Feeling assaulted by noise? Find practical information and creative solutions for noise problems in your life. Protect your hearing, and save your sanity.

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Too loud!
It's a noisy world. Starting from the moment you're jolted awake in the morning by the harsh beeping or clanging of the alarm clock, noise is part of your day.

Loud Noises

Some noises are loud enough to damage your hearing, temporarily or permanently. Even surprisingly low levels of sound can damage your ears if you're exposed to it continuously. Most of us experience dangerously loud noise levels more often then we realize. If you value your hearing, you'll want to protect it. There are several kinds of hearing protection devices to choose from, and you can learn about them on this site.

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Annoying Noises

Other noises might not be loud enough to physically damage your hearing, but they can drive you crazy. A barking dog, a snoring spouse, maybe even the sniffling sounds of an officemate who has sinus congestion — noises like these can disrupt your focus, interfere with your sleep, and stress you out. When you're under extra stress and you can't get enough sleep, it takes its toll on your health. Your close relationships suffer too. What started out as a "small" noise problem can end up having serious consequences.


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Smart solutions!

Good news! You can find relief. This site is dedicated to providing you with practical information and creative solutions for different kinds of noise problems.

No doubt you've already tried some of the solutions that are included here for blocking, masking, or cancelling unwanted sounds. Explore the site and you'll discover new ideas you might not have thought of before. You'll find ingenious gadgets, clever psychological techniques, and "out of the box" thinking. These are noise control products and
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Solutions that work.
quiet solutions that go way beyond the humble, faithful ear plug.

Knowledge Is Power

Noise problems can be a real challenge. The more options you know about, the more "tools" you have in your toolbox, the better your chances of coming up with an effective, satisfying solution for your particular noise problem.

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The life you want.

Your Life's Soundtrack

Have you noticed that when you watch a movie, the soundtrack music has a big impact on your feelings about what is happening on the screen? Your life has a soundtrack too. Don't let the soundtrack of your life be full of irritating noises. Make it a great one!

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Free to enjoy!

Welcome to Noise Help.

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Types of Noise Pollution Problems: Loud Sounds, Annoying Sounds
Examples of sources of noise. Some types of noise are loud sounds that can endanger your hearing; others are just incredibly annoying sounds. What is your worst noise problem?
Effects of Noise Pollution: Impaired Hearing, Chronic Stress, and Much More
How does noise affect you? Why is it bad? The effects of noise pollution on your ears, your body, your mind, your behavior.
Noise Protection Solutions: Ear Plugs, White Noise, Soundproofing, Headphones
An overview of approaches for noise protection and for reducing noise. Hearing protection devices, sound masking, soundproofing, specialty gadgets, and more.
Hearing Protection Devices for Hearing Loss Prevention: Muffs, Ear Plugs, ZEMs
What hearing protection devices are available? Ear muff style ear protectors, foam ear plugs, and other personal protective gear for hearing safety.
A White Noise Generator for Masking Annoying Sound. Free White Noise Downloads.
Fight noise with white noise! A white noise generator covers over irritating sound by producing steady, soothing background noise.
Noise Reduction Headphones and Earphones, Noise Cancellation, In-ear Headphones
Enjoy music with less interference from external noise. Noise reduction headphones, earbuds, and earphones. Noise cancelling and noise isolation.
Soundproofing Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Doors, Windows. STC Rating of Material.
No-nonsense facts on home soundproofing solutions. Learn which materials and techniques are most effective for soundproofing walls and other areas.
Best Appliances and Tools for Low Noise: Quiet Generators, Dishwashers, PCs, etc
When you're researching the best appliances and tools to buy, don't forget to consider the noise factor. From a quiet air compressor to a silent PC.
Reducing Noise: Barking Dogs, Snoring, Sleep Help, Alarm Clocks, WD-40
Tips and techniques for reducing noise in your daily life, from simple but clever ideas to nifty products you've probably never heard of!
Statistics and Facts about Noise Levels, Sound, Decibels, and Hearing Loss
A reference section with facts about noise. Key terms and statistics related to noise levels and hearing.
Noise and Silence in Sight, Sound, and Thought: Quotes and More
Noise and silence as they are reflected in the sight, sound, and thought of literature, culture, and the arts. For inspiration, learning, and fun.
Mail from Noise Help Readers, with Replies and Advice. Q&A.
Readers write in with questions and comments for Noise Help.
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This blog shows the most recent additions and changes to the Noise Help website.
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