of 'hum' (that have not actually been hums) in different places, i.e. different in towns and countryside, also depends upon terrain, flat or hilly or by the sea or inland. I was interested by the research because I wondered if my genetic hearing problems might be the root of hearing stuff that others around me don't. I too wish that we have silence sometimes, as we used to, before technology took such huge leaps forward.

Feb 09, 2016
World Hum Map Founder will be on Radio Tonight
by: FYI

FYI: Glen McPherson who founded the World Hum Map & database & HumInfo wordpress blog, & who also posts at the YahooGroup Hum group, will be interviewed by George Noory tonight, Tues. 2/9/16, on the Coast To Coast AM radio program beginning at 10pm PST through Midnight.

Feb 11, 2016
MP3 Files of Radio Interview re World Hum/Dr. Glen McPherson
by: FYI

As a follow-up to the above re the Coast to Coast AM radio program the other night about "The Hum," here's the program/interview of Glen McPherson in mp3 format:

Glen's site is here:

His World Hum Database & Map is here:

Feb 12, 2016
Introducing Another "Vibes & Hum" Hearer
by: SGVH

The Virginia-Pilot newspaper did an article today 2/11/16 re a retired gentleman whose house began "humming" in December 2015. You can read it here:

"The mystery of the humming house in Chesapeake":

He was an Electrician for 40 years so he says it is a 60 Hertz hum & he did all he could to determine the source & his local power company has been to his house about 5 times so far trying to figure out where the noise is coming from. So cute: He says he has been going around hugging the utility poles to see if they are vibrating. :)

It's a good article, but it did not mention Smart Grids, Smart Meters (Electric or Water), RF-MESH systems, PLC systems, SCADA systems, Substation or Transformer upgrades, etc.

They also did a very short video of the gentleman which you can see here:

"The humming house in Chesapeake. Can you hear it?":

If you have the time or inclination & can log in via disqus, google+, etc., please go welcome the man to the "Hum" people by leaving a comment at the newspaper site &/or their youtube channel so he knows he's not alone (& so the newspaper & their youtube channel knows he's not alone either!)

Thank you!

Feb 12, 2016
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

Glen Mcphereson in his radio interview say he thinks the hum is caused my military VLF transmitters.

Feb 16, 2016
by: Pia

I started hearing the humming noise in April.2014 and have been deiven to dispair.
I live in Johannesburg South Africa. Add your details to the hum research database to assist with the research

Feb 17, 2016
Waves are the cause
by: Ali

This has now been proven to be caused by waves on Sea beds.

Feb 18, 2016
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor


I am sure we would all be interested to see how this was arrived at...noise from waves on seabed! can you back this up with some more information please.

Mar 04, 2016
I have a plan to find it
by: Cerino

I started hearing the hum mid December of 2015 in my home in Roswell,NM 88203. I noted that the hum started in variant times from 12pm to 12am. At these times the intensity will vary. Mid January after days of trying various cooping technics and failing to find the source I decided to contact the code ordinance office who the replied with a suspicious attitude towards issue. The woman insisted that her department could do nothing and if I had any complaints to contact the police. I didn't contact the police but the next day the hum did not return. I spent two days paranoid about the noise returning but it did not. As of March 1, 2016 the noise returned and continues. On the third of the month I contacted the police after driving around town trying to find the source. To my surprise the noise covers all of Roswell. There is a c130 constantly flying over the town I live near an airport.

My plan to find the source is simple. I will map the area to find where the noise subsides. This will create a radius around the source and I will find out the area where the source is. I WILL THEN FIND OUT WHO IS THE CULPRIT AND PUNISH THE GUILTY. I will relay the source to this site so you also can understand what is cuasing this.

Just know it is artificial and it can be stopped.

Mar 24, 2016
Waves on seabed
by: Ali

The cause has been found. Try googling.

Mar 28, 2016
I doubt it's waves on the sea bed.
by: SueSueSue

That is only a theory and we've all been googling like crazy forever to try to figure out what this humming is (at least I have). I doubt this is THE answer, it's one possibility, but it explains nothing about "my" hum, like the fact that it hums at a very constant rate (no 13-300 second waves in my hum -- no variation at all really), or why I only started hearing it 6 months ago, or why I can feel the vibration of the hum (the article says humans can't feel it) or why it's louder on some days and quieter on others, or why I can hear it inside but not outside, or why it's louder upstair than downstairs.

I really don't believe it's ocean waves. I'm sorry but I just don't. It's an interesting theory but I still think "my" hum is coming from a man-made source.

Mar 28, 2016
I doubt it's waves on the sea bed.
by: SueSueSue

That is only a theory and we've all been googling like crazy forever to try to figure out what this humming is (at least I have). I doubt this is THE answer, it's one possibility, but it explains nothing about "my" hum, like the fact that it hums at a very constant rate (no 13-300 second waves in my hum -- no variation at all really), or why I only started hearing it 6 months ago, or why I can feel the vibration of the hum (the article says humans can't feel it) or why it's louder on some days and quieter on others, or why I can hear it inside but not outside, or why it's louder upstairs than downstairs.

I really don't believe it's ocean waves. I'm sorry but I just don't. It's an interesting theory but I still think "my" hum is coming from a man-made source.

Mar 29, 2016
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

Jan 2016 Letter to dept of environment re "THE HUM"

Mar 29, 2016
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

A constant non-stop low frequency....

Mar 31, 2016
Consider SmartGrid before Anything Else
by: SGVH

SueSueSue wrote:

--" hums at a very constant rate..."

So does the Power Grid.

--"I only started hearing it 6 months ago..."

a) Smart Grid, water &/or electric, installed for the first time? &/or "upgraded" to "Advanced Metering Infrastructure" (AMI)?


c) Polluted Electric Grid even w/o Smart Grid?

--"I can feel the vibration of the hum..."

The EMFs are "inducing current" in your body, that's why you can feel the vibration, which is technically "subtle electrocution."

--"'s louder on some days and quieter on others..."

Power Grid operating at either "Real or Reactive Demand" at any given day/time/season. Also, "Power Density" determines EMF Intensity.

--"I can hear it inside but not outside..."

That's because the EMFs are riding on your wall-wiring, ceiling-wiring, plumbing, etc. & turning any/all metal in/under/above/around all the walls of your residence into "oscillating antennas" & are vibrating your building at "atomic & molecular levels."

--"'s louder upstair than downstairs."

a) Are the rooms smaller upstairs? (Smaller rooms have walls closer together, hence more "compact" wall-wiring closer together, hence more "sound".)

b) What type of roof & beams?

c) More metal upstairs?

Etc. Etc.

Question & Analyze Everything.

And I totally agree 1,000% that that idiotic "ocean waves" theory is an absurd joke. An obvious "disinfo" effort to cover-up & lead people astray. The ocean does NOT emit EMFs!

Nature CAN produce INFRASOUND, however = Frequencies below 20Hz = but it is short-lived & not constant, ie:

Apr 03, 2016
Just tell me why.
by: Vibro gal

I am sorry so many people suffer and I suffer from feeling vibrations. My problem started last fall, 2015 after my neighbor had at least a hot water heater replaced in her house. Now I feel her wash, humming, vibrations, pulsations that wake me up at night. Sometimes feeling that the house was going to take off or possibly explode. I lived in this house for several years symptom free. Our house is one of many attached, single-family homes. My husband does not feel anything- he may hear an occasional humming sound coming her house. I feel the vibrations at work also because my desk is near a compressor pump room. Sometimes I think its a freight train down the hill or the crematory up the hill. I wonder if I feel it because I took away the carpeting in the den room downstairs. It may be the combined effect of all the heating systems, dehumidifiers, or through the pipe-lines, and the noise of the city. I live on a hill top. I would pay to stop the cause. I went into panic and thought that my house was fukced but since my husband does not feel it- at least its good for some people. I started getting panic attacks,anxiety, and anger,depression, and I was taking medication for it. Now it's mind over matter because I feel hopeful that heating season is almost over. Now that I can "live" a little-I want to plan to get help. I want the trespassing vibrations to cease and desist. Could not measure vibrations with a rented vibration meter.( or we don't know how to read the results)I am all alone with this. My husband is sympathetic and he took me to the hearing doctor. At middle age, I have above-normal hearing- like a teenager I was told. I feel vibrations on the street, church, work, etc. If it's mechanical, I can feel it. sucks. It used to literally vibrate my skull on the pillow. I would feel it on the floor, through the bed, into my chest or my groin. I asked the neighbors- crazy I am but at least the neighbors know to watch their crap. At least it's quieter on one side. Some suggested I call Noise Control. It's not the noise so much, it's the vibrations.

Apr 04, 2016
Humming noise
by: Tony

I don't dismiss previous writers on this topic but I can confirm that the main cause of humming noise which becomes most apparent at night is principally due to Electrical transformers. The sort which are commonly placed on power poles or in metal cabinets placed around residential streets. They are used by power companies to reduce the high voltage supply to the domestic voltage. Having suffered from humm from a pole mounted transformer, I purchased another house in another town.Brick construction with underground electrical supply lines. The first night when the neighborhood was quiet I became aware of the Humm. I traced the source to a ground mounted transformer. A little over a 100yds (90m)away, hidden behind a hedge. Which is why I'd not seen it prior to purchase of the property. I am now looking for another house. As even if I strip the walls to install sound proofing material and fit double glassed windows, I doubt it would remove the sound. Besides which I would then have to live in sealed box.

Apr 04, 2016
To Tony
by: Michael

Tony I agree with you completely see my post Dec. 26, 2015.

It would seem reasonable in these days of advanced technology that it should be possible to create a counter signal to the hum at its source. I understand AC power is necessary and the hum is inevitable but when there is a known source of that sound why can't the neutralizing sound signal be generated in the same place. It would be the same as getting stereo speakers in phase in the old days. I have heard out of phase speakers create dead spots in a room where the sound waves canceled each other out. It was really noticeable when you put a mono record on a stereo system. Just some thoughts.

Apr 04, 2016
more on Humming
by: Tony

Hi Michael, thank you sorry I missed your previous comment. I teach physics, so I understand why producing a counter noise by a transformer would not work. If one considers how a transformers are constructed; it becomes obvious how the noise, which we hear as vibrations of air particles acting on our ear drums. The noise is generated by oscillations of magnetic field within the transformers. This causes a physical vibration of the electrical cables within the core as well as the metal containment materials of the frame holding the wires. As well as the whole containment vessel in which the transformer is held. Air particles will be excited from every surface in every direction.
Most sufferers will confirm they hear a repeating cycle of sound, as the hum from the different surfaces That's because the sound from the different surfaces will interfere with each other so you get a pulsing hum noise.
Anyone who hears a solid constant hum would be wise to check around nearby as the source is likely to be very close. possible a bed side clock or some other appliance, that is turned off but still plugged into the mains.
As above the multiple surfaces from which sound emanates, is the reason you hear the hum which ever way you turn or locate within a house.
I believe the electrical hum inflicted on everyone is a serious health risk. I affects sleep, it causes stress, aggression, not to mention hearing loss. Like so many things in things society accepts noise because most people like my wife, simply relax somehow and accept it as unavoidable, regardless of possible ill effects.

Apr 05, 2016
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

Hi Tony,

I wonder if you have any thoughts on this....I hear the diesel engine hum, at least it sounds like a diesel engine when it is working at a specific speed, it changes over an hours cycle.

In the past the noise has stopped completely for a few hours at a time...but I there was no break in electricity supply and the telephone line was still working.

Some people report the hum as stopping for months at a time and then starting up again.

I live in an area in the UK which had severe floods around Christmas time. The electricity was 'down' as were the telephone cables and yet the noise continued. I live in the English Lake District in an isolated farmhouse, telephone line is buried and comes up through some fields, electricity comes across the fields on two lines, there are no major transmission cables within miles.

Apr 05, 2016
more on Humming 2
by: Tony

Dear Mary, A lovely part of the country so it is tragic that even there you suffer from background noise. Naturally I can only speculate as to what the source of your noise is. Given that you state it heard even when the electricity is off.
How apparent a noise is depends on two factors. The frequency and the Amplitude. Few Humans can hear any sounds below 60Hz or above a frequency of 20,000Hz. although many can hear up to around 22,000Hz, I was one who had very acute hearing when I was younger.

Amplitude determines how loud the sound is but at frequencies that are not audible, the sound may be felt because of the vibrations transmitted through the air, ground or physical structures.
Depending on where in the world you live, regardless of the electrical voltage; electrical hum typically has a frequency of either 50 or 60Hz. The hum's amplitude (volume) may be so low it is barely audible.
This is often the case during the daytime when the hum is easily masked by bird songs, traffic an other domestic sounds.
50Hz and 60Hz electrical phases are produced by three phase generators, running at 3000 or 3600 revs per minute.
electric clocks,fan motors,in fact most if not all induction type electric motors run at the same speed, as they run in harmony with the phase. Transformers inside all sorts of appliances also vibrate in harmony.
A large supermarket, opened in Johnsonville it had large extractor fans on the roof, which ran day and night. The motors used were induction type, so from then on the throbbing noise could be heard throughout the valley.
A diesel motor is unlikely to produce the same frequency as the electrical hum.
This leads me to comment on the low frequency noise which Mary has mentioned. Below 60Hz is known as sub-sonic. Whales produce sub-sonic noise to contact other whales. They can communicate with others several hundred kilometres away. Because sub-sonic sound although at a low frequency carries a lot of energy as wave length is very long. The length of the wave allows it pass around obstacles such as buildings or hill sides. So although Air is not a very stable medium for transmission of sound but because sub-sonic sounds have so much energy, it's possible to hear sub-sonic sounds which have been generated many miles away. Particularly if you live in an elevated position as sound tracks upward. For example, If you go up a hill above a busy road the traffic noise will be obvious.
find a valley or some position the same distance below the same road and it will be noticeably quieter.
Mary lives in a very beautiful part of the UK but it is also quite hilly. Wind passing around hill tops form waves, just like the sea on a beach. As the air waves collapse or collide with obstacles or other air waves we hear sound. This might well be the case where Mary lives.
May 2017 I shall be retiring. My wife and I intend to returning to Australia to continue travelling with a 4Wd and caravan, we are looking forward to getting into the outback where all we shall hear are the sounds of nature.

Apr 16, 2016
humming noise
by: Maggie

Hello I have just found this forum by accident....I know exactly what your all on about as I have the same problem here...the sauce of the noise I am getting is from a power station over the road from me,I have complained to them for nearly two years now and they are insisting it is not coming from there there any suggestions anyone could tell me if there is anyone else I could get advice about it? The people from the power station know there is a noise in my flat but keep denighing that it's from there....

Apr 22, 2016
Humming noise-health effects
by: Colleen

Nearly two years ago something in the vicinity of my peaceful home changed. It started in the fall and has continued to this day. 24/7 day and night...there is a low idling hum. It has a brief change in tone then continues to vibrate at a low level causing me to feel dizzy. I use music, the washer, fan etc to block it out. I can hear it inside the house and outside the home. I can hear it in my neighborhood. We do not have smart meters, I have hiked in the forest behind my property up to the power lines, cell tower etc and cannot find the source. This is a man made noise. It was not here the first few years of owning my home. What help can I obtain to locate this source. Another issue is many cannot hear this noise. They suggest I have hearing issues. I'm healthy and have super senses. I was briefly away and it was so nice to have a break from this mind numbing noise. I live in British Columbia and need advice on who I can go to for help. Best Regards, Colleen

Apr 29, 2016
by: John


Has anyone had any experience with using Hearing Amplifiers (previous post) as suggested solution?
If the original poster is still around - can you please provide a link to the YOUTUBE video referenced?
Any feedback would be appreciated?


Apr 29, 2016
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

I tried a hearing amplifier, it didn't help.

May 02, 2016
Pulsating Noise...
by: Help in NJ!

Not sure if this is the 'hum' but I an in Central NJ and hear this low frequency pulsating noise at night. I moved into the house about a year ago, and have heard this noise constantly.

I've been trying to figure out the cause, but can't really get any confirmation. It's a brick house. There is a heat pump. There are power lines running along the street.

Desperate to see what the source is, and if there's any solutions.

Please, help!

May 04, 2016
low hum
by: Veronica

I live under power lines & can only hear sizzling sound outside, inside home is a horrible hum. Down the street, they started putting lines underground & hum is getting louder. Power company knows what's going on, but they don't care because it's all about $. They have to fill big orders for all of our devices. In turn, I think we're killing ourselves. It is obviously having an ill effect not only on us,but environment & animals, etc. Since the increase, I have developed 6 nodules on thyroid. I didn't believe in conspiracy theories before, but taken the growing agitation & violence of our society, it might have something to do with it. I know my family has become very noise sensitive & short tempered as the hum grows. There are also frequencies & tempos that change sporadically. Turning on a fan helps drown out, but I'm sure it still has ill effect. Time for a change in gov't.

May 06, 2016
Pulsating Noise...
by: Help in NJ!

I'm starting to realize / think that it is something unique to my house rather than the neighborhood, or the neighbors simply don't hear it.

It's either the power lines running to the house, or something with the water, or the other culprit might be the gas meter.

I don't know whom or how to approach it. Being that I only moved into the house in July, I suspect I'm stuck.

May 06, 2016
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

If you want to, come and join us Hum sufferers here....

May 14, 2016
by: patricia

hi all, the hum for me is ,BASS machines from cars hooning, it is silent and vibrates from my feet to my head,, Then its gets louder and louder untill they create a rumble and if I am lucky , the Police attend..... I have to take medication for vestibular migraine, and wear noise cancelling head phones with music playing.It has been debilitating . I agree it is worse inside for some unknown reason........I have seen utube footage of guys in cars silently making shop windows vibrate.... That is what we are having to tolerate in this world.....Patricia

May 15, 2016

I believe the humming noise is caused by Anaerobic Digester. I lived peacefully for 2 years and now since March 2016 when the ANAEROBIC DIGESTER became active I constantly hear a low frequency humming noise which disturbs my sleep. Unfortunately, more are being built in the UK so more people will start to experience these dreadful humming sounds and nothing can or will be done about them!

May 19, 2016
Humming sound
by: Paul in Medina, Ohio

Several years ago I complained to the EPA. They were worthless. At first I thought there was mining going on below my house. The humming sound continued. I sold my house and had another built some thirty miles south, still I hear the humming sound. At first, my live in girlfriend said it was all in my head, until I found articles of people experiencing the same phenomenon. Is there any help?

Jun 07, 2016
Lochgoilhead Has The HUM
by: Marlene

I've lived in village of Lochgoilhead (Scotland's National Park, Argyll) for almost 14 years - until recently the tranquility and beauty of the surroundings have made the long commute worth it.

But as of late 2015 the HUM started.

As decribed by many others here, sounds like an engine/generator/pump running; ear plugs make no difference, the noise can still be heard - and felt.

Wandered around the village many times trying to find the source.
Contacted the utility companies.
Contacted QuintiQ (who operate the MOD Noise Range).
Posted a notice at the local shop and in local newsletter asking for help/info.
Contacted Env Health Office who confirmed the noise had already been reported.

Even reached out to a couple of acoustic experts and to DEFRA/the Scottish Govt - all of whom advise that there is nothing they can do; even if the source of the noise can be traced it might not be possible to make it stop.

At least I now know that I'm not the only person in the village - or in the world, based on what I've read here - that is effected.

I'm left wondering where in the world anyone can go to find peace and quiet...

Jun 08, 2016
by: Blue eye

I live in outer NYC. It's a shame that the hum can be heard in rural areas. For me, it's constant faint droning noise/pulsation and vibrations. It's distracting. I thought it started late summer 2015 when my neighbor changed out mechanicals (AC, water heater, heating) Basically I suffered a lot during the winter from vibrations in my home, then at work, and even now in the summertime I feel it on the street, in the stores. I can blame the energy of the city for it (not). I hear the hissing in the air. I heard the hissing at a relatives house in the countryside. It sounded different. They had central AC. Lots of wifi I believe in the community. While years ago I used to enjoy myself in their company, I found myself falling asleep on the couch due to exhaustion. I had a severe headache but that could have been from anything. I just keep my mouth shut but my husband is understanding most of the time. He suggests I get a counselor to help me cope with this.(He does not feel the vibrations or the droning and hears the city sounds as a one tone noise) As if anyone has any experience to begin with. I read these forums but I feel isolated. It's raining outside and I feel slight pulsing standing waves underneath me and the background droning noise of some engine/generator (not) that never seems to stop. It seems to come from below or through the wall. I used to keep the television on constantly- and since I've stopped, I am tuned into this. I lost my will to watch television because my body would vibrate on the bed starting last winter from where I used to sit and enjoy in total peace and calmness with no distractions.

Jun 09, 2016
To Marlene and Blue Eye
by: Andrea

Both of your comments could be my comments.I have been hearing this humming since 2012 and it has done a lot of harm to my health and my life, actually once you hear the hum and feel the effects of it it is life altering! My husband hears and feels it ,too and just like you, Marlene, we contacted lots of people to find out who exactly is responsible and who could remedy this situation.
Basically we got no answers and I have not posted about the hum in a looooong while, because it takes me nowhere. We live about 60 miles (rural) north of NYC, where it used to be so nice and quiet, just like what you described "Blue Eye". Forget it, I think you are almost better off living in a noisy and big city, because of the constant ambient noise that at least would distract from the "humming noise". When it gets quiet at night in my town you could go out of your mind from the humming. The puzzling thing is, that too few people hear it to get something done about it.
This is an electrical hum from the so called Smart Grid, but who is in charge, whom can you contact and the sad thing is that this problem exists in so many countries, but wherever people try to resolve this matter with authorities,they get nowhere. Why is that? Why are they stone walling?
Life is not good any more, we are not living any more, we are just existing on that little bit of sleep we get every night and hope to make through another day!

Jun 09, 2016
Can Humming be blocked
by: Tony Wellington NZ

I live in New Zealand but since finding this web site I have been amazed to learn how many people world wide, share the curse of humming noise.
I think most readers will agree the problem stems from the frequency of the AC electrical supply. Coupled to the use with electrical motors, and the machinery that is driven.
Almost all electrically driven equipment, will resonate at the frequency of the electrical grid.

So the noise will be made by everything from the power utility transformer in the street, the bedside clock, air conditioning fans, electrically driven pumps,etc the list is endless, so I'm sure you get the point.

As the whole fabric of our civilization is bound to the use of electricity, there is nothing any authority could to do to remove or reduce the occurrence of the humming noise from society.

So I wonder, is there any way we can build new houses or retro fit old ones with sound reducing materials which would be effective against Hum?

Is there any reader of this site an architect or sound engineer who could offer advice? On whether there is any proven way to effectively block or at least reduce the humming sound within a house?
If there is could there be a business opportunity here that some readers might consider pursuing. I for one would be be interested to learn more.

Jun 10, 2016
Reply to Tony
by: Andrea

Tony, you wrote something interesting and here I quote: "As the whole fabric of our civilization is bound to the use of electricity, there is nothing any authority could to do to remove or reduce the occurrence of the humming noise from society."
There is more to this story than just supplying people with electricity. We have lived in our house for 8 years with no humming and obviously we were having electricity. Same goes for the places we have lived before. We never had a humming anywhere!
I think we all know by now about Smart Meters that communicate over the electrical lines and we in particular also see WiFi boxes hanging on the lines which broadcast 24/7. Since that technology was applied the problem with the humming started and that is what needs changing. That technology causes major harm.

Jun 12, 2016
wifi and smart meter hum
by: Tony Wellington NZ

Dear Andrea, I have no doubt you are correct in stating that wifi devices and smart meters produce humming noise. As stated previously, any device connected to an AC supply has the potential to produce hum. How loud the hum is will depend on the size and construction of the device and the amount of electrical current associated with the use of the device.
In my case having turned off the house supply I am sure the hum is from the Utility supply transformer in the street. In your case if you're sure the sound is from the meterbox, I wonder if you could line the box or encase it in sound proofing foam as used in the marine industry to line engine rooms. I have used it on a yacht and found it very effective at containing sound within the engine box.
regards Tony.

Jun 16, 2016
To John of 4/29/16 re Hearing Amplifiers/New
by: SGVH

Hi, if you see this, the YT link is this one by David in Ireland, posted about 2-years ago:

The lady who mentioned getting a cheap hearing amplifier from her local drug store was named "B. Jackson." I think you have to be logged in to YT to see HER comments, though everyone's replies TO her can be seen without being logged in (go figure! I have no idea why that is).

There's no much there to go on. She does not give a brand or model, & only said she found it helped her.

Jun 16, 2016
To "Blue Eye" of Outer-NYC (of 6/8/16):
by: SGVH

Almost everything you described is the same here except this is not a rural area. Otherwise, pretty much ditto!

Are you in a SmartGrid Network area? Smart-WATER-Grid &/or Smart-ELECTRIC-Grid?

a) SmartGrid uses wall-wiring (& any metal in its path, including any amalgams in your teeth) as "electrical conductors." Hence the reason it "...seems to come ... through the wall" [wall-wiring].

b) SmartGrid EMFs "induce current" in human bodies/organs; "inducing current" is an electrical term which literally means "electrocution" which is what is causing the "internal vibrations/pulsing/pulsating."

c) Plumbing Pipes under your building &/or Underground Electric/Gas/Water Meter Pipes are also being vibrated by the SmartGrid EMFs > Radiation & hence may be why it "...seems to come from below..." Another reason might be:

d) If your floor is concrete, it may have rebar/steel in/under it for support. SmartGrid EMFs/Radiation would vibrate that steel rebar as well.

e) SmartGrid "electronics" (& all "electronics" for that matter, including the TONS of "electronics" at each & every cell-tower site, etc.) create "Dirty Electricity" in the Power Grid (a distortion, creating transients & harmonics). This "Dirty Electricity" (DE) could also possibly be what feels like the "...slight pulsing standing waves underneath me" as it spews out from electrical outlets which are near the floor.

f) "Ground Current" a/k/a "Stray Voltage" has also become more of a problem as more Utilities choose to allow "return current" to just run free along the ground back to the Substations (cheaper for them) rather than providing a "return wire." (Supposedly illegal, but what the hay, right?) If there is any "Ground Current" in your area, it can enter into buildings via the outside water pipes where those enter your building.

--See this YT: "Electrical Current on Plumbing Pipes":

--This article mentions NYC & "Ground Current": "High Frequency Voltage Transients in the Power Grid may be Causing Life Threatening Health Problems for You and Your Family" (scroll down):

g) Per Magda Havas, PhD (see her videos at YT), ALL of North American buildings' electricity is "GROUNDED TO THE PLUMBING." Hence, another possible way that "Dirty Electricity" & "Ground Current" can come up through your sinks, faucets, toilets, etc. & permeate the building; & hence may be another reason that it feels like "...slight pulsing standing waves underneath me."

h) FWIW: This Feb. 2015 article re Con-Ed [NYC] says: "Con Ed spending $1.5 billion on 'smart meter' program" (you said your problems began circa Summer 2015):

i) For those who are absolutely positive & have checked that they for a certainty are not living inside of a SmartGrid Area Network (which can cover MANY miles), then read this full page top to bottom for all the other problems with the Power Grid itself that might be causing the vibrations/pulsing/pulsating + noise:

--"'Dirty' Electricity is a National Problem Affecting Everyone’s Health in the United States" (one of the same links as above, but this entire page covers the full story of all problems mentioned above; 30 documented references):


Jun 16, 2016
For "Blue Eye" & Andrea & Anyone w/SmartGrid
by: SGVH

Reposting from Dec. 2015:

For any ... who DO have SmartMeter/SmartGrid, check out this page with video & legal documents to send to utility...

Self-Help Documents & Instructions for Smart Meter Removal by a NY Real Estate Attorney (but documents can be used anywhere, not just NY):

"Template for Non-Consent and Removal: 'Notice and Demand, with Affidavit of Negative Averment'":

[There were 40 comments at that page but today 6/16/16 they are not showing up. Something wrong with my browser, or the site hid them, maybe not wanting to let the Fox in the Hen House know what the chickens plan to do(?)]

Other tips re Solutions:

Jun 16, 2016
To Tony in NZ
by: Anonymous

Re: "So I wonder, is there any way we can build new houses or retro fit old ones with sound reducing materials which would be effective against Hum? Is there any reader of this site an architect..."

I'm no architect, but I saw one in video interviews who lives in the Memphis, TN, area, who has determined to be only a "Green Home" designer from here on in, after having been woken up to SmartGrid dangers. His name is Herman (Butch) Wolfe, Jr. He's a sometimes-guest on a radio program, Liberty in Action, aired from Memphis & hosted by retired R.N./nurse, Donna Bohannon, who has been regularly interviewing expert witness (in SmartGrid cases), Curtis Bennett.

Liberty In Action FB timeline lists their bi-weekly radio guests & programs/subject/content:

Liberty In Action radio site (which only lists the dates/videos but no descriptions):
Mon-Wed-Fri at 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM.
Tune in App - Search WMQM
2 Call in numbers: 901-327-2500
& NEW 2nd line: 901-327-3400

Guest/Curtis Bennett site:

I can't find a site for the architect/Wolfe, but here's one of the recent programs he was on in May, w/photo:

Jun 16, 2016
Testing Your Environment
by: SGVH

New 12-minute video out 6/5/16: Dr. Laura Presley tests a man's home for Dirty Electricity, Electric Fields, & RF from his Smart Meter. Informative:

Jun 16, 2016
To Patricia of 5/14/16:
by: SGVH

Re: "The hum for me is BASS machines from cars hooning, it is silent and vibrates from my feet to my head. Then its gets louder and louder until they create a rumble..."

You may have already seen this, & it won't provide any solutions, but it's very interesting. Site is called "Lower the Boom" re the very thing you describe, bass "boom cars" basically terrorizing neighborhoods with their cars & vibrating people's houses & bodies:

They link to an older report by a nurse, Patrice Thomas, re the effects of High-Intensity Low-Frequency Noise (HILF):

That site is also very interesting. Look at these headlines re police depts. getting "The Rumbler" - some new kind of siren that emits "vibrating sound waves":

Check out their LINKS page, wow; but they need to add POWER GRID to their list:

Their page of articles re Health Effects of Noise (besides ears, it affects the heart; can contribute to strokes; says you may sleep through it but your body still feels the effects of it, etc. -- which we all already know all too well!):

"Noisy Dozen Press Releases":

"Boom Cars: View Noise Free America's collection of Obnoxious Boom Car Ads": also has chapters in various cities:

P.O. Box 2754
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27515

"A good first step in creating a more peaceful world is to join Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet ( Members of Noise Free America lobby at the local, state, and national levels for stronger noise enforcement and reduced levels of noise. Reduced noise levels would greatly improve the health of individuals and communities."

"International Noise Awareness Day" is APRIL 27th: "The Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) founded this yearly event in 1996 to encourage people to do something about bothersome noise where they work, live, and play":


P.S. To TONY in NZ:


Jun 17, 2016
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

I wonder if this may be of help to some of us...¬if_id=1466078457388519

Jun 18, 2016
Re: "Medical Mediums"
by: SGVH

Thanks, Mary.

Here's opposite opinions for anyone who cares (Bible verses re "consulting mediums"):

Reader Reviews at Amazon &/or Goodreads say:
--That he asks people NOT to record his consultations (which many found to be "fishy");
--That he charges $500;
--That he blames most every illness on any of the "...60 strains of Epstein-Barre Virus...";
--That he recommends supplements & raw-food diets (which anybody can get that info anywhere for free & which has been around for, in modern times, two centuries already via "Natural Hygiene").
--That "...For someone in direct communication with the most powerful angel in existence, there is a surprising lack of information..." (in the book).
--One person who replied to those who had recorded their consultations (against the author/medium's request) basically said, "I guess his 'Spirit' wasn't smart enough to tell him they were recording their consultations..." (LOL!)

More troubling to me, personally, was this description by one lady at Amazon:

"...his supreme spiritual arrogance ... On the one hand, William tells us that his source (Spirit) is higher than anyone else's source of spiritual enlightenment (and in fact, is the right hand of God). By inference then, the rest of us are placed far below him and unworthy of such information until now ..."
--Reviewer: "Trouble from the beginning" By Claire S. on November 11, 2015; Format: Hardcover|Verified Purchase:

She says that the book-author/Anthony William says "...his source (Spirit) is higher than anyone else's source of spiritual enlightenment (and in fact, is the right hand of God)..."

I hate to tell Anthony William, but the ONLY "Spirit" that is "the Right Hand of God" is Jesus Christ. Google searches asking whether Anthony Williams believes in Jesus Christ came back zilch. For those who care about such things, that's a red flag; see below (caps were in the originals):

--Psalm 110:1: The LORD says to my Lord: "Sit at My right hand Until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet."


--Matthew 26:64: Jesus said to him, "You have said it yourself; nevertheless I tell you, hereafter you will see THE SON OF MAN SITTING AT THE RIGHT HAND OF POWER, and COMING ON THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN."

--Mark 12:36: "David himself said in the Holy Spirit, 'THE LORD SAID TO MY LORD, "SIT AT MY RIGHT HAND, UNTIL I PUT YOUR ENEMIES BENEATH YOUR FEET."'

--Mark 14:62: And Jesus said, "I am; and you shall see THE SON OF MAN SITTING AT THE RIGHT HAND OF POWER, and COMING WITH THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN."

--Luke 20:42: "For David himself says in the book of Psalms, 'THE LORD SAID TO MY LORD, "SIT AT MY RIGHT HAND..."

--Luke 22:69: "But from now on THE SON OF MAN WILL BE SEATED AT THE RIGHT HAND of the power OF GOD."

--Acts 2:34: "For it was not David who ascended into heaven, but he himself says: 'THE LORD SAID TO MY LORD, "SIT AT MY RIGHT HAND..."

--Acts 7:55-56: "But being full of the Holy Spirit, he [martyr Stephen] gazed intently into heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God; and he said, "Behold, I see the heavens opened up and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God."

--Acts 2:33: "Therefore having been exalted to the right hand of God, and having received from the Father the promise of the Holy Spirit, He has poured forth this which you both see and hear."

--Acts 5:31: "He is the one whom God exalted to His right hand as a Prince and a Savior, to grant repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins."

--Romans 8:34: "...Christ Jesus is He who died, yes, rather who was raised, who is at the right hand of God, who also intercedes for us." <<<

--Ephesians 1:20-21: "...which He [God the Father] brought about in Christ, when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in the one to come."

--Colossians 3:1: "Therefore if you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God."

--Hebrews 1:13: >>> "But to which of the angels has He ever said, 'SIT AT MY RIGHT HAND, UNTIL I MAKE YOUR ENEMIES A FOOTSTOOL FOR YOUR FEET'?" (There is no "angel" at God's right hand; only Jesus Christ.)

--Hebrews 1:3: "And He [Jesus] is the radiance of His [God the Father's] glory and the exact representation of His nature, and upholds all things by the word of His power when He had made purification of sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high.."

--Hebrews 12:2: "...fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."

--Hebrews 8:1: "Now the main point in what has been said is this: we have such a high priest, who has taken His seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens..."

--1 Peter 3:21-22: "...through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who is at the right hand of God, having gone into heaven, after angels and authorities and powers had been subjected to Him."

Lastly, re: "Magic Arts" books (sorcery, etc.):

--Acts 19:18-20: "And many who had become believers [in Jesus] came confessing and disclosing their practices, while many of those who had practiced magic collected their books and burned them in front of everyone. So they calculated their value and found it to be 50,000 pieces of silver. In this way the Lord’s message flourished and prevailed."

Bottom Line: Why pay $500 to "consult a medium" who supposedly communicates with some unknown, unnamed "spirit," when you can communicate with the Son of God Himself, Jesus Christ? (who is no "mystery spirit" & actually has a Name!) And He won't charge you $500 either. :)

Jun 18, 2016
To Veronica of 5/4/16:
by: SGVH

Re: "...inside home is a horrible hum. Down the street, they started putting lines underground & hum is getting louder."

Interesting. The powerlines here are underground as well, but they always were, not a new thing, but the vibrations+noise did not begin until 10 years after this building was built. I think it's the newer "2-Way AMI Smart Grid" (Advanced Metering Infrastructure = AMI) creating tons of "Dirty Electricity" in the Power Grid. Previously there was only 1-Way "Smart Meters" that only radiated outward from the meter. 2-Way AMI means it is radiating INTO + throughout the building's wiring & metal pipes & then back outward again.

The "electric meter pipes" (that run from the meters to each unit's "circuit breaker panel" are also underground here. My electrician-brother says some buildings have those pipes running above (in the ceiling, etc.), & others put those pipes underground.

--Re: "...Since the increase, I have developed 6 nodules on thyroid."

Sorry to hear that. Please check with your medical provider. But once I learned the vibration+noise is caused by EMF *RADIATION*, I bought some topical iodine to put on the skin (safer than ingesting iodine as you don't want to get too much. Too Much is as bad as Too Little). iHerb sells this brand of topical-iodine: "TPCS, PT Skin Iosol, Formula VI, 1/2 fl oz." (I have no affiliation w/iHerb nor make any $$ from that recommendation.) I only put some on my inner arm twice a week as I don't want to take "too much."

--Re: "There are also frequencies & tempos that change sporadically. Turning on a fan helps drown out, but I'm sure it still has ill effect."

Very true re the constant fluctuations of frequencies & "tempos" or Intensity as I call it. Same here! The "Stronger Intensity" it gets, the "faster" the noise sounds.

I have been a "box fan" user for many decades (due to hot, humid South). Last year I bought some "air circulators" instead (brand: Vornado). They did a great job BUT their motors are stronger than a "box fan" & they give off a "Low-Frequency Noise" that, when the Grid is in "Too Strong/Intensity" mode, I couldn't use the Vornado fans as they ADDED to the Grid's Vibrations. So I'm back to using "box fans."

And you're right. Radiation does have "ill effects"! I sincerely believe that is what we are all dealing with, EMF Radiation. It is NOT just a harmless "noise."

Jun 18, 2016
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

This talk is about foods and supplements to eat if you are having problems with your neurological strengthen immune system and destroy a virus, if this is the cause of humming in ears. This is not a new idea, I have read about this elsewhere on medical sites.

Anti viral tablets from doctors can knock back virus but can have the effect of making them mutate and become even more disruptive... This is simply all I was suggesting people take a look at. Not suggesting people pay for a private consultation. By the way, the spirit mentioned does have a name, and that name is COMPASSION.

"If you suffer with a sensitive central nervous system, neuropathy, tingling, humming, buzzing, tremors, shakes, chemical sensitivities, fatigue or brain fog, your neurological system needs some help. Learn about the true causes of neurological symptoms and how to begin healing in this very important episode with Medical Medium Anthony William."

Jun 18, 2016
Healthy & Unhealthy Both Hear "Hum"
by: SGVH

Agree re anti-virals being a farce. All RX drugs for that matter are anti-body & only create a toxic load on the vital organs, of which the body then has to work harder to rid itself of them, causing enervation.

The Hum is caused by an external force (EMFs, imo). Healthy & Unhealthy people hear it. So it cannot be a "state of health/unhealth" that causes people to hear it. When that external force of EMF energy is "turned down," the Healthy &/or the Unhealthy no longer hear it. (That happens here all the time, that the Grid goes into Super-Duper-Low-Mode so that the Hum is sooooo faint it can hardly be heard at all & sometimes it is so Quiet you can hear a pin drop. Likewise, there's no question the EMFs are vibrating the floors/walls when the Grid is turned up into "Super Strong" mode.) Point being, one's health has no control over that EXTERNAL energy. Remove the source (the EMFs) & whether you are sick or healthy, you won't hear it.

What the "medical" guys don't know is that naturally detoxing (water fasting) will cure just about anything. However, continuing to live in an EMF-polluted environment would eventually wear your health down again, especially the immune system.

--Great book: "FASTING CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE" by Herbert Shelton, N.D. (1895-1985) -- originally published in 1964:
--.MP3's of Dr. Herbert Shelton lectures:

Video Lectures re Natural Hygiene & Water-Fasting:
--Dr. Alec Burton (has a fasting center in AU) but gave this lecture in USA:
--Dr. Alan Goldhamer (has a fasting center in Santa Rosa, Calif.), lecture re water-fasting:
--Many more at YT.

Re: "...the spirit mentioned does have a name, and that name is COMPASSION."

--"And no wonder! For Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no great thing if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their destiny will be according to their works." (2nd Corinthians 11:14-15)

"Compassion" is a quality of God's character, not the demons who masquerade as such. Why settle for a Fake when you can directly access the "Real Thing"?

Mark 6:34: "And Jesus, when he came out, saw much people, and was moved with compassion toward them, because they were as sheep not having a shepherd: and he began to teach them many things."

Jun 18, 2016
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

I must say, I never imagined the devil giving out good dietary advice in his spare time. The vibration of the hum has, I believe, damaged my nervous system causing the most horrendous pain and if a better diet can help ease this I am willing to try it, this talk is has such advice....

"If you suffer with a sensitive central nervous system, neuropathy, tingling, humming, buzzing, tremors, shakes, chemical sensitivities, fatigue or brain fog, your neurological system needs some help. Learn about the true causes of neurological symptoms and how to begin healing in this very important episode with Medical Medium Anthony William"

He particularly mentions humming in ears

Jun 22, 2016
by: Blue eye

Thank you for all your information. I recently bought a small vornado fan and I also find that it gives off a low hum even on the lowest setting.It hums through the floor and I can hear it downstairs. I am not pleased with the noise either.Not sure if I will return it because it is efficient but not pleased with the hum. I may replace it with a regular table top fan.

Aug 03, 2016
Discovery of one vibration source
by: Blue eye blurry now

My next door neighbor installed a ductless unit outside. Her house is 2' higher than mine, so the install is literally inches beneath my floor. It resonates the floor to the point where I can not sleep. It is a light, deep vibration- that is penetrating. My husband does not feel it. I hear it hum through to my pillow. No one in all these attached houses places their AC units where she did. In these tiny homes I can feel it through out. It is a nightmare. Who would have ever thought something like this could ever happen? Don't believe the hype of these units- they are quieter but they vibrate. The condenser, the refrigerant lines vibrate, and of course the airhandler indoors on the walls. I don't understand the dependency of people with their machines. It's darn cool outside-why can't ppl just open the windows and use a fan? Now I have to turn on my AC to try to counter the vibration but it does not work. I lose hours of sleep and then maybe the 3rd night i am so exhausted, I sleep through it somehow. Every night I fall asleep and when she turns it on- it literally wakes me up. Not my husband. I envy him. I am worried about my nieces not being able to sleep when they visit in a few days.

Aug 06, 2016
To: Blue eye blurry now

Check your state's noise legislation. There are time restrictions when noise should not be heard in a habitable room in a neighbour's residence.

I am not sure where you live, however see if you find the equivalent of the information below in your state.

good luck!

Aug 11, 2016

I am thankful for finding this page because I believe that we must force government officials to enact legislation to find, stop, & prosecute anyone and everyone using technological weapons. This includes the use of the new sound wave guns which claim to be harmless but can cause serious injuries, illness and death. Even amplifiers can be abused for harassment, abuse and torture, as may be what is happening when someone says they feel the vibrations. It is obvious meant to harass and torture, when it interrupts your daily life or sleep.

Please, I urge anyone reading this page to contact your state, federal and local agencies & legislators to file complaints and demand these people who use this on humans or animals be severely prosecuted and face lengthy jail time. Torture is illegal in this country, but finding the source of electronic harassment and getting law enforcement to believe and acknowledge the existence of it is not yet an easy task. DON'T GIVE UP!!! Also contact the ACLU (American Civl Liberties Union) They are aware of some of these new weapons. You are not alone! Do not give up! Please contact your state, U.S. Congress Representatives right now today!!! Please post to Facebook, Twitter and any social media to help get people to support getting leglislation against these electronic torturers.
Http:// Http:// and Google your states website for your state officials. Email and call everyone you can. This must be taken seriously and it must stop!

Aug 19, 2016
My theory
by: S. Collins

Ill be honest, this information is way out there for most people, if it resonates (no pun :) ) great, if not, thats ok too .. but good luck nonetheless!

you can also find stuff on tetra masts and the hum, and mind control and these frequencies in general..

Oh, another personal theory I have is that I am RH negative blood type which is copper based. Copper is an electrical conductor (I believe carrying lower frequencies the best?)
anyway, I've heard it in England, Austria, & Tennessee .. different places but not everywhere. Also like most of you, I dont know others that can hear it, (yet) just me.

:) S

Oct 04, 2016
help with night noise
by: chale

Hi Sarine,

I moved one year ago to a new home. During the night I hear a humming noise. Now I have slept deprivation. I can not afford to move.
I do not know what to do. Music did not work. Please help me.

Oct 27, 2016
The EU
by: John

The EU has laws for seemingly all aspects of life, but not the HUM, maybe because it is too difficult to resolve.

In our previous house in Leicestershire we suffered the 'hum' which I, after extensive investigation placed the highest probability of cause as a infra-sound beat frequency caused by cooling fans at a chicken factory.

We moved to a more isolated property in Nottinghamshire, largely to escape the hum. Here we have our own klargester and there is no gas, we are also 300m from any main road. For the first few years, no hum. Since Jan 2016 it is back with a vengeance. What has changed in the local environment? Since the beginning of the year we now have windmills, a known source of infrasound due to beat frequencies. Also two large biomass generators, one much larger than the average detached house, are providing 'green' energy for us to enjoy.

I realise none of the above provides a solution for those driven mad by the hum. I have concluded the following as a base line;
1. There are multiple sources and not just one for the 'hum'
2. The hum is infrasound and not electromagnetic.

It would require some effort but it is possible to construct an infrasound detector the output of which is shown on a pc. With directionality from two locations the source could be located.
In fact this has been done in the US by a university to track a source to cooling fans installed on the building's roof.

Oct 28, 2016
Red Herrings
by: John

Briefly scanning the multitude of comments and opinions on this 'blog' I believe there are more red herrings than in the Baltic Sea.

As I have opined previously the hum is not just a single source.
I along with numerous other reportees have experienced temporary cessation of the hum following a disturbance of the air by an aircraft. This indicates that the sound is airborne and not probably not due to ground conduction.

Although local effects due to electric appliances can radiate acoustic noise, I do not believe the latter to be the primary cause of this phenomenon.

The probable sources are heavy machinery such as large motors, fans, windmills and traffic on major roads. The hum sound may well have travelled several miles to hearer/feeler. During this time the higher frequency components have been attenuated such that the sound heard/felt would not be associated with its source i.e. its characteristic has changed.

One practical solution would be as per the aircraft mentioned above, to disrupt the hum. This would require a bass speaker driven by an infrasound generator ideally at the hum frequency ( probably between 5Hz an 15Hz). The actual frequency could be detected using an infrasound detector and fft PC based display as outlined in my earlier blog.

Oct 28, 2016
Red Herring?

@John...maybe you think there are red herrings. But in my area of the country it only starts when the weather gets below about 50 degrees and I get to experience it all winter which lasts 8 to 9 months here. Red herring? I don't think so. I live 70 miles from the nearest interstate highway, there are no "chicken plants" here or any of the other things that some have mentioned. This deep droning that nothing blocks is not any conventional noises that I have experienced my entire life that are easily blocked by white noise or something like that. I wouldn't so easily discount what others are experiencing. Noise pollution from the general public and giant corporations is a very serious issue and certainly could be one of the contributing factors to almost the entire world becoming sleep deprived. Enough said. Stop the HUM!!!!

Nov 08, 2016
Red Herrings
by: John

In reply to the last comment.
I did not discount ALL comments made by others, some I believe are entirely legitimate perceptions.
Regarding your 50deg threshold: It is a fact that colder air conducts sound at ground level with less attenuation than warmer air, hence the sound will be louder.
On the other point I essentially agree, a Hum may be caused one or more of a number of sources. However, after the higher frequencies have been attenuated the Hum experience is essentially the same. A possible solution of sound interference i.e. essential not source dependent.

Dec 15, 2016
Noise pollution
by: Curtis

Like the thousands of comments iv read I have also suffered this torturous noise droning and vibrations for 2 years now I have painstakingly researthed all avenues as mentioned ie smart grid, pipe lines the lot and I keep going back to my suspect source NIEGHBOURS in denial...I did after two years managed to pay them a friendly visit and whilst using my observations lack of skills whilst chatting the same louder drone and it definatly emmited from there loft i think they are so used to there hideaway noise they didn't think I would notice s they had all other house hold devices running ie oven, washing machine..I couldn't smell anything sus but that noise radiated from there loft the source of which I have always suspected...the rest I will leave to your imagination as I'm not done yet with my detective work...2 bloody years of torture I'm a believer in karma as that keeps me sain but millions of us are suffering from the same insane vibrational hell..whatever the cause they are all feasible BPL smart grid,pipe lines,cannabis grow houses they are all responsible sources of inflicted hell and should be held accountable

Dec 16, 2016
Noise pollution
by: Curtis

After 2 years of my own investigation iv sourced my drone/buzz/hum/vibrations and sleep deprivation/stressful noise pollution without the environmental investigation with all there equipment, as iv always suspected it's coming from my neighbours loft I had an excuse to pay them a visit and was invited in for a coffee and all I can say is that they must be so used to there noise and although they had a few appliances running there house sounded like a mini factory and I followed the direction of noise as I was shown around to see there newly refurbished bathroom and low and behold the motor droning noise was coming from there loft it's already stated that over 500,000 homes are in the uk alone are running cannabis farms...

Jan 03, 2017
by: susan

Jan 09, 2017
Hum in Bedford uk
by: Lmeb

I have been hearing the hum for a while now but only just realised that it's the hum. I really don't like it. I used to think it was the dishwasher in the middle of the night but couldn't understand why it went on for hours at a time. Tonight for some reason it feels especially loud. Does anyone else hear it in Bedford? It is particularly noticeable in my bedroom.

Jan 09, 2017
What's this now?
by: blueeye

Last winter I heard this hum in the house a few times and tonight I am hearing it again for the first time this winter. It's an annoying hum/buzz that is all over the house- can't tell which direction it is coming from. It sounds like it can't decide if its starting or stopping. It's been very cold these past few days. We turned off our central gas heater because I thought it was that but it didn't stop. Going to bed because there's nothing I can do about it and my husband does not hear it. At least I am not going too nutty trying to locate the source. We have attached homes and I am thinking it's from the neighbors but who knows? Last year I also experienced incredible vibrations in my house but this year that has improved. (New York city borough next to a huge lonely cemetery- there is no air traffic tonight- clear skies, moonlight) It almost sounds like an arcing(sp?) sound. I wish it would stop because it's high and annoying.

Jan 11, 2017
by: sam

Could Elizabeth or anyone else helped by gabapentin tell me what dose you are on and how long it took for the drug to start working? Is it still effective?

Jan 12, 2017
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

Tried Gaba Pentine and Pharma Gaba, there was something else along the same lines...none of them made a jot of difference, but yes, supporting nervous system is a good idea.

Jan 13, 2017
The hum - tinnitus due to some blood blockage
by: Anonymus

I've been hearing this hum for about 9 months now. It was discovered soon after moving into a new apartment in a different county (different geography too). Initially it sounded like a bass that would be coming from a humming AC engine or heavy equipment. I also heard repetitive sounds of cycled banging echo from metal. It was really bad I could not sleep at all with ear plugs. Did the hearing test and was found to be healthy with no ear damage at all but with high sensitivity to low decibels relative to the average population.
Later I moved to another apartment in a different town in the same region. At first the hum was not experienced at all. After about three weeks it got back. My ear doctor who sent me to be examined at the time said that I have tinnitus and I disagreed. It's taken me many months to accept that this sound is not necessarily of an outside source. Along with all of that, I went to Shiatsu therapy for pain in my neck that has lasted for years and no doctor could help. At some point I had mentioned this hum to my therapist and I am so glad I did. It turns out that this hum is resulting from some blood flow blockage around my neck area due to years of issues there with my muscles that are now weak and pressing on some nerves. I don't quite understand it all but after about 5 treatments there was a major reduction in the hum. Also he said that stress contributes greatly to these kinds of things is it impacts the mussels and the blood flow. He knew exactly which sound causes what. I didn't even have to say it was bass. As soon as I mentioned the hum he knew it was bass. When people hear a high pitched sound it could be a different problem that he also knows the source of. I just thought it's worth sharing and I hope you can find out if this is the case for you as well. God Bless.

Jan 14, 2017
rumbling vibrational noise polution
by: D. C

I Have no doubts whatsoever where my noise pollution which consists of rumbling/droning/vibrations that are not only uncomfortable on my ears but my whole body also and yes i researched the hum noise and smart grid etc for well over a unearthly often deafening stressful noise pollution radiates from my neighbours which is what i had always believed whilst they denied so that is why i researched various causes..and hear is the reason why i know now where the noise source is coming from on a nightly regular basis and 3 monthly high end source is that when i had a good excuse to pay them a visit and was kindly offered in for a coffee i noted that the whole place sounded like a factory and i think they were so unaware with being used to it themselves, and guess where the factory noise source was emitting from? there loft area.. i will leave the rest out for yourselves to figure out this one but 2 years of HELL and i don't know how much longer i can stand this awful vibrational droning rumbling noise for....

Jan 15, 2017
Low frequency sound
by: Big boy

In Melbourne Australia a group defective vermin are using low frequency sound to harass neighbours, businesses etc,
Think of this group as a gang composed of family members and familiars,with expertise in the set Up and operation of commercial sound equipment
This vermin have been active in suburbs all over Melbourne for at least the last ten years
This gang has links to organised criminals who use property investment ,development as a money laundering scheme
Thousands of ordinary Australians have had the quiet enjoyment of their homes ruined by these vermin
Many have been forced to sell their bomes
Ordinary people cannot imagine in their wildest dreams that vermin like this gang exist
This is how this gang has managed to continue unhindered for at least ten years
Exposure to PC's of this nature can affect those exposed in different ways
Ringing in the ears
Extreme pain in the ears
Facial flushing
Irresistible urge to cough
Effects on heart rhythm
Dis orientation
Sound of this nature is generally audible as a weird hum with no discernible origin
Typically the sound generator will be installed in a residential property ,and affect individuals within a 300 metre radius from this point t
People living in the same household may be affected in different ways
You can be driven mad by this sound while others may experience no I'll effects
Think of this disparity as a product of sympathetic resonance.
Good luck

Jan 15, 2017
Big Boy is Right
by: Lis

I agree with Big Boy. My next door neighbor is harassing me over a fence dispute to make me move by using amplified bass since June 2013. I now have Vibroacoustic Disease or VAD. I have hearing loss, sleep deprivation, and my chest aches due to the bass vibration. My heart doctor requested an echocardiogram of my heart: "increased septal thickness." The lining of my heart is thickening because of the bass vibration. The thickening of the pericardium that surrounds my heart is a diagnosis for VAD. I have my medical records and have reported this neighbor to the Police and my HOA. They do nothing. You can feel the bass vibration all through my house. My house is flooded with bass. Read New York City's ordinance on Bass Frequency: Sometimes residents are disturbed by pervasive bass sounds that resonate and can be felt physically by a person.
• Bass sounds measurements are weighted in the "C" scale and may not exceed 6 dB(C) above the ambient sound if the ambient sound is greater than 62 dB(C).
I purchased a C level sound level meter from W.W. Grainger (UNI-T 5URG5, $200). I measured the bass noise and I know the bass noise is originating from my neighbor’s property over to mine. My neighbor is getting away with murder.

Jan 16, 2017
by: sam

Big boy, where in Melbourne are they doing this? Which suburbs? Why are they doing this? What are they trying to achieve? Why aren't council and or police involved?

Jan 18, 2017
by: Big boy

Well Sammy i know for a fact that these vermin are ,or have been active in suburbs such as
Carrum caulfield south
Glen iris
St kilda east
South yarra
Melbourne cbd
And Sam isuspect,many more!
The purpose,?
Let's say an eastern european crime gang wishes to invest in property ,your property,someone well dressed knocks on your door ,asks if you're interested in selling
You and your family enjoy living where you live,you say ,not at this time
All very polite!
Some months later a powerfull amplfied hum manifests in your property ,you and,or your family are being woken in the middle of the night , this hum will vary in frequency and intensity , but will be incessant
Still not interested in selling Sam?
This is just an example of how this vermin will acquire properties ,where owners hav no interest in selling
Some of these multi unit developments reuire the acquisition of several residential properties
The other reason you may have been targeted ,is that these vermin are defective miscrants!simple malice
Civic compliance officers of your local council can only act on a complaint if you can identify the device and which property it is located in,
This is in essence impossible,council officers have right to enter a property
The source of low frequency sound is basically impossible to pin point,
The police are in the same position,
The essential problem with this situation is this
Ordinary people have no idea that
Sound exists in this form
That it can affect them in the ways it may,as described in my previous post
There are devices that can generate sound in this form
And the big one!!!!
No ordinary australian is going to guess that you and your neighbours are being stalked by a gang of defective vermin located in a property 100 metres down the road!

Jan 19, 2017
big boy
by: sam

Hi big boy, thanks for responding. What you're describing sounds evil. The thing is, not everyone hears or feels LFN. If it wasn't for these websites, i would think i was completely alone. While i'm being tortured by this thing, everyone around me is oblivious to it. Do these people do this in the hope that at least some people are affected by it? This question is for anyone. Are you afraid of becoming addicted to sleeping pills?

Jan 27, 2017
Humming Noise

I have the same problem. It took 8 years to discover my malicious neighbour has a Mosquito Anti Loitering device mounted on the party wall. Set to max to irritate. He is 80 and partially deaf so it doesn't worry him. Check out the neighbours.

Jan 29, 2017
how can vibrations be measured?
by: blueeye

Learn something new everyday.
My floor vibrates when neighbor does laundry. I can hear a deep hum. Does anyone know how I can measure this? It feels like a train is passing. I wonder if it's neighbor's walls vibrating into my house (attached row house). I think it's a train and then I smell the overly perfumed dryer exhaust. It's abusive. I can't relax on my day off. Somehow the vibrations have traveled into my house at the end of 2015.

Jan 30, 2017
To BlueEye
by: SHVH

The other day I was at YouTube using their built-in search looking for "smart meter noise" videos. However, in the search results came back videos re "Smart VIBRATION METERS," meters that test for vibration. I did not look at those videos but your comment/question reminded me of them. So I would suggest going to YouTube & searching for "VIBRATION METERS."

Also simply searching google for "Washing Machine Vibration" will bring up at least several forums of people discussing remedies for such appliances vibrations & other "common everyday" vibrations (treadmills, etc.) For appliances some have recommended "horse mats" > thick rubber mats that barn animals stand on.

Back to testing vibration levels, older comments at the Hum yahoogroup > a lady & her husband who had ground/floor vibration which they were sure was coming from a Water Treatment Plant; they rented a vibration testing machine from a company called "Larson Davis" (USA), but they said it was very expensive, $600 per week, & they used up their savings to do so & the local authorities & utilities were still not interested in solving the problem. She said her husband was severely affected for 5-years by the LF vibration but that she herself wasn't.

Jan 30, 2017
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

Hello BlueEye, Do you have a smart phone... try downloading an accelerometer App to measure vibration.... Also the Worldwide Hum has been measured using a spectrum analyser, there is an App available on smart phones. A person on Hum Sufferers - Low Tone face book page measures it regularly using this way.

Feb 19, 2017
Neighbour using LFN to disturb us!
by: Peter-East Yorkhire

This stated May 2016, when we noticed TV/Radio sound from next door. Politely asked neighbour if they were early risers as we could hear their TV/Radio. Neighbour became aggressive calling me a pervert for listening through his bedroom wall.
Since then we've had little or no sleep as every night from 10.00pm we hear a loud click from next door and a humming and booming sound starts. It is low at first but after midnight it is unbearable. Ear-plugs are no help and we have used music and voice from radio but to no effect.
The Council say their machines indicate there is no 'Noise Nuisance' and because they can't hear it, it doesn't exist. The latest comment from them is we are suffering from 'auditory hallucination'.
When our neighbour received a letter from the Council telling them of our complaint, the neighbour informed the police we were harassing them. Amazingly the police believed them without even hearing the background to our complaint. We were given a warning not to speak to the neighbour or go onto their premises.
A sound consultant has now visited us and identified the LFN at 32 Hz indicating both the humming and booming noises as two separate peaks.
No-one wants to help us and at 77 years of age life isn't nice now, we wonder why we go on, when people can just hurt you and get away with it. The sound consultant says for £6,000 they can sound proof the bedroom so we can get some sleep.
Thanks for reading this, God bless you all.

Mar 02, 2017
by: Central New Jersey

Princeton, NJ
The utility company changed our electric service line from the pole, it was so big I became concerned. Our house started the hum buzz & vibrations in December 2016 after the utility company tapped the gas main on our side of the street for the new house being constructed across the street. They also installed the dreaded ERT wireless meter at the new construction. Now we can only presume their meter is pinging our aluminum sided house and we are now being exposed to this constant electrifying torture, had to stop using the rooms upstairs due to the static buzz hum, too much electro magnetic energy coming through the walls.

Mar 05, 2017
I feel your pain
by: Darren

Hi Susan,
It's definitely your neighbour using a low bass amplifier under 30db I have the same problem and really want to smash him to bits but I don't think I'd get to enter Australia holiday I've planned this year if I do! May I suggest buying from boots or on line isleep it's a headband with Bluetooth speakers on each side so really comfy download various free apps on App Store an listen to them on low (isleep free is good) the relax into sleep is good can't hear a thing. Can't wait to get back from Australia he's getting slapped all round the garden 😃

Mar 25, 2017
I hear it too
by: A Hearing

Starting hearing the hum in december.

thought it was neaighbours boiler playing up, who lives in the flat above.

not so.

now i think its his fridge freezer making the noise and echoing through the floor/ceiling cavity thus amplifing it.

doesnt matter which room im in i can hear and feel it throughout the day and night.

worse at night because it seems to get louder and i mean really loud

its driving me crazy

ive tried playing deep sleep ambient music i downloaded of youtube and this does block out the hum but as soon as it finishes back comes the hum.

really dont like this, its ruining my mind, think im off mad lol. But it is seriously scary to know i may have to live with this forever because once youve tuned in to it its impossible to ignore it.

Mar 25, 2017
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

Hello A Hearing,

Have you been on this forum yet, its a closed group so you will have to ask to join, but lots of fellow sufferers here...

Apr 29, 2017
by: Ian

I had this took ages to find pull your fridge and freezer just a little away from wall and ensure feet are ok. These things can hum like crazy!!😉

May 20, 2017
LF noise harassment
by: Debbie

Hi everyone,
has anyone on here who was being harassed by a neighbour with a sub woofer speaker or similar had any luck finding a solution?
For five months my psychopathic neighbour has been doing the same to me because I dared complain about his loud music. So he has taken to harassing me with a sub and tone generator or something like that.

There is also vibration and intense pressure in the air that causes ear pain, head pain, no sleep etc and the awful hum/drone etc that never stops.
He never turns it off for even a second. I believe he wants to make me ill or force me out, but this is his revenge.
I've tried all the official ways such as council, police etc and nothing can be done and not everyone can hear it. He has experimented over the months and the frequency is extremely low, sometimes all I can hear is the hiss of the pressure in the air, almost infrasound.
Any advice would be appreciated.

May 27, 2017
FILTERS to stop the PULSING+VIBRATION when living with or near Smart Meters
by: SGVH

Go Listen to this interview if you have a chance: These are my partial rough notes re the FILTERS only. (I type in caps because I can't see that well any more, sorry!)











Bathgate told of one lady who gave up & killed herself. These frequencies have been referred to as "Suicidal Frequencies." Yes, they are THAT BAD.


Jul 04, 2017
A few ideas...
by: KimmieA

I am here because I am like the rest of you, driven by desperation. I have always been sensitive to sounds and vibrations--in Africa on safari, I could feel the low vibration of elephants communicating before they were in sight--but nothing like what has occurred recently. I hope this may provide a clue for some.

A few months ago I purchased a home surrounded by three (3) streets. It was noisy: barking dogs, traffic, music (it's in Mexico!), but with background noise I could drown most sounds out. I was sleeping in the master bedroom at the back of the house and I was fairly okay, considering my noise sensitivity.

I had decided to do some renovation work on the master bedroom side of the house 5 weeks ago. The first week was tolerable, as the construction was merely in the yard, digging soil for a pool. Week 2 was more of the same. By week 3 the crew began to tear down a wall of the master bedroom to build an addition, so I moved into a guest bedroom, on the busy corner of the house, facing the cobblestoned street. The outside noise was much louder, and the exterior huge wrought iron door with glass panels didnt help at all, but I could still get a fairly decent amount of sleep, 6 hours or so, with a large fan for background noise.

Into week 4 the construction crew started sledgehammering the roof. Take note: like many roofs in Mexico, this one is 3 layers: tile, concrete block, and brick, all mortared together and supported by huge steel beams. Big chunks of the wall (brick and mortar) and ceiling/roof were all open to the air.

Also last week I noticed, while still sleeping in the corner, guest room, that the outside noises were much, much louder than they had been before. The guest room is not directly connected to the master bedroom, but it is on the same side of the house. At night my sleep declined greatly, and the street noises--especially trucks over cobblestones--seemed even louder.

Fast forward to week 5, now. My sleep has become horrific, I can hear every little rattle and roll of any vehicle over the cobblestones. More than that, I can FEEL every vibration. It feels as if my teeth are going to fall out of my head. No matter where I am in the entire house (and it is a very large house!) I can feel the vibrations, which I did NOT feel before. Combine that with an intensification of 10x bass....I am going crazy.

Last night I went to the guest room and started to feel, with my hand. The walls were vibrating. The wrought iron door vibrated terribly. The floor was resonating. This morning I just looked outside at the construction work: there are 8 long steel beams, exposed to the elements, jutting out of the wall by about 4 meters each in length. They are joined to a widd, double strength steel tie-beam.

In short: I have a big set of massive, oversized "tuning forks" in my house, and the resonance from those (unsecured, exposed) steel tuning forks is reverberating through every square meter of this structure, most notably the wrought iron door in the guest room.

I am wondering if, by design or construction material placement (i.e. 2 steel items touching) some of our homes are more prone to picking up these low frequency vibrations? Combine that with super sensitivty, inner ear design and jaw/dental formation, and even--as a couple of posters have mentioned, blood type (those of us who are Rh negative carrying more metal/copper in our blood?) could play a part in this?

Just a thought.

Jul 06, 2017
That Annoying Humm low DB bass like sound drives me nuts...
by: DEv

I just stumbled across your post about a low humm sound that people are hearing all around our Planet lately...
The one I hear all the time out in our rual area was more noticeable for the past 3 years now...
It is a low bass sound that has long bass like notes with a pause in the sound that changes patterns ..pulsates at times also...
I thought it was our neibour for the longest time till the hydro was out for a bit and it still continued..
Seems to be stronger in the early hours of the morning.
I have been in the Sound Engineering field for around 27 years now so I clearly know what I am picking up on...
Out of my family of 5, only 2 of us can hear it while other friends and family members can pick up on it as well...
The Low DB like sound becomes so strong at nights, where I can hardly get any sleep most nights now...
There has got to be an answer to this madness because no one should be able to get away with doing such a noise that effects people like this...

Aug 09, 2017
Widespread hum / rumble in quiet rural area

I live in a national park in southern England - no noisy rail or factories and no gas pipes. First noticed hum about early June. Walking for 5 miles around, the hum is the same wherever one goes - up hill, down dale, in woods - wherever. It is 'concentrated /amplified inside buildings. After dusk for a short while changes to a low rumble / roar and then back to a steady hum 24/7. Weather makes no difference. Wondering if heat wave in Continental Europe starting in early June might be transmitting / concentrating ambient sounds. Racking brains produces no answers !

Aug 10, 2017
Humming Sound
by: Mary Gaylor

I live in the Lake District National Park and the Hum is horrendous here.... and it continues to get worse, I first heard it here in Dec 09, although I heard it many years before when I lived near Reading, Berks..... are you a member of this f/b page?

Aug 22, 2017
Humming Sound
by: Andrea

The humming sound is getting worse here too in the state of New York. I used to hear the noise mainly in my left ear, but since late last year I now have an even more annoying tone in my right ear.
Sounds like the bass of a stereo, oscillating and sometimes it is so intense that it feels like somebody is directly over my ear and blowing into it. It is unbearable at night, I wake up from it and lots of nights I barely sleep anymore. My husband and I both hear it equally well and it started in 2012 for us. From our observations we believe this has to do with Broadband over Powerlines (internet and cellphone service). The sound you hear is in all the wiring inside the buildings and outside,along the powerpoles. We live in a rural area and the power company is installing more and more wires, they are cutting down massive amounts of trees, because they block wireless communication. We live in a valley which is even worse and they are upping the sound level here more than in flat land areas.It is always a relief to get away from here for awhile and eventually we will move to place where the sound is not so intense!

Aug 22, 2017
Sound due broadband ?
by: john

Interesting you think it is broadband via the house power lines. Could be resonating with something. I;ll ask my phone /power company to look into it. Will let you know (if they know of the problem they're bound to deny it because a large part of their business !)
Thanks for suggestion

Aug 22, 2017
Re: Sound due broadband ? NEW by: john
by: Andrea

That is the only thing making sense to me. Before 2012 we did not hear the hum, but after our area internet service provider in conjunction with the power company installed high speed broadband we have intense humming. We noticed it right away and in the adjacent towns where they had not installed it yet, there was no humming. Our favorite getaway is Vermont and after we had the humming here, we decided to leave for a day and go someplace else.
What a surprise we had. There were the same thick, black cables hooked up to the powerpoles with wifi boxes attached and long cylindrical devices that we see here in our town and oh boy, the humming was crazy and the electromagnetic radiation coming off the wiring was so intense you could feel it driving along in the car. The same radiation problem is also in our home and it varies, much stronger at night. There is one thing that unites us all and that is the broadband/internet. We are all hooked up to the same thing for it to work no matter where in the world you are located.
I could tell you so much more about how we tried to get the problem rectified with local businesses and local government and they deny any knowledge, don't want to check into it and you get nowhere.

Aug 22, 2017
PS re power lines.
by: john

On thinking about it, that can't be the reason, because the hum is the same for some miles around here in open countryside (and over the other side of a hill 2 miles away)

Aug 22, 2017
reason for the hum
by: john

found this. Sounds convincing as the reason

Some sort of world/wide campaign to bring to notice of politicians seems the way forward. I'm too old to run it. Maybe someone here will

Aug 23, 2017
reason for the hum NEW by: john
by: Andrea

Thank you for posting the link.This is exactly what is going on. My husband took a hearing test shortly after the hum started and the doctors did not diagnose him with tinnitis, so according to the report (link) he has microwave hearing and obviously so do I, since we both starting hearing the humming at the same time. I also know that we are not hearing the hum through the ears,but "It is an effect created by microwave pulses which, upon absorption by soft tissues in the head results in acoustic pressure that travels by bone conduction to the inner ear". The high pitch droning in my left ear can not be blocked at all, actually gets worse when you close your ear,so the report is correct.
The tone I now hear in my other ear seems more like an external sound wave that you can block by sticking a finger in the ear or as I read here on the forum by putting coconut oil and a piece of cotton ball in the ear.That is an uncomfortable solution and I only use it when it gets extreme. I also feel the vibrations as mentioned in the report and at night we have no devices on at all.
Our computer,hardwired,is unplugged completely and we have two cell phones,not smartphones,with batteries removed at night,actually most of the time.We barely use the phones,they are for emergencies only. We mainly use our landline phone. So how can it be that we are so strongly affected by this?! The only thing, in my opinion,
that is strong enough is the electrical grid where all this stuff is connected to and it comes right into all of our homes no matter if you have any devices or not!

Aug 23, 2017
by: john

Andrea, You are right. My initial feeling when I first noticed a few months ago was that it was pervading my bones - ie not outside my ears. It felt as though a lot of energy was being transmitted thought the earth - not by sound through the air - and causing the house structure to vibrate - it gets amplified in certain corners. My next door neighbour doesn't notice but his partner who visits does.
There was an 'upgrade' to our mobile phone mast at the beginning of the year and I'm wondering if that is at the bottom of it. Mobile phone operators, of course, have been denying any problem.

Aug 24, 2017
Re: John
by: Andrea

This is a never ending conversation between sufferers of the hum and we speculate in our observations while in the meantime the governments and businesses responsible for deploying this horrendous technology making billions of dollars,not to mention the data collecting and what they do with that?!
One thing I am curious about is why some people don't seem to be affected by the "hum",like your neighbor and we too have a neighbor who does not hear it, but she does not sleep well at night and takes a sleep aid regularly. She probably is affected, but her brain may not process the frequencies of the hum, like ours do.
I saw a tv show on cell phones and that they might cause cancer and the doctor said that it most likely will take the time of a whole generation to figure that out, just like smoking cigarettes took a while to realize how dangerous it is.
So for my husband and me that answer will come too late.

Aug 24, 2017
Combating LFN
by: Peter-East Yorkhire

I know there isn't one definitive answer to combating LFN. We've been plagued by it for over 18 months. We know it comes from our adjoined neighbour but they won't discuss it in fact they become rather nasty when we raise the subject.
We tried putting the radio on overnight; the level is set so that you cannot just work out what is being said. In UK the best is Radio 4. This helps but doesn't cut out LFN completely.
We now have a white noise block that we have at a set sound level; just enough to cut out the hum. In addition we lie in set positions to sleep and in the uppermost ear, away from the pillow we have a purpose made ear plug. It is having a positive effect, but be prepared initially as the sound level of the white noise is quite high. You do get used to it and we are now getting some sleep! AT LAST!

Good luck everybody!

Aug 24, 2017
by: sam

Andrea, i'm with you. The fact that so many people don't feel lfn when we do is an issue. Despite this site, i've never felt so alone about something. How do we do something about our sensitivity?

Aug 25, 2017
by: Melle

This is OM. The sound of the universe which is more noticeable away from the city, in nature particularly. Nothing you do with block this out unfortunately as we live on Earth. :)

Aug 28, 2017
Re: Om
by: Andrea

I wish "Om" is all that this sound is, but we are talking about a man made sound here, that is increasing by the minute by the amount of cell phones and other electronic communicating devices being put to use every day. There is a flaw with this technology since people can hear the frequencies and feel pain from the electromagnetic radiation generated when this technology is in use.
There is no denying that cell phones,smart meters, cell towers, broadband over powerlines cause problems and doctors and scientists are putting out more and more reports on the negative effects on humans and nature. I have noticed less birds, bees and butterflies in our backyard. In my rural neighborhood I see a lot of trees dying which sit directly near power and communication lines, especially pine and maple trees.This is not "Om"!

Aug 29, 2017
legal case re health damage
by: john

I'm told there is a British TV series Judge Deede, which covered a case for compensation he awarded for health damage due to a nearby police mobile mast. Series 5, episode 4, first aired by BBC 1 in 2006 and recently repeated. But isn't available for replay or on YouTube. Anyone know of the evidence given ?

Aug 29, 2017
Humming noise LFN
by: Leslie

We are in a new bungalow condo community among first to build outside of major Cdn city. Both lots were empty beside us and being in the country, ( wheat field across the road from us ) we saw this as idyllic and amazingly peaceful and QUIET. This changed in April 2017, the new condo beside us was complete and now occupied. The humming started about a month later. I have tinnitus and seem sensitive to LFN ( bass sound ).
This has been aggravating, I am a light sleeper and am starting to feel more and more aggravated.

May have found problem.......neighbour had mentioned a sort of electronic dog perimeter fence and I didn't really know what he was referring to.
They have left for a few weeks and last night and the night before, the humming noise had disappeared. Common denominator is neighbour and this apparent radio signal device. I will be having him turn this electronic device off from 10PM to 8 AM and I expect my sleep will be back to so called normal.

Aug 30, 2017
Advice needed
by: Debbie

Hi everyone,
there have been several posts on here of people being subjected to the hum due to malicious neighbours using LF sub bass speakers and so on, unfortunately l am one of them and for the past year my neighbour has been harrasing me this way because l complained about his loud music, which he stopped in favour of the LF. lt started off as a hum then a drone 24/7 and l complained to the council, they sent him a letter and since then the frequency has been lowered, there is only a slight sound now, but more of the intense pressure in the air causing earache. l believe he is using infrasound now that l can feel as a vibration in my body causing all manner of health problems.
l am sensitive to this and as usual no one else can feel it, although in the beginning a few people heard the humming droning sound.

l have had trouble getting anyone to help. So l thought if l could get an audio type expert with a meter or the right equipment to gauge the air pressure and vibration and frequency and decibels and write a report as to what its all about l could show the police (who l imagine wont hear or feel anything) to prove the creep is doing this to harm. lm in the UK, does anyone have any advice as to who l could contact who would have the know how to take such readings and write it all up in a way so the authorities might help.
Any advice would be great.

Aug 30, 2017
Neighbour using LFN to disturb us!
by: Peter-East Yorkhire

Just a reply for Debbie. So sorry to read of your problem with LFN. We are is exactly the same situation. However, Debbie I'll be surprised if you can get any appropriate help; we've been through the lot. Council, used sound equipment but no sound detected; police, don't deal with sound problems and are most unhelpful; local MP, everyone is innocent until proved guilty; specialist sound engineers; only interested if you will purchase sound proofing materials from them. We are being bullied, harassed, intimidated every day and night by our neighbour and we feel it is deliberate. We use a white noise block at night, we have tried radio 4 on all night, we are trying many experiments and hopefully we will find an answer. We will post when it happens. Hope you can get some relief Debbie. Regards Peter

Aug 30, 2017
LF noise harassment
by: Debbie

Thanks Peter for your reply.
Sorry you are dealing with the same thing, there are a lot of psychopaths out there.
I agree with you, lve contacted DEFRA, Environmental health, the council, who eventually came out but heard nothing, and the guy was rude and smug , made out like l was a freak. lve emailed specialists who have done research for DEFRA and none of them replied.
l have a white noise machine and fan going all day all night and that helps with the hum, l also have to try and sleep with earphones on and tv, but none of it stops the intense pressure in the air from ths shockwaves put out by the bass.
But my real nightmare started when he lowered the frequency so that l now feel it as a vibration.
lm lucky if l get an hour or two sleep per night.

The vibrations cant be felt in objects, but they go through the body, and lve read the military have experimented with infrasound (below 20hz) as a weapon. l know the creep next door is trying to make me ill. Long term exposure causes the body to produce too much cortisol causing severe diseases. lt can also cause heart attacks.

lts a form of assault, and as you say, no one will help, and the creeps who do this know they cant be caught. What on earth can we do to protect ourselves and get these people stopped. lts so depressing and causes a lot of anxiety.
Thanks again Peter for your reply.

Aug 31, 2017
For People in New York State
by: SGVH

This was posted on the blog:

"Attention Hum hearers in New York State: August 28, 2017 1:21 pm: Kristen French is putting together an article and would like to hear from people in New York State. Please contact her at"

Aug 31, 2017
For People in London, England
by: SGVH

This was also posted on the blog on August 11, 2017:

"Hum Hearers in the London area. BBC wants to hear from you. Please contact Gareth Furby at"

One person commented to that & added: "The BBC are doing a much needed news story on the Hum and we need Hum sufferers in the London area to tell their story. I feel anyone who does contribute is a very brave person who would be doing an unknown amount of people suffering with the Hum Tone a great service."

Aug 31, 2017
Anyone Hear re the US Diplomats in Cuba being harmed by Mystery Noise?
by: SGVH

"Sonic Canon Hum machine used on US diplomats in Cuba":

"U.S. diplomats in Cuba have brain injuries from sonic attacks":

Another link with a bit more discussion:

A site discussing the various possibilities of other types:

Probably many more headlines covering the same story. Check your favorite search engine.

Aug 31, 2017
to Debbie (new)
by: Dee

Hello Debbie, just read your comments. I have exactly the same problem as you ( which probably doesn't help you, except that you are not alone). I have tried everything. EH don't want to know, but in my case it is because I am older and have had ear surgery. I live in a very densely populated area, and I know that I am being kept awake by low frequency bass noise, and by feeling vibration coming from gamers, more than one, playing their games all night. None of them seem to work and they sleep for a few hours in the daytime and then begin again in the evening, sometimes there are marathon session that just seem to go on for 36 hours or more. I, too, thought of finding a company who could use the correct gauge equipment to measure the noise. Or find a company who could advise on my sound proofing my home. None of the companies I contacted could help with noise measurement, and to install adequate sound proofing cost far more than I can afford. I've already spent thousands on windows and insulation of the roof, etc. What is worse is that the people at the ENT dept at the hospital suggested I wear a hearing aid in the one good ear and 'get used to loud noise.' I tried it and it nearly drove me to suicide. The only way we can get help, I believe, is if someone famous and/or an MP were to experience this. Except of course neither will happen as the famous and the MP's can afford to live in countrified areas where there are no gamers. I wish I could offer more help, and I wish I could get more help.

Aug 31, 2017
By Debbie
by: For Dee

Hi Dee,
sorry to hear you are also having this horrendous thing happen to you. Do you think your neighbours are doing this intentionally to hurt you, or are they just ignorant to the fact they are causing you such distress, are you able to approach them and ask.
From what lve read there is no satisfactory insulation against LF noise as it travels through everything, including our bodies.
l too found the council and EH particularly useless, unhelpful and uncaring. You would expect them to have audio specialists to deal with such things, their recording machines are A weighted and can only pick up "normal" noise, what they need is G weighted machines that would record LF noise, vibration and air pressure. A spectrum analizer would record it but they are expensive to buy.

lf your neighbours are gaming then it sounds as if its for their own amusement and maybe you could get them to stop if you could get the right help.
l live in a village, it is very quiet and a lovely place to live, except for when my psycho neighbour
moved in, what he is doing in intentional for the purpose to harm. l believe he is using a sub woofer speaker with an amp and a signal generator.
Anyone can look on youtube and there are various videos of "How to harass your neighbour with LF noise". lt seems to be common now, although some people, like my neighbour keep their attack going 24/7 non stop, a year so far and l have no clue what to do. l was advised by someone to do the same back to my neighbour, or to buy a similar set up and run it 180 degrees out of phase and it would block the effects. All this is greek to me and ld have no clue how to do it.

l hope you can find someone to help you.

Aug 31, 2017
For Debbie (new)
by: Dee

Hello Debbie, I have tried speaking to one of the neighbours whom I know is gaming all night (I see the lights on and the flickering of the screen). He also has his mates round for marathons. However, he will not speak to me, goes on the defensive about how it's his right to live his life how he wants, and the noise doesn't disturb him or his friends. Unfortunately, I don't know in which houses the others live. I've tracked it down to two or three. I can, often, hear the noise outside of the houses, but because I only have hearing in one ear, I cannot pin point which house. It's also, as I said, a very densely populated area, and I don't like wandering around the streets at night trying to find out which houses. I know it's quite a few houses though, and some friends who live two streets away also have problems but cannot get anywhere with speaking to people. So they are selling up. This whole gaming issue is so unfair on people who have to get up for work and just want to unwind at the end of the day and, get a decent night's sleep in order to do their jobs. Personally, I think that it should be law that if people buy this gaming equipment for use at home, then they should be made to specify a room in their house and sound proof it and if they don't the equipment is taken away. I found out which weighting was required on which piece of equipment and informed EH. I also informed them they needed to measure air pressure. The response was that it was too expensive. Also, the old chestnut that people have the right to live their lives as they want and if gaming noises were really such a problem then 'everyone' would be complaining. All I can do is sell up and find a rental property as I cannot afford to buy another home, I wouldn't get a mortgage for a start. I do hope things improve for you, Debbie x

Sep 04, 2017
visiting again
by: blueeye

My question is how can a neighbor harass other neighbors without them feeling the effects as well? (subwoofers, etc)
I am also a LFN or LFV sufferer. I live in a major city and believe that a lot of the vibrations I detect are from airflight. I live on a big hill and can feel the planes coming in for landing before I hear them. Flight patterns change and depending on the path, I can feel the vibrations but never hear the planes. Also, maybe it's far-out, but air traffic control has to monitor all the planes and sometimes I sense a switch in my ear. During holiday times, the frequency of the planes is so constant, it feels like a constant rumble- probably due to traffic as well. I used to also feel the locomotives 1 mile from my house and they have since moved them to another part of the city due to complaints.
In 2015, when everything changed for me, either physically due to my age, or due to neighbors home improvement and loose drywall? that shakes everything up; I had a lot of anxiety but have managed to cope with it and get over it, or things have been improved. Good luck, feel well.

Sep 05, 2017
Humming sound
by: Dee

Read loads of comments over the years I've been subscribing to this group. I am now wondering this: Why is LFN referred to as a 'humming sound'. It's misleading. LFN makes itself felt with many different sounds, especially from home media centre and X box gaming. Rumbles, dense bass noises, drum beating sounds, droning, whining noises...and so on. It's moved way on from a just a humming sound. The gov I in the UK doesn't want to acknowledge LFN as a problem, because it would cost so much money to sort out the problem. What should, at least, happen is that the regulations for domestic noise nuisance postulated by Environmental Health Departments are at least 30 years out of date. They discriminate against anyone who has less than perfect hearing, i.e. for a noise to be considered a problem it must be a nuisance to a 'normal, average, reasonable person.' Oh really. So who can define in individual humans the concept - 'normal' the concept - 'average' the concept - 'reasonable' as ascribed to humans. A load of tosh and it needs to be re-written. I would suggest that the majority of humans have less than perfect hearing, and especially older people (it is recognized that as people age their hearing changes) so the gov is discriminating not only against older people, but also against people who have less than perfect hearing.

Sep 05, 2017
By Debbie
by: For Blue eye

Hi there,
in answer to your question about how can a neighbour harass someone with a sub woofer etc without affecting themselves is easy.
The speaker, and amp and sig generator are boxed and insulated and faced against the wall of the house of the person they want to harass.
This is of course in terraced houses, so in my situation, l am never more than about 10 feet from the creeps sub.
Also, not everyone can hear/feel LFN, so he may not even feel or hear what he is doing to me, which would explain why he is always adjusting it and experimenting with frequency and so on.
Hope this helps to explain.

Sep 05, 2017
By Debbie
by: For Dee

Hi Dee,
yes that sounds like an awful situation, l think a lot of gamers use sub woofers to enhance their experience of what they are doing. People may think they have the right to enjoy themselves in their own home, but others also have the right to privacy and not to be harassed and lose sleep etc, apparently that is a law, so someone told me.
Everything you said about the council l found to be true as well. EH told me they didnt even own equipment for recording or measuring LFN, and when the guy from the council came out to hear the LF noise he couldnt hear it. Obviously after they sent the neighbour the letter about the LF noise he turned it down in the day, and up at night, so the guy from the council heard nothing, was rude, said l had the problem as l had some weird special hearing. His idea of LF noise was the hum of a computer that everyone can hear. l expected an expert, he was just a yob.

l pointed out that LF goes right down below 20hz, alot lower than the sound a computer makes. He also said the same thing, that unless it affects lots of people and its easy to record or hear then it was a police matter of harassment, the police told me its a council matter.
So yes they just fob us off with excuses. l told him my other neighbour had also heard it but he refused to talk to them as he thought they were only going to agree with me and would be lying.

From what l understand the older we get the easier it is to hear LF noise, in my situation l can hear and feel it and the pressure, my husband doesnt, so ld like to move but he refuses to as it doesnt bother him, even though he knows what the neighbour is capable of.
And yes its more than a hum, its a drone, a whirring, a hiss, the vibrations for me are the worst.
When you think people get arrested for words these days that others find offensive, when words cant hurt, yet someone can intentionally harm someone with LFN and no one will listen or help or even care. lt is very depressing.
l hope something changes for the better for all of us on here.
Dee l hope something changes for us, l know there are things that can help, but it takes someone with tech knowledge to do it, lm still looking into, will let you know what l find out.
Debbie x

Sep 05, 2017
for Debbie
by: Dee

Hello Debbie, hope you don't take this the wrong way but I am relieved that someone else is having almost the exact same experience with LFN as I am. However, I hasten to add, that I wish it were not so. The only way, I feel, is: if those of us who do hear all of these awful noises which keep us awake, cause vibration that irritates our nervous system, an suffer from increasing ill health due to the noises would somehow either get together and form a protest group, or if distance is a problem, harass the local councils, central government Environment MP's and anyone else, with letters then we should. The police won't help. The power to intervene in domestic noise nuisance was taken away by the Blair government and EH departments set up in place. Trouble with that is that central government funds local authorities and local authorities have many demands on their funding. EH comes very near the bottom of the list when the money is dished out. It is only by people making a fuss and raising Cain that things will change.

Sep 06, 2017
By Debbie
by: For Dee

Hi Dee,
yes we are in very similar situations, l think the difference is your neighbours are just selfish ignorant morons who have no respect for anyone else, whereas mine in a malicious psychopath who set this equipment up for the sole purpose of trying to harm me, lm sure he would love to give me a heart attack or something, and there is nothing l can do about it, his assault never stops, its been going on for a year already and it doesnt stop for a single second, so he can be away and lm still getting bombarded with LFN and vibrations and that awful piercing pressure in the air.

The trouble with getting anyone to help is the fact that not everyone can hear LFN, so l think no matter who we contacted, even within governments or councils or DEFRA, they just dont hear it, so we look like nuts to them. So as the guy from the council pointed out to me, if it takes a specialist machine to record whats going on to prove there is a problem, then it isnt a problem.
l pointed out to him that there are devices that produce high frequency sounds that people can buy on line to deter children and teenagers from loitering because only people under 20 can hear such high frequencies. There is even documented cases of people being fined for having such devices in their gardens.

He knew all about that, but could not grasp that there are also people who hear LFN where others dont, it made no difference to my argument, he couldnt hear it so he closed the case.
l have the added misfortune of being EMF sensitive, as l can feel radiation and wifi signals and l have a chemical sensitivity as well, so what with that and the LFN its like living without a skin.

As usual with people, if they cant see it or hear it then it doesnt exist to them. So thats out big problem, trying to convince people who cant hear/feel it that there is a problem.
l was speaking to the woman who runs The Low Frequency Noise Sufferers Helpline. She said in 35 years of investigating the problem, not one person she had come across had ever received any help from any authority figure, and no one had ever been prosecuted for causing the noise whether it be personal as in our cases, or from a factory or such.
lts a very lonely thing to have to put up with.
So yes l agree with you, its nice we are both suffering similar things but not nice at the same time, just helpful that others understand.
Now if we could all just get together and sort out the gamers and psychos then we might be ok :)

Sep 10, 2017
Humming noise
by: Charles

I too have a similar problem and as I live within about a mile of the M40 motorway in Oxfordshire, I suspect that a ground vibration is being generated by the traffic which is causing my house to vibrate. The walls then radiate this sound within the house. Low frequency sound can travel great distances through the ground with little attenuation so this seems a plausible explanation to me.

Sep 11, 2017
The World Wide Hum
by: Andrea

It is funny to see that it seems we are all talking about the same kind of humming, the tones of it, the vibrations and for a lot of people even physical pains, but everybody thinks that there is a different explanation for the humming.
There are so many forums all over the world that discuss just this problem,so would it not make sense that we are all suffering from the same source.
I have no immediate neighbor that could cause a humming through his stereo. I don't live near a major highway or an airport and I am not near any manufacturing plants, yet I hear the low frequency hum and I feel the vibrations.

Sep 11, 2017
Source of hum
by: Debbie

For me, l know its my neighbour, as l cant hear it outside my house or anywhere else near the area l live. No one else in the area hears anything because my neighbour has a sub woofer bass amp and signal generator aimed at my house through the wall.
The vibrations l feel are not the type that vibrate my house or walls, they are infrasound LFN that is felt as a vibration only in the body and is very subtle and it affects the body on a cellular level and affects the nervous system. lt feels like fluttering waves going through the body.
l have kept a diary for a year now and l know every time he adjusts it, l know when he is in a bad mood and adjusts it to a more severe degree.
l have studied up on The Hum, and also visited any place near me that could account for it, and there is nothing.

Also, when l complained to the council that LFN was coming from my neighbours house, they sent him a letter about it, and all of a sudden the frequency goes so low that its now infrasound, that is below 20hz, practically no sound, just the vibrations and the pressure in the air from the shockwaves put out by the sub.
So it seems a bit odd that once he gets a letter, the "hum" went only to be replaced by something even more difficult to detect.

l dont know what everyone around the world is hearing, but for me, its a malicious neighbour who is trying to harm me in this way because l dared complain about loud music, and thinking himself clever has gone the opposite way.
lm sure this goes on a lot more than people realise, there are a lot of nasty people out there and with technology this is easy to do to people.
lmagine the people getting ill, going to their doctors not having a clue its a neighbour causing their ill health..
Although l know all this, it still gets me know where and no help.

Sep 12, 2017
Dear Debbie
by: Andrea

The idea that a neighbor would cause the humming is unbelievable to me. You wrote that it is going on for over a year and 24/7.That is 'some' commitment and effort by your neighbor to making 'YOU' miserable.How does he know that low frequency sound would bother you? He sure is taking a chance,because other people could be affected as well.Do you have family/relatives in a different area or town that you could stay with for a few days and nights to see if you still hear the humming?
On a different note I want to tell that here in America we have tried to get help from the government as well to find out about and measure the humming and there is no response either! We believe that the humming comes from the electrical grid that is coupled with the communication wires for internet and mobile/cell phone service. It makes everybody's household wiring hum and it goes into our appliances as well. We have a new refrigerator and when it comes on it emits the same frequency only louder than what we hear when nothing is running. It seems to pull the frequency from the electric wiring and amplify it and so do many of our other appliances and before the 'hum' started in 2012 we never heard this.
There a definite point in time when the 'hum' was turned on here where I live and it coincided with high speed broadband and hook up to the smart grid. I know that,because I personally saw the companies hook up the wiring on the power poles on the street in front of my house and all over town.Since then my husband and I hear it everywhere and all of America is hooked up with the same set up. When I am outside the house I have to hold my ears shut to hear it,because of the ambient sound of traffic and everyday noise,but it is there,inside and outside,always!
It is 5 years and 3 months for us and it is frustrating that nothing can be done about it!
I share your misery regardless of where the 'hum' originates.

Sep 13, 2017
By Debbie
by: For Andrea

Hello Andrea,
if you have read all the comments you will find several people who also have malicious neighbours doing similar things.
lt may sound like a lot of effort and commitment to you as far as what he's doing, but he really doesnt have to do anything at all, once the thing was set up he just leaves it running, he adjusts it to see if he gets a response from me. lt is no skin of his nose to leave it running permanantly, and it isnt a matter of whether the sound bothers me, l think he was hoping l was like most people who cant hear LFN, his purpose is to cause ill health. Thats why as soon as he got the letter from the council about the LFN it went even lower as he doesnt want me to know what he's doing, just to cause harm as a form of revenge.

As l said once l leave my house l do not hear or feel anything anywhere else. l live in a village in the country, we dont have high speed broadband and so far only one house has a smart meter.
lf l visit a friend ten minute walk from my house there is no LFN and no vibratione etc, it is only in my house, and l dont own a cell phone or have any type of wifi, my comp is wired.
lf you find it difficult to believe a person can do such a thing then l suggest you visit Youtube and type in "How to harass your neighbour with low frequency sounds", and watch subs operating at very low frequencies. Or visit the lnstructables website and see how to build an infrasonic sub speaker. Or type in signal generator and listen to sound waves such as a sine wave or sawtooth wave and these are the sounds he puts through his sub.

As l said, all a person has to do is get a sub woofer speaker, that is a low frequency speak, an amplifier and a signal generator. He puts a sound wave from the sig gen through the sub and runs it at LF and then just leaves it, changing the sound wave and frequency and volume etc to look for signs of it affecting me, as he cant know for sure.
Unfortunately the only people who understand this are the others who have had it happen to them, one women l read about put up with it for three years from a neigbour as was made seriously ill by it.

Sep 13, 2017
For Debbie
by: Andrea

I looked into the problem with neighbors harrassing others with lfn and did find quite a few stories.
I also looked into remedies, like shielding or blocking the sound and vibration, because if there is something that could help you it might also help me, but it seems that low frequency sound/vibrations can not be remedied by the person who is on the receiving end. I also found out that low frequencies are harder to mask/cover than high frequencies. That must be why my sound machine can cover part of the 'hum' I am hearing, but the low bassy tone stays strong and is the most annoying!
I think you have three options here. If the guy is renting the place, you could contact the owner/landlord to help with the problem or you would hope and wait that the guy moves out sooner or later. The last option obviously is for you to move if you see that there will be no change. Of course that is easier said than done as well. I surely empathize with you and wish you all the best.

Sep 13, 2017
By Debbie.
by: For Andrea

Hi Andrea,
yes l too have searched for a way to stop him, the only things lve come across are running a similar set up to his at 180 degrees out of phase and that supposedly cancels his out. But l have also read of people who have tried it and it is very difficult to get it to work, The fact he changes the frequency etc constantly also makes it impossible to match it.
lts true that LFN cannot be shielded against, it goes through everything including our bodies and organs and skull etc, and thats how it damages the body.
Unfortunately he owns his own house, l have tried all the authority figures and no one can help.
He is a psychopath, l have had nothing but trouble with him since he moved in, and he makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, he is that creepy.
My husband does not feel/hear anything, he did in the beginning when the frequency was higher, but not anymore, and he is very reluctant to sell up and move, it would cause a lot of problems for us.
lm still searching for a solution, if l find anything that will help l will let you and everyone else know, hoping we can all get some peace no matter what type of LFN we are dealing with.

Sep 14, 2017
by: sam

Elizabeth, who used to post comments during 2013, 2014 with the psycopath neighbour. Do you still visit this site? How are you doing?

Oct 18, 2017
Sub zero base humming, droning noise
by: Yvonne

I live in Rosebud, Victoria, Australia. Rosebud is or should I say, was a beautiful place to live. There was a profound peace that permeated this place especially on a pleasant summer evening. Now however that peace has become dominated by the totally mind numbing subzero base humming sound that is described in so many of the comments in this blog. It is not coming from any of my neighbors homes, I know, as I have spent many hours trying to trace the source of the 'Hum' before accusing them of anything untoward. It,the hum, has been going on now for 2 weeks and funnily enough, just before it started there electrical workers working on the telegraph poles on the corner right across from my house. Thank you fellow bloggers for confirming what I was beginning to suspect, that the sound is coming from the telegraph poles. I have supersensitive hearing at the best of times but this added distraction has been driving me to distraction. I came across this blog while trying to look up sound meters so that i could trace the source of the sound after having eliminating all my neighbors. I am so profoundly pleased to know that I am not going crazy and the hum is real and not just a figment of my imzgination (my neighbors can't hear it) and can possibly aproach the local council to ask them to investigate the matter. I have had 2 weeks of sleepless nights putting up with the sound snd trying to track the source.I am eternally grateful to everyone that had contributed to this blog.

Oct 18, 2017
To Yvonne
by: Andrea

I am so glad you posted your observation and I am even more glad that you realized what the connection is to hearing the Hum. My husband and I have had the same experience in our small town here in America and you may have read my posts already.
what you are hearing is Infrasound from the wiring on the poles and don't be discouraged because your neighbors don't hear it. There must be a physical aspect in the hearing perception of all people that makes some of us hear it and others don't.
It is good to bring this problem to the attention of the authorities, but be prepared that they will not do anything about it or even believe you. We reported it to many different government agencies, but more than 5 years later we are still living with this horrendous Hum as are thousands of people around the world.

Oct 29, 2017
Humming noise in my neighborhood in Delaware
by: Liza

Hi! Thanks for sharing and commenting! I've been living here in Delaware for 4 years now and it is almost every minute I am in my house when this humming is active here. Earplugs do not bloc the"pressure wave" but what you are saying will help. Knowing that it might be from faraway helps a bit, too. I will stop searching the subdivision.I suspect it might be the power plant, or one of too many chemical and other mills here in Wilmington and surrounding areas. Thanks for all your advice. Shared misery surely feels less bitter now. Good luck to you too! Hope you found the source.

Oct 31, 2017
Sound proof room

Hi , I completely understand what you are talking about as I hear humming all the time. Three years on I am thinking of building a sound proof room with no windows or vents. Getting air in still needs to be decided. However do you think this could prevent the hum getting in or is it a waste of time and money ?

Nov 03, 2017
Unplug phone wires
by: Hum help

It should quiet your home,

Nov 04, 2017
alive and well

The noise is alive and well in the U.K., I have read of people doing all manner of things to block it but as it is non directional and penetrates through anything it seems to be fruitless exercise.

There was some talk of it being used by the military for communications, personally I believe it is as a result of the proliferation of mobile phones (cell) and the likely culprit is the transmitters, they are everywhere here and if memory serves the noise became noticeable at about the same time as the boom in mobiles.

Nov 12, 2017
LFN harrasment
by: Big boy

You may wish to read my post from january 15 2017
The organised criminals i refer to ,are the russian mafia ,amongst others !
These deadshits are active in cities all over the world,anywhere there is money to be made from illegal activites ie drugs ,prostitution etc
That money is then being laundered in several ways
One of which is property dvelopment/investment
F any one doubts the the reality of these sonic attacks,the fiasco of the US embassy in cuba is stark proof of this reality!

Nov 15, 2017
lfn noise from hot tub
by: neil zokol

I have a neighbour who has a older hot tub with a 24 hr circulating pump in it this thing is about a 100 ft away it throbs and pulses through my home and bedroom 24 hrs a day.I approached him and he won't do anything about it. Finally I called the city they told him to put to on a timer which he did then proceeded to shut it off.IT doesn't read over the decibel limit because this is low frequency noise. Some people can't even hear but I hear it as loud as can be its I'm my bed all night long.Totally destroying peace in my home the city won't do any more about it. I live in ladner bc canada if anyone has any ideas please contact me thank you

Dec 02, 2017
Noise neighbor
by: Joyce

Need help with this. This in dangerous and light need to be shed on this. These people need to be stopped and put behind bars on a crazy house.

Has anyone had any success with exposing this?

Dec 05, 2017
Its Crazy
by: AprilCakes

I know this post is old, but, I live basiclaly with animals. Someone upstairs in my tenament has a machine of some sort that is basically himming and driving me insane as well. In my bedroom on top of that. I hope watever machine she is using breaks. I want to basically bug out and bang something on the ceiling. But I figure I just need a pull out couch and sleep in the living room u til I move. And basically make sure I dont move to another hellish neighborhood like this in America ever again.

Dec 15, 2017
Tone in ears
by: Kim rineer

What about my poor pets? They must hesr it louder than I do. I can't sleep more than 4 hours a day and am ready to "check out". It is mind control or mental torture, with no end in sight.

Dec 17, 2017
Constant humming noise
by: Margaret

I started hearing a humming noise just over a month ago which is worse at night when all is still. It seems to pervade our house without coming from any direction and sometimes can be heard outside. The noise level changes and increases in volume usually in the early hours of the morning. Ear plugs does not cancel out the noise. Sleep deprivation is like mental torture.

Some neighbours can hear it and some can't.

I read a comment on another forum written by an expert who said that if a bearing on a sewage pump has failed it could cause a relentless humming noise within a radius of a mile.

But after I posted the problem on a local FB group someone commented that building site generators could be the cause because she was suffering the same humming noise and when they moved the noise disappeared.

So I contacted Environmental Health and it hasn't been very helpful. There is a construction site not too far away and it seems that I'll only know if that is the cause when they finish their work.

I also contacted Yorkshire Water to ask them to check their sewage pumps in this area. A case was opened and then closed by the engineers who visited my home and promised that after they have checked the waste water pumps in this area they will phone me. They didn't phone me so I opened another case which was also closed without explanation. After contacting them again I have been told that a pump nearby has failed and that they will need heavy lifting equipment to fix it. I asked when that would be but the telephone consultant didn't know.

So now I have asked the local councillors and Environmental Health to try to find out when Yorkshire Water would be fixing the pump.

It seems that no-one cares unless they too are suffering.

Dec 19, 2017
The Hum in Surrey
by: Sarah

Driving me insane. I thought it was the neighbour playing the Xbox, turns out it’s not. It’s now 2.30am and the hum is still going. No sleep for me again tonight.

I thought I was alone as my neighbour has not heard it, mother visited recently and she also heard it. Now I know I’m not mad.... or am I ?

Anyone else from Surrey, UK hear it ?

Jan 22, 2018
Real estate related noise harassment in Seattle, Washington, USA

I read Big Boy's comments about criminals who harass people out of their homes using sound with great interest. I am in Seattle, Washington, and his description sounded closer to my own situation in Seattle, Washington than much of what I've run across on the Internet, complete with the references even to "families" down the street who try to harass people out of their homes after their offers to buy are rejected.

I'm writing this because my case exists in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood and my situation involves a corrupt neighborhood watch as well as at least one developer, some apparent house flippers, and real estate agents who are willing to act on their behalf. This formation was obvious before the criminal sound harassment started into my home; in my own case, that harassment is not just a hum. It is obvious harassment, complete with verbal abuse. But the points that Big Boy makes, about the offer preceding the harassment; about the installation of the tools of the harassment in a close by residence, and so on -- these things are some of the commonalities that seem to exist between my situation and what some of you might be seeing in Australia. It's possible that there are ties between those involved in my situation and speculators in Australia. If not direct ties, I think this is a real estate scam that is not yet recognized by police, FBI, Interpol, whatever, and there are significant investors in real estate traveling to distant economies and investing. In Vancouver and Seattle, for example, there are a lot of Chinese investors as of late. Low-frequency harassment in service to house flipping may be a trend.

I'm writing these comments because I need help in Seattle. If in Australia you have been able to expose the "gangs" or "families" who move into neighborhoods and try to harass those out of them, it would be of great benefit to people like me if Interpol or some national agency would begin to consult with American agencies on this crime that is occurring because, as Big Boy said, no one knows what it is. Like a recent comment, the Cuban "sound crime" affecting American diplomats illustrates the need for us to begin to share information and investigate these incidences. The UN and Amnesty International recognize real estate related forced eviction as "real estate mobbing." It seems that this technique of mobbing may be crossing international borders. In my case, the situation is ongoing and a real investigation of the situation, with its civil origins, could expose a lot of the techniques that are being used, at least in the United States wherever it may be occurring, and perhaps in Australia as well.

So, please, if Australian authorities are looking over these comments and attempting to find leads, perhaps you could share them with US authorities and benefit American citizens like me as well. Real estate investment knows no national border, at least that seems to be the case.

Without help, I've tried to document the sound/noise harassment I've been subjected to by making sense of how it occurs and writing, as coherently as I can, about the probable technologies that are used, the tricks and gimmicks, the scams and hoaxes. See where I have quoted some of the exchange between Big Boy and Sam, on criminal harassment using low-frequency sound.

Thank you.

Jan 26, 2018
Humming in Hereford.
by: Wonky

For the last 4 months I've been hearing the hum. No sleep at night anymore as that's when it's the loudest.

Jan 29, 2018
Reply to Humming in Hereford
by: Maggie

Have you tried white noise? White/brown/pink noise will usually mask a low frequency hum. I've used it for going on six years and it works very well. No need to lose sleep!

<<by: Wonky For the last 4 months I've been hearing the hum. No sleep at night anymore as that's when it's the loudest.>>>

Jan 31, 2018
The Hum and Noise Cancelling Headphones
by: Jon

I have heard "The Hum" for years with all the classic symptoms of the sound like an idling engine and hearing it inside the house and not outside. I've gone through all the experimentation of turning off things, including the power to the whole house.

I have experimented with my Bose noise cancelling headphones for different purposes and it finally occurred to me to try them with The Hum.

It changes every other type of sound, but nothing changed with The Hum. No change in volume or intensity which made me think it might have nothing to do with my ears.

Anyone else try this? Any thoughts?

Feb 01, 2018
Reply to The Hum and Noise Cancelling Headphones

This year will be 6 years of hearing the Hum and from my searches for a remedy I can tell you that the hum is an Infrasound and Infrasound can not be blocked by headphones, earplugs,cottonballs in the ears and alike. I've tried it all and it won't work, because Infrasound,according to what I read, is perceived in the brain first and then it is transmitted to ear to create this sound, to put it into layman's terms. Look up Infrasound and how to block it for the EXACT scientific explanation. You are sort of right about it not having to do anything with your ears because it is not a NORMAL sound that goes into the ear first. I would like to know if you feel pain along the way with the Hum or do you just hear it? It is causing a lot of physical discomfort for me and my husband. We both started hearing it at the same time.

Feb 01, 2018
low frequency hot tub noise
by: neil zokol

after writing a few months ago about this jerk neighbour of mine with the noisy hot tub that is emitting low frequency noise. The idiot shut it off for 2 months it was bliss quiet in my home and no more throbbing in my bed. I slept better than i had in a year.He just turned it on again talk about torture.I need to find a way to stop this jerk.The city won't stop him because they test for high frequency noise not low frequency noise. This thing has a 24 hr circulating pump in it so it runs 24 hrs a day.It is driving me insane i pay big money to the city in taxes and as far as i am concerned they aren't protecting the right to peace in my own home .I guess i will have to go to the media i don't know what else to do. If anyone has any good idea contact me at thank you

Feb 15, 2018
Combating LFN
by: Peter-East Yorkhire

So sorry to read you were suffering Margaret (Dec 2017). I know it will be no consolation to you but your comment about the Environment Team from the council is so typical. I've tried the council, some initial support but not equipped to deal with LFN, the police say it's not in their remit, go to the council. The doctor says it's a social issue and they can't help. I wrote to my MP and their reply was, "Everyone is innocent until proven guilty". Now I ask if no-one can help people how can we prove it. Life can be hell, health is deteriorating, and the culprits out their just get on with their lives. AND they know what they are doing is wrong!!

Feb 15, 2018
terrible human beings
by: neil zokol

yes the culprits know exactly what they are doing and getting away with it they are vile human beings and they could care less I actually think they get some sick satisfaction knowing they are getting away with it. This needs to be brought to the forefront to expose these creatures and the government needs to stop denying it exists

Feb 22, 2018
by: SGVH

The so-called "WINDSOR HUM" (Ontario, Canada) is in the news again (New York Times). There's a twitter stream about it here:

The LFN torment (with vibration for some residents) began in Windsor circa 2011.


The humming thrumming warbling + "electrified vibration" continues in FLA as well, began 2014 here (nightmare!). I still say it has to be Grid / SmartGrid related (LFN=Polluted-PowerGrid mixed in with higher Pulsed-MW-RF "Smart" frequencies, including any/all "WiFis" in area, cell towers, etc.


5G is also being rolled out in USA. To understand what it is, read NEW article online by decades-long EMF activist/researcher/sufferer ARTHUR FIRSTENBERG (of Cellular Phone Task Force site) entitled: "FROM BLANKETS TO BULLETS" referring to the blanket-radiation emitted by big celltowers vs. what the 5G "small cells" will emit > "BULLETS."

Feb 26, 2018
Reply to:
by: Andrea

Thanks for posting that info. I had followed the Windsor Hum study in the beginning and unfortunately it came back inconclusive. It began here in NY in 2012 and keeps on going strong. I totally agree with you that the sound is generated by the Smart Grid. Recently there were wires changed/added to our power poles across the street and the Hum tone has now changed to a higher pitch. I am able to observe the power company and internet provider working on the poles and I am sensitive to the changes in the frequencies and I detect anything new they add right away.
I already read about 5G and how this technology needs antennas every few hundred feet or less apart, because the signal is way more sensitive to being disturbed by weather,trees and structures in the way than the current 4G. There are tests being done in some parts of the country and 5G is much more costly than 4G. The health concerns on 5G are also much greater than on the prior deployments for humans and nature alike.
Hopefully it will turn out to be too costly and unreliable and won't be deployed.

Feb 26, 2018
by: Maggie

To SGVH: Thank you so much for posting this information.

To Andrea: I've heard the low frequency pulsing since 2012, too (I am on the west coast). Your comment about a higher pitch has really caught my interest. Is it like a ringing? Off and on since 2013, I hear a very high pitched ringing, which became considerably louder early fall of 2017. I have noticed that this ringing is on some kind of cycle - gets really loud on the hour, 15 minutes past, half past, and l5 minutes to the hour. This can go on for an hour, or several hours at a time, and is just awful when it's loud. During the night too. Sometimes it is quieter than others, and some days it is hardly there at all. It definitely seems like it is related to the low frequency pulsing which I know for sure is being controlled because it is on a timer. Anyone else noticing this?

Feb 27, 2018
Reply to Maggie
by: Andrea

Everything you are describing concerning the ringing,the cycling and also how the strength of the Hum varies I can totally agree with.
At the moment I have been noticing that it gets very strong over the weekends (Friday to Monday) in our area. Right now there are 2 nights per week where the Hum is not so intense and I can sleep somewhat decent.
There is not a set pattern to the cycling of the Hum. During the 6 years I have been hearing it,the cycles keep changing. I have also noticed another sound.
I live on a main road and the local internet provider has WiFi Boxes on the power poles. I can hear an oscillating tone in my right ear. When cars come by the tone gets briefly interrupted due to their engine noise, so I think that this particular tone comes through the air, not the household wiring aka Smart Grid. The Wifi boxes are always on and especially at night the sound is so strong, it reminds me of a loud car stereo with the bass turned up from a far distance. I am assuming that the WiFi boxes are the source.
In my left ear I hear the high pitched Hum and pulsing and that does not get interrupted by any outside noise, it is always there.
I live in a small, quiet, rural town and without the Hum you could hear a pin drop at night and it used to be like that before the Hum started in 2012.

Feb 27, 2018
Reply to Andrea
by: Maggie

It's interesting that you hear the ringing in your left ear, mine is usually in the right ear, but sometimes both,
You are right about no set pattern for the low frequency hum. I've noticed a consistency here and there but mostly it's random. There are usually three days or so each month (usually later) when everything seems to quiet down for awhile. One thing about it that remains the same though is when I notice the volume increasing, it's so obvious. It's usually ten minutes to the hour and twenty minutes past the hour and that is what I meant about it being on a timer.
I live in a small city but in a quiet area so I can hear these changes in volume all day long (lucky me). So now I will look closer at the power poles and see if I notice anything unusual. I will consider moving if I think I can escape the ringing. I've been thinking it might be military activity...?
Are you able to mask the high pitched ringing at all? I'm not. I use brown noise to sleep at night which covers the low frequency noise but nothing will cover the ringing. It actually gets louder if I turn up background noise. I hate it! I also hear the ringing everywhere I go, within a twenty mile radius of home anyway. Driving, walking, doesn't matter.

Feb 28, 2018
Reply to Maggie
by: Andrea

You said some interesting things like:" It's usually ten minutes to the hour and twenty minutes past the hour and that is what I meant about it being on a timer." I have been looking at my watch as well whenever I hear it coming on louder and it is at odd times, meaning not on the hour directly, rather before or past just like you noticed, so we have that part in common.
To quote you again:" I will consider moving if I think I can escape the ringing. I've been thinking it might be military activity...? I don't know if the source could be military. Personally I strongly believe it is coming from the Electrical Grid and a technology called Broadband over Powerlines. "Broadband over power lines (BPL) is a general term that covers any technology that uses electric-utility distribution lines or in-premise power lines to conduct broadband signals for computer networking or utility smart-grid applications." (AARL)
In 2012 I saw our power company in conjunction with the internet provider hook up a variety of cables and black canisters etc on the power poles. They were here for weeks in our town and surrounding area. Ever so often they come back and add more. So I think it is for Internet Communications and Smart Meters.
About masking the ringing. I have a "sound machine" with different sounds like white noise, rain, ocean waves etc, but you are right again that it seems it amplifies the ringing. Sometimes it helps to have it on, but not always.
I also thought about moving, but I hear the high pitched ringing everywhere. No matter which town or even state. I have been to 3 other states and it is just as strong there and I noticed the same hook up on the power poles there as well. I know now there is no escape from this, no moving away from it. The technology is flawed and need to be changed.

Mar 01, 2018
The Hum Map
by: Andrea

This is for everybody who would like to check out if other people are hearing the Hum in their area. Go to (World Hum Map by Dr. MacPherson).
Click on the map and zoom to your location. You then can click on the individual dots on the map to see the info people have provided who hear the Hum.
So far he has about 17000 entries and he is still working on it.

Mar 01, 2018
Reply to Andrea
by: Maggie

I blamed smart meters, cell towers, WiFi in the beginning but then thought about other potential causes. I don't have much of an understanding on how all that works, Broadband, etc. How would it cause the volume and intensity of both the hum and ring to vary so much? Why is it almost not there occasionally for a few days? Sometimes I notice "time blocks" of exactly 30 minutes, 2 hours, etc., especially with the ringing. Why wouldn't the sound we hear be consistent?

I must go back to what I wrote about the low frequency hum being random because I forgot an important point. Since this began for me in 2012, I doubt there's been one night when the pulsing hasn't been there between 10 and 11 p.m. Most nights I'll hear the volume going up at 10:20 p.m., sometimes accompanied by a pressure wave. The volume changes throughout the night as does tone. I am noticing other patterns in keeping track, especially of the ringing. Notice some consistency between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. Woke me up last night at 12:10 a.m. (which happens frequently) and was extremely loud and with a pressure and lasted 1/2 hour. Do you feel the pressure waves at times? I've found that covering my head (headband or scarf) will alleviate most of the pressure.

So, are you thinking that the BPL is the cause of both the low frequency hum and the high pitched ring? What sort of "waves" are we talking about? It must be something that is absorbed either by our skull bones (as in bone conduction) or tissues in the head - that would explain why earplugs do not work, and the pressure felt (vibrations at times also).

Another thing to mention is during a power outage I still hear the low frequency pulsing loud and clear. Don't know about the ring in that case.

Wouldn't moving to the country help? Not off-grid, but less populated so less WiFi, etc. I don't use it, nor do I use cell/cordless phones.

Mar 01, 2018
To Andrea
by: Maggie

Andrea, I just wanted to quickly mention that I have just had some time to read for comments on this page and found many that you wrote summer/17, answering a lot of the questions I put to you in my previous post! (bone conduction, vibrations, etc.)

Mar 02, 2018
Ground/Foundation Vibrations
by: Hummer

Been hearing a low frequency hum for the past few years in multiple residences. If a computer, appliance, or headphones block the sound, I can still feel the vibration at the same frequency through body contact points with a chair and/or feet. This seems to rule out an individual medical, psychosomatic, or tinnitus source. Also was even more pronounced out in the country during a power outage (no running water or power).

Really wish we had an answer for this. From what I've read, these seem to be the best guesses at the cause:

-Vibrations caused by underground gas pipeline flow
-Natural vibration of the ground caused by deep wave action in the ocean
-Industrial source like a refinery or factory
-Cell tower, radio, or WiFi transmissions
-Earth magnetic pole shifting or perturbation
-Larger scale psyop weapon like used against diplomats in the Cuban embassy? (bit of a stretch, but who knows)
-Low frequency submarine detection or communication system
-Smart meters (though I heard it with none around and during a power outage)

Really annoying.

Mar 02, 2018
Effect of chalk substrata
by: As before

Have contributed before re UK south downs humming. Have tracked a local problem down to a farm milking parlour, active 24/7 which is sited like all buildings around on solid chalk. It seems chalk might be a good sound conductor, and certainly the farm's humming is transmitted directly to surrounding building structures up to at least a few miles away.

Mar 08, 2018
by: John

Since they have put in the new rail link the noise is so bad I can not sleep it the resignation sounds that come from high voltage power lines or trains stations what the best way to stop it. Or prevent it from

Apr 04, 2018
environmental humming in Seattle
by: Geri

I have been plagued with the droning/humming vibrational noise in West Seattle for 6 months now. Recently it has gotten worse. It now is steady 24/7. I live near the Port of Seattle and had correlated the noise with ship engines, but now the noise is constant so that cannot be it. Now, I am trying to track the noise to construction and repaving of a ferry terminal about 2 miles from my home. Supposedly they will be working day and night for 6 weeks removing and adding pilings and repaving. Easter Weekend, there was no noise, complete quiet, was like a miracle. This tells me that whatever is causing the hum was started again at the beginning of the work week and I really think it is construction equipment setting up ground vibrations as well as noise. There were no ships in Port either. My ears are under constant attack, cannot sleep, blood pressure going up. I have a wonderful home of 38 years and don't want to move, but this is definitely a health issue for me and others even if they do not hear it at the same level I do. Have contacted all gov. agencies trying to get help to no avail City of Seattle doesn't even measure vibrational noise. EPA was no help either. Environmental noise needs to become a priority public health issue. How to get there is beyond me, but I keep complaining.

Apr 07, 2018
Weather Warning Signal
by: BellaB

I have been bothered by this constant cricket like pitch for several months. My husband doesn't hear it. We have lived here for 10 years.
So, it is inside and outside my house as well. We have a power pole just feet away with 2 drums and Cox works on the pole, too.
I recently switched to Direct TV and we an antenna on our roof now too.I 'm truing to figure what it can be...and that the internet service was switched to Century Link with new equipment and routers.The Direct TV guy couldn't find the wires to connect one bedroom to the receiver and I think he jumbled/cut some wires. Could any of thiese be the reason it has started these annoying, irritating soundwaves. They are louder in the afternoon and evening and sometimes a brief change in pitch.
I hope that when I go on vacation it will stop. I had an ear exam, and I was told I missed a few high pitch sounds. But I
Did not signal on a few very quiet high pitch sounds cause I thought they were in my head...I was not sure cause I spend mostly all days at home now and the sound never stops...just softer.
I'm glad I found this sight because I've been going crazy trying to discover the truth. I had my ears checked got water in the ear or maybe wax build up, perhaps creating the whistling....but I do not believe I have Tinnitis. no treatment was prescribed...but perhaps to buy a white noise machine. I hear the slightest sounds in the house and I have protected my ears from high volume most of my life.
What else can I do? Can I get any help by contacting any of the telecommunication companies?
Thanks for listening....

Apr 10, 2018
For Geri and BellaB
by: Andrea

You may want to check this site to get answers to your question where the noise is coming from and what to do about it. It helped me to understand why I hear this and why it is all over the country and world.

Apr 11, 2018
Hum started after move to midlands from London
by: Carol

I have had my sleep disturbed since I moved here from London. It is a deep throbbing noise which wakes me at around 2 a m on certain nights, usually Wednesdays and at weekends. I wake suddenly feeling quite sick and then realise why. The sounds is loud at times and can diminish only to then get louder. It goes on for several hours and is really affecting my health and mental state. I am moving soon in the same area so I'm hoping it will improve or disappear when I have moved. I am writing this at 3:30 a m and I was woken at 1:50 .
It has made me question my sanity! Others have tried to tell me it is tinnitus but it is not. I have had tinnitus for years but this is different and very real. I am so glad to find others and appreciate any support.

Apr 13, 2018
Carol just moved from London
by: Carol

Hi all
I am awake again tonight and reading comments from you all as I feel so frustrated that I cannot sleep. I moved to Worcester to be near my family but I am even thinking of returning to London if I cannot find a solution to this hum which is making my life hell.
I have decided to ask various members of the family to sleep in my house while I catch up in theirs. I will post the results. One family lives nearby and one on the other side of the city. It will be interesting to see whether there is any variation in humming level and if anyone or everyone can hear it.
I send my thanks to all who have made suggestions and hope you all find some peace eventually.

Apr 15, 2018
I agree with Carol
by: Andrea

I have the same experience,Carol,and I am half a world away from you! What you say about waking in the middle of the night and feeling sick, I can so relate to and you are correct, this is not Tinnitus!
I have learned that the Hum sounds different in tone and intensity from person to person. I am lucky that my husband started hearing it at the same time with me, so I know I am not crazy. Sometimes the Hum is louder for me than for him, but many times we are awoken at the same time from the "noise" or even hear it changing during the day.
Overall the Hum is worse at night and it feels like torture!! It takes me a long time in the morning to recover from the bad night and before you know it you have to go to bed again and start the torture all over.
The Hum is from the Power Grid and there is no escape from this. If you are connected to electricity you will have the Hum in your home and if you are sensitive enough you hear it outside too, radiating off the powerlines.

Apr 19, 2018
CRICKETS for BellaB of 4/7/18
by: SGVH

Hi BellaB: I just saw today a "crickets" comment at the Hum Yahoogroup which was referring to this article re the alleged "sonic attack" on USA Diplomats in Cuba in 2016-2017. The article re results by researchers is pathetic & will get your ire up but it did mention "CRICKETS" in the below paragraph:

In December 2017, a panel of Cuban scientists evaluating limited medical information and sound recordings provided by U.S. investigators ... The Cuban experts ... found that the frequency of a grating sound in the recordings they analyzed matched the chirping of the Jamaican field CRICKET.
--Source: "U.S. diplomats in Cuba have unusual brain syndrome, but there’s no proof they were attacked, study says | Science | AAAS":

The USA govt. & Uni researchers are either frauds or dumb as dirt > (I vote the former > elaborate excuses ["group-think hysteria"] to cover-up reality). I mean, baloney! as if they are not really aware that all the EMR techno-pollution everywhere is THE CAUSE of the myriad of hearing manifestations & "brain syndromes."

They are only correct in that Cuba did not "attack" the diplomats because the SOURCE/CAUSE of their PHYSICAL symptoms were most likely caused by their own WiFi, &/or Smart Meters, &/or Smart Grid, &/or BPL/PLC, &/or Grid Polluted w/Microwaves, &/or Satellite TVs, &/or Etc. Etc. Etc.

Apr 19, 2018
To GERI & All the Ladies
by: SGVH

Since it seems more ladies post here than men, just a reminder:

1_Learn everything about your building, home, apt., condo, etc. & its infrastructure.

2_Do you have overhead or underground powerlines?

3_Are your electric meter pipes underground or overhead in your ceiling?

4_Are your electric &/or water &/or gas meters "Smart" radiating meters?

5_How/where/to what are your meters grounded? Ground Rods? Ground Bars? Rebar? Etc. (The more groundings there are, the worse the EMFs can be, & the worse the noise &/or vibration.

6_Smart Water Meters are just as bad if not worse than Smart Electric Meters. Find out if your water meter is connected to metal pipes or are they newer PVC pipes?

7_If metal water pipes, watch this video & read all the comments:

8_Concrete foundations are bad news, especially with rebar in it/under it; & more especially if the electric is grounded to the rebar; & worse still if its a multi-unit building all sharing the same concrete floor/foundation. (Learned this recently from consultation w/an Electrical Engineer; then saw a comment @ YouTube saying the exact same thing. Grrrr.)

9_A little bit of infrastructure info can be gleaned from all Building Permits associated with your address. Check your city/county site for Building Permits copies.

10_Don't forget Water Treatment plants & their SCADA systems. Find out if your WTP uses SCADA > which uses MWR (Microwave Radiation) or BPL/PLC.

11_A celltower cited at an Electrical Substation can also cause the Power Grid to "grab" the MW's from the celltower & send them through the Grid. Talk about Electro-Polluted power supply!


For the first 5-6 months, I tried to explain it away as dredging/generators somewhere nearby, or maybe an RV generator, or maybe construction, etc. But 4 years later & it's still vibrating rumbling thrumming drumming + "electrified atmosphere" & floors, it's obviously NOT construction nor generators, so I wouldn't wait too too long thinking that is the culprit & hoping it stops.

Apr 29, 2018
Hum is from the power grid?
by: Maggie

This is not an argument by any means. I just need to understand. Can any of you who are certain it's the power grid please explain why the hum continues during a power outage, and why some (I have not been able to try this yet myself) claim they hear it out in the middle of nowhere with no electrical grid for miles? I'd also like to understand why the abrupt changes in volume, etc. For example, sometimes I'm not all that bothered by it for two or three days. I'd also like to know why the high frequency noise that I hear fluctuates, same as the hum.


Apr 29, 2018
Reply to Hummer RE: Ground/Foundation Vibrations
by: Maggie

You listed a few interesting points and I have wondered about "low frequency submarine detection or communication system". I also ponder on the ionospheric heating facilities that are alleged sprinkled around the globe. Taking a glance at the map at and then a glance at the map of "Ionospheric Heaters Worldwide" here: the clusters are remarkably similar.

Not condoning the " but I suppose there is some helpful information here and there. The comments section shows a real lack of support of any theory that could, for example, put the blame on multi-billion dollar corporations (power grid, wifi, cell companies, satellites, etc.) and there is one commenter who consistently attempts to "prove" that the hum for EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD is internally generated. If it wasn't so pathetically obvious that there is an agenda, it would be funny.

May 01, 2018
Re: Hum is from the Power Grid?
by: Andrea

Maggie, this is why I believe the Hum and frequencies are coming from the Power Grid. I wish I could answer your questions better, but I am still searching for answers myself.

I was going to contact this man, Victor Nixon, who was a Computer Systems Engineer who had investigated the Hum, but by the time I had found him on the internet he had passed away already.
His investigation and document can be found here and it is lengthy, sometimes a bit technical, but makes very good sense. If you have the time please check this out: (How Smart Grid will affect your Life).

He had posted also on the Google Hum Forum for a few years.!forum/hum-sufferers
He posted under Victor Nixon or just Vic.

May 01, 2018
To Maggie re 4/29/18 "Hum is from the power grid?"
by: SGVH

To Maggie re 4/29/18 "Hum is from the power grid?"

--"why the hum continues during a power outage."

Good question! The answer MIGHT be that it is coming from the "Smart" (Radiating) WATER Grid Supply. (That's what an EMF-Electrical Engineer told me recently re my own situation > he thinks it's the Water "Smart" Meter vs. the Electric "Smart" Meter causing the vibrations & noise.)

During prior hurricanes, the Electric would go out but the water stayed On. I'm not sure if that is the case all the time & everywhere. Maybe depends if people have city water or their own wells, etc.

Also, local Water Treatment Plants *DO* use SCADA systems which use either MWR (Microwave Radiation) & others may still use older BPL.

--"why some claim they hear it out in the middle of nowhere with no electrical grid for miles."

I've noticed a few such comments once in awhile at either the Hum wordpress blog (Glen McPherson's blog; he does not hide his name so I'm not revealing private info) & its older associated Yahoogroup (begun by a Prof. Demming circa 2002-2003 & who McPherson followed in Demming's research/footsteps).

Those who say they "heard the hum in the wilderness" seem to come & go; ie, they stop by, drop off such a comment, & disappear. So I figured they are possibly "disinfo agents" who "poison the well" on purpose to keep people guessing.

However, McPherson himself has claimed the same, IIRC, when he went camping in the middle-of-nowhere-Canada. So is McPherson trustworthy? He was a "science teacher."

--"why the abrupt changes in volume."

If it's coming from the Power Grid, electrical CURRENT does not always "flow" at the same rate. Think of it like a river & its CURRENT which sometimes flows calmly along yet at other times it becomes "whipped up" by rocks or winds or terrain & increases its flow-rate/speed & therefore its INTENSITY.

The "flow rate" of electrical CURRENT is measured in AMPS. The more Amps, the Stronger the Current-Flow & Intensity.

In the old days before computer automation, Power Companies' engineers had to GUESS DAILY how much "JUICE" (electrical current/amps) they needed to "pump out" to the city for whatever the daily needs would be (weather changes, &/or more activity going on in one part of town requiring more "juice" that day, etc.)

Eventually, computers took over this daily "guessing game" of the amount & intensity of "juice" (electrical current/amps) any part of a city would need.

(IIRC, I learned all that from Jerry C. Russell's .docx re the History of SCADA. He's in his 80's now but had worked in Power Co. Generation beginning 1954!! I noticed recently his simple website disappeared but, thankfully, saved copies of it 37 times! so search for it there.)

Also, Victor Nixon's "Smart Grid" info described Grid "Control Rooms" where guys monitor computers all day watching & amending the amount of current flowing. Victor wrote that if they are not getting the "readings" they want, instead of going out in trucks as in the old days to investigate whatever problem, they make a call to a higher-up who gives the OK to "put the pedal to the metal" via the Control Room computers & force/push/ramp-up a "mega dose" of current until they get the "readings" they want to see on their screens.

--"sometimes I'm not all that bothered by it for two or three days."

See above as my only guesses. :)

--"why the high frequency noise fluctuates, same as the hum."

Ditto, same reasons as above (*IF* your Hum is Power Grid & Smart Grid related). When they "pump out" More or Less MWR "juice," the INTENSITY changes.

MWR "flow rate" is measured in "Power Density."
--Me guessing here:
More Dense > Worse. Less Dense > Not as Bad.

Therefore, my best guesses:

1_ELF aka Hum Fluctuations > Power Grid > Increase or Decrease in the flow of Electrical Current/Amps.

2_Higher Frequencies Fluctuations > Microwave Radiation (MWR) > Smart Grid (including celltowers & SCADA systems) > Increase or Decrease in "Power Density."

One thing's for certain: None of this "happens by itself." There are Control Rooms & people & computers CAUSING all of it.

Sign me:
--SGVH (Smart Grid/Power Grid Vibrations & Hum)
--South USA
--I am not an expert by any means. I have a:
--Radiating "Smart" Electric Meter & RF-MESH infrastructure (not BPL);
--& a Radiating "Smart" Water Meter w/Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) which also use SCADA w/either MWR or older BPL (I'm guessing MWR, not BPL.)

Sigh! :(

May 01, 2018
To Maggie re 4/29/18 to Hummer
by: SGVH

Maggie wrote to Hummer:

--"The comments section [at site] shows a real lack of support of any theory that could, for example, put the blame on multi-billion dollar corporations (power grid, wifi, cell companies, satellites, etc.)"

Good observation. Makes one wonder! Possibly "disinfo agents" as that would be a perfect goal of corporate or govt. "spooks."

--"...there is one commenter who consistently attempts to "prove" that the hum ... is internally generated."

Ha, I know. VERY annoying. I just ignore those guys. :)

--"If it wasn't so pathetically obvious that there is an agenda, it would be funny."

I've thought the same from early on. They've been going round & round in circles for approx. 15+ years already & getting nowhere.

They also flat-out reject any technology that they feel originated AFTER their beloved "hallmark date" of the "Bristol, UK, Hum" (of the 1970s?).

Yet former USA President Richard Nixon's Admin, who had commissioned a study of EMR in USA, (said study began in 1969 & was released in 1971), said that the USA at THAT time was ALREADY being exposed to too much EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) & that basically "only God knew" how it would affect future generations if something was not done.

Also, Utilities began using first BPL (created too much interference on their lines) & then MWR (Microwave Radiation) with their SCADA remote-communications systems ("early version of Smart Grid") DECADES ago, possibly as early as the 1960s-1970s, per that Jerry C. Russell SCADA History .docx mentioned above. See here:*/


May 01, 2018
Re: Google Hum Group
by: SGVH

Andrea of 5/1/18 mentioned the Google Hum Forum:!forum/hum-sufferers

It's been a few years but if that is the same group which JOHN DAWES in the UK became the most frequent poster (after the group somewhat died down), Dawes was convinced at that time (& maybe still is) that the UK Hum had to be coming from the USA's Power Grid because Dawes had consistently measured the UK Hum @ 60 Hz whereas the UK & EU Grid is 50 Hz. Interesting & FWIW to anyone in the UK.

May 02, 2018
Reply to SGVH
by: Andrea

The real question here is, what can be done about this situation. It is good to have a forum where people can find out about the Hum and the EMF/EMR, but that is where it usually stops.

Personally I can say we have done our share to expose or remedy this problem locally by reporting it to the companies that we believe are involved, even contacting the Public Service Commission, the FCC and the authorities of the state,but to no avail!

I have seen other people do the same and it was going nowhere. There are petitions running to stop this very problem, but that is going nowhere.

There is also no way to find any kind of protection from having to hear the Hum and the exposure of the EMR.

I am writing all this after another bad night,not that the days are much better.
It is getting worse, the tone of the frequencies are changing and intensifying and multiplying.

I hope Victor Nixon will be right in the end that this Smart Grid technology will burn itself out by not being able to upgrade any longer and a safer technology will take its place.

May 02, 2018
Reply To Andrea
by: SGVH

It is possibly getting worse because it is now late Spring & heading in to Summer. More heat, more ACs running, etc., so the Grid pumps out more current/Amps.

If you have copper wiring (in addition to powerlines being copper), which is "heat resistant" = more friction the hotter the weather gets.

As for notifying State &/or Fed Agencies, I never bothered because I knew that would be wasted effort/energy. Ditto petitions. The only way to "get their attention" is to sue them, whether solo or as a class action.

Arthur Firstenberg's "Cellular Phone Taskforce" site says to contact them as they may have a knowledgeable attorney in various areas.

I know an attorney in Texas (not my State) but he doesn't know beans re ELF/EMF & would have to be taught from scratch. You can't win via sheer force of will but must know the subject matter & have a legal strategy.

I also know of a class action attorney up North but ditto the above. (I'm not a fan of class actions anyway; & do not have the stamina to teach attorneys from scratch.)

Some people have involved themselves in the InPower movement, using Common Law documents to hold local city & utility employees INDIVIDUALLY LIABLE (not "corporately").

The InPower movement is an outgrowth effort of Josh del Sol's "Take Back Your Power" documentary re the Smart Grid (orig release 2013, updated 2017). Dr. Mercola's site still has that film up for viewing.

Their InPower effort also has a website, either .com or .org; & the original "Take Back Your Power" site is also still up but their focus is on the new InPower movement now.

If you're physically up to it, InPower is seeking individuals to form groups in every city so a group of documents can be sent simultaneously to the city+utility people responsible for viting for &/or allowing these ELF/EMF conditions to exist.

May 16, 2018
by: SHVH


..."acoustic scientist" named Seth Horowitz ... who enjoys making light of his own insanity:

"[T]he effects that sounds have on us are useful for... taking an organized mind capable of plotting and carrying out plans, and using its own neural wiring against it. The basics of sound as a warning signal are built into us, from the deepest part of our brain stem to our highest cognitive centers. To destabilize a brain in a powerful manner, all you have to do is add a few basic psychoacoustical features.

"For example, imagine I am a mad scientist (a total stretch, I know) who wants to build a weapon using sound to make people's heads explode. Resonance frequencies of human skulls have been calculated as part of studies looking at bone conduction for certain types of hearing aid devices. A dry (i.e., removed from the body and on a table) human skull has prominent acoustic resonances at about 9 and 12kHz, slightly lesser ones at 14 and 17kHz, and even smaller ones at 32 and 38kHz. These are convenient sounds because I won't have to lug around a really big emitter for low frequencies, and most of them are not ultrasonic, so I don't have to worry about smearing gel on the skull to get it to blow up.

"So how about if I just use a sonic emitter that puts out two peaks at the two highest resonance points, 9 and 12kHz, at 140 dB and wait until your head explodes?"

This next quote [by whom?] may also be of interest for those who want to fully understand what we are up against:

"The discernible aim of torture... is to destroy the personality of an individual in a way that would render his compliance...

"[To this end], discreet methods may be employed to selectively destroy areas in [the] brain by high dosage and high-frequency ultrasound...

"We shall focus our attention towards the areas in the brain that agitate human mind and lead to hostility. If these areas are selectively destroyed or rendered non-functional, it is presumed that the individual would acquire complete docility and be subservient. He would not be in a position to articulate his thoughts and emotions... Surgeons and physicians utilize this information, in certain cases, to control human behavior..."
Quotes Source:
3/26/18: "Jeanice Barcelo- Smart Meters & Baby Monitors Are Killing Us":

Jeanice site:

May 20, 2018
by: sam

anyone here take medication, whatever it might be, and does it help reduce your sensitivity?

May 20, 2018
For Sam
by: Debbie

Hi Sam,
l have been taking a Vitamin B complex supplement and B12 spray and magnesium. The B vitamins help lessen the effects lve found, especially if you feel the vibrations as well, the B vitamins help protect the nerve endings that get irritated by the noise and vibration.
l have been taking them for several months after doing some research and they do help a bit.

May 21, 2018
Fan noise
by: Blue

My husband and I have been hearing a hum sound coming into our bedroom at night. I live in an attached house and I hear what sounds like a fan. The neighbor's house is 2 feet higher than mine and I can hear their footsteps along my wall, 2' above my floor. I am guessing that she has a fan on her hardwood floor and the humming sound is being amplified through the structure and into my bedroom!
When I lie down on the bed, the hum is in my ear because the bed is also approx. 2' from the floor. It seems to be the loudest in the corner.
I have poor insulation and I wonder what could be the best solution in soundproofing a floor that's situated so close to me! Foot steps aren't constant and they wear slippers but this constant humming-I wonder if it's fruitless to even try to soundproof. I have a cinderblock wall between us and studs and a layer of drywall.
Any advice is appreciated-thanks for reading.

May 21, 2018
by: sam

thanks Debbie, I'll give them a go

May 24, 2018
ES FORUM_for SAM, Debbie, & Anyone Else
by: SGVH

Check out the ES FORUM, there's more discussion over there re what people are doing or taking (vitamins, etc.) for electro-pollution & EMF sensitivities:

If you register & choose the option, you can receive all comments via email, or just engage via the website forum.

That forum has been around a long time. It was originally a YahooGroup. HTH!

May 24, 2018
Will 20,000 5G Satellites Create More "Noise"?
by: SGVH

The first 5G Satellites will be launched later this year 2018. I wonder if they will add to the "noise" problem? What say ye?

Why & How are 5G Satellites BAD NEWS? Details in articles below:

5/14/18: "Planetary Emergency" by Arthur Firstenberg:

"Wi-Fi In The Sky," 2018:

"5G from Space" Rat Race, 2018:

1/22/18: "5G - FROM BLANKETS TO BULLETS" by Arthur Firstenberg:
--Explains what 5G "MILLIMETER wave frequencies" & "PHASED ARRAYS" mean. CellTowers "blanket" an area with radiation. 5G MM will be "shooting" radiation like "bullets."

"The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life," 2018 book, by Arthur Firstenberg:

"Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space" (GUARDS):
(can join email list, read their FCC comments, take action, donate, etc.):


"Microwaving Our Planet," 1997, Arthur Firstenberg:

"No Place to Hide, Vol. 2, No. 1, Feb. 1999, pp. 3-4":

"No Place To Hide, Vol 3, No. 2, Nov. 2001, p. 15":

Founder (1990s):
Cellular Phone Task Force
P.O. Box 6216
Santa Fe, NM 87502
(505) 471-0129
--Arthur was first negatively affected (collapsed) by EMF radiation (via radiating surgical cauterizing equipment) while in medical school training, circa 1982; had to drop out. Also dental x-rays, etc.
--He began actively writing about & being an activist against EMF radiation by 1996.

May 27, 2018
Reply to SGVH and Andrea NEW
by: Maggie

SGVH wrote to Maggie: <"Possibly "disinfo agents" as that would be a perfect goal of corporate or govt. "spooks." >

I noticed MacPherson's site soon after I started hearing the hum (2012) and followed here and there. Chose not to enter my info on his database though because I never trusted it and as time goes on, I think that mistrust is vindicated. I would urge people around the world to choose forums such as this one instead. We know it's a worldwide problem, we don't really need to know too many specifics. His database asks a LOT of personal info. Yeah, the "science teacher". Mind closed tight as a drum, IMHO. I think that site has become nothing more than a monitoring station. What a great way of monitoring how the public is reacting to whatever the hell is going on? Don't like it at all.

As far as I know, the Taos Hum was in early 1990's (1993?), about the time that HAARP was being installed, so there may be a connection to the present. I think the weather manipulation has a lot to do with what we are experiencing, perhaps combined with all the wireless "noise" down here on earth. I don't know how true, but I have read that there is an underground military base near Taos? Who knows. We have NO idea what the military is capable of doing, but if we watch stuff put out by the likes of Elana Freeland and David Icke, we may be enlightened. I am, anyway. An open mind is required!

You mentioned the hum being "controlled". I've realized that from the start that is most certainly the case because I watched the clock. The volume is increased at certain "times", and this is the same with the high frequency noise I hear, which became considerably louder last September for some reason. Unfortunately I cannot cover the ringing. Not yet anyway.

To Andrea: Thank you for the Victor Nixon documents. I read them and tried to understand them. Very interesting and I will have to read them again. However, I still feel there is something else going on as well - perhaps in combination.

To SGVH and Andrea: As far as doing something about all of this, I need to feel sure I know the cause first. I think I would start with blaming the people who continue to buy into the technology of smart TVs, cell phones and Wifi rather than blame the corporations selling it. No consumer, no sales. This has got to stop. Now the smart meters need to go too, but then we need our electricity don't we. But perhaps for now start with people getting rid of their beloved devices which would clean up some of the noise at least. In order to do that, however, they are going to have to wake up. I've spoken with many people about this over the past six years but they're just not listening. We have to find a way to make them listen.

May 30, 2018
Re: Maggie
by: Andrea

You said you need to be sure first about the cause of the Hum. The only way to know 100 percent is if you had this investigated yourself, but that is a lot of money. My husband and I were starting to do that with an audio engineer, but the cost was very high. In the six years we have been hearing and feeling the effects of the Hum I have been looking at all sorts of explanations.
There is another site that deals with the Hum and is very credible. The site is The woman who runs it was also visited by Victor Nixon who checked on the Hum in her town. She has a youtube video which you may want to check out, which also points to the Electrical Grid (Smart Grid). Just listen in and see if something connects with your situation. It is called:"Boil the Frog Slowly with Sandra Chianfoni - Smart Grid Hum". She has also posted here on the forum in 2014/2015.

Jun 05, 2018
Just started hearing the hum noise
by: KB

Hi Folks - Ok, I live well off the beaten track in the countryside and this humming noise has started at night times. I live in a static caravan well out in the country. No street lights - Large gas canister so no gas pipes around. Electricity is from an old 1960's card meter.

The hum starts at night and is of varying humming lengths of different pitches.

I can feel the vibrations as it gets louder or more low/high pitched.

When I go outside I cannot hear it.

It has got to be coming from either underground or through the airwaves.

I don't trust the government as everyone shouldn't and I believe this is connected to some kind of signal/frequency they are pushing out to people's brains.

I think people who are more sensitive and 'awake' are more susceptible to hearing this.

What equipment can I get/buy to isolate the frequencies?

Cheers Folks!!

Jun 06, 2018
For KB
by: SGVH

OK, so you have an old electric meter & big gas cannister.

But what about Water? Are there underground Water Pipes?

Just curious! (& agree re untrustworthy govts., et al).

Jun 19, 2018
by: kb

Water is from a bore hole. Definitely not them. Removed gas - hum still there. It has got be from these so called 'cell towers' that are springing up everywhere. My hypothesis is these towers are banging out frequencies to somehow harm/control people.

I am on a search locally for the nearest tower. I have seen these towers everywhere and 'they' try to hide/disguise them in woods or behind groups of investigation continues....

Jun 19, 2018
by: SGVH

Hi KB, thanks for the reply.

The site might help you find any celltowers. It will search a 4-mile radius of your address or whatever address you enter in their search box.

Do you have overhead or underground powerlines leading to your old-time electric meter?

How is that old-meter & your electric grounded? Grounding rod?

(I sometimes think they have "weaponized" the Power Grid itself with mixed frequencies, with or without any "Smart" meters.)

Find which Electrical Substation your electricity comes from. Go there (or use Google Earth/Google Maps to zoom in) to see if there is a celltower on/near the Substation property.
--I've read that if a celltower is on site of, or very near Substations, the Power Grid's electricity can "grab" the EMFs from the celltower & "carry them along with it" through the Power Grid's high voltage powerlines to the transmission lines to the distribution lines to transformers to people's electricity.

What kind of transformer do you have?
--Big, Small?
--Is it on the ground or up on a pole?
--Is it shared with any other people or you alone? (Shared transformers can bring "Dirty Electricity" created by others into your domain.)
--And how far away is the transformer from your exact spot?

Is a caravan the same as an RV or "motorhome" which are made out of metal?
--If you're living in a "metal box" like an RV or motorhome > the more metal, the worse the noise & vibration since EMFs reflect off of & interact with metal.

(I have noise & vibration here 4 yrs + 2 mos now w/underground powerlines, Smart Water & Electric Meters, electric-meter-pipes run underground beneath me, ditto water pipes, no gas, big shared transformer on ground, concrete foundation with rebar, steel beams in high ceiling & behind walls, high metal exterior roof, etc., grrrr!)

Are you parked on dirt or on a concrete slab? If yes, does the concrete slab have rebar or other metal in it?

If you sleep on a metal-coil-spring mattress, ditch it & get all foam or cotton, etc. Safer.

Lastly, for testing equiptment, try the SafeLiving site. They have a nice page layout for easy reading but can buy their same items anywhere.
--They have many different RF testing meters to test for MW-RF from celltowers &/or all things "wireless."
--To test for "Dirty Electricity" (DE) in your electrical supply, they have an Alpha Lab gadget that you stick into outlets & it gives a reading. However, professionals use an "oscillascope" to test for DE, which is pricey I think. Examples of usage at YouTube.
--To test for ELF & Electric Fields & Magnetic Fields, there are yet different testing meters for that. site has reviews on many different testing meters. Or check YouTube.
--To test for "Ground Current" a/k/a "Stray Voltage," that's more complicated (to me). Best to google that one or check YouTube.

Happy hunting & testing & please do keep us informed of whatever you find/learn!

Jun 19, 2018
PS: To KB & Anyone/Everyone
by: SGVH


Here's the quote re that:


The RF/microwave pollution from cell tower antennas sited close to electrical generation stations and power lines can couple with and flow through the transmission lines, even in some cases creating dangerous standing RF waves along those transmission lines. UK radiation expert Alasdair Philips says:

"Radiation from masts [like the microwave tower seen behind this electrical substation] can resonate with house wiring, causing high fields inside houses, often from lights which hang from the ceilings, the radio frequencies running down the electric flex. If this is the case in a house, there may be high frequency fields inside, even though there are no direct sources of radio-frequency emissions from household appliances, devices or systems." [13]
Ref. [13]: "Mobile Phone Masts and Wireless Computing," Alasdair and Jean Philips, PowerWatch, UK, 2009. LINK:

Quote, Ref., & photo seen at this page:

"ElectroSensei: Understanding the Hazards of RF Microwave Radiation":

Hope this helps!

Jun 27, 2018
by: KB

Hello again,

Thanks for reply - will respond when back.

Am currently away in a remote area of Kos island in Greece.

On my first night here I heard the buzzing/pulsing/ vibrating noise again!

I couldn't believe it as my initial thoughts were it must be me - it must be something inside my hearing/brain etc.

Anyway, the next day I took a bike ride and lo and behold I found the same mast/transmitter tower they are banging up around the UK everywhere.

This mast was about 5 minutes away from where I was staying and had only just been installed according to the locals. It is not a mobile phone tower and no-one knew why it was put there or what it is for.

I took pictures of this tower and am now adamant these are caauing this hum/noise and only certain members of the populace are subsceptible tot it.

Can I upload photos on here?

Jun 28, 2018
To: "KB Continued"
by: SGVH

Hi again, KB, thanks for the update while traveling in far away Greece, wow! :) Besides the vibes/noise, hope you're having a nice trip.

Very interesting discovery! So it's not 3G, 4G, 5G celltower for cellphones, hmm. Maybe a radiating repeater or gateway for Smart Meters? Or maybe Weather Radar? Or Drone Radiating Recharging tower. Or maybe Celldar? Or, honestly, I have NO idea. :)

If you put the address in Google Earth, I wonder if it would give a company name for the property(?)

I don't know if has searches for other countries, but it will often say who owns the antennas & towers searched for within 4-miles of any address.

Does Greece have online public records for all properties? (In USA counties you can look up owners of any address at Property Appraiser sites.)

As for uploading photos here, I don't know for sure but I doubt it. Here's a few other ideas:

__There's lots of free online photo hosting sites. Just google for any, or here's one example: Upload it there, then post the URL to the photo in a comment here.

__Or, do you have a Twitter account? You can attach photos to tweets, & then post the direct URL to that specific tweet & everyone could go look at it there.

__Or, here's two forums where you could post it, but you'd have to register as a member first; & then upload photo there & then post the URL back here:
--Electro-Sensitive Forum:
--Mast-Victims Forum:

__Or, you could send the photo via email to either of these ladies' wordpress blogs, along with a short description (like in your comment above) & ask if they will post your message & photo. I'm sure they would as both these blogs' owners also suffer the noise &/or vibration problem. Then just post that URL back here:
--Radiation Dangers blog:
--Smart Meter News Updates blog:

Hope that helps & thanks again for checking in!

Jul 02, 2018
How I learned to stop worrying and love the hum lol
by: Hummer

Hello again, this is "Hummer" and I posted once here in March. Just wanted to give you all an update on my research on the source of the "hum."

There are probably multiple sources of sound pollution in our modern, industrial/information age societies, but I think I've narrowed it down (in my case anyway) to VLF (very low frequency) communications, since I am located close geographically to one of the strongest VLF transmitters in the world.

In theory, we shouldn't be able to hear these low frequency radio signals, but there may be some interaction with the radio waves and physical matter, like temperature gradients being generated in the air, or some other structural interaction that makes it audible more strongly indoors.

I would write more about this, but the topic is related to the military and national security, so it'd be better if you just did some personal research on your own so I can stay off the government watch list lol.

Don't mean to make light of an issue that has actual negative physical and psychological effects on a lot of people, but just wanted to share what has helped me at least have an explanation for what I'm hearing.

Take care, everyone.

Jul 07, 2018
Some ideas to answer a questionablel problem!

Cross road or in your township electronic reversing gang stalking or ileagle non- governmental( Top military or physiological authorize!) or police surveillance or cult or land thugs using covert technology to harass the neighbor, a citizen or attack anyone electrically illegally without Electric/phone or internet highways signal towers company's happened without law knowing now! It might be Electric Harassment using covert implants inside your body and or spy implantable phone teeth hidden in jaw for amplified spy listening or mind reading n by land investment thugs and reversed electric harassment, Trying to blame the law and the police! There are lawyers and special investigative teams for electric harassment who can analyze and ex-ray for hidden implant technology that is implanted without your permission! Please read all you can on the internet then ask police or a investigative team maybe F.B.I. for answerer help? They have it everywhere and it's going now to new places and Highways have signs along roads talking about this!
Someone likes spoofing people! Just thoughts but interesting information! No finger pointing/accusation just read research ideas(Thoughts) for you! Creepy underhanded stuff by unknown unauthorized peoples!(?)

Aug 12, 2018
Night instrumental music/singing
by: Daphne

A condo owner plays/sings music 24/7 but usually during the day it's not too loud. At night, just after midnight he starts up again and sometimes there is a noise like he's re-winding a tape, very noisy, for about 10-15 mins. I have discussed this with our Strata Mgr. and he thinks it's all in my head but it definitely isn't and I've lost many hours of sleep because of it. Usually on Sat. night it's the worst and I have to be up early to go to church, sometimes missing because of not being able to sleep. Our city and strata have bylaws that state that music/noise must be turned off by 10 pm and our strata bulletins mention low noise levels but they disregard. I have called the police once but because they are so busy on the weekends were not able to come and I can't tell them what apt. it's coming from because of how the noise travel. What can I do now??

Aug 13, 2018
noise reducing fence
by: Robi Haque

If you want to reduce all kind of noise you can use [url=]noise barrier wall[/url]. It is one of the important noise-reducing material. I use this material to reduce noise from my house.

Aug 14, 2018
Lfn harrassment
by: Big boy

Forget about cell towers ,smart metres etc etc ,all this
You may wish to read my comments from Jan 15 ,18 2017

Aug 14, 2018
big boy
by: sam

Hey Big boy, glad you're still here. What are we supposed to do about this?

Aug 16, 2018
Just inforamtion to be aware of!

There is a group Gang, Cult unknown...over in the Central, WI Maybe Neillsville, Stevens point, Marshfield, WI who were over heard by an unknown person saying they learned all about telepathy implants with hacking of body implants and use high towers and gas line and electric smaller grids monitors now also..and are now planning harassment games to make people unwanted move from their area with no way to get police to stop it, because they don't know about this technology and we want them to start reading everything because out west they have been known to even cause death with these implants and it's all over the web about it now and back up information says it's real!

Aug 20, 2018
by: Big boy

Well Sam ,you could door knock in your area and see if other people are affected in the same way as you.
If so ,you could approach your local police in a group , if a number of you present at your local police station the local coppers may be motivated to investigate
I know the full names of several people involved in LFN harassment in my area,so too do the local police
What is required here is legislation making it a criminal offence to
harass using LFN sound generators
If this were the case the police would investigate ,gather evidence, arrest and prosecute those responsible

Aug 20, 2018
by: Big boy

Another possibility Sam is that you make your local member of Parliament aware of what is happening in your community
Lobbying local government into introducing appropriate legislation to deal with these deadshits is really the only solution
As in my earlier posts Sam, most people affected by LFN have no idea what is affecting them
And there is no doubt at all that sites like the one that you and I are on are corrupted by wilful disinformation , designed to conceal the truth of what is happening in our communities
Spread the word Sammy.

Aug 20, 2018
by: sam

Big boy, thanks for the advice

Aug 24, 2018
Noise pollution 2009-2018
by: Fed up

Coming from cooling fans connected to mobile phone transmitting tower. Tower is approx 100 Mtrs hlgh when gales are high howling winds through mast .when it is calm and warm cooling fans working flat out . The transmitting tower is the property of e s b telecoms Tetra vodophone and others have antenna on mast. Many attempts have been made to sort problem with mast owners but to date nothing .something might be done next week . I am hearing that like the offending noise since 2009. Our house is approx 20 mtrs from mast .Help.any comments.

Sep 07, 2018

I started hearing this in oct. 2018 it is maddening Wales me up drives me crazy have called every department in my town and even reached out to the state health dept can get no help I have no peace in my own home so unfair. I found the source of the noise but still no one well help me my family has lived here for over 60 years never heard anything from this factory live over 3 miles away from the place so last afford reach to corporate who said they would look into it never heard back and still dealing with it be a year in oct. just need to find a someone to help me this is so unfair how a big corporate and get away with making the hole north end of this town miserable and not even And a county office will not help me either any suggestions

Sep 10, 2018
constant low vibrating hum
by: Eileen

I live in a semi detached house, our neighbours have just had some roof work done including about three days ago fitting a rotating chimney cowl which are the type recommended for wood burning stoves or coal fires. They have a gas fire. I first noticed two nights ago, I thought why has the central heating come on? It was not the central heating. Eventually we have realised that with the wind there is a constant low vibrating hum from their new chimney cowl which is caused by the wind blowing. Being Cumbria the wind is constant. Wish me luck I am going round to tell them

Sep 10, 2018
Humming Sound Winter is coming
by: Stevic

Seeing as the Humming all but disappeared here Newcastle-upon-Tyne during the warm summer, yet now as the mornings are becoming colder the humming sound is back with a vengance. I was wondering if the noise was link to virbration coming from mains gas storage tanks, those huge round Gas storage tank found in every UK town, that change size according to the demand for Gas / Heating. There a lot of flexing metal as the tank change shape.
Has any ever managed to record this humming sound?

Sep 12, 2018
McPherson's database
by: Julia

Some had commented previously about whether McPherson and his Hum database map could be trusted. Several years ago I found his website and filled out the hum questionaire in order to be entered onto his map. I showed up along with one other person in our little western USA town. About two years later I checked back with that website, and according to the map no one in my little town had ever reported hearing the hum. I contacted McPherson about this and instead of showing concern that information had been deleted from his map he seemed to care less. Something fish is going on there.

Sep 13, 2018
Reply to Julia re: MacPherson's database
by: Maggie

Hi, Julia. I've made comments here about MacPherson's website and I don't trust it at all. It is very obvious to me that there is an agenda. In my humble opinion, it is not a helpful source on this subject and should be avoided.

Sep 14, 2018
To Julia & Maggie re World Hum Map
by: SGVH


1_Glen McPh (founder, World Hum Map) deleted his original post dated 8/24/18, entitled:
"Microwave Hearing, Transmitted Speech, and Targeted Individuals"
August 24, 2018 7:59 am:

2_Here is Wayback Machine's archive of that article grabbed by them on 8/30/18:

3_I pulled these excerpts from Glen's article from there:
"...the correct science...

"There is no record, or mention, of any ability to induce these effects selectively in an individual.

"...suggest something for which there is no serious evidence at all – that EM energies can be used to selectively target individuals. Many governments have targeted individuals, just not in the way that the TIs suggest.

"...ask hard questions and to refute nonsense when it arises..."

4_Then, lo & behold, the New York Times published an article 9/1/18 (a week after Glen's article) which would basically make Glen's article look foolish:

9/1/18: "Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers" - The New York Times:

5_The next time I visited Glen's blog was 9/8/18, & that is when I saw that he had deleted his 8/24/18 article from his blog.

6_Today is 9/14/18. A few days ago I checked his twitter. His tweet of 8/24/18 re his above article was still in his twitter feed. I wondered why he had not deleted his tweet as well (tweet is still there as of 9/14/18 @4:31pm EDT):

7_I thought MAYBE Glen pulled his 8/24/18 article from his blog after the NYT article of 9/1/18 because he intended to re-write &/or update his original 8/24/18 article & include the NYT info in it. But so far, nadda (through today 9/14/18).

8_Disclaimer: I am not a TI but a member of our "Targeted Society" as a whole.

The End.

Sep 15, 2018

My neighbour does everything he can to disturb myself, & my family's quality of life. He had his gas meter moved to the wall shared for him; his garage; for me; my bedroom and now a smart meter also. I now here this incessant droning, moaning, disturbing noise. Why? Who knows?! We are so quiet and very accomadating so there is no reason for him to do this. I don't feel that this house is my 'Home' & have no idea how to stop this noise entering my dwelling. I sleep, not a good sleep. This noise carries on throughout the day. When I questioned him about it, he stepped forward and shouted into my face that 'it is in your head!'
Don't know where to turn, or what to do...............

Sep 16, 2018
Hummmm New
by: Eileen Morris

To Hummmm New

Not clear on what is causing the noise as a gas meter and/or smart meter should not be making a noise. Query with local Gas Supplier? If they think it is they can investigate as it should not be happening.
I do know what it was like to have a constant vibrating humming noise from a chimney cowl (see earlier comment) but my neighbour (it was their chimney) was also affected and it has been removed.
Do not know where you are but I am in South Cumbria UK and the Environment Dept at the local District council deals with these matters.
Hope you get it fixed, I know it is horrible.

Oct 21, 2018
by: liselotte

I have a constant humming in my house and the more I look at my neighbour's roof ventilation -- whirlibirds ---the more i am inclined to think that this is the source of the humming noise. Those things keep turning all day and night -- at times it seems there is a fire roaming outside but when I look there is nothing -- yet the noise keeps going.It was suggested that it might be my ears, but no, I don't hear any humming when I am outside. Can anyone advice if I could be right with my idea regarding the vents? Thank you.

Oct 22, 2018
humming NEW by: liselotte
by: Eileen Morris

Sounds similar to what we had with next door's rotating chimney cowl which they have since removed. See earlier comments. Try talking to your neighbours if no success go to local council environment dept who deal with noise pollution. I can confirm the constant hum is unbearable.

Oct 22, 2018
by: liselotte

Thank you Irene--- I have spoken with my neighbors and they are very understanding but since they are renting the place, they want to have more details and proof before they go to their agent. I will go to the council and look in to it. Fingers crossed.

Oct 23, 2018
by: liselotte

Sorry Eileen -- I called you Irene.
I have now contacted the Whirlybird company and they assure me, that there is no humming from them but suggested that the HUM could be from a Power Transformer, is there one in my street? I will go to the council and check it out.
Thank you. Lotte.

Oct 23, 2018
humming NEW by: liselotte
by: Eileen Morris

Sorry but Whirlybird would say that wouldn't they? Put in your search engine Whirlybird 'whirlybird roof ventilation causing humming noise?' and read the various replies. If something moves chances are it makes a noise. If it is slightly off balance or they have not fitted it properly or all the extras which are required. You may wish to show the following to your neighbour, it is a reply from someone who appears to know - "Turbine vents are wind-driven roof vents designed to enhance roof ventilation. We do not recommend the use of turbine vents. On calm days they do not help ventilation of the roof to any great extent. On windy days they may lead to excessive ventilation and depressurization of the attic. Excessive depressurization of the attic increases the air leakage from the house into the attic. This increases heating costs and can promote condensation." From my experience I would not recommend artificial ventilation because of unintended consequences. If you go to the Council remember the word Constant it helps them decide on whether it is a noise nuisance. Also you will need the name of the Landlord. You can find out the owner of property from the Land Registry for a cost of £6 The following is the link to use "" Good Luck

Oct 23, 2018
by: liselotte

Thank you again Eileen --- went to the council today and they don't know what to do. The best advise from them was to sent somebody up the neighbor's roof and shut off the birds for a while. So i will, as soon as I find somebody. Bye, Lotte

Oct 28, 2018
Started recently
by: Bill Ward

I recently started hearing this hum as well. I definitely hear it at night. At first I thought it was our tankless water heater (which goes thru a cycle to keep itself warm and produces a low hum with varying pitches) but my wife doesn’t hear it. I hate it. I also thought it could have been a side effect of my blood pressure meds but it’s never listed as one. I think I’m more sensitive to infrasound.

Oct 28, 2018
by: liselotte

Thank you Bill --- i think I am slowly going crazy --- the humming never stops --- my son was here and told me 'yes I can hear some noises but I think it's from the far away planes' and i know it's nothing to do with planes. NO. one, they don't fly in the middle of the night. The power transformer, about half a mile down the road could have something to do with it but who is going to test it for me? And do other people complain?I don't know. Good luck to you. Lotte.

Oct 29, 2018
by: SGVH

For folks in the UK, maybe this gent can help determine Hum noise source:

Mark Steele, Engineer vs. entire Smart Grid, +5G, etc.:

Nov 03, 2018
Low frequency noise
by: Philip

I have been experiencing the same problem. My action plan has been as follows:

1. If you don't hear the noise elsewhere, it is not your hearing .
2. Turn all power off in your home. If you still hear it, it is an external source.
3. Check where the noise appears to be loudest in your home.
4. Report it to your Environmental Health department and ask for an investigation.
5. Download a recorder app on your phone and try to capture noise. Even if low frequency you can use an audio editor to hear it.
6. Download a spectrum analysis tool and monitor the sound waves in a silent room. The frequency will appear as a clear continuous line trace ... In my case 50-100Hz. Take a screen shot, time, location etc. Add to your case file.
7. Download a frequency emulator and replicate the tone you are hearing. You can also use the emulator to produce the frequency that will counter and remove the noise.
8. Use Google maps to detect possible sources around your property. Screen shot and begin to investigate each one. It is a process of elimination. Photograph each possible source.
9. Allow Environmental officer to complete their investigation but share you findings with them.
10. Keep a diary of the noise when you hear it etc.
11. Go and see your doctor is it is disturbing your sleep and well being.
12. Report noise to your power company.
13. Consider more than source! In my case, I discovered two. A dairy running a generator and cooling system combined with power lines running over my home that supplied power to the dairy.
14. Purchase wax hear plugs so you get some sleep.
15. Encourage Environmental Health to prosecute all sources.
16. Take your case file to a good lawyer and the sources for physical and emotional stress plus loss to the value of your property.

Unfortunately you are in it for the long haul... But treat it as a puzzle you need to save and it helps.

Nov 30, 2018
The Hum
by: Irene

I also have the hum in my apt. but do know the source of this hum is a ceiling fan in the motor room for the elevator,I live in an old building, (1988) and I'm sure the fan is that old, when I 1st moved in the fan wasn't on,then a few yrs. later it had to be on, I mentioned to management the humming noise and she couldn't care less ,wasn't her problem, so called the owners of the building who did come here and that fan can be turned down, so was fine for a while then the fan got louder and louder,it is now driving me crazy, I cry a lot now it upsets me so,I approached her on the reasonable enjoyment of my apt. is no longer enjoyable,a clause in the landlord & tenant act, again its not her problem and he she doesn't care,furthermore if I ad the money I could buy a new fan was her latest comment to me, so have now called the lawyer at landlord & tenant office, I've had enough of her bullying,I am on subsidized rent in a senior building and like my apt. very much, I just don't like the humming 24/7,she has also said to me why don't you move out,she's a horrible woman, shouldn't be a manager as she has no people skills

Dec 01, 2018
Could not be smart meter or gas lines
by: Fl Panhandle Hell

I moved to the Florida Panhandle in 2005, Pensacola city limit, and immediately felt tortured by The Hum. I heard it in my home and in friends homes...who did not hear it. I thought it must be something coming from the nearby naval base. I bought a home in the country 35 miles away and was looking forward to getting away from The Hum. However, it was here as well. I moved here before smart meters were installed, and there are no gas lines that I know of out here. As soon as I pull in my driveway and turn off my motor, I can hear it. My ears immediately feel full, like I need to pop them.

It actually went away for about 2 years! I started believing that maybe it had been in my head. However, its back...with a vengence. I now get headaches and nausea. My elderly father moved in with me. Although he can’t actually hear it, he cannot sleep either on nights I documented as very bad. I am to young and vibrant and happy to be forced to feel so tired, sick and depressed. I don’t know what to do!

Dec 09, 2018
Kingswood Bristol hum
by: su

I am trying to find people who have experienced the hum in the Kingswood area of Bristol or neary areas, so we can try and work out what we are hearing. Please get in touch if you can hear the hum and we will try and work out if there is any similarities.

Dec 12, 2018
by: Mike

I sympathize with her. Have been haunted with a low rhymic humm or buzz. I first noticed it right after a long freight train passed. But, it is some 3-4 miles away. After the train is through town, i still hear the similar pulsating track sounds. I only have gotten this in my left ear after i hear the train, or at rare times large vehicle sounds, like deisal trucks. I have also suffered from a high pitch flat tone. I had it three times, intermittantly, over the past year and one-half. I just went to bed. As i got in, i thought i heard a train, but this time, it was probably a truck. But my ear mimics the low sound and continues. It seems to stay most the night, only subsiding just after rising in the morning and leave my room.

Can you see if this is a real enigma? It persisted only ince for over a month. It nearly drove me crazy. Can you help me?

Tnank you,

Dec 15, 2018
Hum and Gas Pipeline Syndrome
by: Steve Kohlhase

Since 2009 I’ve been experincing the hum in CT and have gone to great measures identifying the source in western CT and elsewhere. Not a popular conclusion, but most hums are a result of the expanding distribution systems of high pressure natural gas industry. Search my name and gas pipeline syndrome for works that made the internet during my heyday of research and concerned activism for sufferers.
Note, I havent gone thru this site till now and do wish to say that McPhearsons map is very useful and if an agenda or not, factually provides data supporting my work. Steve Kohlhase

Dec 15, 2018
Hum Summary, from 'LFNS Help'.
by: Rosemarie Mann

Please also try, "Hum Tone Hearers" , a forum type site where sufferers of LFN write in with their experiences and seek answers...
I run a helpline called "LFNS Help", and wanted to copy and paste my 2 page summary, from 30 years' observation of this problem, but could not see how to paste it onto the site's "comments" section, here.
If you'd like to e-mail, mentioning "The Hum", I can send by e-mail, hoping it might be of some help...

Jan 06, 2019
The hum in Canada
by: Anna

The hum seems to be following people...sorry if that may sounds crazy.
We are targeted individuals, when we leave our residence,the sound disappears.
When we come back the sound is not there but start
again a little while after our return.
This sound is definitely man made and it is torture,
electronic harassment and the perpretors are stalkers
We have been reading a lot about targeted individuals (gang stalking) and most targets are experiencing this nuisance.Number don't lie.
It is happening all over the world as well as
several regions in Canada. It is part of an evil

Jan 07, 2019
targeted by nuisances
by: Peter

Yes Anna , we live in East Yorkshire England. Our neighbour has been targeting us for nearly 4 years now. The police have been no help; they actually accused us of harassing them when we complained and again they suggested we might be just making up. The council chief suggested we were hallucinating. Our MP couldn't be bothered and said 'prove it'. Like you when we enter our house it is quiet and within a minute or so we here a definite click and the humming and pounding starts. It is very noisy at night BUT no-one from any the 'support? services' will visit after hours. We don't live anymore we just survive from day to day; and that is only just.

Jan 07, 2019
Targeted individuals.
by: Debbie

Anna and Peter, yes the same here.
My neighbour has been doing the same thing to me for two years. Whenever he gets in it gets worse.
To begin with he was noisy with loud music and we fell out over that and l complained to the council, then the loud music stopped and the LFN started with the feelings of vibrationas well.
So l began making noise back at him in the form of tv etc and he tried to kick my door in and attack me. l phoned the police and he had to buy us a new door.
l told him l knew what he was doing, he yelled he had the know how, and the equipment to do it, but that it wasnt connected. So he litteraly admitted it in a bragging type of way. But as only me and a few others ever can hear it no one will help, most dont even believe it that a neighbour could do that.
When l first posted on here l had a few people not believe that it was possible, but it is, youtube has videos of how to do it, and my neighbour definately has the knowhow and equipment.
The LF drone and vibration is still going on, he knows theres nothing anyone can do to stop it.

Jan 08, 2019
HVAC on apartment roof vibrating
by: Kim

Hi everyone,
I have learned a lot by reading other's comments on low frequency noise and why I feel the way it's causing me to feel. I live on the top floor of an apartment building. Since moving in March 2018, (of course didn't hear it when I looked at the apartment, because the units were not on), the HVAC unit(s) on top of my apartment have been making a sound like helicopter propellers and vibrating throughout my apartment. There are 3 units above me. One is for me, one is for the 2nd floor tenant, and one for the 1st floor tenant. Mine does not roar or vibrate. One of the other two is the worst. I had relief in the Spring, and it started again in Summer, of course. Then relief in the Fall, and now we have had a cold wave (daily highs at 60-62 and nights 42-52) since December 26, 2018.

The unit has not shut off, it runs 24/7. It constantly changes speed, frequency and thus vibration. This has caused me to be very agitated (and difficult to be my usual smiling, upbeat self), loss of sleep, and anxiety. I can feel the vibration in my chairs and in my body, sometimes it makes me feel slightly dizzy. Sometimes a pot will rattle on the stove and a bottle in the bathroom medicine cabinet. The vibration/roaring is worse in the living room/dining area. This area is between the kitchen and bedroom/bathroom. Which means I have to walk back and forth. But I am no longer using my living room. I moved the desk and computer to the bedroom so the sound is not right over my head. And the dresser to the living room. I eat meals sitting on my bed.

Like many have said, wearing ear plugs does not help, and it gets uncomfortable after awhile. I didn't realize that low frequency travels very far. The former property owner and property manager didn't do anything about this. The mgr and maintenance told me the units are serviced yearly and there is nothing wrong with them. "you'll get used to it." No I won't! The unit is louder than last winter and summer. I don't want to come home and I'm a home body. I cannot even fathom what the person with the neighbor playing the bass is going through and I deeply sympathize with you. We got a new property owner and property manager in August. The new manager told me there is another tenant in another building with same thing going on. She went in that apartment, heard it and told me "I don't blame you, I wouldn't want to live in there either." They are "working on it" she told me. I've sent emails to the prop mgmt company and prop owner general email addresses, copying the prop mgr. The unit has been running for 2 weeks non-stop. We had 2 days of 70 degree weather, and the unit "shut off" to a low rumble like an older vehicle engine idling for a mere one hour each time. So something is clearly wrong. The tenant would be boiling by now, or their unit is not even blowing heat but still running, or they have their windows all open which keeps the unit on. But I don't think it's not any of those.

Brain research shows that once our brain gets turned on to something, it focuses on it even more. I don't think my brain has anything to do with my chair vibrating as I sit here typing this. Anyway, I've gone on long enough. I'll most likely be paying out of pocket for a tenant's rights attorney to assist me with this. check your state's civil codes. California has right to peaceful environment codes inherent in all leases. If the noise is affecting one's health, there is a case. I have never used an attorney, and rather not go this route, but one has told me I have a case. I have notified the prop mgr that I am pursuing tenant's rights resources to put the fire under them that I'm not just going to cower and go away. So sorry for what everyone on here is going through.

Jan 09, 2019
To Kim re HVACs
by: SGVH

Do you have a Thermostat in your apt. to turn the AC or Heat On or Off?

Do you have a Circuit Breaker Panel in your apt. with 1-circuit-breaker for the HVAC which you could turn Off the electricity to your HVAC?

Doing both of those things would determine if it's really your HVAC causing the problem.

Then go ask the 2nd floor tenant & the 1st floor tenant to turn OFF their circuit-breakers to their HVACs as well, all three tenants turn Off your circuit-breakers to all of your HVACs all at the same time.

If noise & vibration continues with everyone's circuit-breakers OFF to all 3 HVACs, then the problem would not be the HVACs.

Second Idea:

Where are the 3 Air Compressors for the 3 HVACs?

If within 20 miles of the ocean, the "Relays" inside of AC "Air Compressors" could be corroded due to Salt Air & would need to be replaced.

Stand near the Air Compressors (usually outside somewhere) while the ACs are ON in the inside, & if the Air Compressors make a buzzing noise, that means the Relays inside the Air Compressors are corroded (an Electrical Engineer told me that).


Jan 11, 2019
by: Anna

Peter and Debbie,
I have read a lot about the hum
Conclusion" it is definitely '' gang stalking ''
It is produced by satellites and would be very difficult to counter even with jammers,
because of the following:
just like each of us has a unique DNA, each of us has his own brain frequencies.if they find the frequencies and a terror technician he can communicate with our brain, this is called remote neural monitoring.Source https://www.greatdreams.comhtml.
it is illegal and breaching human rights.

Jan 11, 2019
huming sound
by: April love

There is a video on youtube chanel where this sound is recorded.
It is called "the Windsor hum (Windsor Ontario Canada).
In fact, you are right some of you as this is a typical sign of 'targeted individuals'.
We all know that stalkers are criminals psychopaths
at the point to destroy innocent people in order for them to survive (they get benefits from it).
This sound is man made and seems to be coupled with listening devices as when the target talks about calling the cops, the sound mysteriously disappears
so, it means the operator of the device generating this sound has the ability to hear and collect your data and stop the sound whenever needed.
Nowadays everything seems to be corrupted by
disinformation designed to conceal the truth of what is happening to people worldwide.

Jan 13, 2019
In response to SVGH's comment to me
by: Kim


UPDATE on HVAC Unit on Apartment Roof Vibrating:

Thank you for the tips. Yes, I have a thermostat in my apartment. No, I cannot get on the roof to listen to the HVAC units. I don't even know where the access is, and as a tenant in a huge apartment building, we are not allowed to do this due to liability. Yes, I live 10 miles from the ocean. Rusting does not surprise me.

Appears and sounds like problem may be resolved. The prop mgr called the tenants below me. 1st floor tenant said her heater has been buzzing non-stop for over a week. Bingo! Maintenance FINALLY believes me and goes to her apartment. On the thermostat, the little old lady had the switch set between "On" and "Auto." In-between is not even a setting, so the HVAC unit was confused, didn't know what to do, so it was stuck on, going slower and faster. The vibration was increased due to this (it was always bad). Maintenance comes to my apartment to explain. While there, her heat comes on, and NOW FINALLY he hears the vibration I'm talking about. Because no one would ever come to my apt to hear it. He admits it's really bad, and I tell him this is not even as bad as it gets. He remarks how it's getting louder and how it's worse right in the center of the living room and lower when he squatted down. He said it would drive him crazy. I was like, See??!! Thank you! He tells me they - the regional maintenance supv and the HVAC service company - meet on Friday 1/11/19 to assess and he promises to make this right for me by installing foam pad squares under corners to lift the unit off the roof. He explained how under the former prop owner, they had only $300/month budget for 160 apartments. Unbelievable! He hopes to finally get the foam pads under all HVAC units to put an end to all the loud humming and vibrating in all the hallways.

Sorry so long, but hope this may help someone else. When I came home from work, my apartment and hallway outside my apt, was silent. The silence continued through Saturday. It was such a relief. I could barely hear the HVAC unit in the background. However, Sunday 7am, suddenly the unit came on very loudly and vibrating again to where I could not be in the living room. It would come on for just about 5 minutes, and continued until afternoon when it warmed up outside. Now it's evening and cold outside, but it has not come on (this is still the 1st floor tenant's unit I'm talking about). I don't know if the noise is resolved.

But I know that if I did not make a big issue, keep pushing for resolution, and threaten them with civil codes and that I was pursuing tenants rights resources, they would not have done anything.

Jan 14, 2019
To Kim re HVAC - Wow! :)
by: SGVH

Wow, that's great news! Thanks for the update.

But I guess they didn't finish fixing the 1st-floor lady's unit yet if it happened again after the 11th.

Here in USA-FLA, AC Compressors (often green in color) are separate things from the main big silver-metal HVAC but they are both required for AC to work. The AC Compressors here hang on the back outside wall of each unit (multi-unit building) whereas each unit has its HVAC-inside.
__It's the "Relays" inside of the outdoors-AC Compressors that corrode (white crusty stuff) from salt air & will cause the AC Compressors to make a buzzing noise (per Engineer) when the AC is "ON" & running.
__My sister had that happen at one time but she said her AC Compressor sat on the ground outside the house, & when it went bad it made a very annoying deep low errrrrrrrrrrrr type of noise.

I hope the rubber pads work to stop the vibration+noise! Some people use "horse mats" to put under things that vibrate (rubber Horse mats that horses stand on in their stalls in barns). Feed & Grain or Farm Supply type stores sell them.

If the rubber pads don't stop all the vibration, Professional "machinery vibration" remediation use METAL-SPRINGS (attach them to bottom of machine) which absorb the vibration from whatever machinery & preventing its vibration from ever making contact with the floor (or roof). Concrete floors (or roofs) are notorious for causing vibration to "travel outward" a long ways from the originating vibrating-machinery.

Good idea to threaten mgmt with code violations. An "industrial electrician" & "building biologist" up in Canada says every city/county has "Building Codes" against Vibration. I looked online through local Building Codes here but could not find beans re Vibration. :(

Congrats on the victory! :D

Jan 21, 2019
.. that Hum is everywhere
by: Shoo

I'm afraid and disappointed to share this but even in my fully off-grid property "that Hum" still exists.
It's strange but true!

Jan 22, 2019
The hum
by: April love

This hum sound is man made It is obvious...
it seems to follow individuals.
It is electronic harassment.
If unbiased people having some kind of authority
would investigate with the right frequency
detectors they could find the source of this hum
and penalize the ones responsible.
It is infringing human rights.

Jan 23, 2019
Ilegal possiblities for humming sound!

This is a assault signal reversed revenge mocking microwaving as what a man said on the internet in a gang group... type electric smart tech people are using their own electric rigged up to power up reversed at you in an assault like way.. Or using electric for information stealing, or set you up or make you look crazy also.Smart meter electric stealing thugs abusing certain legal or illegal implants or through un monitored smart phone or phone and TV lines by stalkers!! Is what a real military man said it's to screw you over any way they can and not by police, FBI or military! It's a thug or revenge artist activity! But some sounds might be from earthquake activity movement and or underground water, lave movement all depending on where you live or electrical high wires or electric leakage problems!

Jan 23, 2019
other reasoinsfor humming sound!

Microwave harassment but by using subliminal sounds from C.D. or loud speakers playing situated by other neighbors set up around your home using a covert implant in you to make only you move away or go crazy and using stolen military or police blaster machine they use for people with hearing problems or to keep people away form certain protected places, but like a gang war war like revenge attempt activity! Gangs do this all the time illegally! It's called tagging!

Jan 26, 2019
low frequency humming sound

Have been experiencing a constant low frequency humming sound for 3-4 months now 24/7 driving me nuts and no way as yet as to what it is.Will be hell to pay when i do find out though.This is causing me total insomnia.I live in a what should be remote quiet hertfordshire village UK.Anyone else experienced/experiencing same type of persistent sound.

Jan 26, 2019
low frequency humming sound
by: Eileen Morris

to person who lives in quiet hertfordshire village. Check out if anyone has had a new chimney cowl fitted, mainly rotating chimney cowl which if fitted wrong can produce this type of noise or if it is wrong for the chimney. Anyone using some different type of power generation?

Jan 26, 2019
low frequency humming sound
by: fred

Many thanks Eileen, will check on this asap.
This is a serious annoyance as is non stop low bass humming 24/7 impossible to sleep.Have reported it to my landlord but not really getting the full picture it would seem.

Jan 27, 2019
low frequency humming sound
by: fred

Hi Eileen,

Have just been up the road checking all the chimney cowls and does appear that one of my next door neighbours has a different type fitted.

However, do you know if taking that into account it would cause a 24/7 transmitter type hum.The sound i refer to sounds like electronic/power type sound.As though someone has a hifi on with the volume right down but still can hear the amplifier buzzing away.?

Seriously scratching my head with this along with going insane due to lack of sleep.

Jan 27, 2019
low frequency humming sound
by: fred

Hi All,

People on here are being fobbed off as to low frequency humming being tinnitus..its not.

Particularly not so if you have subjective tinnitus.

If you are hearing the sound inside the building where you live.And in no other building, it won't be tinnitus related.Have just had this confirmed myself by an audiologist.This was in my particular case as i suffer with tinnitus 24/7.It travels with me.However the sound humming sound from hell dosent;only heard while at home.

Not that this helps anyone solve the dreaded humming sound which in many cases will be Infrasound.To detect this look on google as there is a particularly good free infrasound detector/s.

Jan 27, 2019
low frequency humming sound by: fred
by: eileen morris

the experience we had was our neighbour had a rotatinng chimney cowl fitted. the neighbour who is attached to us as in semi detached. sorry should have mentioned that. I do know small generators can emit a noise. Trouble is there are so many variables. For us the chimney cowl was the idea of the neighbours roofer which was a type they did not need and the noise bothered them so it was removed

Jan 28, 2019
low frequency humming sound
by: fred

Many thanks Eileen and your so right this is one difficult sound to trace.I've had 3 people come and listen for this so far and they cant.I have lived here 5 years and only noticed this annoying sound the past 4 months.Its the most annoying sound ive ever had to endure continously.Now waiting on my council to investigate. Will come back and post results IF they can find out what this is.

Jan 31, 2019
by: painter

I have no idea what the Hum is but it is definitely getting worse. Currently I am only getting 5 hours of sleep a night. Sometimes it it so bad my ears hurt plus I feel as if my body is vibrating, and I feel incredibly hot even though the air is cold. I know it is not tinnitus because I went on a two week sea cruise. No humming. Slept like a log and felt wonderful. The hum varies. It seems to peak around 2.30 to 3.30 at night and persistently wakes me up. It is directional. We had a massive power failure for two hours and it completely disappeared.........
but power came back on and so did the hum. Is there anything I can do about it? I work so can't sleep during the day anymore.

Feb 02, 2019
low frequency humming sound
by: fred

Hi Painter,

Totally relate to your humming hell.

Out of interest are you in the UK?

Sleeping for me due to this hum/droning is causing serious insomnia.

Have reported it to my landlord who is of the opinion as of's not classed as a statutory nuisance.However the law states something quite different in the uk;so while we over here are hell bent on saving money because of the mess we're in, i have no intention of letting this remain just because landlords are trying to save on their budget.

It's so bad i will have to move because of it, of which is easier said than done.

Feb 03, 2019
FYI for Everybody
by: SGVH

Saw this in some old notes dated 2016 (hope I didn't already post it):

Beware: New "Energy Efficient" Furnaces (Trane, Lennox) can make your Brain "Hum." See the Forum at

Feb 04, 2019
by: SGVH in USA

Hi Painter:

Curious: What do you mean by "Directional," & how can you tell it's Directional?


Do some investigating: Do you have:

1_"Smart" Radiating Water Meter &/or "Smart" Radiating Electric Meter &/or "Smart" Radiating Gas Meter?

2_Do you have underground infrastructure under your living space? (Electric Meter Pipe, Water Pipes, Underground Powerlines, etc.)?

3_Both MWR (Microwave Radiation) from "Smart" Meters, Cell Towers, WiFi, etc. &/or Magnetic Fields (from Power Grid) can make you HOT.

If you have Smart Meters, when they "fire them up," they slam Magnetic Fields to the ground which can "run freely" along the ground & get into your water pipes & "flood" into your residence via the plumbing.

Got same problem here: HOT, Vibration (torture!), Warbling Hum which changes its pace & intensity (+ High Frequency MWR ringing in ears from Smart Radiating Water & Electric Meters), + Underground Infrastructure & Meter Pipes, + Concrete Foundation w/Rebar (metal anywhere makes it all worse), etc.

Feb 04, 2019
by: April Love

Hi Everyone,

Could this hum be made by drones?

Replies would be appreciated.

Feb 05, 2019
reply to April Love
by: Eileen Morris

Reference -Hum NEW
by: April Love
Hi Everyone,
Could this hum be made by drones?
Replies would be appreciated.

No. Hum noise usually last for hours more likely days. A drone runs on a battery which only lasts a half hour. Also the noise is all wrong compared to a humming noise more a small engine noise.
From my experience and what has been described by others and comparing it to my husband's drone noise there is no comparison

Feb 10, 2019

Despite a power outage that had lasted 12 hours
we could hear the sound HUM.
We don't have smart meter, we don't have cowl chimneys.
See on youtube channel:
""targeted individuals,electronic harassment, how the system works"
Strongly hoping that you'll find out the truth.

Feb 18, 2019
low frequency humming sound
by: fred

Spoke with my council.And say they do not have the correct equipment to investigate any low frequency noise drone type sounds.Incredible we are now i the 2019 and they can't supply a box of tricks to assess something that could have a serious effect on people's health.With myself,currently 4 months of total insomnia.

Feb 19, 2019
low humming sound - fred
by: eileen morris

did a search on google. came up with a google play app the link is

I should think if there is one there maybe others. hope this helps

Feb 20, 2019
Drones and noise humming
by: DR

I am hoping someone can help. There was a neighbor dispute where a neighbor asked me to remove my ring doorbell camera. I refused. One day later I noticed the neighbor putting a shovel and trash can into back of a truck. Shortly thereafter, there was hitting sounds to my windows and ceilings as soon as I entered a room. When I go out a drone appears, several drones when I go to work, at home, at school, some of the drones are shaped like planes and others are shaped like helicopters. My body was quiet then there was pain in my back and later pain in my stomach. Now I notice that when I turn my neck or move my shoulder my shoulder blade is loose and there is a crackling sound in my neck and back and in the back of my head.

Everywhere I go there are drones flying above. When I go to class for example, the top of a ceiling block will be open and I will have to contact building maintenance to close it. There will be a constant repeated hitting sound on the ceiling or roof. Within 15 minutes the entire room gets freezing cold. Not just a room, could be an entire home or hotel and there is a distinct humming sound that will usually come from a freezer or refrigerator or motor. People will complain of being cold, many will cough and others will have to crack their knuckles, other will yawn and get sleepy some will run to the restroom????

However, my body will tremble and my neck will get tight until I turn it. The sound is loud and I will need to wear earplugs. There will be pressure on my back and something pulling at the back of my leg. It seems like the vents are being used. I will mention that cars in particular dodge and mustangs and trucks will pass by with a loud sound

My question is why would several drones be following me around and what could the drones do to a building or a vent to emit an odorless gas??? how are these rooms getting freezing cold? My body will sometimes feel tight and if at home and I turn off and on my circuit breakers the tension is released. Once I step outside within minutes a drone passes directly over me.

What is this harrassment? HAs something been sprayed on me so that I feel the effects more severely than others?

Feb 21, 2019

The hum is done by terrorists
Windsor is close to Michigan.
There, in Michigan there a strong number of Muslims.
Gang stalking is terrorism.(Targeted individuals)
Terrorism is done by Muslims (Islamistes)
As simple as that.

Feb 21, 2019
by: sam

Really? We have got to the point where we have these ridiculous comments?

Feb 21, 2019

To Sam
OK Mohamed.
Try to conceal the truth.
People are awakening even some like you are hiding.

Feb 22, 2019
To Sam
by: SGVH

Agree. It looks like this Noise-Help Hum page has been "targeted." It's called "Poisoning The Well." The crazies swarm in to "pollute" the testimonies/real stories by real people in an attempt to make Everyone appear crazy like the crazies' comments which, of course, is not the case whatsoever.

It's not drones.
It's not only in Michigan.
It's not Muslims.
It's not the HVAC.
(((Etc. Etc.)))

Feb 22, 2019

We have everything here

Feb 22, 2019

Agree- very true-everything...
Even perps commenting back to themselves.

Feb 23, 2019
crazy posts
by: sam

Hi SGVH, thanks for your comment, it is so true.It is just such a shame that those of us genuine sufferers who come to this site, have to wade through such rubbish. Aren't we suffering enough?

Feb 25, 2019
low frequency humming sound
by: fred

I see some on here are posting silly comments obviously have nothing going on with their lives as others are experiencing on going genuine noise hell.

My latest investigation by water company who came out to my property yesterday say its their opinion after listening to the constant humming droning that its an air lock in internal hot/cold water system.This is being investigated in more detail in a weeks time so will report back.

Any nutters out there aka:Trolls.Save your breath.

Feb 25, 2019
... wow
by: Shoo

I nearly unsubscribed from y'all 'coz the majority of comments were becoming bizarre, uninformed and not of my reality.
Thank you for pointing out that there are non-truthers here too.
Humm frequency is still happening in my fully off-grid property in the middle of nowhere on the Yorks' Moors
I will still make the effort to come into town and check emails from this site!

Feb 26, 2019
The hum

A kind of psycho is using a microwave strength signal meter which seems to be specifically directed to target and track me inside the house.
When I move, the signal take several seconds to find my new location. When I reach an area in the house that it can't reach the signal, then, seems to enter in search mode.
When I go out I don't hear any sound.
When I come back to the house there is no sound as well but it starts again after a few minutes.
I am searching the origin of this harassment.

Feb 26, 2019
by: Anna

Please see:

A microwave carrier ULF-UHF induction device can be placed at a target's location
and operated remotely.

Feb 28, 2019

To Sam and HVGH.
In my opinion it is neither the place nor the moment
in trying to label others as silly, ridiculous or even crazy.
This is not either the place for haters and non-truthers trying to conceal realty.
Labeling others as crazy is the first perpretrator's
Or other point: We are not prepare to live a lie.

Mar 03, 2019
crazy posts
by: sam

No, this isn't the place for haters and non thruthers. Do you think we should just ignore those comments? The hum is caused by Islamic aliens from another planet is the sort rubbish that should be called out.

Mar 03, 2019
Reality of humming noise
by: Eileen Morris

In a way I was lucky, unknown to us the roofer employed by attached semi, next door, had fitted a rotating chimney cowl. The noise and hum was immediately noticeable and constant and it did not take us long to identify the source. I went to see our neighbour who was fortunately also being affected and had instructed the roofer to come back and remove it. So we were only subjected o the constant hum for a 3 to 4 days. It was very bad. Some more information, the rotating chimney cowl was for use with a wood stove and our neighbour has a gas fire. Query what was the roofer playing at? But a constant low noise is horrible and those who are now being silly with outlandish alternative suggestions are not nice people and their participation says more about them then any of us who have suffered with 'Humming Sound'

Mar 04, 2019
The world hum..

What peoples are referring to here, in this forum, is the mysterious sound L.F. that has been dubbed The World Hum,
It is not the sound from a coal chimney
It is not smart meters sounds,
It is not Energy efficient furnace,
It is not Electric meter pipe
It is not Underground power line.
It is not "Brain Hum" (counterfactual)
It is real and there is even a website 'The world hum map and database'.
There are several theories as to what is causing this hum which is a relatively recent and unexplained phenomenon.
it is a low frequency that people can perceive even when off grid.
When people are dealing with something unexplained ,they tend to interpret realty in their own way which is different from one another, but, they all have a common point: 'They all hear the sound'
So, to all skepticals: If this does not fit into your world view, it does not mean that it is not real. Number does not lie.

Mar 05, 2019
Noise Masking
by: Kev

I've been testing Bose's noise masking 'sleepbuds' for the past few nights. They play a selection of 10 pre-installed sounds. While you need an app to activate the buds, you can also use them in a phone-free mode if you wish to switch off your phone at night. I've found them to be quiet effective in masking the noise of the hum. Up to now I had been using a combination of a Dohm white noise machine and an under-pillow flat speaker, but have found the Bose sleep buds to be more effective at masking the noise.

Mar 08, 2019
low frequency humming sound
by: fred

Hi Eileen,

Can a chimney cowl really kick out that much noise and was the sound 100% constant and remained at the same volume all day and night or appeared worse at night time through early hours of the morning?


Mar 08, 2019
Fred low frequency humming sound
by: Eileen Morris

Hi Fred We live in a semi detached house and the situation of next door's chimney is that the worse part for us was against our bedroom wall but it vibrated down the chimney along the dividing wall between the houses causing a humming noise which could be heard downstairs and more loudly upstairs. It was immediately evident and easily identified as to cause.

Mar 14, 2019
by: Lori

We have moved out in another area, about 4 hundreds
miles away from the other place, where we used to hear the hum.
On day one after moving : nothing, no hum..
On the second day, the hum has started again
and is still on...Any comments???

Mar 16, 2019
Oxford/Littlemore hum
by: Duncan

I just stumbled on this massive thread - not read it all, but wow! I never knew there were so many others out there. I bought my house in 2006, and probably first noticed the hum in about 2010, and it lasted for years. But I've not heard it in about the last year or so. Any other reports of this?

Mar 17, 2019
by: susan

Duncan, I also have not heard it in a few years but it was very bad before that.

Mar 22, 2019
Humming Sound Noise Root Causes
by: Eve Zamath

A more recent book by Kroemer (1994) describes the effects of low frequency vibration as follows;

‘Vibration of the body mostly affects the principal input ports, the eyes, and principal output means, hands and mouth.'(p. 287).

‘Exposure to vibration often results in short-lived changes in various physiological parameters such as heart rate…At the onset of vibration exposure, increased muscle tension and initial hyperventilation have been observed.’ (p. 280). The 'root' causes of low frequency vibration has much to do with technology that causes harmful damage to our bodies, especially those in the RF wave, microwave, and 5G technology, which is explained by Doctors, as being extremely harmful to our human bodies, * WEBSITE -- Physicians for Safe Technology: Go to ... URL and this will help you to understand why many devices like Smart Meters, etc., are very dangerous to your health! I went to college for 7 years to be a programmer, and I understand the dangers of what is involved in the equipment and software that has taken over our lives and cause us to have many symptoms whereas the area of 'hum' and 'low vibration frequencies are making us sick on a daily basis. I'm not against technology, I'm for safe Technology!

Mar 25, 2019
more info
by: dr

1) I have observed a neighbor directly in front of my home, within 5 or 10 minutes of my waking up, she will run out to her front porch and turn on a device or something as she tries to hide behind a pole on the porch and for a while would pretend to smoke but no smoke in the air if you get my drift.

2) On the porch is a weird basket and a glass container that appears to contain a liquid or solution that may be used to spray or drop on people as mentioned in my prior post. If 5 of us are in a room, why am I the only one that is impacted by the humming. What is it that makes me more sensitive.

3) Have observed several UAV's drones parked above by home at an angle and at various locations. Several birds are constantly being disturbed as they are seen flying and seem almost drunk. The drones some shaped like a typical drone, others like helipoters or planes may be emitted a gas. odorless gas.

4) Symptoms: Loud humming sound and low humming sound. A building will be quiet but within 15 minutes the refrigerator or air vents or any motor type equipment will take on a large annoying hum.
When I go outside, every single time within 5 minutes or les several birds fly by and they people start looking up as a plane aka drone is passing by.

5) The drones UAV seems to get on top of a building and do something on the roof area or vent on the roof to make the humming sound to harrass.

6) Symptoms: fingers need to be cracked. Back and neck has crinks in it. Makes sounds. Could be the drone is activated by joint sounds. Whatever gas it is it is being dropped down and enters the body via the nose? eyes? EARS? NOT SURE? MOUTH?

7) nECK DOES NOT TURN AS FREELY. bODY WILL FEEL LIKE A MOTOR - VIBRATION. EVERYWHERE GO THERE ARE DRONES FLYING OVER. in a room people will start to cough. A puff of cold air is emitted into the room. Rooms typically get very cold. What is it?

8) a view of the sidewalk from a video doorbell shows what seems to be movement on a few of the concrete slabs of the sidewalk directly in front of my home. Could a beacon be underneath. Something is lighting up under grass of the neighbor's home as well. Should the slab of concrete be removed. The drywall as seen on the video doorbell at night has a large purple patch of light that has a lot of movement

Can anyone figure this out?

Mar 26, 2019
by: lori

To Dr.
In my opinion, the woman, your neighbor,
probably has the some kind of device which produce
the LF noise directed to your house.
This is weird. anyway as you describe her behavior
trying to hide.
As for the other things mentioned, I am clueless
it is so bizarre.
In which country are you located if I may ask?
Hoping strongly that you will find an answer to all this.

Mar 28, 2019
by: anna

Hi DR,
If there a way to contact via email?

Mar 31, 2019
low frequency humming sound
by: fred

Hi Eileen Morris,

Sorry for my very late reply but really been under the weather sop to speak.This constant humming droning sound is really doing my head in after 5 months of 24/7 annoyance and still persists.Have contacted my environmental health but have been of zero help so far. Unfortunately for me, as i live in a row of bungalows, if there is a fault with someones chimney cowl they will have to test each one which is going to cost £.

I've also read about cases where its taken others years to find what this annoying hellish sound is, and in their particular cases turned out to be someone's 'TV roof aerial,' acting as a tuning fork transmitting signals via wind noise through aerial and down through roof.This won't be the case for many, but maybe worth a go for others.

Familiar stories also found here:


Apr 02, 2019
Annoying Low Level Sound - ICBEN
by: Mikala

I would like to introduce people posting on this site to the ICBEN conference papers located under section 10 titled Low frequency noise and vibration from the 2017 ICBEN conference held in Zurich. ICBEN stands for International Commission on the Biological Effects of Noise. In particular, a Swiss
authored paper titled ‘Annoying Low-Level Sound’ (id 3625) which covers the human and technical aspects of this problem as well as the correct technical assessment procedure.
Interestingly, not dissimilar to other noise literature, the term ‘annoyance’ is used extensively in the ICBEN paper, however the Swiss authors also refer to suffering in the context of severe distress from chronic exposure.

It is frustrating to continually read about needless community distress from low frequency and vibration which many HVAC and acoustical engineers attest to in their publications and professional papers. The topic of Low Frequency and Vibration always features prominently at local and international noise conferences; just not openly in the public domain it seems.

Apr 25, 2019
Communication/cell mast sites 24/7 hum
by: W. Ward

It is coming from a mast cell tower site close to you. Within 2-3 miles. Check the area you live in to see where the closest tower site is.

None of the solutions suggested will mask it. And if you find any agency that will help you please share.

Apr 28, 2019
Re Julia from Sydney 24 Aug 2015 post
by: Mikala

Dear Julia, I'm also from Sydney and seriously affected by the problem you described. The press ran a story about the problem in February 2016 affecting residents in the inner west.You should be able to locate the article via a Google search using my first name and noise. Are you still affected? Did you end up moving? Happy to connect with you and share experiences. I have written to so many people and organisations about this problem, more recently put in a submission to the parliament inquiry into sleep health awareness in Australia. Submission 96 & 72 relate to our situation (mine and a neighbor). If you have time and are interested to read them, you can download from the submissions link under the aph website under the sleep health awareness inquiry. Kind regards Mikala

Apr 28, 2019
by: Big boy

Hey Mikala ,you may wish to read my posts from Jan 15/2018and April 20/2018

Apr 30, 2019
Re LFN Big Boy
by: Mikala

Thank you for directing me to your earlier posts. If what you say is true and I don't doubt it for a second, then what is happening is a crime and truly shocking. Have you tried to contact the Australian acoustical society about this to report it given the police and council are equally not equipped to understand or deal with this. During my research, I've come across numerous papers on the weaponisation of sound including use by police of the LRAD but certainly not this. Thank you for posting. Like many others posting on this very lengthy forum topic, I am deeply shocked though given what I have been through in my situation, I am now not surprised. By the way I googled what you wrote about and found the same intrigue by the author at this link

May 01, 2019
by: To Big boy from April Love

I read your comments: Nov./12/17-Aug./20/2018&
Agree with you 100%, it is about properties but here and something else which generates a lot of money,
it is very simple, so simple that almost no one can think of and so so evil..
First, basically, they are criminals.
It is a program, a murder scheme.
First it involves an identity theft, secondly, they
make use of this stolen identity to make frauds,
registering assets under this name.
That is how the person becomes a target and is being under surveillance 24/7.
They slander the target in order to recruit people to invest in this program. (lies)
Those people who have invested into this program are becoming stalkers or mobsters whatever we call them.They often drive pickup trucks.
Some targets are reporting being followed by black pickup trucks Some others claim being staked by
red or white pickup trucks i.e. it is said that the color has a signification.
So to make this surveillance, they need some devices which are generating this LFN.
Perpetrators are even contacting the target's neighbours to convince them that the target is crazy or guilty of some awful wrong doings
This phenomenon is happening worldwide and
most of the time difficult to prove, hence
perpetrators are going away with it.

May 21, 2019
low frequency humming sound
by: fred

Anyone wishing to create the exact tone/frequency as to what they hear, can create and download an MP3 file here:

Maybe show to others. Have one headphone in, and use slider on tone generator to align sound until you then hear the hum equal in both ears. For me, it was 36Mz.

Hope this may be useful to others.

See what others are describing here:

May 30, 2019
low frequency humming sound
by: fred

"Mar 14, 2019
by: Lori

We have moved out in another area, about 4 hundreds
miles away from the other place, where we used to hear the hum.
On day one after moving : nothing, no hum..
On the second day, the hum has started again
and is still on...Any comments???"

The above is very worrying and I do feel for you after having moved and still experiencing this humming hell. I have also recently done a few experiment's to see if I can hear it in other places, and can; as far as 18mile away from my home. This seems to be atmospheric and heard by many all over the world read here:

This is all a total nightmare for any experiencing this hell, and I have 24/7 high-frequency tinnitus of which I already had 2.5 years before this additional humming sound. Its as though I am listening to a constant power source, transformer, or a small aircraft constantly flying above me. There appears to be no reason for this humming sound; or any cure. There are many stories across the web on all this, and make disturbing reading for those desperately looking for a quick fix.

Jun 01, 2019
humming noise in apartment

I just moved into a new apartment and have been kept awake from a low humming noise that I cannot drown out with a fan or earplugs. I just learned today that it is my upstairs neighbor. The leasing lady told me it is something to do with his job and that he would try to move it or insulate it. She wouldnt tell me what it is, but maybe someone has some ideas. Anyways, at least it was identified where it was coming from. I am thinking he might be a welder? Dont know.

Jun 03, 2019
Neighbour upstairs
by: fred

Hi, this sounds an easier one, unlike the worldwide hum.

Ask landlady to have your neighbors boiler checked or ask when was the last time a check was carried out, as it could be the gas central heating pump/circulating pump? Or if you have a neighbor working from home it could be a compressor.

Jun 13, 2019
we have heard the hun since March 2019 - a remedy
by: Mino Christante

My wife suffers from the Hum. We came up with this remedy that can alleviate suffering from the incessant nature of the hum. Please visit . You can get the audio file or get a CD. So far, we have had wonderful results in giving hum hearers relief from The Hum. email me for more info at or the facebook page:

Jun 15, 2019
Project ECHO/CHC radar and satalite frequencies
by: Time to move

I have not been able to sleep at my apartment in 6 months due to the health center's knowledge and technology center. Their rooftop has transmitters made by DARPA/GE/ISI manafactured by Pratt n Whitney in CT. Once this went online I was only able to get one hour of sleep per night. Headaches, shomach issues, insomnia, anxiety which I did not have before. So I slept elsewhere during a job and slept 8 hours like a baby. I came back 1 to 2 hours of sleep again. So I bought a meter and the pulses are maxing it out every couple minutes. This is a pulse weapon which gives people radiowave sickness so they seek healthcare and are given drugs or vaccines in my opinion. I use my meter everywhere now lookimg for an area rural and hopfully a basement appt. Underground is best for me. It's sad it's came to this but we are in a silent war. There needs to be a law against this. We need to unite whatever the cost. This is a crime against humanity.

Jun 20, 2019
new research proves indeed Project ECHO is making people sick
by: Time to move

I take this subject very seriously and research on programs that hurt people to expose them. The problem is shielding from these frequencies are very expensive. I bought a roll of copper mesh which going rate new is about $800 U.S. per 100 ft. The military frequency can still seep through. The millimeter wave is very small and for effective shielding the hole needs to be one quarter of the frequency. This is where copper/nickel faraday comes into play. Its worth a try at least to make a tent till I move.

Jun 20, 2019
the hum...
by: april love

In my case it is definitely man made
Feds P. are catching it with detectors.
will have positive results soon.
5,000 dollars fine for the offenders or jail.
It is part of a crime against humanity.

Jun 21, 2019
Your right about a crime against humanity
by: Time to move

The FCC has gotten laws passed where the people cannot even talk about '5G' in their townhall meetings. The town can be sued so they eject anyone that comments about these things going up in our communities.That being said, April I will pray for your situation. I know firsthand what it's like to have pulsed radar/satcom frequencies going through my apartment and the effects thereof.So now after much research I have the skinny on what Project ECHO intails. First off, these rooftop towers are for tellicom/medicine and satilite plus a radio station. Than there's the military applications which can be used at anytime due to the feds putting up the grant money.If you go on Google Scholar and type in "CHC Project ECHO frequency satcom/DARPA" it will take you to a list of reports and articles. There are many but the one which stuck out was "Broad area wireless networking high altitude platforms" This will take you to a Naval site on all sorts of frequencies and applications like multiband frequencies running at the same time and much more. It made me realize I can't shield myself from all this with 5G outside! So I let go and am trusting in Jesus to get my through.Theres a saying "let go and let God" and thats what I hope for all of us who know the truth about these "silent weapons for quiet wars". Also the IOT include shielding materials too. So they create the problem and offer solutions at a price. If you do invest in shielding clothing or matallic fiber fabric make sue it's Keystone compliant.This is the standard the military uses for themselves for PPE and faraday enclosed rooms. The old standard doesn't work with radiowaves 5ghz to 300ghz which is open at this time. I can only hope the U.N. will step in and stop this madness. We can only do what we can to inform, protest and pray.I've been putting up posters for years on these things in town and they get torn down after a day.This is where the public can put anything up from lost cats to meeting ext. Only my papers get ripped down.So someone doesn't want the truth going out. In conclusion I hope you and all investagate Project ECHO because their plan is to put these up all over America than worldwide under the guise of healthcare.

Jun 25, 2019
Electric harssassment/cult stuff maybe?
by: deanna

It's Nano spy internal body implants, cell phone type or transducer version... being set up around the area covertly without your permission, put in you and then signals sent through internet and TV sets to some other computer that in a triangle stalking harassment cult activity! Trying to play mind games mind reading or real voiced talk like they did during the war with spy cats and animals... thus recording you to set you up, spooking you to move forced and then they take over your property and job and take away your freedom! I wonder if this is the sane thing their talking about with electric harassment? Maybe?or to spoofing you for fun!?

Jun 30, 2019
Low frequency noise
by: Bob S

I also have a constant low frequency noise that I hear when I'm trying to sleep at night. It's only noticeable upstairs in my home. It sounds like a Diesel engine somewhere in the distance and it runs all night long and never fluctuates. If I open the window in my bedroom then I can't hear it. It's the strangest thing and I have never been able to figure it out.

Jul 07, 2019
the road to shielding and new apartment
by: time to move

I've thought much on this especially since being affected personally from these frequencies as my neighbors. I just research more on the 5 w's. It's not just the FCC and laws but big business. Alpha corperation(Japan) makes all the IoT arrays seen on the streets. So than the same companies and partners sell shielding meterials to us. They create the problem and offer a solution at cost.
The issue I have with this is quality metallic fabric. Amazon is linked into every search and offers substandard products in this department.
That being said, I have to construct a tent (faraday cage) to sleep in. I'll let you know how it works. This is only temp. till an apartment again. I have a couple months till moving.
Also chech out

Jul 10, 2019
Sound and implant for death people abuse used for crime?
by: Dianna

Someone is said to possibly be using stolen or bought under table from impersonators or criminal non police sound products used to keep young people away from train tracks and city business for a way to do their criminal stuff in wooded areas or areas not monitored by law Kind of like what they do to keep dogs from barking with dog barking stopping sound equipment being used for criminal home made internet-ting stalking and listening implants and bio hacking implantable!!! There is no laws about this and this needs to be looked into by police all around the USA, because this might be what people are hearing and what might be part of that electric harassment stuff...A man said they will implants or blast people targeting them for making them irritable so they will move or cause problems and get in trouble or to make them look like there is something going on with them! Don't know if this is what is happening Police could check into it or monitor what is being sold anywhere and over internet!

Jul 12, 2019
gang stalking harssmnet and spying ilegally internaland outside your body!
by: fran

Transducer, cell phone surgically implanted 2-way signal implants, electric harassment and not police or military or investigator activity or your employer it's gang stalking! x-ray or M.R.I. might find them or ask a "implant investigator" like in Chicago or California! There are many to choose from now looking on three internet and ask your electric harassment lawyer also found on the internet! FBI might help also?

Jul 12, 2019
neighbors harassing by blasting the bass spakers
by: Lark MacKechnie


Jul 15, 2019
by: fred

If the sound is that bad use a smartphone to record it. Do need to measure vibrations through the floor? if so not too sure on that .Use google if there is an app on there. If you are in the USA? the authorities will have a different approach to us in the UK. Like here,90% of devices for recording noise complaints aren't accepted even if they give back a state of the art recording quality as it has to be done by local councils to enforce action proceedings.

Good luck

Jul 19, 2019
Cell tower nearby
by: Clint

The cell tower is about a fourth of a mile from our house. At times it makes a noise that harms my wife. At times this occurs for several days. She gets very sick from the tower.

I don't hear a loud noise from the tower but it will give me medical problems from noises I can't hear.

The owner of the tower could turn down the noise that harms my wife but the company does not care about hurting people. This is a violation of putting frequency sound in the air which is not owned by companies. The FCC should not allow violent towers harming people. Companies are not allowed to put frequency things in the air because the air is not owned by them.

Aug 24, 2019
Infra sound and vibrations
by: Patsy Patterwin

Yes I am hearing low frequency sound like a background lawnmower buzzing all around my house.
When indoors there's a silent hum that you hear in your head that puts pressure and dull pain in the ear drums. It causes me headaches,vibrations felt in my nervous system like it's frying my nerves,muscle twitching,blurry vision,burning sunburn like sensations on the skin, nausea,lack of cooridination and shakyness of limbs when exposed too long. I have not been able to sleep good for months. The vibrations feels as though there's a machine underneath my house working because when I leave water bottles with water in them on bedroom window ledge you can see the water vibrating too. However when I travelled in my car miles away I still hear the noise coming through my car and I vibrate when car is parked. It has followed me even to the doctor's office. Is it coming through radio frequencies because sometimes I hear it coming through auxillary cord hooked to cell phone from car radio. My old cell phone screen has the same vibrating interference too. It is making me want to leave my home because it going on all day and night. The noise did stop once and my symptoms disappeared but it came back and has not stop yet!!! Who do you call for help? I tried to tell my city hall but they did not believe me because my neighbors around me did not report anything. Do you have advice?

Aug 30, 2019
Australia's SBS The Feed program's story on Noise
by: Mikala

Australia's SBS The Feed program recently aired this noise story/video. Many of you posting here will completely relate to and certainly feel deeply for the lady by the name of Pam who featured in the program. Low Frequency Noise and Vibration is a cruel form of torture for affected and sensitised people. I hope you find the time to watch the video. Does anyone know of any similar media coverages from around the world?

Aug 30, 2019
by: Greg

I am investigating low level intense conversation like sport commentary between 3-6am.
I have driven myself and neighbours to distraction with this for 8 months now and have just found the actual source of the noise.
The source will surprise you.
My next door but one not joined on neighbour has a gas pot belly gas stove on a 5" steel open flue pipe terminating at roof level with a bird guard with pointed lid.
Next to the stove screwed to the wall is a modern flat tv with down facing speakers.
The sound from the tv is finding its way up the flue across my joined on neighbour roof top bouncing off their new lead lined dormers, into a pitched roof gulley and down my double brick chimney stack. The culprit has no malice, she simply can’t sleep and leaves for work at 6am. The solution has yet to be resolved. It has driven me to exhaustion and caused difficulties with neighbours and my wife who has some hearing loss and can not hear the noise.

Aug 30, 2019
Source of most Hums revealed

If you want to know whats going on view this docu

Sep 04, 2019
by: April love

The low frequency noise, once and for all
is definitely man made.
It is made by stalkers/
My landlord has received a call from police telling him they had to come to see him investigating a matter.
My landlord then went outside and shouted to
another tenant : "" Stop the device, the police is coming "".
This mean it is harassment and illegal/
The noise in question here is the same as the one heard in Windsor Ontario.
I have been listening to it and it is comparable.

Sep 10, 2019
About the humming sound!
by: Diane

Could be high wires got hit by the tornado, earthquakes land movement from waves stressing wires on electric and TV line poles, weather related and ocean storms and it interference from small cuts from glass thrown in the air going through high wires and down and old underground power lines being chewed up by mice causing loose electric near water areas! Same things farmers had been talking about with their cattle!

People have heard or reported old unused bob wire fences with radio transmitting music out in fields in middle of no where and sometime you can hear phone conversation under telephone lines emitting through the wire alone during winter!
That why it's important tom call before digging or even in them from growth! Opinion only not facts! High tower transmission intervening crossing interference maybe!?

Sep 11, 2019
Serious issue with Hum
by: Vega

I'm really troubled by this low frequency hum. I came here to find people who are having the same problems like me, but I'm reading so many conspiracy comments I hope at least in between someone can relate to my situation.

I personally think the noise is either linked to smart grids or to interior heating systems. I am originally from Mexico and I never heard the hum there until I moved to Germany. The first night I spent here was unbareable and I couldn't understand how nobody else seemed to hear it or were not bothered by it. It was everywhere: indoors (I moved to different apartments in different cities of Europe and it is always there), out in the forest, in the parked car, everywhere! I thought it would bother me forever, until summer came and it slowly faded away. Then, after a few months it started getting cold again and the noise came again.

Right now it is the middle of September and the noise is back! Rambling loudly.

This makes me believe it is linked to space heating, since it is more used in the winter months, when the hum is the loudest. Most homes in Mexico do not have space heating which also explains why it is not audible there.

Mexico also doesn't count with a modern smart grid, so that could also be the reason. What really interests me is why is it most dominant during the winter months!

I'd love to hear any ideas about the seasonal intensity. Or knowing who also noticed this; I've read alreaady in past comments that 1-2 people also hear it more in winter.

It is already quite reassuring that some people can hear it too. I've been told it is in my head, or that it could be tinitus or something in my apartment, but I hear it in every place.

Thank you!

Sep 30, 2019
Re Vega's comment 11-09-19
by: Mikala

Hi Vega

You can find some info at the links below about the (cold) temperarture effects on the effective propagation of Low Frequency. Some of it is technical but you should be able to get the drift of why this is so.

Oct 05, 2019
never ending humm
by: crazy kris

I've heard the humm for years. like most of you, others think we r crazy. What I've learned as well added my own theories--apparently, 8% of us hear this. That's the only fact ive come across. So I will state a few facts about me-female,have had a child, suffer on the extreme for having migraines, am barometric pressure sensitive, had sinus issues my entire life and smoke. Do any of you have similar issues?? I believe im actually picking up on the vibration of things like gas lines, electrical lines, and who knows what else as we live in a world of endless cables. I believe we notice the hum more in the winter as higher usage is being used. As well, most of us r more active in the summer or the birds r singing and lawn mowers r running in the summer. if you relate-post ur thoughts

Oct 05, 2019
bob s
by: crazy kris

Bob, just read ur post after I posted my first comment. But just wanted to say, that's what I thought it was for a long time--that or constructions truck going back and forth. ive got a few tricks to drowned it out.

Oct 05, 2019
Re: crazy kris
by: Vega

I'm a female too, but no children, non smoker and opposite to all your other conditions, so I wouldn't believe that has anything to do. It seems to be a high sensitivity to a certain range of vibrations.
In my case the hum sounds similar to a constantly running water boiler; sometmies soft, sometimes raging more intensely, but definitely more audible at night and in winter.

Oct 05, 2019
by: sam

All of this is really quite useless. Regaurdless of the cause of the noise, it is going to be there. The question is how do we de-sensitize? How do we become like everyone else in the population who does not feel infrasound,LFN, vibrations,etc?

Oct 09, 2019
by: Anthony Fierro

Hey everyone My names Anthony and I'm being hit with high frequency and it's being done with 60 hertz of electricity plus the Lilly wave I have a video about it on my YouTube coming through your walls also nabiors walls you can turn off your power box to lesson it also buy some silicone earplugs the government has alot to do with it and people get paid to torture people through gangstalking I have a YouTube channel TLOKE57 CHECK IT OUT.

Oct 11, 2019
The Atlantic article by Bianca Bosker
by: Mikala

you may find this story interesting,

It's quite long so initially just skimmed it but found surprising similarities to my situation in that the low noise source was traced to the CyrusOne Data center in Arizona. These structures should really be built under ground. Affected residents are pursuing their fight.

Oct 14, 2019
Noise help.
by: Chloe

I live just north of the US California boarder to Mexico and I hear the noise from around 11pm till I pass out around 1am. I use silicone headphones to cover up the hum or I just stick a small fan that makes some noise that I can deal with but still cover the sound of the hum. Really does help, you can get sound proofing wall tiles but honestly I've sound they don't help if your home isn't sealed properly. But silicone headphones work the best.

Oct 14, 2019
Silicone ear plugs ..
by: Shoo

Dear All
The previous entry about silicone ear plugs is spot on!
Bizarrely I've discovered I need only one ear blocking not both to greatly decrease the volume of the sound vibration.
Like any type of annoyance, it's about not getting triggered to distraction and I hope that all of those suffering will find their answers.

Oct 16, 2019
Hear the hum

I would like to know if anyone hears the hum in east London, Canada?

Oct 23, 2019
by: Jason

I was just in my woods in ak with my dog and herd a rumble, vary deep and loud that lasted about 4 seconds. I looked at my dog to verify the direction it came from but she was looking at me. As I turned to go back on the trail it happened agin for 10 seconds this time twice as loud as the first like a jet without the mid and high range frequency it was in my chest and head with no direction. No plains in the sky nothing. And my dog didnt seem to be alarmed at all.

Oct 27, 2019
Never realised this was heard by others
by: Steve

I have just started hearing the hum over the last two months in central Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Like many feel its at night, indoors and sounds like a distance diesel motor. Ear plugs don't seem to work. My wife cannot hear it, she thinks it in my head only. Was thinking I should see my Doctor.
It is cancelled out when other normal living noise is around.
Very strange, maybe it is an age thing

Oct 27, 2019
If we can't stop it, mask it
by: LD

Hi everyone, sorry to hear of so many of us experiencing this low frequency pulsing noise thing happening especially in night time quiet hours ongoing ....

Since I've been finding it difficult to find/explain the source of the low frequency noise (LFN) in my house, found recently that turning on a common portable fan at low-to-mid speed when I go to bed helps to mask the LFN so can get some sleep. Have been using this last few nights and finding that I'm not waking up in middle of night after falling asleep.

It may also be helpful to use mindfulness technique by trying to NOT focus on the LFN but try thinking of other (pleasant) thoughts. Know this is difficult by itself so would suggest using the fan background noise technique above along with mindfulness.

I also tried some smartphone apps (just search 'white noise' on your app store) but found using an actual fan provides a deeper masking effect than a smartphone app that lacks lower frequency bass capability on the phone's speaker. Haven't tried it, but using larger external speakers plugged into your smartphone could possibly work better for those that prefer to use the app approach.

Hope this helps, and please try to be at peace dear friends.

Nov 02, 2019
by: john

i live in wethersfield ny .. many windmills here ! there is a constant humming noise all around my block if 2 miles, its constant and driving me nuts!! it is a low frequency hum, 24/7 365and im ready to sue someone!! HELP

Nov 15, 2019
Global hum

Please stop global hum. it's hurting my ear

Nov 15, 2019
Hear the Hum

I am definitely hearing the hum now, 24hrs. a day in London Ontario. It sounds like a engine running or some kind of compressor. I have masked it with a white noise machine but sure feel silly having it on 24hrs. a day.

Nov 26, 2019
Infra-sound Noise
by: RM

Low frequency just below the human audible range
(20hz to 20khz) around 10-15hz is what my right ear can detect. It is a curse. I'm the only one who can hear it. For years after I moved into my new house I started getting this awful hum in my ear on occasion. I wrote down when I would hear it and when it was the worst. What I discovered was that it was most prevalent right after harvest and when it would rain\snow or just before. Lots of corn farms around me. I am hearing grain dryers. There are large farms with large dryers. These are the source I am sure. Sometimes it's not bad, others it's torture. Could be a combination of multiple sites. The frequency seems to waver when it's really bad which tells me multiple sites with 60 cycle power moving in and out of phase with each other. Silicone ear plugs sometimes help as long as you don't get it in the ear canal. That will just channel it. Infra-sound can travel for miles on the surface of the earth and building will resonate with it making it a nightmare in your home. I called the county and they sent me to the state. Never got a answer from anyone. This year it is worse than ever. Nothing blocks it now. Good luck on maintaining sanity.

Jan 01, 2020
by: Johnnie

I live in ROOKLEY on the Isle of Wight and I've had to listen to the hum for years. My wife can't hear it nor does next door neighbour who I've accused of running dehumidifier s and fans lucky were buddys.One night we had power cut bolocks I could still hear the hum .hahahe had his log burner burning could be that you can go on and on and it will drive you nuts.ive tried all types of ear plugs and the best for me is blue tack .Blue tack two marble sized ball s warm them in your hands then you shut em in your ears and it's like being back in the womb .Then if you still hear hum crack the sill gently by pulling one of the plugs out and play whistling wind sounds on you tube through my iPod through its little built in speaker. Peace at last give it a go. I love bed again happy new year to all you forced insomniacs

Jan 07, 2020
scamming has gone internal body implants
by: lawi

Bio-hackers, thugs scam artist now implanting us to scam us, make it look like mind control from our government, police and military, it's covert copy cats thuggers, revenge artists now are the troublemakers who think they can control you! I think Central Wisconsin has this now!

Jan 25, 2020
GWEN Towers with HAARP

I really think it is GWEN Towers working with HAARP. The sound sometimes sounds like it is above & bounces to the ground. Sound waves. Either that or some type of underground digging. Look into the huge bore machines. I am so tired of it.

Feb 12, 2020
by: Big boy

If you live in an inner suburb in Melbourne Australia,the hum you are hearing is caused by a low frequency sound generator
These devices have been placed inside commercial and residential properties all over Melbourne
The arseholes responsible for the provision installation and ongoing operation of these devices are working with real estate agents property developers and organised criminals laundering money through the Australian property market.
It wouldn't surprise me if this scenario is being repeated in other countries
Be mindful that sites like this and similar to this have been contaminated with disinformation,designed to conceal the truth.

Feb 26, 2020
Re Big Boy's Melbourne post
by: Mikala

Have you thought about contacting the ABCs 7/30 or 4corners program for them to consider doing an investigative piece on this? If what you say can be backed up, there is a real opportunity to expose this illegal practice thereby serving the public interest.

Mar 01, 2020
by: johndodge

Posted earlier in the year, still a CONSTANT hum around my entire block, very loud in my house! Weathersfield / bliss area ny, help 24/7

Mar 03, 2020
humming noise
by: Marylou

To Big Boy,
You are right 100% It is all about financial
transactions --real estate fraud and L.I.
The thing you describe is happening in Canada.
The finance deals reveal some puppets master pulling strings to get loans for people who would not otherwise qualify. It is related to identity theft and fraud + money laundering.
Those puppets are stalkers and follow their targets all over the places: they are carrying devices and harass their victims: they are collecting their data in order to expand their criminal network.
Stunning cases of greed and deception,.
A widespread apparent corruption.They are involved in thousands of shady deals.

Mar 09, 2020
by: april love

To big boy
Yes very true that's what it is .
It is happening world wide
A network of criminals : that is what it is.

Mar 09, 2020
by: april love

This site is pure hypocrisy.
We all know what this humming sound is all about
So many peps are making comments on this site trying to mislead people with all kind of subject and ridiculous suggestions made in order to misinform and confuse all.
Why are they trying to conceal the truth which is obvious to any one who is a bit clever.
This humming sound is man made by perpetrators it is harassment and it serves to expand a criminal network in listening to targets in order to make sure that their investments are safe and expand
they need to watch 24/7 in case the victims would find out the truth what they are doing using his/her name and report to the authorities they need to know in order to counter whatever is happening .. so with this listening devices which is also blocking detection from law enforcement and at the same time allowing them to expand their criminal murder scheme the are winners BIG TIME> So, this site is made in order to conceal the truth . In the land of the blinds, an open eye is KING>

Mar 09, 2020
... wow
by: Shoo

Dear April
Are you saying that those who hear the hum are in fact victims of something unknown to them?
If so, I must disagree, I live off grid on the Yorkshire Moor and have little to do with society and yet the hum sound frequency is here too.
I hope you feel less annoyed at those who don't share your opinions, we are all trying to find our answers and willing to respectfully hear and share all thoughts and remedies on this subject on this great Noise Help Page.
All the Best

Mar 09, 2020
criminal theory
by: sam

I live in the same house as 3 other people. They do not hear or feel this horrible noise/vibration. Only I do. How does the criminal theory apply to this situation?

Mar 09, 2020
by: Big boy

Sammy have you heard of something called a sympathetic reasonance?
You may have seen a soprano shatter a champagne
glass with her voice ,this is an example of sympathetic reasonance ,if you were to put a beer mug next to the champagne glass it would not shatter,it would require a completely different frequency

You are the champagne glass and your housemates are a couple of beer mugs
The activities I have described in my posts are real real sam

Mar 11, 2020
by: Shoo

.... or even cut-glass-crystal if we're comparing, it's all about the state of mind when interference of any kind begins, don't be a victim be a survivor!
Best of luck to all of those aware of this bizzare happening, we are not crazy, especially gud-luck to those who are yet to become aware, they're in for some food for thought.
I am also only hearing it in one ear, the right one and need only one silicone ear plug each time it gets too vibrate'y to deal with.
Hoping that all peep's dealing with this issue find their peace.

Mar 12, 2020
by: sam

I understand what you're saying Big boy but how do they know who is a champagne glass and who is a beer mug? How would they know who to target?

Mar 13, 2020
by: Big boy

Sam it's usually properties that are targeted although sometimes it will be an individual
You maybe collateral damage ,not the actual target
If they really want a specific property,they will surveil that property and the occupants within remotely,either with listening devices or cameras
How is this possible,?
It takes an ordinary locksmith 30 seconds to get into the average Australian house!
The arseholes responsible for the lfs generatosare essentially electronic engineers

Mar 14, 2020
To Big Boy, Marylou, April Love et al .
by: Mikala

If what you all have been writing on this site relating to corrupt activities can be backed up, it would serve the public interest immensely if details of the criminal and corrupt activities are reported. Have any of you considered reporting what you know to the international organization Transparency International - global Coalition against corruption?

Mar 14, 2020
by: Big boy

Mikayla there are so many issues with this
What is required is legislation at a federal level making it a criminal offence to operate lfs generating equipment of this type
With custodial sentences for those found to be participants
Without this legislation in place there is no practical solution to this problem
My role is to disseminate this information to the wider community
As an example of how pervasive sound this nature is
Young couple down the road have a 9 year old son, experiencing similar symptoms to Sam and many others
The parents are oblivious to this sound and experiencing no symptoms
Medical advice is sought,the child ends up being prescribed anti psychotic medication
At this point a neighbour steps in and informs the parents of what is actually happening
Parents sell their property and move on
With the intervention of the neighbour who knows what would have happened.
This is just one example, there is absolutely no doubt at all that hundreds of unsuspecting Australians have had their lives ruined by these arseholes

Mar 15, 2020
To Big Boy
by: Mikala

Thank you for your latest post. May I ask what other avenues are you using to expose this criminal activity involving LFN generators? Your entries on this site have been quoted extensively by a person from Seattle also posting on this site. Have you seen this person's renter harrassment blog?

Informing and lobbying your local federal and/ or state member about this issue might be a good start for initiating the necessary reform. The waubra foundation might be able to post a story on their website.

Do you know if the sound engineers are aware of this problem? The acoustics profession hold conferences locally and internationally with vast coverage of LFN noise topics. Perhaps run this issue past Norm Broner, LFN expert to gauge his reaction. He is based in Melbourne and has an interesting noise blog page on his website.

Though frightening, thank you for sharing what you know about this insidious practice.

Mar 16, 2020
by: sam

Big boy, do you hear and feel LFN?

Mar 18, 2020
Lfs generator
by: Big boy

Lol, I have very sensitive hearing Sam

Mar 21, 2020
To Big Boy and Sam
by: Mikala

It's hard to gauge from this noise site who is from Australia or another country. I assume Big Boy and Sam are both located in Melbourne, Australia. Yes ?

re sound engineers and the like ...I remember once getting a reply from a well respected and qualified and sympathetic psych-acoustician in Queensland about the qualifications of such "engineers". He wrote: HVAC engineers have a mechanical engineering qualification. An acoustical engineer may have a mechanical engineering background but not necessarily so. He/she does not specialize in HVAC systems. An 'acoustician' may hold any degree, or none at all, and does not specialize in HVAC systems". (HVAC mentioned as they generate large LF outputs) The point being, technical knowledge especially wrt LFN is highly variable in this profession- many acousticians are simply not aware of the history and limitations of dB(A) assessments wrt LFN. Further, many acknowledge they have a long way to go to accurately connect between noise levels and the human response to noise. The issue is psychoacoustics and involves issues of not only sound measurements (level and spectrum) but also an understanding of human anatomy as to how LF sounds affect the human auditory system and the human body. The ‘expertise’ of the average Acoustician lies just in the recording and measurement of sound (period) however in my experience many can't (or wont rather) even do that when LFN is the reported problem. It is simply ignored as it falls in the too hard basket.

Big Boy, are you personally affected by the harassment problem you describe in the Melbourne inner suburbs you previously listed ? btw, I'm located in Sydney. Do you know if this is happening in Sydney and where ?

Sam, if you are still struggling with sleep at night, the only way I have found to mask the sound is to play white noise which you can download from the internet. (white noise is mentioned in this very sympathetic ICBEN 2017 paper authored by the Swissütikofer_1011_3625.pdf)
Unfortunately, white noise can't mask vibrations if felt but definitely helps with sleep.

Best wishes to you both.

Mar 28, 2020
by: Sam

Thanks Mikala. My main problem is the vibration so I have to take sleeping tablets which long term, I am very concerned about.

Mar 31, 2020
To Sam
by: Mikala

Hi Sam, I understand you completely. As I write this posting, it's Tuesday night at 9:30pm and I can feel the vibration in my home. It's worse when I am lying in bed trying to get to sleep. I assume you're from Australia Sam? If you like, I am open to connecting with you directly to share experiences. Difficult to post personal details here for obvious reasons. An introduction can be arranged via Sarah from the waubra foundation. Contact details for the foundation and Sarah can be found in the link below ; go to submission number 120. Sarah may be able to pass you some tips to manage the vibration.

I really hope to hear from you via the foundation. :)

Apr 05, 2020
Lfs generators
by: Big boy

Hey Mikala I am unable to offer an informed comment regarding Sydney
But given that these arseholes are working with organised crime syndicates, real-estate agents and property developers,it would not surprise me if the scenario I have described in previous posts is being repeated in Sydney or in cities all over the world
Organised crime and transfer of capital are hampered by national boundaries

Apr 20, 2020
Infrasound Recorder Apps
by: Mikala

Has anyone had any experience with low frequency (infrasound) app recorders such as the one below?

Please recommend any infrasound recorder apps you have tried with success.

Thank you!

Apr 22, 2020
Humming in Liverpool, UK
by: Richard

I live in a terraced house in Liverpool and 'the hum' has been driving me crazy during COVID-19 lockdown. I only hear it at home, not when I go out. I can hear it the whole time inside the house. I hear it less when I'm outside to the rear in my back yard. I can also hear it when I'm in my car parked on the street to the front.

The noise is a constant, low-frequency pulsing which occassionally changes pattern into more of a 'swirling' sound momentarily.

Potentially relevant information: I had smart meters fitted around 18 months ago. I have a telegraph pole outside my house to the front. I'm aware that 5G has been recently rolled out in the city and that this has caused controversy but that's all I know about that issue.

Interested to hear/discuss any similar experiences, information or advice.

Apr 23, 2020
Lfs generator
by: Big boy

Hey kids you may have noticed that one of my recent posts has gone missing from this page!!
If you are wondering what a low frequency sound generator is ? Basically it's a sub woofer the size of a double door fridge
Rock concert size speakers and amps set up to emit lfs
You may be thinking that because sound of this type is barely audible it's not "loud"
This is not the case it is high decibel sound
At audible frequencies these devices would be audible from the next suburb

Apr 23, 2020
For Richard in Liverpool
by: Shoo

In answer to your post, I live in/on an off-grid 14 acre property on the Yorkshire moor's without a generator and yet I can still hear the hum, just the same as you when in the house and the stationary car but never when out on the land.
The animals around me are affected too they don't come early morning when it's going to be a particularly vibrate'y day
Strange but true
Good luck with it all and I don't think it is only 'bad business people' like other comments mention that are the cause of this low frequency vibration, as for the 5g that is another level of frequency never used before and will in time present its side affect on the public.
Stay safe, stay well.

Apr 23, 2020
@ Shoo
by: Richard

Thanks for sharing your experience with me. It's good to know I'm not alone :).

Someone else in Liverpool, only a couple of miles from me, has mentioned the humming on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, that still doesn't help identify the source of the noise. What a (crazy-making) mystery! I'm hoping it miraculously disappears post-lockdown!

Take care.

Apr 24, 2020
Low frequency sound generator
by: Big boy

Hey Mikala attempting to record this sound with some kind of recording device is pointless
If you want to make a difference to the community and to your life you could transcribe my posts and take them to your local police station
Or perhaps to your local member of parliament
Making the revelvant authorities aware of this problem is the way forward.

Apr 26, 2020
low frequncy rumble
by: Mike G

All rooms, 24 / 7, low-level / low-volume rumble / vibration. Neither neighbour says they can hear it. Both me and my wife can. Two weeks + now. Look, I know lots have been covered in this post over the last couple of years, but it can't be 'smart meters' or 'water-pipe pressure' can it? There must be a more localised, 'rational' explanation? How do I reliably track the source?

Apr 26, 2020
Reply To Mike G
by: Mikala

Depending on where you live (country, rural vs urban area), low Frequency and by extension infrasound is a source of genuine complaint in many jurisdictions particularly in the UK and some European countries.

Low Frequency Noise is emitted from a variety of technical sources including rotating machines, generators and compressors. Therefore look for commercial centres in your locale that recently have undergone an upgrade (eg data centres(which run 24/7), factories, mining, wind farms). The long wavelengths cause the sound to spread in a spherical manner covering vast areas. LF is highly pervasive to closed spaces. The structure of the dwelling amplifies the sound...basically the physics of sound propagation.

The low frequency noise and vibration section under ICBEN has very good papers on this topic. This years ICBEN has been postponed to 2021 due to the current virus situation. Please familiarize yourself with past papers and consider contacting the authors as well as the administration of ICBEN to change the noise legislation in your country. It's the only way forward with this growing worldwide problem.

If the low noise you are hearing and any vibration you are feeling can be measured via a spectral assessment, then IT IS emanating from a distant technical source. Please refer to the specific ICBEN link in my March 21, 2020 post for more information about spectral assessments.

I summarise below the information and advice I received in March 2017 from a noise consultant and internationally renowned specialist in low frequency who is based in Melbourne, Australia and participates at ICBEN. The response was to specific questions about why I am not able to secure a proper noise assessment for low frequency and vibration. Via email the noise specialist wrote the following:

"It may not be easy to pinpoint a source so I can understand that consultants would not be keen to get involved because such investigations would necessarily cost a lot and private people usually would not have the funds for that. It is very unlikely that the problem is ground-borne. It is much more likely that the problem is airborne and the source might be quite some kilometres away.

The problem that you are experiencing is one that not that many people experience. I can assure you that the EPA is fully aware of the impact of LFN as I have had dealings with them. Unfortunately, their charter is limited and they cannot investigate every complaint that people make, even if very justified. They don’t have the mandate or the personnel to do that. To investigate your problem properly would take many nights of measurement, would need a number of sound level meters measuring and considerable analysis. While there are likely to be many possible noise sources, it may not be reasonably possible to find the source of your annoyance. Unfortunately, that is the reality. And we had to concede this a few times. And that is why it will be hard to get acoustic consultants to take this on because the cost would be very high and no guarantee of success. Sorry that I cannot be more helpful in this instance but that is the reality."

I wish you well in your endeavours to trace the noise source.

Apr 27, 2020
Primary Source - High Pressure Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines
by: Steve K

I am reposting a link to my documentary that I shared to this group on Aug 30,2019. If you are interested in getting to the bottom of this LF Menace I suggest you watch, open your eyes tot he research and take action with your authorities in order to bring public attention to this problem. I've dubbed it as Gas Pipeline Syndrome.

Most of the hums discussed in this forum fit it. The Atlantic posted it in July 2019. You may or may not accept the facts, but for anyone suffering and truly interested in getting to a resolution this is a must watch.


The Hum- The unexplained noise 2% of people can hear:

Apr 28, 2020
by: Sam

Mikala thanks for posting that response. It seems like our situation is pretty hopeless. Anyone know of any drugs that will dull these sensations?

Apr 29, 2020
To Sam
by: Mikala

Dear Sam, I urge you to stay away from prescription medication. If not already done so, please contact Sarah from Waubra (details already provided to you via an earlier post). Sarah is an understanding medical doctor with experience in this field and can talk this through with you.

It has been observed that if seriously adversely affected people are unable to reduce their exposure to the LFN and vibration, they will experience worsening symptoms and decreasing tolerance to the sound and vibration, and worsening of mental and physical health. The situation improves if they are able to reduce their exposure, which is generally only possible if they move away, either for regular breaks, or more permanently.

Apr 29, 2020
Steve K - video
by: Mikala

Thank you for sharing your experience Steve. I watched the video. I was able to locate some additional news articles online about your unfortunate situation. You have done well to piece the puzzle together no doubt aided by your technical background.

I was a mess when this problem entered my life and I didn't understand why and what was happening to me. I do not have a technical background, so in many ways like you, I went on a hunt for information which really just consumed my life these past 5 years. I came across some very good information, did a brief course even on noise measurements and received helpful email replies from some of the acoustics professionals I contacted. Others just ignored me. Unfortunately, there was no offer of practical assistance by anyone to trace the sound back to a technical source – I only secured some brief Hz measurements at the outset. Local council (who are responsible for handling noise complaints) simply do not understand the issue, nor do they have the skills and equipment to properly measure and/or assess low frequency noise and vibration. Our EPA just push the issue back to local council.

The whole experience opened my eyes to how the acoustic ‘professionals’ operate in the field bowing to client money as opposed to addressing the described problem and the terrible impacts on affected people. To this day, I am bewildered that acousticians get away with false assessments for low noise problems thereby burying the problem. Clearly, there are two camps in this profession, with one lot calling out the ignorance of the other as evident in their conference papers which are on public display.

Sadly, in this country (Australia) and most likely in the US judging by your experience, low noise problems are not considered a statutory nuisance to be taken seriously by the authorities. I learned this the hard way. Symptoms people report once sensitised are much the same, especially the impacts on sleep, regardless of the technical source of the sound energy. Perhaps the various syndromes (Gas Pipeline, Wind Turbine etc) should just be re-classified as Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise Syndrome.

Did you have any dealings or assistance from US acousticians? During my research, I read and found very helpful some of the papers prepared by US acoustician, Mr George Hessler from Hessler Associates Inc (Consultants in Engineering Acoustics) on this topic, clearly someone in the "good camp' in my eye !

Jun 08, 2020
5g Summit
by: Mikala

If as a low noise sufferer you are also electromagnetic sensitive, please check out the 5gSummit.

Encore weekend starts June 13th where all expert talks are unlocked for 48hours beginning at 10am US eastern time. Highly recommended.

Jun 08, 2020
Mikala points
by: Steve k

I actually talked with Hessler years ago and he was understanding. But he said lots of luck getting anywhere with my issues. I agree, the turfs why these people dont seem to open their eyes is suspicious. Our FERC doesnt dispute the problem, just says its not regulated so go pound salt.

Aug 04, 2020
Podcasts to share
by: Mikala

Sharing these two podcasts - the first link approx 30min duration, features several low noise affected people including an update from Glen MacPherson on his theory that the noise he personally experiences is internal to his body. The second link, approx 20mins duri, details a personal account of an EMR sufferer, not dissimilar to LFN sufferers.

Aug 05, 2020
Why would anyone take this seriously?
by: Gerri

Why would anyone take the sound and vibration plight serious, when there is no site Modertation to remove such entries as: Feb 21, 2019
Hum by:The hum is done by terrorists
Windsor is close to Michigan.
There, in Michigan there a strong number of Muslims.
Gang stalking is terrorism.(Targeted individuals)
Terrorism is done by Muslims (Islamistes)
As simple as that.

Then, there is the person who is constantly "followed" by drones.

This is exactly the site that authorities will locate when they do an internet search - if they even both to do that - when individuals ask for assistance. And these sorts of comments are found. Isn't it enough that those of us who are plagued by the sound and vibration have to cope with it without being targeted as "mentally ill?"

Aug 06, 2020
by: Sam

Very good point Gerri. I made a comment in March last year about calling out the ridiculous comments. That's all we can do.

Hi Mikala thanks for that information

Aug 09, 2020
LFS generator
by: Big boy

Hey Sammy, Mikala and others
Have any of you transcribed my comments and contacted authorities with this information
I would estimate that currently there may be as many as 60 of these LFS generatos located in commercial and residential properties all over Melbourne

Aug 10, 2020
Big boy
by: Sam

Hey Big boy, I think our noise problems are even less of a priority than they were before COVID.

Aug 12, 2020
Post Complaints

Agree this section of the site has been hijacked by inappropriate material but in the main it is helpful to sufferers. To the contributors complaining about inappropriate historical posts, you are welcome to contact Sarinne to provide feedback and criticism as well as suggestions. Please see here for Sarinne's invitation

Aug 24, 2020
by: Big boy

Sam,over the last 15 years the vermin responsible for the supply installation and ongoing operation of this equipment have ruined the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of unsuspecting Australians
There is no doubt at all that these arseholes have caused relationship breakdowns mortgage defaults job losses business failures and untold heartache in our community
It is impossible to exist on a few hours sleep and live as a fully functional indivdual
There is also no doubt that these arseholes have been responsible for suicides within our community
As I type this post hundreds of unsuspecting Australians are having the quiet enjoyment of their homes ruined,as well as having their mental and physical health comprimised
What could be more important than having the misceants responsible dealt with?

Aug 24, 2020
by: Sam

Big boy, of course I completely agree with what you are saying. But for those who don't understand what we're going through, their attitude will be different.

Aug 24, 2020
by: Sam

Big boy, of course I completely agree with what you are saying. But for those who don't understand what we're going through, their attitude will be different.

Sep 13, 2020
by: Kellie

To me it sounds like it’s coming from underground. I’m thinking it sounds more like a railway or a machine that bores through the earth. For people that hear something different, I’m guessing it’s just the power lines. When my entire town has lost power from a hurricane in the past, it was completely silent.

Nov 05, 2020
Humming noise in Brighton, UK
by: Alf

Low frequency humming noise, mostly at night time.
Seems to have a slow pulsation about it (like an idling diesel engine!).
Most often starts around 11pm.
Mostly present during colder winter months.
Hear it inside house, and also when in the parked car outside house, and in other locations during daytime.
Very annoying when it starts up at night - then usually continues until morning.

The timing (11pm, and mostly winter time) sounds very similar to other reports on this forum, so there must be some commonality in source.

I also imagine that many people are hearing noise that has different sources, but are describing them in the same way.

I feel for all of you that suffer this highly disturbing problem.

Nov 16, 2020
TheHum in the UK
by: Michael B

This hum is caused by high pressure gas pipelines and gas govenors. When there was a problem with the govenor in my area last year the gas was turned off for a few days and the noise stopped. When it was switched back on the hum gradually returned. Sometimes it is a bit quieter and at other times it can sound very loud. I have heard the gas companies and the government know about this, but as only 1% or so of the population is affected, they don't care. So the horrible hum continues to blight the lives of some people.

Nov 23, 2020
Sound coming from neighbors making us ill.

Recently, my neighbor across rhe road and I had a altercation. Right after this, my family and I noticed a shrill, steady, almost cricket chirping sound, but only when he's home. And recently, we feel a hair standing vibration, but only when sitting or laying down. We can't feel the vibration standing. This also only happens when he's home. He's a enlisted air force jet mechanic and is very intelligent. However, my brother is a electrical engineer amd brought some kind of meter over yesterday and the closer we get to his house the higher the machine indicator. HELP!

Nov 28, 2020

I was wondering if any have Rh negative
blood type. I read recently that this blood type is copper based. people with this blood type are highly sensitive to electrical pulses. I hear the hum and feel the vibration not only at home but the same intense problem under any high wire. I too feel all the symptoms of being made sick inside. The most frustrating thing is people thinking your crazy because they can’t hear it. I know it must be hurting them too and they just don’t know it.

Jan 19, 2021
it might be your neighbor's variable speed pool pump
by: SoundFreq

It could be your neighbor's variable speed pool pump. I was fortunate enough to have access to the proper equipment needed to diagnose the issue and I found that the noise, 41.7 Hz coincides with the schedule of my neighbor's pool pump. It can be deceiving because the sound isn't apparent outside. However, the problem isn't superficial sound or noise, it's the vibration which carries through the ground and transmits into surrounding structures. I also live in a brick house and the vibration of the structure is what actually causes the noise that you hear, like a speaker. In addition to sound detection, I also used vibration sensors to confirm this theory. Additionally, at a low frequency, the sound will actually be louder at some places further away from the vibration source because the sound or vibration waves are meters long. Additionally, there is the issue of resonant frequency where the resonant frequency of the structure closely matches the vibration frequency which amplifies the sound or intensity of the vibration. As it turns out, a brick wall is close enough to that frequency for it to be resonant. By a general rule I believe you're supposed to avoid frequencies within 20–50% of the resonant frequency. So, assuming the resonant frequency is 40Hz, it would be best to operate the pool pump where the resulting vibration is 60Hz or more but people save money on their electricity by running at a lower frequency (lower speed). I won't even get into harmonic dissonance

Jan 19, 2021
RE: Sound coming from neighbors making us ill.
by: SoundFreq

They could be using what people call a mosquito noise generator (or something similar) and it's supposed only heard by young people. These devices are typically used and sold as a deterrent for places where they don't want teenagers to loiter. You can do a google search for "mosquito noise generator" you will see results and there's also a wikipedia page on the subject. Again, it's supposed to be inaudible to people over a certain age but I am not young and I can hear it just fine. Also, even if you can't perceive (hear) the sound, the sound is known to cause discomfort and possibly headaches and stuff. If the person is a jerk, they might be using a similar device to deter animals or to prevent dogs from barking. These other devices are essentially the same thing so it might just be a coincidence that the noise started around the time of the disagreement. Fortunately for you, high frequency sound is easily attenuated. It's almost impossible for high frequency sound to travel through solid objects and usually, simply blocking a visible path from the sound source to your ear will block the sound. I would record the measurements and get a hold of your local city code enforcement to see what they can do. If it comes down to it, I think you can sue in small claims court for your neighbor creating a nuisance but I'm not a lawyer so you'd have to talk to a legal professional. The good thing is that it should be easy to prove as, like I mentioned, high frequency sound is directional and easily blocked so there's usually no question where the source is. I hope this helps. In the mean time, I've found that ear plugs and trying not to stress about it really helps when there's nothing you can do about it. That way it will be easier to plan for a solution.

Jan 23, 2021
Can't take it anymore
by: Connie

I started hearing this hum several years ago and it nearly drove me insane. I did my research and tried everything I could to cope. I eventually discovered sleeping with the fan on and listening to the airplane white noise really helped. After a few months I was able to ignore it. In the past year or so I had been hearing it again but distracted myself enough to not get hooked on it. The past few months have been hell for me. I hear it mostly at night but can tune into it during the day if things are quiet. I honestly have enough on my plate with this f%&*^$ sound. My dad died four months ago and the Covid lockdown and scare is just adding to the torture I feel I can't escape. I noticed that I am also able to hear it at my mothers house but not as strong. Some nights the hum is so pervasive I just can't believe that nobody else in my family can't hear it. They always make fun of me because I can't hear the tv and I ask them to put up the volume. It is so hard to be strong day in and day out and this hum doesn't make it any easier.
If anyone has heard of any latest developments as to how to drown out this sound or where it's coming from it would be great to hear from you.

Jan 24, 2021
History Channel- The Proof is Out There
by: Steve K

January 26. The Proof is Out There History Channel. The Hum-10pm ET

Jan 25, 2021
Low frequency sons generator
by: Big boy

Hey Connie ,do you live in Australia?
If so what suburb?

Jan 31, 2021
The Worldwide Hum
by: Eduardo Rodrigues

I watched recently a segment of "The proof is out there," History Channel, addressing the Hum. They made references to a website "The Worldwide Hum." Does anyone know the address to this website, please? I have had experiences with this humming sound in the Washington state. I have looked in the area where I live for the past 15 years what could be causing this annoying sound, and I have no clue at this time. So, I would be very interested to follow up the information being shared in the website above.

Jan 31, 2021
Reference for hum info
by: Steve K

Watch this first-

Then what you ask search on "". The map is about tge only useful thing and its very under populated.

Feb 04, 2021
More info from Glen MacPherson
by: Messy for Eduardo

Hi Eduardo, you can listen to Glen Macpherson in this podcast providing a very recent update on his situation. Like a lot of sufferers, Glen has suffered immensely with this problem butsomehow has found strength to perservere with his mission.

Link was originally posted in the comments section last year on August 4th. Hope you find it helpful.

Tanya Horo from New Zealand who also featured in the podcast has a Facebook page for sufferers of low frequency noise. Check it out if you're on Facebook.

Feb 10, 2021
LFN sufferer petition
by: Please sign

Please sign the petition at:

Feb 10, 2021
FB page Hearing Low Frequency Rumble
by: For Eduardo

The FB page is titled

Hearing Low Frequency Rumble

Previous comment line entry Messy for Eduardo should read as Message for Eduardo.

Feb 23, 2021
Low Frequency Noise/ Gas Pipeline
by: Patsy Patterwin

I am a hum sufferer from hearing low frequency noise 24/7 that is subtle in the background humming noise that sounds like a diesel engine noise indoors that is making me sick and is creating vibrations that can be felt from the walls and floors. Indoors as well as outdoors Water in puddles or water in water bottles can be seen subtlety vibrating at a fast rate which synchronizes with the noise of the diesel engine noise in the walls or on porch. Can hear it indoors but not that well outdoors unless it is quiet and not windy outdoors on porch but can feel vibrations on porch, in yard, driveway and curb and in car when car is parked and engine is turned off. The noise is also affecting my electronics and appliances. My Cell phone canera image of objects has changed since noise started, it now has same synchronized vibrating effect of screen pixels activity when examining what I am looking at from the camera's eye but does not distort the picture. There is a man in a YouTube video that has scientific research and facts to claim that the low frequency noise of The Hum and vibrations is cause by the gas pipelines transmissions. YouTube video is called "The Hum: The Unexpected Noise 2% of People Can Hear!" by YouTuber called The Atlantic. If you want to hear the diesel engine noise in action check out YouTube video "Gas Pipeline and Ground Vibrations" by YouTuber jetdocbwi. Check out another YouTube video by a lady named Jacqueline Evans "Spectra Gas Pipeline Possible leak on PennEast Route". So if you are hearing a diesel engine low frequency noise in your home along with vibrations and you or your family are getting sick it is probably Gas Pipeline Syndrome from the gas pipelines. Check to see if there are any major gas pipe lines near your home. They have special maps for it all over the country. NPMS Public Viewer US inter/intra State Pipelines on the website. You can also audio record the noise on your cell phone with volume boost app from Google play store and use good head phones so you can hear the noise while recording. Make sure room is quite. Get near walls, appliances or electronic or outdoors near house to hear while recording for diesel engine noise. Really good at night time to audio or video record for noise Take pictures and video recording any vibrations of water also.

Mar 08, 2021
Low Frequency Noise from Gas Pipelines
by: Patsy Patterwin

There is a article to read at website hazardexonthenet./article called "Combating Noise In Gas Pipeline Transmission". This article states that gas Pipelines will make low frequency infrasound noises that can make you sick. Pipelines have been established for many years and the simplest and most economical way to transport high quantities of natural gas over long distance. In the article Chris Peterson of IMI Critical Engineering looks at the issue of noise in pipelines, the turbulence and sonic shock wave created by the increasingly high pressures used to move gas around the pipeline network. Pressure differentials are used to push the gas through transmission pipeline. However as pipelines get longer, it becomes necessary to increase the pressure used and to add compression stations. Typically sited every 50 to 100 miles, compressor stations keep the natural gas flowing by boosting the pressure of the gas to compensate for pressure losses along the pipeline. Gas compressors work by increasing pressure, reducing the gas volume and increasing the density of fluid....compressors are noisy, as can be the control valves which regulate gas flow through the pipeline at the source station, compressor stations, distribution hubs and metering stations. The conversion of static pressure to kinetic energy at the vena contracts in the control valve creates high velocity jets which can be subsonic, sonic or even supersonic. Turbulence and sonic shock wave create a noise spectrum with a characteristic peak frequency. Excessive noise generation can be damaging to people's hearing and disruptive to the environment. The environment Protection Agency has produce numerous studies documenting the dangers of acute noise, including high blood pressure, coronary disease, migraine headaches and low birth weight babies! The World Health Organization published a report in 1999 called Guidelines for Community Noise to Standard Risk Assessment and Management of Noise Dangers among Participating Countries. Between 70dBA and 85dBA, the noise source becomes quite pronounced. However long term exposure to noise at this level is unlikely to damage hearing. At 85dBA and above the noise source reaches a level where sustained exposure can begin to damage human hearing. For these reasons OSHA guidelines mandate an 85dBA limit for exposure of up to right hours. The higher the noise source rises up the dBA scale, the shorter the duration of exposure becomes before damage can occur. At 140dBA not only is hearing impacted, but the human body will actually begin to feel pain from the sound waves! Low frequency noise, usually caused by standing waves, can result in the mechanical vibration of piping and utimately physical damage to the pipeline structure. In addition, large scale vortex Eddie's and shedding from the valve are key causes of low frequency vibration, as are large diameter jets from the valve trim! Similarly pipes can vibrate radically because of high frequency noise generated on the valve. This can cause fatigue issues at welded attachments such as drains and thermocouples, with the potential for unforseen catastrophic failure.... So check this article out! Low frequency infrasound noise emitted from the vibrating gas pipelines cause gas pipeline syndrome(a.k.a. Pipeline Acoustic Syndrome) is a developing health and environmental phenomenon caused by widespread emissions of sound waves that have begun to occur from high pressure natural gas pipelines. This sound is best known as infrasound low frequency noise humming, rumbling or droning noise not audible to all people!!! (ILFN). Symptoms of cranial distress, ringing in the was RS, mood swings, throat and digestive problems, psychiatric disturbances. The vibrationsn can cause vibro acoustic disease a medical condition manifested in those who have had long term exposure 10 years to large pressure amplitude 90 dB SPL and low frequency noise 500 Hertz. The disease is said to lead to heart arrhythmia and possibly death! So if you are hearing a diesel engine noise that are causing vibrations that are making you and your family sick please get in touch with PHMSA Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration to explain your noise complaint. Audio Record the noise with free volume boost app from Google play store and show video recordings of water in water bottles etc vibrating! Take volume boost audio recording of diesel engine noise coming through appliances or electronics or take pictures of any broke down appliances or electronics from the vibrations!

Apr 08, 2021
Humming sound not tinnitus proof
by: A b

I have just moved into a back to back house in a very quite area and I hear this loud deep low freq sound at now as it’s cold the windows are closed. I just turned off all of my mains and it’s still there so it’s not my house. Consistent no change in tempo, pitch or volume .. I had my Rolex on a Mdf work desk in my bedroom and could hear a secondary fast alternating higher freq sound. The bass freq was amplifying the seconds hand ticking and giving off a matching high pitch hum. ( the second hands tick 6 times per second)As soon as I took my watch off the table that secondary hum stopped and when I put it back it started, so it’s defo not tinnitus or in your head . All the houses are electric with no gas. Im thinking it’s my neighbours storage heater or fridge , but would those be constant for the whole night. Could it be their mains or something?
I just woke from a nightmare that it got louder and louder and woke up in my dream but I was still dreaming I was asleep as I was.a nightmare within a nightmare

I can’t trace an area it’s like it’s penetrating the whole house. I’ll speak with my neighbours in the morning and ask them if they hear it.

Apr 10, 2021
A solution that will work
by: Daveint

There is a simple solution that will work. Hook up a micorphone outside and connect it to a pre-amp and then to a powered subwoofer installed in your basement. By reversing the phase of the subwoofer, you can subtract out the sound. Low frequencies have a very long wavelength. As such it is not too difficult to subtract out the sound inside your house. This concept is used in many modern cars. They subtract out the outside sounds through the stereo. High frequencies can be blocked, but low frequencies tend to travel through anything. That is why the only practical way to get rid of them if subtract them out. This is often referred to as Active Noise Canceling.

Apr 10, 2021
Eliminating ILFN
by: Steve in CT

The only way to benefit the mass majority suffering and impacts on nature of this ILFN is eliminate it at the source

Apr 11, 2021

... and the source is where?
Thank you.

Apr 12, 2021
Response to “the sources is where”
by: Steve in Ct

The majority of this environmental stressor’s source are the high pressure natural gas pipelines in the US and other countries where these systems transport ever increasing amounts of natural gas . Not just the compressor stations like most people would only envision.

Patsy covers the subject in previous email. Also I have posted on this site previously, information and a link to a documentary about this for anyone interested in truly understanding this problem which is more appropriately called gas pipeline syndrome. To which the hum sound is only one subset of its symptoms and harm. I trust this answers your question. Complain to your Representatives and raise awareness otherwise this will never get resolved.

Apr 14, 2021
Gas pipeline article - please share direct link
by: Mikala

Re the article referred to in Patsy's earlier comment:
There is a article to read at website hazardexonthenet./article called "Combating Noise In Gas Pipeline Transmission". This article states that gas Pipelines will make low frequency.....

I wasn't able to locate the article via a search. If anyone has the direct link to the article please share. Thanks.

Apr 19, 2021
Link to article

Here you go. It's also on the waubra foundation website as a PDF

Apr 28, 2021
by: Paula

Hi, I live in the Netherlands and I hear the same sounds you all have been describing. It is really annoying during the day and it keeps me awake at night. Is it possible to make a recording of the sound? If so... we are able to share it with other people (by increasing the volume of the recording). For me that would be of great help because I have developed serious anxiety issues and I want to try a treatment with exposure. I have also been advised to take medication to lower my stress. Stress sharpens our hearing system and easing this down may help us to take more distance to the noise.

Apr 28, 2021
I hope this helps
by: Connie

I don't know how to make a recording of it. Some people on here have tried. You will have to scroll through all the messages from the top. I too hear this annoying sound and trying to ignore it is a challenge to say the least. It has cause my anxiety to go through the roof honestly. I have found what works for me at night not to hear it or should I say become entrained by it to the point of insanity is to have a small fan on and to play a recording of the inside of an airplane, which is really a lot like white noise except I find it very relaxing and imagine I am flying somewhere nice! The two sounds together seem to offset the hum and afford me the chance to fall asleep which takes me a long time to begin with. Also having the two sounds at once I find because they are different my mind is not looking to attach itself to either one. It is the only way I can survive the evening and get some sleep. During the day I am too busy to notice it.

May 28, 2021
The dreaded hum is here in philippines too!!
by: Lou

Hi y'all here's my story on this dreaded noise that only I can hear or so I thought till I found this site. Thank God i did cos i realty thought I was going crazy especially when all whom I've asked do they hear the noise say "nope I don't hear anything even the land lady I rent from??? I mean you can feel the vibration on the floor and the walls and no they don't hear or feel anything?? Anyway, so?

I'm currently in Manila and I live in a high rise and a few months ago the dreaded hum started. First it hummed then I can hear it slow down and as it's slowing down if I am in bed I feel a wobble. Then it stays quiet for a bit then around 3am? here we go again! I have complained to the security guards down stairs and the office and all they say is we will investigate? They never get back to me about their findings. One time they sent the maintenance man and all he did was play with the handle on the kitchen sink and left. So I told him "this has nothing to do with that?" So a few days later I called the office again and asked them if they found the problem. Yeah right? so they say we are still investigating and told me to try and shut the tap off under the sink and I laughed but tried it. So a few days later I notice it went away for a good month.

I was so happy I almost felt bad for mocking the guy about the faucet handle. Then recently it started up again. So I called the office again and they said no one else is complaining about a noise. So I guess that makes it alright for me to lose sleep to the point it is making me sick. I also told them they need to get an engineer up here cos this is unbearable. Their solution??

They sent the maintenance guy with a shirt that said ENGINEER on it????? OMG! really???? I would love to leave but with this covid thing I don't dare. So here I sit enduring this noise. It sounds like a I'm standing by a blower motor?? I just wish it would stop cos when it has stopped its so peaceful..God help us all. I prey y'all can find a solution cos
apparently we are on our own on this.

Jun 24, 2021
Neuro weapons

In a reversal of the established commentary that those claiming victimization by electronic weaponry are crazy and delusional, the US Senate has passed a Bill authorizing payment to CIA and State Department officials who have been attacked by this weaponry. Recent news reports have detailed these attacks on US diplomats in Cuba and China.

Apologies if this posts twice ( resubmitting after 1st attempt failed).

Jun 24, 2021
Netherlands contact
by: Steve from CT

Paula you might want to send this low frequency group an email

Aug 16, 2021
LFS harrassment NEW
by: Big boy

If you want to understand what is happening in our cities and neighbourhoods,scroll through this comments page ,and read all comments under the name big boy
Organised crime is not constrained by national boundaries,moral boundaries,or any ethical dilemmas
As you read this thousands of unsuspecting Australians are working and living within an artificially constructed low frequency sound field
I have no doubt at all that this scenario is occurring in cities all over our world

Aug 16, 2021
by: Sam

Hi big boy,I think we've discussed this but is the point of them doing this? This is a massive issue for us but we're a tiny minority who suffer from this.

Aug 17, 2021
Sort from latest to oldest NEW
by: SteveK

How do you set the posts to sort with the newest read first?

Aug 21, 2021
Sonic assault NEW
by: Big boy

Sam ,I don't think you are a tiny minority I believe many people in our cities are experiencing the symptoms of LFS assault and are simply suffering in silence,with no idea that the symptoms they are experiencing are not an internal health issue,but simply their bodies response to an external stimuli,
in this case LFS harrassment
Why is this happening? Money, Sam there are assholes in the world, vermin that will fuck over people they don't even know for money!!!
Every time a real estate agent sells a property that agent picks up $50 thousand dollars
Millions of dollars are made by developers putting up apartments
San about 1.3 billion dollars are laundered through the Australian property market anually

Aug 29, 2021
Hey, 'Big Boy' and others with similar takes on this... NEW
by: JaneER

Someone else wisely pointed out that this is the website that people will find if and/or when they do a search about invasive noise from an as yet-undefinable source, or sources. Advancing grand conspiracies and other such blather, is not only useless tripe, but will ensure that no one, not an expert, nor anyone having authority to take mitigating action will do so. Stop this.

The following post was made by someone who others might take seriously: "Apr 22, 2020
Humming in Liverpool, UK
by: Richard
I live in a terraced house in Liverpool and 'the hum' has been driving me crazy during COVID-19 lockdown. I only hear it at home, not when I go out. I can hear it the whole time inside the house. I hear it less when I'm outside to the rear in my back yard. I can also hear it when I'm in my car parked on the street to the front.
The noise is a constant, low-frequency pulsing which occasionally changes pattern into more of a 'swirling' sound momentarily."

That is, it might be taken seriously if not for the conspiracy line pursued by too many people who comment on this thread. As it is, in my case, as in the cited comment above, it is also not a "hum," but a pulsing, vibrating sound that is constant every hour of the day, every day of the week, with, here, at least, (northeast U.S.), a stronger surge which, of late, begins on Fridays.

No one has bothered to break down the types of noises reported, into categories. "Only heard at night," is vastly different than constant. "Only heard in one room," is vastly different than constant and pervasive. Also, who in their right mind is suggesting peppermint oil?

No. It is important that, given the primacy of this website in search results, and this thread, that people take responsibility not to detract from finding solutions to the sound - vibration - pulsing that is constant every day, just so they can advance their conspiracy-essential oils-medical causation-gas pipeline-5G whackedness, so that someone might find an answer sooner than later.

And, also, those people who have the experience everywhere, should certainly have their hearing checked, as sick of hearing about tinnitus, as I am, the bass-level, pulsing sound is NOT "everywhere." And, if it isn't an ear-related problem, and you are hearing sounds everywhere, then it might be a good idea to ask yourself if you are, in fact, nuts to a degree that you refuse to accept, and at least, don't transfer your particular nuts-ness here, where people who aren't that kind of crazy, might, at the very least, know they aren't crazy because they hear it, but then must wonder if they are when they read conspiracy, peppermint-oil comments. OK? Good.

Aug 30, 2021
LFS harrassment NEW
by: Big boy

There is no doubt that sites such as these have been corrupted with with wilful disinformation designed to.conceal the truth of what is happening in our communities
The information I have provided in my posts is not a guess or speculation
If you live in Australia this is real and it Is happening
I could name some of the individuals responsible for provision and ongoing operation of these devices
I haven't done so because I don't wish to be sued by these arseholes
You attempted to make out that Richard is loopy because the sound Richard experiences manifests differently
What Richard is is experiencing in his car and his house is called a standing wave
The sound wave Richard experiences outside becomes compressed within the structure of his house and vehicle thus changing its composition and Richards experience

Aug 30, 2021
… mindfulness
by: Shoo

I first contributed a while ago, stating i live off-grid on the West Yorkshire Moors, UK and that I too hear the low hum in open fields when at its worst.
I am healthy and I haven’t any hearing problems, I believe at this point the ‘cause’ isn’t the issue but rather the ‘complaint’
We all have our own individual thoughts, beliefs and actions in how to deal with this unknown frequency that can for some hugely interfere with daily life.
Please know some of us do want a more mindful of others approach in this feed, ALL thoughts and findings without prejudice are appreciated.

Stay well in mind and being.

Good luck!

Sep 19, 2021
ICBEN - 2021 NEW
by: Mikala

The International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise (ICBEN) held its  13th ICBEN Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem  between 14-17 June 2021 digitally.

The subject areas covered including LFN and Vibration are listed in the link below. You will find a link on the site to direct you to the submitted papers (proceedings) of past and current years. Not a lot of papers on LFN and Vibration this year when compared to historical events.

Sep 19, 2021
UK sufferers NEW
by: Steve K

Those in the UK should join this FB sire. Hopefully its more that people telling sorry tales and a path to action

Sep 19, 2021
The Real World Hum NEW
by: Steve k

Globally get on this

Sep 20, 2021
I do enjoy .. NEW
by: Shoo

.. this feed.
I wonder what JaneER might just think of my hearing the LF hum in only one of my ears, peppermint oil anyone?

Thank you to those providing the positive exploratory info.

Stay well in mind and being.

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