Free White Noise

Free white noise you can hear right now. Soothing background noise or nature sounds you can play online, or download as an MP3.

Not quite ready to invest in the purchase of a white noise machine, CDs, or software? Or you have a noise problem NOW and need a solution FAST, no time to wait? No problem — you can hear white noise right now, online, for free.

This is also a great way to experiment to find the kinds of sounds that work best for you. Try white noise, pink noise, and red noise (aka "brown" noise), nature sounds, and gentle meditational music too.

Click and Play White Noise from Your Web Browser

Here are four excellent online sources of white noise and sound-masking nature sounds, all free:


Pure, basic white noise, or pink or brown.

  • Sounds: White noise, pink noise, or "brown" noise.
  • Formats: Play online, or download in MP4 or Windows wma format. (These are loopable 30-second clips.)
  • A 60-minute MP3 thunderstorm soundscape is also available for download.
  • Features:
    • Adjustable volume
    • Option to have volume slowly rise and fall automatically

This web page is so simple that it's slightly cryptic at first. To use it, click on one of the color circles (white, pink, or brown), then slide the volume knob until the volume is where you want it.

Rainy Mood

Beautiful and simple. Load it and it plays. The only option is a pause button.

  • Sound: 30-minute loop of a gentle rainstorm with thunder.
  • Format: Play online.
  • Features: A "rainy window" background that is so realistic you'll try to wipe the raindrops from your screen!

Click on the video to see and hear a 12-minute sample, or go directly to

Sound Sleeping Relaxing Music Sound Mixer

This displays a five-channel panel that lets you select up to five sounds to mix and play together.

  • Sounds:
    • Nature sounds include birdsong, running water, crickets, frogs, ocean waves, rain, thunder, and wind.
    • Musical and rhythmic sounds include drums, flute, vibes, ticking clock, heartbeat, and windchimes.
    • Other sounds include church bell, vacuum cleaner, train, motor boat, and jet plane; also background noises from an office, cafe, city street, or highway.
    • A selection of binaural beats is also available.
  • Format: Play online.
  • Features:
    • Independent volume adjustment for each channel
    • Independent left/right balance adjustment for each channel
    • Timer
    • Ability to save your mixes and share them with others

This site is home to an impressive and growing collection of sophisticated custom noise generators created by Dr. Stéphane Pigeon, a signal processing engineer from Belgium. It is a serious tool designed for hearing professionals and sound therapists, but is also a wonderland for anyone interested in exploring a diverse range of customizable masking sounds.

  • Sounds:
    • Synthetic noises include white noise and other classic synthetic sounds.
    • Natural noises include rain, stream, ocean waves, waterfall, wind, fire, and jungle noise.
    • Industrial noises include fan, railway car, traffic, and electric hum.
    • Other selections include African polyrhythms, temple bells, wooden chimes, tonal drones, voices, soundscapes, and binaural beats.
  • Format: Play online.
  • Features:
    • Personal calibration to match your hearing curve and audio equipment
    • Adjustable frequency sliders
    • Volume adjustment and mute button
    • Timer
    • Ability to save your customized sounds and share them with others

White Noise Software

You can download software for your PC or Mac that plays white noise and other sound selections. "White Noise" by TMSOFT includes sounds of beach waves, a thunderstorm, chirping crickets, "extreme rain," chimes, an oscillating fan, and an airplane.

White Noise MP3 Downloads and Apps for Smartphones, iPods, and Tablets

If you start using white noise a lot, eventually you'll probably find you want a source of white noise that isn't tied to your computer. If a white noise MP3 would be useful to you, the SimplyNoise site has several 60-minute MP3 downloads available, including one for free.

You can also find apps for iPods, smartphones, and other portable devices. TMSOFT's "White Noise" app is well regarded and extremely popular.

Commercial Downloads, CDs, and White Noise Machines

It's hard to beat something that comes for free! But there might be times when you want a different way of listening to white noise. Also, some people are very sensitive to hearing the repeating patterns in looped versions of white noise, which can be distracting or annoying. If this happens to you, you'll want to find white noise sources that are genuinely random, or find other noise-masking sounds that work for you. There are many to pick from, but they might not be available for free in the format that you prefer.

white noise music There is a wide range of other sources available whenever you're ready to try them — including commercial white noise downloads, CDs with white noise and other relaxing sounds, and standalone white noise machines. And since you've had the chance to experiment online for free, you'll already have a good idea what kinds of background sounds you like best.

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