Hissing in my ear

by Susan

I suddenly started getting an extra sound that I could hear about six months ago. I visited the doctor who referred me to an ENT consultant. I was told I had lost the very high part of my hearing and the brain was trying to pick up sounds that were missing, and I was told that nothing could be done. I think this was the worst thing anyone could say, and following that I went through a very serious period of stress, being woken with terrible noises in my head, and feeling I could not go on. I didn't sleep at night for about 2 weeks, and lost 1/2 a stone which is a lot for an already petite person, and finally I visited the doctor again as I felt awful. The doctor prescribed a low amount of a drug for depression to be taken at night to help me sleep and regain my appetite. This worked. I was also referred to a hearing centre where I have been fitted with a hearing aid type of sound generator. At present I am trying to wear this as often as possible. I am slightly confused because the hissing noise can be quite intrusive for a couple of days and then gets to the stage where it is a little more bearable and then I will have a couple of days when I am only very slightly aware of it, and forget it when I am in company - but then inexplicably it comes back. I am not sure whether to wear the sound generator every day, even on good days, or not, and will I ever get back to normal. Also, can anyone advise when going to a dance where there is music on a loudspeaker, not hugely loud where you can't hear someone speak, but enough just to set tinnitus off. Does wearing ear plugs work? I would like advice from anyone who has experience of tinnitus.

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Jan 18, 2012
Proof that something CAN be done!
by: Sarinne

It's unfortunate that at your initial diagnosis you were told that "nothing could be done"; and good for you for pursuing the issue until you found some relief!

It's a normal experience with tinnitus that it can come and go, being a disturbance at times and barely noticeable at others. Research has found that it is worse during times of stress. Getting plenty of healthy sleep and exercise is helpful for alleviating many conditions, including tinnitus.

Wearing ear plugs around loud music will reduce the level of noise reaching your ears, so it should reduce the chances of setting off your tinnitus. Whether it will reduce the chances to zero is hard to predict, but it should at least be better than if you were wearing no ear plugs. Each person's tinnitus is unique, and it will probably take some experimentation to learn the triggers in your own situation. Maybe other readers will have suggestions of things to try.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

-- Sarinne from Noise Help

Nov 17, 2012
I could have written that myself!
by: Shell

Hi Susan, I can totally relate to your post, to the point where I could have written it myself. I started having a loud hissing in my ear in May 2012 after a very stressful period in my life. I had been having problems with my ears on and off and was referred to an ENT specialist. I was told I'd lost some hearing in my right ear after having a hearing test and that this would make the tinnitus worse and also the stress that I was going through. I too felt very low and depressed. I went to see a tinnitus specialist at my local hospital and have to say she has been an excellent support and made so much sense in explaining how and why tinnitus affects us. She is also very positive that you can eventually learn to block it out. I am going back in December as I am going to try some white noise ear plugs to try and help mask it. Like yourself I can go through periods where the hissing is barely noticable and if I'm out and about I seem to manage to completely forget about it but the minute I step back into a quiet room it's there again! I wish you luck and stay positive!

Feb 14, 2013
Do I have to see a doctor?
by: Anonymous

I thought it would go by itself and it hasn't. I started noticing it about a year ago. Especaislly at night it is a real disturbance. Do I need to see a doc?

Feb 14, 2013
ATA Recommendations
by: Sarinne

For people with tinnitus, the American Tinnitus Association (ATA) recommends seeing an audiologist or ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) who is experienced in tinnitus treatment. Click here to see more tinnitus tips from the ATA.

– Sarinne from Noise Help

May 15, 2014
Hissing in Ear Isn't Always Tinnitus!!!

My experience with a sometimes loud, sometimes soft hissing in my left ear turned out to be tight neck and shoulder muscles. When the muscles are stretched, the hissing stops. My left-side neck and shoulder muscles get tight from holding phone beneath my chin. Consult a physical therapist for stretching exercises.

May 21, 2014
hissing in the ear
by: marguerite

I finally found a person who has the same problems as I do---I have hissing too and it seems to get worse under stress also my neck is very tight and I have shoulder tightness too--if I hold my neck a certain way the hissing eases--I was told this condition never goes away--when I lay down to sleep it gets worse--going to a atlas chiropractor that does manual adjustments--will let you know how it works out---

May 21, 2014
Muscle Patterns

Hissing related to tight neck and shoulder muscles can be due to a pattern that formed in those muscles because they were consistently held in a certain way (such as holding a phone beneath chin). For me, the chain of muscles in my neck and shoulder shortened and twisted, which constricted the nerves in the muscles and they were what was ringing in my head. While a chiropractor can help with this problem, I did not get complete relief until I did stretching exercises to remove the pattern that had formed in the muscle between my shoulder and neck. I found out this solution from a neurologist (constricted nerves can ring). No one else I consulted (ear doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist) knew about muscle patterns. One day while I was doing my shoulder exercises, I heard a pop (the muscle pattern released) and then the hissing stopped. This took about six months of exercising. Physical therapists can instruct re the best exercises.

May 21, 2014
Additional Comment

Additional comment from above contributor: Yes, the hissing gets louder when you lay on the muscle because it gets even more constricted. This happened to me, too. It sounds like the person who wrote the first comment on 5/21 has the same problem I did, so I hope he or she will try the exercises. Hang in there -- the ringing CAN go away!!!

Jun 12, 2014
Muscle stretches

Hi I was wondering what the shoulder and neck stretches are that you do for the hissing in your ears?

Jun 16, 2014
neck muscles
by: marguerite

what are the exercises

Jun 17, 2014
Tympanic tightness and weird noises
by: DB

Very likely your problem is that little muscle that runs through your Eustachian tube up to the tympanic membrane and the tiny bones that control the Tympani. As long as there is no pathology found with the ears through hearing and vestibular tests it is likely a stress generated issue from any variety of life issues you may have been experiencing.

Sounds will sound weird, sharp at times, ears will hiss, sound like mosquitoes, like steam through a pipe. Just something I have gone through, seems to be a TTTS issue (Tonic Tensor Tympani Syndrome), related to that tiny tensor muscle, nerves and stress. I would have no doubt the neck munipulation would help these situations. You might of even had some face /jaw numbness at one time with this.

Good luck, muscle relaxers do work for this.

Jun 17, 2014
there could be an answer
by: DB

Sent this previously;

likely a lot of the unexplained weird tinnitus noise is caused by an issue called TTTS Toxic Tympanic Tensor Syndrome. Went through this my self recently as the the ear shown no pathological or vestibular issues but had inner tightness, weird sounds and occasional numbness around the face and cheek.
There is a muscle and nerve that attaches to the Tympani and associated support structures that is affect by stress, either acoustic shock or long term life situation stuff. The good news there are solutions to this, muscle relaxer which actually are anti depressants to calm down the nerves that that are irratating the tensor muscle, after that botox or a little snippy of the tensor muscle is in order.

Good Luck

Jun 29, 2014
Neck and Shoulder Muscles
by: Patricia

I am the person who wrote about tight neck and shoulder muscles causing tinnitus.

Note that "tinnitus" simply means "ringing". It does not necessarily refer to an ear issue. For me, tight neck and shoulder muscles were causing the ringing, and exercise made it vanish.

Exercises that worked for me:

1) Set palm against the side of head and push head against it gently to create resistance. Feel the muscle on the side of throat tense, thus it is being exercised. Do this on the other side of head as well.

2) Set both palms against forehead and push head against them gently to create resistance. This also exercises neck muscles in the throat area.

3) Set both palms against the back of head and push head gently against them to create resistance. This exercises the muscles in the back of neck.

4) For shoulder muscle exercises, use a dumbbell that is comfortable to lift but also provides some resistance and lift it as if lifting a bucket. Do this as many times as is comfortable.

5) Tilt head back as far as it will go and then open mouth as wide as possible, hold for several seconds, then close mouth into a pucker. This works the muscles beneath the ears as well as the throat.

Repeat these exercises as many times and as often as able to do comfortably. It will take a while, but eventually the ringing should ease as the muscles stretch. Don't give up too early as it does take a while. Note how the muscles in the throat area are directly beneath the ear. Any tightness in these muscles can cause tinnitus. The shoulder exercises are necessary in conjunction with the neck exercises because the shoulder and neck muscles are part of the same chain of muscles and work together.

Good luck. I hope everyone who reads this is helped by these exercises as much as I was.

Aug 24, 2014
ringing in my ears
by: Abed Hameed

hello ,I'm from Iraq ,I have very high noise in my ears ,actually the problem started 25 years ago ,I went to see many doctors ( specialist and general) but I didn't get the good medicine , so the hissing is getting loud till the moment I feel that I'm talking to myself.I herd about the way of using the ear plugs to let brain hearing sounds instead of the noise .Please ,tell me if there is any new medication in your country and you know about the situation in Iraq ,because I tried to use the ear plugs but really nothing happened .Maybe,I don't know how to use the ear plugs in schedule.thank you

Oct 15, 2014
Ear sound generator
by: Mike

I heard that there are sound generators you can get. They produce a white noise. Let me check... First you should understand where the problem may be coming from. Check this..
Then, http://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/hearing/pages/tinnitus.aspx
talks about the sound generator.
Look under the treatment section. Each country has different resources. Some of these may not be available in your country.

Dec 23, 2014
Permenant hissing.
by: Dcn

I am 54 yrs old. I lost at least 90% of my right ear hearing when I was 12 or 13 all by itself and sudden. No warnings or anything. Only hissing noise and loss of hearing happened at that same day. Unfortunately doctors also said nothing can be done about it. I have been with this noise for most of my life.
Now my other ear started to make the hissing noise and more noticeable in the last couple of weeks. No hearing loss, yet. I saw ENT doctor and he just said stay healthy and nothing to do, but see me immediately if you lose your hearing!! I have 20% hearing loss on my good ear now. I am panicking a little because total hearing loss in that ear means going deaf with terrible hissing noise in my head for the rest of my life.
I wish at least I know what causes this so maybe I can avoid it. And it is strange that until today doctors say nothing can be done. And I don't want to wait until I am actually deaf.

Sorry for not being very optimistic here.

Dec 30, 2014
Hissing in Ears
by: Dora

Patrica, thanks for the info and the exercises. I believe you are right on top of the relief. I'm a 63 year old female. I have had this hissing in my ears most of my life. It goes away and then returns. I have never saw an MD or ENT for the hissing sounds but rather for repeated ear aches. Of course the treatment was antibiotics. I have hearing loss in the right ear and scares on the ear drum and can only hear certain tones. I saw a neurologist, the brain scan was normal. The test he did on my leg muscles astounded me as I could actually hear my muscles moaning and groaning! Experiencing this test and being under stress with tight neck and shoulder muscles makes me agree with you that my ears are hearing the muscles. I definitely will do these exercises.

Jan 25, 2015
quadruple whammy
by: jules

this info is a lifesaver.. something connected & I understood what has happened.. this high pitched hissing showed up in my head about 6 months ago ,, typically after a very stressful time. I noticed my shoulders & neck , very tight & giving me headaches..

1 - I was diagnosed with Chronic obstructive sleep apnoea. I got a machine that blows air in my nose.. if I kept my jaw closed it wouldn't blow it straight out my mouth again. this set up a lock jaw tension.. the Sleep ap was extremely stressful .. I noticed I was very tense. I have noticed that the sound gets louder if I clench my jaw... but doesn't completely go away .. when I read this report , I almost straight away noticed the tension & it dropped with the sound it caused if I relaxed that muscle. this knowledge was a huge relief in itself because it made sense. every time I chew there is a corresponding increase in volume effect. I've had a long time to find a cure for this,, thanks for this & the internet.

2 - secondly , I had all my mercury amalgam fillings removed & replaced with resin ones.. within a couple of days I noticed that my head cleared up & a fog lifted from my mind.. amazing !.. I had been feeling off colour for years.. & I could not figure out what food it was that caused it.. it was in fact the act of chewing that released mercury into my blood stream through my digestion ... this is wicked & subversive.. they should ban this immediately world wide. a weird side effect of mercury in your bloodstream is that the high frequencies were dampened.. this is a typical effect of mercury poisoning. I am a sound engineer & have compared my previous sound balances,, which were very trebley , compensating for the loss of perception , to what it is now.. I got quite a shock hearing those old recordings all again with so much top end in the mix. it certainly was mercury in my body , I know this for certain despite my GP balking at it, because I had blood tests done prior to my fillings replacement .02 of a micromole ( industry alert level is .08 ) & a few months after 0.0 levels.. I felt so much better.

3 - I also quit smoking cannabis , which may have been dampening or overclouding the effects of these other two .. which is well known as a nervous system depressant..& withdrawal is the opposite of it's initial effects.. instead of calm & dreamy , you get irritable , instead of sleeping ,, you are an insomniac , instead of hungry - you have no appetite , instead of feeling creative you feel a dead head.. these withdrawal effects wears off after a couple of weeks & within 3 months your head clears up & you feel good. normal again.

4 - I stopped drinking any water with fluoride in it... I have a water distiller & mix that with some fruit juice..

I have certainly cleaned up my act.. & now , I will learn to cure this stress related high pitch in my head.. I must add that prayer & meditation gave me a lot of peace of mind to get through this.. mostly unnecessary stress & discomfort,, thanks to our modern lifestyles & bad habits.. good luck to all. heal thyself. listen to your instinct & conscience.

Jan 26, 2015
Hissing in the Ear
by: Dora

Since my last posting I have saw yet another ENT who has placed me on a steroid nasal spray. He determined that I not only had hearing loss but ETD in the left ear as well. My Eustachian tube is not working at all causing pain. The nasal spray has helped with the pain & ENT stated it could take up to 3 months to receive best results. Facial exercises also help relieve tension & pain.I was unable to get allergy testing at this point due to OB Care Health Insurance not paying for the test until I meet my deductible. I actually forgot about an injury to the left side of my head so I'll cover that on my next visit. I found the web site listed below which provides more info and a nasal exercise. Good luck everyone.


Jan 26, 2015
Difference in Hearing Aid Devices?
by: Dora

I'm seeking opinions on hearing aids. I understand we feel locked in to purchase the devices from an ENT or Audiologist with a price range from 1500 per ear to 3500. Which of course is worth the cost to be able to hear better but in some cases I know, the expensive device did not work for the person. My Audiologist recommended a behind the ear unit for me. Being an intermediate person in the field of technology I question the validity of "designed just for you" hearing aids. I agree the molding for the ear is so designed to fit only the shape of each persons ear canal but what if any is the difference in the "mini machine" itself? For instance, you can have two computers produced by two different companies but the two can be exactly the same on the inside depending on their specifications & software. Hearing aids are either analog or digital. To my understanding most are digital with soft flexible ear bulbs(behind the ear type). I surfed the internet and found an electronics company, from whom I have purchased from for years, offering digital hearing aids at $29.99 per behind the ear unit. The ad makes the same promise of benefits as the Audiologist made with her brands. I'm purchasing the mini behind the ear & will let you know if it works for me!

Jun 27, 2015
hissing in my ears
by: terry luscher

I also have a hissing in my ears. And as I place my hands while sitting down on my for head and push forward holding my head back the hissing gets really loud so my conclusion is that the mussels are playing a big role in this problem.And like everybody else threw out the day the sound disappears then comes back.I am going to try some neck exercises.

Jul 04, 2015
by: Mahendranath

Thai everyone,
Hissing in my left ear when I move my head and unnoticingly it vanish at times and reemerges irregularly. As it has not affected my hearing, I have not approached a physician. Have any one any clue?

Jul 08, 2015
seeking for help
by: Nur Arumpac

Im 16 years old and Im totally experiencing this, i made a lot of research to medicate my problem but sadly i found none.. Help please,, I cant study properly and this will cause me to fail my degree. Help please!

Jul 11, 2015
by: mike

hi ...two year ago i was going through a very stressful anxious time.....was sitting in the living room during the night.. could not sleep ...... suddenly i heard a loud bang like my heavy back gate slamming shut...when i went to investigate the gate was bolted shut .....from that night i have had a hissing sound in my head not my ear i have had all the tests hearing, ent,mri....all came up with nothing to explain the hissing..i have had a very hard time with this ..it is worse when i am stressed can anyone help pls......tonight as i sit here i feel really low.....

Jul 13, 2015
Hissing in head!
by: Michelle

I can totally sympathise with you with hissing sound. I have loud hissing in my right ear along with a constant chugging noise which is pulsating tinnitus. If my heartbeat races the chugging gets faster in time with it. I find the chugging harder to cope with at times than the hissing. The only advise I can offer is to try not to focus on it, doing so makes it worse and can also leave you feeling anxious which in effect is like turning up the volume switch. Easy for me to say I know, I think it's a case of having to train yourself to learn to live with it.

Jul 13, 2015
Hissing in head!
by: Michelle

Just want to add people say yoga is good for this type of thing, not something I have tried as of yet! I really hope you can become a little more accepting of it. I used to focus on mine constantly but it has got easier over the last 3 years. I still have bad days but I wont let it best me!

Oct 11, 2015
exercise !!
by: Robet

thank you whoever suggested the neck and head exercises. I was doing them as i was reading them and it subsided slightly. I am sure with continuous exercise, the hissing will slowly disappear. Thank you, Good Luck to all

Jan 07, 2016
hissing in ear

The hissing could also be caused by anemia (if your heart is working overtime to pump blood) or tense muscles which may be pressing against your artery. Maybe you can try cold then hot compresses for relief.

Hope this helps.

Jan 26, 2016
insomina due to hissing sounds in my left ears.
by: Sonny

Hi everyone, I'm 56 years male. I have had tinnitus for almost 2 years.In mid December 2015 I started heard whistle in my right ear. I am overweight and obesity. In the last 12 months I have been eating a lots of junk foods, drank caffeine on daily basis. I ate lots of food with saturated fat,

I recently started heard hissing sounds in my left ear about 3 weeks ago. On new year eve last year 2015 I went to my local pub with my friends to celebrate new year, music was loud and we stayed for almost 2 hours then returned home. I didn't heard hissing sounds about a week later, usually you started heard buzz sounds afterward after you left the pub. My other friends who were with me that night they were fine and have no ear problems. I think hissing sounds may linked up with high cholesterol. At the moment my GP prescribe me some sleep tablets help to sleep at night and it worked.

As soon as I go to sleep I can hear hissing sounds constantly immediately. I feel tired and depressed.

Can anyone please give me some advise to help to get some sleep?

Thank you.

Jan 26, 2016
Reply to Sonny
by: Shell

Hi Sonny, I can truly sympathise with the hissing sound you are experiencing, I am lay here typing this listening to hissing and pulsating tinnitus in my right ear. The pulsating tinnitus started last year, the hissing tinnitus in 2012! I find the pulsating tinnitus harder to cope with I think as it has more of a pattern to it that I find hard to block out. When I'm having a bad time of it I listen to background noise (white noise) from my mobile phone. You can download sounds or you can get them via YouTube which will play for hours. I find running water sound works well for me. Give it a fry and stay positive, it does get easier!!

Feb 07, 2016
Hissing in ear
by: Sonny

Hi Shell, thank you for your reply. I don't know which is best to listen music with earphone on or without. Can you advise me please? Hissing sounds very loud when l at home especially when l am very tired. Have you come across this before? Speak soon.

Feb 07, 2016
Reply to Sonny
by: Shell

Hi Sonny, I saw a tinnitus specialist at my local hospital, I was advised not to wear earphones at bedtime so I have the white noise playing through my phone on my bedside or you can get pillows that you link up to a device eg iPod to play the music through! To be honest I haven't done this for a few months now, I'm managing to cope without. Try not to let it rule your life, easier said than done I know and during the evening its as though someone has turned the volume right up! It does get easier as hard as it is. I hope this helps 🙂

Mar 01, 2016
Hissing in ears
by: Susan

I know what you all feel like. My problem started last year. I have non-stop high-pitched hissing. I thought I was going crazy until I went online and to the doctor and was told what it was. I was also told there was no treatment or cure. That was depressing. They suggested the white noise but I like peace and quiet to sleep. I even turn off the A/C as the noise bothers me even worse than the hissing. I have noticed that I do get some relief when taking a hot shower. The hissing is noticeably quieter after the shower. I can still hear it but not as much. I told a doctor about that and they were surprised so there may be something to that. I too notice that it is louder when I am stressed. I have hearing loss in one ear and had many ear infections as a child. I also had a head cold and flew and it got into my ears and I couldn't hear well for 2 weeks. One day I heard a loud pop and could hear again but I wondered if the pop damaged my ear that I have hearing loss in now. If I shower at night and go to bed, I get a migraine as the water gets in my ears so I never shower before bed due to the horrible headache. There has to be a cure for this and I am hopeful that one day someone will figure this out...again, warm water helps so I know there is hope. Some of you may want to see if you notice a change too with warm water. I shower with hot water for about 20 to 30 minutes. I am going to try the exercises too. Thanks for the advice and don't lose hope.

Mar 15, 2016
Exercise Can Be The Answer to Hissing in Ear!
by: Patricia

Our shoulder muscles connect to the back of our skull just as our neck muscles do. If we don't exercise our shoulders, the muscles at the base of our skull will tighten up and can cause hissing that sounds like it's in/coming from our ear(s).

To see what I mean about shoulder muscles being the culprit, put your left hand behind your neck and grasp the right side of your neck. Now raise your right arm and you will feel the muscle move, which shows that it connects to your skull alongside your neck muscles.

Best shoulder exercise is to move your arms around as if you're pedaling a bicycle with your hands. Make medium size circles forward for a while and then backward. If your hissing is the result of tight shoulder muscles, the hissing should start subsiding almost immediately. But if you don't continue exercising your shoulders on a regular basis, the hissing will come back because the muscles will tighten up again. Also, rotate your neck around slowly in circles to exercise your neck muscles, too.

I had hissing (sometimes loud, sometimes soft, sometimes high-pitched) in my left ear, which was always at its worst when I woke up, but after doing these exercises for just a short while, it disappeared completely.

To the person who wrote that her hissing gets better in the shower, it's because she's lifting her arms up and down as she's performing her activities, which is shoulder exercise.

Now-a-days, we all sit still for hours playing with our computers, phones, etc. so we're keeping our arms (and necks) down a lot and so we are having these issues. It's almost as if our muscles freeze up. Don't be surprised if you even hear cracking sounds in your neck when you exercise -- I did at first but I'm fine now.

Good luck to everyone. Hope I've been able to help. I suffered with hissing for five years trying to explain to my medical doctor, an ENT, and a chiropractor what I was experiencing, but in the end it was a physical therapist who knew the answer -- inactivity on my part caused the hissing and simple exercises cured it.

Mar 16, 2016
Recommendation to exercise neck muscles
by: Susan

Thank you for the recommendation. I will try that and heat therapy on the muscles too and let you all know if that helps me too! I would be so happy if the constant hissing went away for good!!!

Mar 17, 2016
hissing in the ear
by: jimmy

is there a video on this execise I don't know exactly what to do

Mar 17, 2016
Reply to Jimmy Re How to Exercise Shoulders
by: Patricia

Imagine that you're riding a bike and pedaling with your legs/feet. This is the same motion you'll do with your hands/forearms.

Start like this: hold your arms straight out from (to) your sides at shoulder height as if they are wings and you're going to flap them to fly.

Next, bend your elbows inward so that your hands/forearms are facing (pointing) forward (in front of you).

Next, pretend that your hands are your feet and that they're resting on the pedals of a bike.

Next, move your hands/forearms down and back and around to the front position again (around in a forward circle) as if you're pedaling a bike with your hands instead of your feet. In other words, imagine how your feet/legs would pedal a bike and just do the same thing with your hands/forearms.

Pedal your hands/arms forward for a while, then backward for a while. My physical therapist had me do this exercise for 20 minutes forward and 20 minutes backward. It really exercises the shoulders.

I hope you'll be helped by this exercise just as I was. Best wishes for quick healing.

Mar 21, 2016
Another Neck Exercise
by: Patricia

I neglected to mention another exercise that my physical therapist had me do to get rid of the hissing in my ear:

Stretch your neck back as far as it will go and then bring your chin down as far as you can to your chest. This will stretch the neck muscles that attach to the skull in-between the shoulder muscles. Repeat as many times as is comfortable.

Hope everyone is being helped by the exercises I've suggested just like I was.

Mar 22, 2016
Tighten troath muscles & hissing begins for me..
by: Alvin

I hear hissing fizzing noise in head loud enough for me to get disturbed sleep , pulsation in left side troath ..spent lot money on doctors, mri scan...hearing aid...but actually one good soul told me that my ears are OK ..hissing noise come from left side of my larynx..troath..pls afvise...

Apr 01, 2016
Exercise for Hissing in Ear
by: Patricia

I just remembered another exercise that was helpful to me in getting rid of the hissing in my left ear.

Hold arms stretched out from sides at shoulder height. Next, without moving your arms, pinch your shoulder blades together. You might have to concentrate to do this exercise without moving your arms, as it's a shoulder exercise. Make sure you feel stretching in your shoulder blade area or else you're probably doing it wrong.

This was the main exercise that lessened the hissing for me. In fact, when I did the exercise, I felt soreness in my left shoulder indicating that the muscle was tight. As the hissing lessened, the shoulder became less and less sore.

Hope this helps everyone like it did me.

May 02, 2016
cricket noises, now hissing
by: Charlie

I usually hear cricket noises but not enough to bother me, I ignore it. Now I've been hearing a hissing noises lately and today louder than usually after relaxing in my car with the seat back. Maybe it's my neck, I'll tell my chiropractor tonight when I see him.
I know I lost some high pitch noises due to loud music when I was younger and a few years ago sitting in front of speakers at a wedding.
I usually do exercise my shoulders and maybe that's why it hasn't really bothered me until today.

May 14, 2016
Hissing in Ears
by: Renee Solheim

I just woke up one day with this hissing. It never goes away. It's quieter when I first wake up. I noticed when I have slept 8 hours or more the noise is put on the back burner for awhile! I asked my pharmacy about the noise once and they gave me some kind of vitamin and it worked. I don't remember the name I haven't been taking them. I have so many other pills to take anyways! Well good luck! I just live with the noise,another part of my destroyed life!!!

May 17, 2016
how i got cured
by: suzann

[post deleted]

May 18, 2016
Reply to the above post
by: Shell

I honestly do not believe that there is a cure for certain types of tinnitus, especially in my case having Ménière's disease! With respect I find the above post rather hard to believe as there is definitely no cure for Hep B!

May 27, 2016
Hissing in left ear
by: Bula Vinaka

Took a road trip to Key West in April. On the way back home, soon as we got into Mobile, Alabama, I started to hear a hissing noise. At first I thought I had a air leak in my suv. However, I was mistaken. Every time we stopped for gas and food the hissing noise in my left ear continued. I went to see my doctor when I got home. She sent me to a ear, noise etc, doctor. They did hearing test. Result, slight loss of hearing from my left ear. He injected steroid in my left ear and put me on Prednisone 200 mg.It's been over a week with no positive results. In fact it has made the noise in my left ear worst than before.I had another appointment today for another steroid injection in my left ear, however, I did not keep it because after the first injection the noise level has increased. I left a note for my doctor to send me to a different ear, nose, etc. doctor. Hoping to hear from her soon. I was supposed to have a total of 3 steroid injection with the present ear nose doctor but for me one was enough. Seems to me his treatment just elevated the noise level.

May 27, 2016
Hissing in ear
by: Shell

I honestly believe that the best thing for anyone suffering from tinnitus is to accept it! I don't think there is a cute for 99.9% of sufferers and I'm not being negative just honest. If you can change the way you react to it and your thought patterns, it really does help. For me this didn't happen over night, mine started 4 years ago and has got progressively worse along with further loss of hearing in my right ear. I used to let it consume me which made the tinnitus unbearable at times. For me acceptance is definitely the key!

May 27, 2016
Hissing in Ear
by: Patricia

To the person who took a road trip and then had hissing -- you probably have tight muscles in neck and shoulders. I wrote about this above in other communications. After five years of hissing in my left ear, I finally got the cure from a physical therapist --- shoulder exercises. The shoulder muscle connects to the skull right below the ear. If muscles are tight or kinked, such as from sitting wrong for long periods of time, you can get hissing because it's coming from the muscle which is close to your ear. Muscles can be tight or kinked without your feeling that they are.

PLEASE try shoulder exercises before you spend any more money on doctors. Stand straight and extend your arms out to your sides, then pinch your shoulders together. This is going to stretch the shoulder muscle in the correct direction and should give you relief. After you do about ten shoulder pinches, then rotate your neck in slow circles such as where your chin is touching your chest and then back and around. If you hear a cracking sound, believe it or not, that's a tight muscle. Also, look at a chart of a shoulder muscle to see what I'm talking about. You can find one online. It will show the shoulder muscle connecting to the skull just behind and below the ear.

No one seems to want to exercise for a cure, just pay doctors and continue to look for answers and get more and more upset at finding none. PLEASE people, try exercise!!!

May 28, 2016
hissing sound for quite some time
by: malaysia

I do not know how a deaf person would ever can hear a hissing sound or not? but i am experiencing hissing sound on my left ear,my right ear is completely perfect and fine. however the problem is with my left ear, i could not hear a single thing, it felt like i am deft on my left side, but i could still hear like hissing sound/ sound like air going in and out.

what is this? help me

May 30, 2016
by: david m

hi patricia. ive been suffering from a kind of mild hissing . seems to originate from my right ear, but i had a whiplash injury a few years ago and my neck makes some noises like ive got grit in it!! it doesnt really hurt but alters from day to day! ive had physio and was told to do some simple exercises. which help! i think the hissing im getting is more neck related. its difficult to pinpoint it, but as i had the neck injury, i think that is what is causing the problem! i had a bad head cold this feb, my right ear got really clogged up as i suffer with eustachian tube dysfunction, which i thought was to blame! my ear has cleared of middle ear fluid which ive suffered for years,and the hissing semed to coincide with the ear trouble at that time which made me think it was that ear! swings and roundabouts, but i must say that my hissing comes and goes and doesnt stop me from sleeping!! its fine when i wake up, and some days its hardly noticable then it just appears , but like i said im doing these exercises to build up my neck muscles! i can hear this slight hissing in my ear now, but ive got used to it!! but as patricia said and i know there are different causes of tinnitus but i know its my neck as i can feel the tension !! i hope this works for you!

Aug 15, 2016
by: Bula Vinaka

upon recommendation from the ear, nose etc. doctor I had an MRI done 5 days ago. I am still waiting for the results. Soon as I receive the results I will post. I have also lost my sense of smell and taste. All food tastes bad and every thing smells bad.

Aug 29, 2016
Ringing/Hissing in head
by: Brian

Hi everyone - I will be starting the exercises recommended above and post my progress each month.

I have ringing in my head in "both" ears. It's hard to tell. At the worst times it's like a high pitched hiss. It gets worse with stress. Bad posture can make it spike briefly (10-12 seconds).

I had a lot of stress that caused my jaw to open lock on the right side. The day after it locked I woke up and had ringing. A week later ringing started in my right ear. However, prior to my open lock i was having headaches, neck and back pain from stress and poor posture at work. I have been placed in jaw splints 24/7 and have seen some relief in my neck and back. It even stopped this odd popping/shifting I had in my throat.

I've been doing a few exercises here and there but now I will do a lot of exercises every day until I am better. I've always thought my ringing was more related to my neck and shoulders because the ringing did not start when I hurt my jaw it started when all my muscles siezed up to protect my jaw. Malocclusion can lead to spasmed muscles from your face to your back. They were in spasm for about 3-4 weeks before I realized that I had hurt my jaw and needed splints. Splints def helped the muscles.

When I get stressed my ears feel like I need to pop them constantly and my ringing gets very loud. This could be additional muscle tension from the stressed. Anyway, I will keep posting updates on progress as I try physical therapy. Still have not seen a neurologist or physio. Only chiropractor and dentist and an ENT who suggested TMJD.

Sep 28, 2016
constant hissing
by: Maria

ive had this noice in my ears for a few momths now and the noice in my ears is driving me nuts at night when its all quiet.
Reading all comments made me realise im not on my own so thank you all.

i also realise i have to live with it......

So time to get them shoulder exercises going.

thank you all

Oct 31, 2016
hissing in my left ear
by: missy

ok... I'm new to tenninus. on 10-5-16 I was slapped several times to the left of my face... there were no pain what so ever. 3 days later I got on a 5hrs flight and ears were locked... still no pain or tenninus.. I visited to ER for locked ear 1p days later and we're giving bactrim antibiotics oral for 1 week because my eardrum were ruptured. as soon as the medication was finished I begin to hear hissing in my left ear. I visit the ENT and was given medication for motion sickness and ear drops for my eardrum since it is perforated. Do anyone know if the ringing in my ear will go away after my eardrum heals? no sleep

Nov 04, 2016
Clenching jaw
by: Nancy

I have had significant neck and shoulder tension all my life ( I am 62). I have had Mild tinnitus off and on for about 10 years, but it has recently gotten worse. I'm going to try the neck exercises. Thanks!

I have found that when I clench my jaw ( not relax it, clench it) the high pitched rringing in my right ear decreases in both volume and pitch. Has anyone else had this happen?

Nov 06, 2016
by: bill gimbel

i read that aleve and the like cause tinitis, be careful!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 04, 2016
hissing noise driving me mad
by: alison

i have a hissing noise in my left ear and its wrose when i'll on my own what can i do i have had the noise since march 2015

Dec 04, 2016
Reply to Alison
by: Shell

Hi Alison 🙂 I'm really sorry to read that you have tinnitus as everyone one of us in this thread has. The best advice I can give to you is to accept it rather than let it consume you. I know that sounds easier said than done. I have had tinnitus now since May 2012 and I do feel I can block it out 99% of the time now! It's taken a long time but the worse thing you can do is focus on it. I have struggled at night at times and when I do I listen to white noise which I have found helps. You can find this through YouTube! Stay positive 🙂 Kind regards, Shell

Dec 22, 2016
Hissing noise
by: Judith Fisk

I hear a hissing noise in my left ear, and its very annoying. I wonder if what causes that also causes me to get very dizzy, also?

Dec 31, 2016
Hissing noise and SSHL
by: FS

You should see an ENT doctor right away as it could likely be caused by a sudden sensory hearing loss. That was the case for me. I wasted too much time trying nasal sprays and supplements when I should have gone straight to an ENT.

After 7 weeks from the initial onset and seeing a primary physician who ruled out infection or fluid, I was finally diagnosed by an ENT surgeon with SSHL and got the steroid injection 3 days ago.

Per my ent, there is only a 15% chance of my recovery. The sooner you get diagnosed and treatment the better are chances for recovery.

So don't waste time, treat it as an emergency and go see a good ENT right away.

Jan 25, 2017
Yes, Advil etfc bad for ears.
by: AK

A comment above (sorry, can't access it now) mentioned that a dr told him that Advil can make hissing worse. All NSAIDS [non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs] such as aspirin, Advil, Aleve -- etc., cause damage to different organs in your body. Tinnitus is one of the common side effects. The only safe pain control [that I know of and use a lot] is Tylenol (which has its own problems). Why is this? I don't know., but I'm a retired Speech-Language Pathologist, along with Audiology or with the help of an Audiologist.Many ENT drs. have an Audiologist on staff for hearing tests, which can be very helpful in tracing problems related to hearing.
And yes, I have the hissing problem too. I'm going to try the exercises and possibly a Physical Therapist. Best wishes for all of us!

Mar 12, 2017
Im 12, and cant standup cus of the intense pain

Idk wat to do cus it sounds like something behind my ear drum, im starting to get worried as it only happened a couple of hours ago, honestly the exorcises people posted made it worse, the reason im worried is i barely get any sleep anyway so i will get even less sleep. Is there a way to fix it, should i go to hospital, its not my tinnitus cus my tinnitus is ringing not ths weird sound, a possibility is it is water damage, anyone who had water damage before, can u describe how it sounded, ive hit puberty already if people think that is a factor to my sound, i already find life boring enough but this will make it worse if i dont find a way to fix it. Pls help

Mar 19, 2017
whistling sound in ear
by: su

Hi all...
I hv delivered a baby girl in Dec 16 @fter that completely lost my sleep ..tough time as no idea why m not able to sleep after meeting all kind of doc gynic to psychiatrist fou m suffering from ppd after starting anti depression med. Started experiencing hissing sound in my ears...it goes away when m busy at quiet time its very irritating..

Mar 20, 2017
Reply to Su

Hi Su, sorry to hear of your problems. Check your antidepressants as the side effects on some can be tinnitus. Hope this helps 🙂

Apr 23, 2017
very informative article
by: irene

Hi Susan
Your article is extremely interesting and the exercise tips very helpful. I imagine my condition could be a combination of wearing headphones with music blaring as well as stress. I don't know if I have any measurable hearing loss because I can still hear high pitch sounds outside the hissing. In any case, I was relieved when I read some of the posts here go know it can be helped. My hissing is more noticeable when I haven't gotten a good night's sleep or when stressed. When I position my head differently, or do one of the exercises you've provided, the hissing increases with every resistance and goes quieter when my gead goes back to a resting position.I can make the noise louder or quieter during the exercises. I just recently started two days ago, and haven't noticed a difference yet, but I am optimistic. If the worse happens where the hissing at this level remains with me for my lifetime, I don't mind because it is not affecting me and I basically resigned to the fact that this was part of aging. I am 57 yrs old this year, and otherwise in good health. I noticed that other parts of my body are tensing up, and yoga and stretching are helping other ligaments, joints and nerves (I suffer from occasional sciatica). Utimately, we humans are not hard wired for extreme stress other than to eat or be eaten, so I belive that what we consider "normal" stress factors (jobs, financial, modern daily stresses) are not easily dealt with naturally, and our bodies try to cope as best they can, but sometimes we get these symptoms. Finding the root cause is key, then we can manage what makes us vulnerable. Thank you for this great post. It's valuable information for me because I really hate running to big pharma when the root cause should be considered before healing the symptoms. Take care, and good luck to everybody!

May 31, 2017
4 different noises in my ears. Please help
by: IB

Hello Everyone,

My case is a bit difficult. I've had toxic chemicals from dentist mistakes. Uncured resin composite. First time 13 years ago and the second time just over 4 years ago. It damaged your immune system permanently. It was really bad but it has gone up again through healing but never the same. It's always at the lower end but not alarming. The first time, the uncured resin got removed completely by a professor and I healed pretty good. Took about a year to bounce back. I had burning in the mouth, swollen eye balls, brain fog, vomiting, and it hit my nervous system, hearing loss in one ear, and so on. The second time I also had a mercury filling removed and replaced with resin. The resin splattered in my mouth. I was diagnosed by the same PhD professor who cleaned my mouth again pretty good. I am not allergic as I have been tested. I'm convince that I still have had a small amount of the splattered resin in my mouth because for the last four years I continue to have slight burning on that area of my mouth by that molar where I had the accident last. But another than that, I have felt pretty good. So I just ignored it.
Two months ago I installed a powerful wifi/internet in my home not knowing much about wifi. That same night I had loud buzzing, humming, ringing in my ears that kept me aawake at night since. I developed brain fog or lack of concentration. I have been to every doctor to try to figure this out. The professor with PhD who had helped me passed away recently. I developed tinnitus from hearing loss years ago but it got soo much louder that it was before. Almost impossible to ignore. Super high pitch noise in my left ear where I have the hearing loss. Along with that, at night when it is quiet, I hear the humming, buzzing, and what sounds like a refrigerator rattle. The Buzzing and humming sound like it's coming from the other side of the room and not in my ears. It is unbelievably annoying. Still keeps me up at night. I struggle with every day task. I've had an MRI which came out normal. All kinds of blood tests that all come out normal. Except low in vitamin D and Iron. Found out I have slight anemia. But it's not bad. ENT said it is not the cause of the ringing. I need this ringing to stop and my brain fog gone. Funny thing is, I have 4 different noises. loud ringing, very low sound motor/fluttering which I can mainly hear at night, humming, and this buzzing with a rattle like a fridge. I feel like i'm not myself. I have learned within the last couple of months to manage and how to do my daily tasks. As hard as it is, I have to go on through my days. I am reaching out to anyone who might know what on earth might be going on. I'm healthy, but a low immune system. Lack in some vitamins which I am now taking. Is it mercury? I have 3 molars with mercury. I've been damaged with uncured resin composite. I know it's a killer in the body. What did the wifi have to do with it? My ENT has said that I have nerve damage in my ear. So, I don't know what to do or make this noise volume go down. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated please. Thank you for reading

Jun 13, 2017
hearing solution
by: momo

I have read all of this interested comment about hearing problem but my case is some kind of different.I started hearing hissing sound in my ear when i got slap in my left ear. when i try resolving conflict, and a pain in my head i have had this problem for the past one year some one please help me solve my case by prescribing medication.

Jun 26, 2017
Hissing noise in head
by: Yvonne

Iv been getting this hissing noise in my head for about 8 weeks now dont know what caused it just came on overnight, been to docs he checked my ears he said they were fine but he said if it persists he will refer me to ent consultant but he says its tinnitus

Sep 23, 2017
Crackling hissing right ear only.
by: Dale

I'm. Excited to try the 5 exercises. I have had a few short tterm incidents but always resolved in a few days. Whatever the source or trigger this time thenoise is as many have reported increase in volume and when distracted can kind of ignore though it never stops.However when I lay down at night on my right side in a few minutes the noise stops until I change position then it returns with a vengeance. My ent dr sent me to an ear specialist . He sent me for an MRI which was normal. No Canal issue or damage. He recommended low sodium diet and supplements, multivitamins,magnesium,coq10, and melatonin. No change in symptoms yet. I have another appt. in Jan.

Sep 24, 2017
Hissing in left ear
by: Cathy

I am definely going to try exercises. I have used fluticasone Proionate, cleaning out nasal passages, dipped q-tip in olive oil to moisten inner ear, which helped a lot, used ear drops and I do pool exercises that now gapped lowered my blood pressure. I have dropped 21 lbs and that seems to help. When my sinus' are clogged from dust and pollen and lots of hours one iPad, hissing increases, then I do my routine again and I have almost nil noise. I tried everything, I do think the lady with the neck exercises is in to perhaps the best solution yet. My pool exercises do include those floating bar bells, I float them on top of the water, 4 feet deep, breaking arms back squeezing should blades, hold tight, release, this helps with my stiff neck. I have gone to ENT, great hearing test, Dr. Ordered an MRI, I don't feel it's needed now. You needed to see how I was in the beginning, I unplugged every electrical outlet, disconnected DSL, I was a near nut case. I do pray more too, that really helped too. Sometimes the enemy lurks within. We are our own worst enemies.

Sep 28, 2017
Hissing in the ear
by: JGP

My wife is a nurse and she told me when I was experiencing this sound that I probably had a wax build up in my ears. Sure enough I put some eardrops in my ears and let them soak for about one half hour. After that I used a 'Water Pic' set on low to wash the wax from my ears. Sure enough after using a hair drier with indirect air towards my ears to dry them, the hissing was completely gone.

Nov 07, 2017
Ear Noise
by: Mary Dempsey

Hello all, I've had Tinnitis for 5 months. It started with a feeling of blocking in left ear which I assumed was ear wax, I got my ears cleaned by a Nurse but since that day I've had loud and quieter hissing, made worse at night, lately it's soon dedicated like squealing and after a cold a week or so ago, got much louder. I work in a call can't re so there's background noise so I don't really let it affect me during the day but when I come home it's awful, I try to keep very busy to not let my attention be drawn to it. I've had thyroid tests which were normal and have been searching for an answer for some time. I also had an unknown viral infection to the sinus and ears a few months ago which I think is the cause, prev to this I had a bump on my head then an in for Hep A as a precaution so it could be any of the above. I will try the exercises as my neck and jaw are sore.

n injection for Hep A

Dec 08, 2017
Hope this one help
by: PAX

Humming, rumbling, or throbbing sound in your head - anxiety symptoms

Having a humming, droning, rumbling, throbbing, vibrating-like, hissing, fizzing, or other types of sounds in your head.

The symptom:

Having a humming, droning, rumbling, throbbing, or vibrating-like sound in your head.
Having a low, mid, or high-pitched sound in your head that doesn’t seem to be coming from your ears.
Having a hissing, fizzing, throbbing, or pulsating sound in your head but not coming from your ears.
Having any other type of sound in your head but not coming from your ears.
This humming, droning, rumbling, throbbing, or vibrating-like sound can seem like you ‘feel’ it too.
This anxiety symptom seems to be coming from the center of your head rather than your ears.

This humming, droning, throbbing sound can come and go rarely, occur frequently, or persist indefinitely. For example, you may hear this humming sound once and a while and not that often, hear it off and on, or hear it all the time.

This humming, droning, throbbing sound may precede, accompany, or follow an escalation of other anxiety sensations and symptoms, or occur by itself.

This humming, droning, throbbing sound can precede, accompany, or follow an episode of nervousness, anxiety, fear, and elevated stress, or occur ‘out of the blue’ and for no apparent reason.

This humming, droning, throbbing sound can range in intensity from slight, to moderate, to severe. It can also come in waves, where it’s strong one moment and eases off the next.

This humming, droning, throbbing sound can change from day to day, and/or from moment to moment.

All of the above combinations and variations are common.

This humming, droning, throbbing sound can seem louder and more disconcerting when undistracted, trying to rest, when trying to go to sleep, or when your environment is quiet.

This humming, droning, throbbing sound can also be caused and aggravated by a lack of sleep.

Why does anxiety cause the humming, rumbling, droning throbbing sounds in your head symptoms?

Behaving in an apprehensive manner (anxiety, worried, fretful, fearful, nervous) causes the body to activate the stress response, which causes the body to secrete stress hormones into the bloodstream where they travel to targeted spots in the body to bring about specific physiological, psychological, and emotional changes that enhance the body’s ability to deal with a threat—to either fight with or flee from it—which is the reason this response is often referred to as the fight or flight response or the emergency response.
Part of the stress response changes include stimulating the nervous system, which includes the brain, since stress hormones are stimulants. The nervous system is primarily made up of neurons – cells that have an electrochemical (electricity and chemicals) property.

When stress responses occur infrequently, the body can recover relatively quickly from the physiological, psychological, and emotional changes the stress response brings about. Consequently, we barely notice the changes the stress response brings about and they are temporary.

When stress responses occur too frequently and/or dramatically, however, such as when a person is behaving overly apprehensively, the body has a more difficult time recovering, which can result in the body remaining in a semi hyperstimulated state.

Hyperstimulation can cause the electrical activity in the brain to increase. This increased electrical activity can cause neurons to act erratically, which can cause all sorts of abnormal and unusual nervous system behavior, such as causing this symptom – a humming, droning, rumbling, throbbing, vibrating-like, hissing, fizzing, or other types of sounds in your head. Since the brain receives and interprets auditory information, it can also interpret heightened and erratic neuronal activity as a ‘sound.’ This symptom is an example of that.

As hyperstimulation increases, so can the intensity, frequency, and duration of this symptom.

Any kind of stress (physical exertion, long hours without sufficient rest, environmental, etc.) can cause hyperstimulation if the stress is sustained enough, which can result in producing symptoms of hyperstimulation, including this symptom.

How to get rid of the humming, rumbling, droning throbbing sounds in your head anxiety symptoms?

When this humming sound in your head is caused by persistently elevated stress, such as that caused by overly apprehensive behavior, reducing your body’s stress, containing your apprehensive behavior, dealing with your anxiety issues (so that your body’s stress can diminish) increasing rest and relaxation, and remaining patient will eventually calm your body down enough to eliminate symptoms of hyperstimulation, including this humming, droning, rumbling, throbbing, vibrating-like, hissing, fizzing, or other types of sounds in your head symptom.
When the body has fully recovered from its hyperstimulated state, this humming symptom will completely subside. Therefore, this symptom needn’t be a cause for concern.

Sure, this humming, droning, rumbling, throbbing, vibrating-like, hissing, fizzing, or other types of sounds in your head symptom can be unsettling, distracting, and even bothersome, but again, when your body has recovered from its overly stressed state, this symptom will completely disappear.

If you are having difficulty containing your worry, you may want to connect with one of our anxiety disorder therapists, coaches, or counselors. Working with an experienced anxiety disorder therapist, coach, or counselor is the most effective way to overcome what seems like unmanageable worry and anxiety.

For a more detailed explanation about anxiety symptoms including this one, why symptoms can persist long after the stress response has ended, common barriers to recovery and symptom elimination, and more recovery strategies and tips, we have many chapters that address this information in the Recovery Support area of our website.

Dec 25, 2017
i am also facing the same problem and feeling very sad by communicating the people if you have any solution please contact me. altafsamejo73@gmail.com
by: Altaf


Dec 28, 2017
Response to Altaf
by: Shell

The best way to deal with tinnitus in my experience is to be accepting of it. Realistically there is no cure. If you spend your time focusing on it, it becomes worse as this can be stressful. As hard as it is, learn to live with it. If it gets really bad, listen to white noise, there is plenty to choose from through YouTube. See if you can be referred to a specialist that deals with tinnitus, that can be a big help. If you can accept it, it can't beat you! Best wishes.

Mar 29, 2018
Hissing in ear
by: Ash

I reffered to an ENT specialist but he said not to use earphones thats it..bcz my hearing sound quality is good..so avoid listening songs n not to sleep in lower temperature..I did but still that hissing comes whenever I'm crying or sometimes when I'm jst lying..it irritates badly..pls do suggest something..it's getting worse n worse

May 09, 2018
Hissing Hell!
by: Nancy

I have had hissing in my ear for quite some time now. Actually, it is torture I may wake up some days and it is tolerable or even not there but you can bet it will creep back up on me during the day or night. Sleeping is impossible when it is loud or even moderate. I cannot understand with all the great scientific studies in this world that not one person has come up with a cure for this. No one knows how incredibly debilitating this is I don't know how much longer I can endure this. And what makes it worse is that if you don't experience it then you don't understand it. Oh well, I'm not sure if this even means anything or not but I will be praying for all of you that are trying to cope with this whatever this is. TY

Jun 23, 2018
Keto Diet
by: Arabella

I went on the Keto diet to lose weight and found that as a by product the hissing in my ears had almost disappeared. I googled it and found that this diet has been known to remove tinnitus! There are video's on you tube about it. Good luck everyone... you do not have to live with this! x

Aug 16, 2018
Hisiing in left ear
by: Ziggy

In 2016, at a club with huge speakers, and coworkers in my ear trying to talk over the speakers, I experienced what felt like I was hearing people through a tunnel. 2 or 3 days later I noticed in a completely silent room, a hissing sound in my left ear. I've had CT Scans, MRI, being followed by an ENT, had several hearing tests, all normal. The ringing eventually reduced to a hissing sound. Almost like an air hose going off in the back of my ear. I've tried nasal sprays, allergy meds, you name it. I just learned to ignore it. My new normal. How to sleep, well that was easy, I got the biggest fan I could find, set up next to the bed and let it lull me to sleep. Sometimes I find that the intensity varies with sleep. If I wake up one morning and its louder, it will continue that way all day until I go to sleep again. I do get more frequent ear infections in that ear incidentally since that 1st night. Other nights I wake up and its louder, but ill be dehydrated as well. As soon as I hydrate the hissing gets much lower, back to my base levels. It's been almost 2 years and it has not stopped. But I'm glad that my hearing tests are still coming back normal, but that's the irony with this condition. Though I'm glad I have no hearing loss, I dread that this is still with me. Also, another interesting note, it does affect you if you go on a boat cruise so be careful. Sort of like MDDS but worse. A few Vestibular exercises corrected me, but it took almost 2 months. Well one day I can hope fo that silence, but it looks like it will not stop until it stops or my time is up. At last it will not go on for eternity. I'm glad about that. I hope you all the best. And I will try those nck excercises.

Aug 27, 2018
by: Zeynep Burgstahler

To Patricia:

I did the exercises and then went out to walk for like 20 min. When I came home I realized that it was gone. But 2-3 hours later it came back. I am doing the exercises again but didn’t seem to work this time. Or maybe I need to wait again. Any ideas?

Sep 02, 2018
Listen to Patricia
by: Brenda

I have had this pulsating/hissing in both ears for months. I know my neck and shoulder muscles are tight,probably from stress, sitting at a computer a lot, and clenching my teeth at night.
I tried her exercises, and even after one time through the series the hissing was much much softer. I am going to continue doing these because I couldn’t believe the results after one series!
Also going to get a neck and shoulder massage to help things a long. Hope this is a cure for me, because I feel better already.

Sep 06, 2018
Echoeng and Hissing ear
by: Jo

Hi everyone I have also experiencing the same problem in my left ear it's very frustrating I've read and search for the guidance from someone . I lost my hope finding the solution how to remove the non stop noise inside my ear . I called my sister in Phils. she had an ear infection from swimming I told het my problem and she said she also experienced the same thing like mine before she went to the doctor. The doctor did not give her any meds or prescription but he adviced her to excercise to remove that something noisy inside her ear. Cover with your hand both ears very tight close your mouth and nose do not breath for at least 5 minutes if you can I only did 3 minutes but that's okay try not to breath then if your problem is in the left side of your ear after 3-5 minutes covering your both ears leave the right covered with your palm and suddenly open the left back and forth till you can't feel that the air is out from your ear and massage a bit your muscles and rub with vicks or essential oil fo it 3 x a day till it's gone. I did mine for 3 days the noise was gone I sufferred almost 5 weeks thanks to sister's help I feel
much beter only the echo still there but better than the noise inside m still doing the excercise it's only 3 days I started. I tell you guys it was very effective if you have a plant Pepper Mint take some leaves wash and dry it fold the leaves mske a bit bigget that will not go inside put only at the edge of the hole of your ear it helps also change when it is already dry. Hope my message will give you hopes I am 61 yrs old never had this before.

Sep 17, 2018
Mercury Toxicity
by: Greg

I would agree with Jules that your tinnitus could be due to mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings . I have suffered from Tinnitus for years and visited specialists and the like and never had anyone suggest it could be due to mercury toxicity .It wasn't until recently I came across a youtube video of someone recommending a supplement to relieve the symptoms of brain fog which I also had, That supplement being NAC or N-acetyl cysteine. The NAC had a profound effect on my brain fog ,so the question was why did it work so well. I next looked at the properties of NAC and found it was an effective chelator of heavy metals, and there was the connection to mercury. I am currently going through amalgam removal , 6 of the 8 fillings are now done and there are signs of the tinnitus abating already . I am confident that when the last amalgam is removed there will be no more tinnitus or other mercury toxicity symptoms. Mercury amalgams should be banned world wide. It has caused so much misery to so many people.

Sep 26, 2018
5 months non stop high pitch sound
by: Robert

One day I woke up and there was I sound. Over the next 6 months the sound would be followed by 3 MRI's, 2 CAT Scans, Several visits to the Emergency room, ENT's offices, Neurology, Endocrinology and to this blog site still searching for an answer or cure.

It is crazy scary in my opinion from the day to day expectancy or understanding of living life. I fill something is wrong and that the people you should be able to go to are not able to give real insightful help.

It also leave me feeling that I don't know my body well enough to know exactly what the underling condition is which has continued to case me agony and grief.

I am not perfect and some would say if they watched the movie of my life that I have gotten of easy compared to what I might deserve.

I would say though that I would like another chance and opportunity to wake up healthy and without any ringing.

Keep trying is all we can do..Going to remove all wisdom teeth, one back molar, all metal feelings in mouth. Also going to keep going to the doctors until we find out what is going on.

rparham1@gmail.com if you have any idea or information to share.

Change diet!Excessive Daily!Sleep!Pray Everyday!

Oct 14, 2018
Tinitus in one Ear
by: Viren Joshi

Hissing sound in Left ear

Stop All Worried Thought
get up early in morning and try Yoga,in bed itself Various Pranayam .Deep Breathing. Check Various Pranayam Technic on Youtube and Execute it do most which gives you a most relief
Do Pranayam extremely slow. and Feel it within your Body. Stop All thoughts. give you a great relief

Drink Boil water with ginger and consume sip by sip 1 cup
if you are Gastric then avoid heavy Dinner .

Stop Alchohol/ Tobaco.

Nov 24, 2018
Hissing since 04/2018
by: Elfie W

This horrible hissing noise first started for my mother in late 2017. It impacted her sleep, caused joint pain and numerous other issues. She is almost 80 and does not take any medications. We felt maybe it was her hearing but I now think it is something totally different as I in April 2018 I was about to fall asleep when this hissing notice started. I thought it would drive me crazy. What I have found it is not an "ear" problem, it is a high frequency noise being emitted by all the EMF devices everywhere. They added some kind of devices to my transformer pole and that is when it started for me. Now I hear this noise 24/7, but mostly worse at night when trying to sleep. I do not have insurance so will not waste my time with doctors who say there is no cure for it and only prescribe steroids that harm the body. I will try the exercises that someone mentioned above only because I feel it will ease the stress this hissing noise is causing. I started to use organic ear drops just to feel like I was being proactive. And now am taking propolis, panax ginseng, in trying cope with this noise that is going to get worse when 5G rolls out. I hope that one day it will go away and that a peaceful night sleep will one day be mine again. Until then I will research, and post any findings I come up with.

Apr 08, 2019
Hissing in my ear
by: Rebecca

Hello to all who are experiencing this problem. This is a stress related condition. Back in 2007, I was under going some heavy stress in my life. I experienced the hissing sound in my left ear. When the stress went away, so did the hissing noise in my ear. Hearing the hissing noise and not knowing why you are hearing it is causing you to stress even more. Now in 2019, I am stressing about something else. Guess what, I have started to hear it again. My shoulders are very tense, my neck hurts and I think that something is wrong with me. This is causing me to be stressed out. After reading all these comments, I feel much better.

Let's not worry about anything that we cannot change. Stop worrying and the hissing noise will go away.

Apr 12, 2019
Hissing inEAR
by: Viren Joshi

Bhramri Yoga is Very Helpful , I have experienced my Self . tinitus worse if you are hurry by nature and under stress Situation.do your all work in slow motion . be in present. do not think much about future or past.

Apr 12, 2019
Great Relief in tinitus !
by: Viren Joshi


Apr 26, 2019
pulsative tinitus
by: Mike

I had this very bad and it kept me up for 3 weeks straight. Spoke to my doctor about and she told me that an old time doctor told her that valium would help with this and i tried it and it worked. Occasionally i hear it now but it does not last long as it only from moving from one position to another anmd that i cna live with .

May 16, 2019
Help me
by: Juliet

Hi. I have this hissing in my ears for two weeks already. This is from the loud noise coming from the 3 engines of the boat. I am really bothered with this noise. There is no pain just this annoying sound all over my ears. The ent and other doctors gave me meds but nothing happened. Is this normal? Will it go away immediately? Pls help me.

Jun 11, 2019
Like ear leaking out of my ear
by: Rick

Hi all.

Mine sounds like air slowly leaking out of my ear. Can only hear it in really quiet rooms (so essentially when I’m trying to sleep).

Only noticed it recently but to be honest I could have damaged my ear anytime in the past from various incidents throughout my life but only recently did I notice the sound. Now I think about it every night that I go to bed and on nights that I find myself thinking about it I instantly start thinking about it anyway. Bad cognitive loop!

I find being exhausted is best because I fall asleep relatively quickly that way but also try to make friends with the noise if at all possible - especially if the majority of your problems lie with anxiety like myself rather than the how loud the noise is.

Yes I constantly think about the noise but that doesn’t mean I have to panic about it - as silly as it sounds I try to treat the noise as a friend come to visit me in the evening. Something that’s part of me and my body. Perhaps it entirely wanted but something that’s natural and exists with me.

This works well with most of my other noises/ringing but it’s still early days with this new noise which currently scares and disturbs me but we’ll see how it goes.

There are many causes for tinnitus but I’ve noticed that not many people have suggested TMD as an issue which is one of the biggest causes of tinnitus out there (next to acoustic damage from loud noises, middle ear infections/issues (menieres) and sudden onset hearing loss).

A lot of the time it has to do with your jaw being out of place. Talk to your ENT and/or book in with a neuromuscular dentist for a discussion if you believe this is a problem. You’ll notice if this is a possible problem if you push in on your cheek bones and the hissing gets louder.

Oct 10, 2019
Hissing noise
by: Cheng-Cheng

I got the same problem like everybody has been talking here. the hissing noise that I am hearing in my right ear? is not loud enough to bother me but I know its there. as far as sleeping? I don't have any problem with that. my only concern is when I go to silent places that's when and where Im realizing that I have this problem.

I went to urgent care. the flushed some earwax in my right ear. they gave me, Sudafed. it was good for 1 day but the next day? it came back. so I went to my family doctor. she did the same thing. she said there's still some earwax left. she saw some perforation or something in my right ear. some sort of a liquid stuck in the middle. she said it could be allergies. so she prescribed a steroid. ear drops and continue the Sudafed she said.

I did took all the meds for a week? gave me relief. but after all that it came back again. (hissing) went back in there (docs office) for follow up, checked my right ear and she said its getting better however she can still some liquid stuck in there. check my throat as well saw some soreness and she said all my Canals are probably blocked or something. so now, I am taking Claritin D for 4 weeks and see how it goes.

All I can say is I am getting old but whatever maybe my advise to you all? let not tinnitus or hearing loss nor hissing OWN you. Life could be a lot worse and who knows one day it will disappear BY ITSELF Lets all Pray for that. God is Gracious.

May 30, 2020
Hissing in Ear Caused by Muscle Pattern NEW
by: Patricia

We all spend a lot of time looking down at our phones, tablets, etc. The strong muscles at either sides of our necks that hold our head up are spending a lot of time in the down position. I had hissing in my left ear because of this. How I cured it: I straightened out my muscles by gently stretching my neck all the way backward, and then gently stretching it all the way forward while holding my shoulders in place. A bit of crackly sounds were ok. This exercise worked and my hissing disappeared fairly quickly. Good neck position is important to good neck health. Hope my situation will help others.

Dec 07, 2020
Neck/shoulder exercise help with hissing
by: Greg

Hi Patricia, many thanks for the help/advice re. neck/shoulder tightness being the culprit for your hissing ear. I have the same constant hissing noise albeit in my right ear.
I was just keen to know if you had any previous issues with your neck or shoulders which led you in that direction? I don't seem to have any significant pain or tightness so trying to figure out if this could be the cause of the hissing in my ear or if it's down to some other cause

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