A very accurate overview of noisy neighbor types

by Aulton
(Amherst, MA)

This article is completely accurate. I have had to live with several noisy apartment neighbors. Unfortunately, many fall into the bully and psychotic categories. All in all, I believe the only way for these people to change their habits is give them a taste of their own medicine. Otherwise, nothing will ever change. Again, this is a great synopsis of noisy neighbors - a great psychological study.

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Aug 30, 2015
Drunk loud neighbors renters
by: Zoe

My neighbors are out of control many nights, drunk, screaming, slamming doors. Landlord not really getting it as every time he talks to them they sweet talk him and he buys it.
It is so bad I may sell and move as the unsettling disturbances are next house over and unpredictable. They are clueless.
It is very upsetting.

Oct 26, 2015
Jerk neighbors
by: Karen

I understand your need for peace!

Maybe print out your city's noise laws and post it on there front door as a reminder to them. Let them know that you are not opposed to some fun but if they can try to keep it down after certain hours it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise if all else fails call the police.
They have been for warned!

Feb 12, 2017
i miss sleeping at night.
by: tweekerz suck

i live under known amphetamine users with my wife and kid and three other roommates in a large apartment type house, same deal. psychotic meth heads who only seem to quiet down around 7 am. we've tried talkin to them, now we have a stalking order so we no longer can communicate with them (not my stupid idea btw), its given them free reign to just be as noisy as they want. landlord doesnt do anything, they suck his butt when he comes around, the police, same story. dont know what to do besides start handing out torches and pitchforks and raise an angry mob.

its got everybody here stressed out and pissed off, im at my wits end. need ideas for reeeevengeeeee<3

the tweeker queen upstairs does so love to whip around her tazer and click it at my dog whilst hes in our backyard, fenced in. he stays supervised now at all times tho.. any ideas?

Jul 21, 2019
Entitled posing as Ernest Striver NEW

I am tortured by my neighbours stomping literally all night every weekend. I am truly worried about my health. This type is a person who poses as an Ernest Striver but is actually Entitled There is no need for them to stomp and bang their feet on the floor walking around loudly above my bedroom all night. They won't get proper rugs, they won't be mindful and walk quietly. On occasion they wear heels all night. If I complain to the property management or to 311 they will blame the structure of the building and claim regular living noise.
Stomping around all night is an indulgence . . not regular living noise.

Apr 13, 2020
kids from hell above NEW
by: sick of these cockaroaches from europe

there are 5 Albanian dopes above me in a 1 bedrm apt. who go to sleep but let there 4 and 2 yr old kids go crazy running jumping screaming till
11 pm at night i found the only thing that works is aim stereo speakers at your ceiling and blast them for at least 20 mins everytime they make noise . landlord or pd has failed .

just keep blasting them

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