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I'm Sarinne Fox, the creator and author of this site. Although an engineer by training and profession, I've also been an amateur performing musician most of my life. Through music, I enjoy sharing with others the joys of good sound. Now through this site I aim to help people deal with "bad sound" in their lives — in a way it's the flip side of the same coin.

I strongly believe that noise is a serious cause of stress for many people, one that usually goes unrecognized. Every little bit we can do to reduce noise eliminates some of that stress, making more room for life's joys and pleasures.

Another reason for my interest in noise is that when I was younger, a thoughtless moment around firecrackers left me with mild tinnitus (permanent ringing in the ears) and abnormal sensitivity to certain frequencies of sound. I'm happy to report that in my case it has not been a serious handicap, but it shocked me into an awareness of the importance of protecting my hearing.

Whenever I've looked for solutions to a noise problem I'm having, I've discovered an incredible variety of creative solutions for different kinds of noise problems. BUT ... it took some digging! The ideas were never neatly collected all in one place. That frustration was the spark that eventually grew into the idea of creating this site. I want to make it easier for the next person who is facing any kind of noise problem to find the right solution.

Placidly amid the noise,

PS If you know a noise solution that you don't see here, please share it! You'll be making the world a happier place for someone else. Drop me a message. I also welcome any other comments or suggestions you have about the site.

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