Car Horns

by Troy Hetherington
(Western Australia)

I want to know: Is it illegal for a taxi driver here in Western Australia to toot their horn when they arrive at your house to let you know that they are there? I just called for a cab and asked them for the taxi driver to give a toot when he is here, and their reply was that they can not do that because of noise pollution rules. Is this true? And mind you it is 3:30 in the afternoon here!

Thanks for your help.

Reply from Noise Help:


According to the Western Australia Department of Transport, it is an offense, though it is for safety reasons rather than from a noise pollution perspective.

The Western Australia Drive Safe handbook says: "Only use your horn to warn other road users of danger — it is an offence to use it for other purposes." (Part 1, "Safe driving," Section 1.11)

Horn use is not mentioned in the Western Australia Taxi Driver Code of Conduct.

I could not find any noise regulation that would prohibit it (unless the taxis have unusually loud horns!), but some municipalities have their own noise ordinances, so depending on where you are, there could also be a noise regulation that would restrict this use of car horns in taxi cabs or other vehicles.

Hope this helps!


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