A very accurate overview of noisy neighbor types

by Aulton
(Amherst, MA)

This article is completely accurate. I have had to live with several noisy apartment neighbors. Unfortunately, many fall into the bully and psychotic categories. All in all, I believe the only way for these people to change their habits is give them a taste of their own medicine. Otherwise, nothing will ever change. Again, this is a great synopsis of noisy neighbors - a great psychological study.

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Aug 30, 2015
Drunk loud neighbors renters NEW
by: Zoe

My neighbors are out of control many nights, drunk, screaming, slamming doors. Landlord not really getting it as every time he talks to them they sweet talk him and he buys it.
It is so bad I may sell and move as the unsettling disturbances are next house over and unpredictable. They are clueless.
It is very upsetting.

Oct 26, 2015
Jerk neighbors NEW
by: Karen

I understand your need for peace!

Maybe print out your city's noise laws and post it on there front door as a reminder to them. Let them know that you are not opposed to some fun but if they can try to keep it down after certain hours it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise if all else fails call the police.
They have been for warned!

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