Annoying Sounds: Take the Survey!

Rate these annoying sounds, and compare your answers with results from previous surveys rating awful sounds.

Take the Annoying Sounds survey! Listed below are 30 sounds that have been identified as annoying, from polls taken around the world. Which sounds bother you the most? Rate each one from 0 to 5 according to how much it annoys, disturbs, or distresses you to hear it. A rating of 5 is extremely annoying, meaning that you find the sound almost unbearable.

For this survey, we're not measuring how big a problem these noises cause in your day-to-day life; just the annoyance factor of the sound itself. Ask yourself: When you hear this sound, how annoying is it?

After you fill in your answers, you'll see results from past surveys.

Survey: Annoying Sounds

Cat caterwauling
Door creaking on its hinges
Car alarm or house alarm
Musical instruments played out of tune
Low-frequency thumping beats of music
Faucet dripping
Door slamming
Dental drill
Person snoring
Brakes squealing
Mosquito or other insect buzzing
Nails on a chalkboard
Person chewing or smacking gum
Birds chirping
Person clipping nails
Electronic beeping sounds
Car horn honking
Garbage collection truck
Knife grinding on a plate
Person blowing nose or sniffing
Loud exhaust pipes
Sounds of construction work
Low-flying airplane
Piped-in music ("elevator music")
Rooster crowing
Child screaming or baby crying
Chair scraping on the floor
Dog barking or yapping
Lawn mower or leaf blower
Total silence
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